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Chapter 40 – Listen, the Sound of a Heart Breaking~

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Lu Liangting took a step back, his hand reaching into his jacket pocket to grasp the bloodstained pen, staring at Li Nan with extreme vigilance. If the other party made any unusual moves, he would throw the pen out from his pocket.

He wasn’t stupid, nor blind. He could see the monster on Li Nan’s back as clear as day.

He had encountered this monster once before, and that time, he had nearly died. If it weren’t for that woman appearing to save him, he would not be standing here today.

Now, seeing the monster again, especially on a classmate, weighed heavily on Lu Liangting’s heart.

It seemed those things had begun to invade the outside world.

“Lu Liangting!”

Eyes red, Li Nan tore off the blood-soaked mask from his face.

His face was covered in blood, his nose caved in, a bloody mess. It made his face look twisted and horrifying, especially his eyes, like those of a vicious ghost.

For Li Nan, Lu Liangting was his nemesis.

“Kill him!”

Li Nan pointed at Lu Liangting, who was blocking his way, his voice hoarse.

After being hammered head-on by Zhao Mingyue, right on his head no less, coupled with the influence of the black shadow, Li Nan’s mind was not very clear at the moment. The moment he saw Lu Liangting, he wanted to kill him, completely throwing Teacher Chen’s words to the back of his mind.

The black shadow, seeing that the person in front was not Bai Yu, also flew into a murderous rage.

It had an arm ripped off by Bai Yu and was badly injured, in urgent need of life force to recover.

“Roar!” The black shadow leaped, its small body erupting with immense strength, directly springing out from Li Nan’s back. However, it was only the upper body that launched forward, while its feet remained on Li Nan’s back.

The black shadow’s body stretched out in an eerie manner, the corners of its mouth pulled back to its ears as it opened its mouth wide, directly biting towards Lu Liangting’s head.

“Zhang Lin!”

Lu Liangting took another step back, flinging the pen from his pocket.

The ghostly schoolboy Zhang Lin appeared out of thin air, his eyes hollow, his figure ethereal. From his aura alone, he was far inferior in strength with the black shadow.

Yet, even so, he fearlessly threw himself at the shadow.

Expressionless, Zhang Lin clutched the shadow’s body. From his fingertips, many tiny blood threads appeared, slowly devouring the black shadow’s body.

After being beaten brutally by Bai Yu, the black shadow was stunned for a moment when it saw Lu Liangting also summoned a ghost.

Once Zhang Lin grabbed hold of it, the shadow became even more vicious.

How dare such a weak ghost obstruct it?

The remaining hand of the shadow slapped Zhang Lin away. Its fingers stretched like noodles, binding Zhang Lin tightly before quickly dragging him over, while its mouth opened wide.

Zhang Lin was weak in strength, but he was fearless. When his body was bound by the elongated fingers, he bit down on one finger with all his might, the blood thread fangs in his mouth biting the finger off.

The black shadow felt the pain, its eyes looking at Zhang Lin with even more resentment.

By this time, Zhang Lin had been dragged over. The black shadow simply retracted its hand, the remaining four noodle-like fingers retracting. Its palm, shaped like a blade, pierced through Zhang Lin’s abdomen, smashing him into the wall.

Everything happened so quickly, the brief clash between the two ghosts revealing the difference in their strength.

Lu Liangting also did not stand in place waiting to die. In the time Zhang Lin desperately held back the black shadow, he quickly rushed in front of Li Nan and threw a punch without a word, hitting Li Nan’s already caved-in nose.

Tears flew out of Li Nan’s eyes. Perhaps it was because of hatred, this intense pain didn’t bring him down. Instead, he threw a punch back, but unfortunately, Lu Liangting easily dodged it.

The two kicked out simultaneously. Lu Liangting took a step back, while Li Nan retreated three steps. This also caused the black shadow’s mouth that was about to bite off Zhang Lin’s head miss.

Zhang Lin seized the opportunity to catch his breath. He had been pierced through, his body extremely transparent, visibly weakened. But this seemed to not affect him at all. Just like before, knowing he was no match for the shadow, he still pounced on it, the two devouring each other.

“I want you dead!!”

Li Nan’s teeth were stained red with blood. Compared to the shadow on his back, he looked more like a ghost.

Lu Liangting threw a punch, solidly hitting Li Nan’s face. Li Nan, in turn, grabbed his arm and kicked him in the stomach.

