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Chapter 35 – Feelings and Ambush

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When the girl known as Zhi Zi said this, almost instantly, the entire class’s eyes were focused on Lu Liangting, as if they were meeting him for the first time. The words “black stockings” lingered in their minds, refusing to dissipate.

Some of the more experienced boys in the class silently gave him a thumbs up, thinking to themselves that Young Master Lu really knew how to play.

Apart from that, it was…

Jealous, I’m so jealous!

Zhi Zi’s appearance was quite outstanding, especially her cold and aloof temperament, which could be said to have increased her overall score by at least three or four points out of ten, making her irresistible.

As a result, with such a cold and aloof temperament and such a frigid gaze, she looked at Lu Liangting and said something so contradictory like “Young Master, I’m wearing your favorite black stockings.” Who could withstand that?

Lu Liangting was just a high school boy, and so were his classmates. They had never seen someone being so direct.

Of course, Lu Liangting was too familiar with Zhi Zi. For this girl who was two years older than him, he really had no way to deal with her. She was somewhat manageable at home, but at school and outside, she was a completely different person.

She often did things that were incomprehensible, leaving him embarrassed.

As for the black stockings…

He really didn’t like them!

There had never been such a thing!

“Zhi Zi, didn’t I tell you before…”

“Young Master, you did tell me not to expose your preferences in front of others, but I think there’s nothing shameful about it. On the contrary, it’s very normal. It at least proves that Young Master is a man with a normal sexual orientation.”

Zhi Zi took a step forward. She was indeed wearing black stockings under her black skirt with white lace trim. When she said this, there was not the slightest expression on her face, and even her tone was so calm and serious.

After taking the packed lunchbox from Zhi Zi’s hand, Lu Liangting didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Zhi Zi, where’s your sister?”

“Mei Gui is behind. She’s going to buy some things for the Young Miss on the way.”

Mei Gui, Zhi Zi’s twin sister, had a completely different personality from Zhi Zi. She was the kind of gentle big sister next door who was very good at considering others’ feelings. That’s why Lu Liangting hoped that Mei Gui would deliver his lunch instead of Zhi Zi.

In the morning, he had indeed hinted to Mei Gui, but who knew that Mei Gui had something to do halfway.

“Alright, you can go back. Be careful on the way.”

“Thank you for your concern, Young Master. I will be careful.” Zhi Zi bowed slightly. “By the way, Young Master, she asked me to tell you to be wary of all the girls who try to approach you, otherwise you might die.”

“I’ll be leaving now. Take care of yourself, Young Master.”

When she got up, Zhi Zi paused at the door of the classroom and deliberately glanced inside, right in the direction of Zhao Mingyue.

Zhi Zi gave Zhao Mingyue a deep look before turning and leaving. Her behavior and manners were very elegant and proper, possessing everything a perfect maid should have.

On her way out of the school, Zhi Zi caught the frequent glances of many boys. A bold one even took the initiative to ask for her contact information, but was scared away by her gaze.

Outside the school gate, Mei Gui was already waiting.

She looked almost identical to Zhi Zi, her outfit eighty percent similar, with the same black dress, black stockings, and long boots.

It’s just that Zhi Zi had a high ponytail, while Mei Gui had a scorpion braid.

“I told you, Zhi Zi, don’t get close to Zhao Mingyue. She is the female lead. I know you want to kill her, but you have to know your limits and when to back off.” Mei Gui frowned, her amber eyes staring at Zhi Zi’s calm eyes.

“Sigh, I’ve been telling you, but you never listen to me. Now that you’ve seen it with your own eyes, you should believe me.”

“I’ve said it before, there’s a terrifying monster beside Zhao Mingyue.”

“It’s a monster that neither of us has any hope of dealing with.”

Zhi Zi didn’t respond, walking out and only speaking up when they reached a deserted path.

“Sister, we have no choice. The game officially started a few days ago. We came to this world early, which is to give us, the weak, a chance, you know.”

“We can only survive and leave by making Lu Liangting fall in love with us. You’ve always wanted to revive our mother, right? This is our only chance, and our last level.”

Mei Gui placed her hands on Zhi