“Mingyue, run!”

In the scuffle, Lu Liangting finally saw Zhao Mingyue standing behind them with a dumbfounded look, holding the magic staff.

At this moment, how could Lu Liangting not know that this Li Nan fellow had come to cause trouble for Mingyue, even wanting to kill her!

He was extremely anxious. If he couldn’t quickly deal with Li Nan, not only would Zhang Lin be in danger, but Zhao Mingyue would also be in danger.

He had to win, and he had to do it in the shortest time possible.

For some reason, that figure appeared in his mind again. If she were here, there would be no danger, right?

Zhao Mingyue held the solid magic staff, unsure of what to do.

Should she go help? But the two were entangled. If she went over and accidentally hit the wrong person, what then? Moreover, without Bai Yu here, she was a little afraid of the ghostly shadow on Li Nan’s back.

“Don’t go over, slowly back away, listen to me.”

Suddenly, a clear and cold voice sounded in her heart. Zhao Mingyue immediately perked up.

Step by step, she backed away. After a few steps, she inadvertently looked up and her pupils couldn’t help but contract at what she saw from the corner of her eye.

At the corner of the stairs on the fifth floor, the red-clothed female ghost quietly appeared. She had come down the stairs and was now standing not far behind Lu Liangting. Her long, red-to-black nails dragged down to her knees, her skin a deep blue with many black, swollen, worm-like blood vessels.

Head lowered, her face was obscured by black hair, but her eyes could vaguely be seen through the messy black strands.

The female ghost was looking around, as if searching for someone.

With the appearance of the female ghost, the situation had completely changed. It was as if the temperature in the corridor had dropped ten degrees in a short second, the cold wind blowing straight into the soul, chilling to the bone.

A pungent stench mixed with a strong burnt smell formed an extremely nauseating odor, making one even start to miss the disinfectant smell.

“The female ghost’s corpse has been moved, her strength has increased slightly.” Bai Yu’s voice appeared by Zhao Mingyue’s ear.

“Can you handle her then?”

“Can. I originally wanted to keep her around for a while. She has already eaten ‘food’, so normally she shouldn’t come out so quickly. I think she sensed my presence and came looking for me.”

Bai Yu’s heart was heavy. If that thing devoured Li Nan’s black shadow and Lu Liangting’s ghost, it would be hard to deal with.

Lu Liangting naturally sensed the change in atmosphere. He kicked Li Nan away and stood still, not daring to look back. His throat bobbed as cold sweat soaked his back.

He was on the fifth floor, so he knew that female ghost was somewhat mad.

But he never expected that the ghost would come downstairs.

Faced with the fifth floor female ghost, Zhang Lin and the shadow also withdrew their hands at the same time. The black shadow was not badly injured, while Zhang Lin was extremely transparent.

The pen flew back into his pocket, and Zhang Lin disappeared.

Faced with the imposing red-dressed female ghost, even the black shadow did not dare to be rash. It controlled Li Nan’s body to also retreat step by step, wanting to pull away.

Unable to find Bai Yu, the female ghost really went mad.

She let out a silent roar and set her sights on the black shadow on Li Nan’s body, directly pouncing at extreme speed.

Because Li Nan was behind him, Lu Liangting instinctively thought the ghost’s target was him. But all he could do at this time was to block with one arm in front of his body.

The female ghost, with her foul stench, lunged at him, a truly nauseating experience.

Lu Liangting couldn’t help but close his eyes, waiting for death to come in what felt like slow motion.

But it was at this moment, with a gust of wind hitting his face, the stench on the female ghost’s body receded faster than it had come.

The anticipated pain did not arrive. Lu Liangting frowned and opened his eyes.

There was no sign of the red-dressed female ghost in front of him, but instead, there was a figure in a white dress.

“It’s you…”

Seeing Bai Yu, Lu Liangting didn’t realize that the corners of his mouth had unconsciously curled up into a subtle smile.

For some reason, his heart was filled with a sense of security, along with a complex, indescribable emotion.

“I’ve been looking for you these past few days…”

Before he could finish his words, the figure in front of him suddenly turned around and, without a word, spun and delivered a beautiful, perfect side kick.

Lu Liangting was sent spiraling through the air. His body was stronger than the average person, so the kick didn’t kill him or cause much physical harm.

But the psychological damage was a direct critical hit.


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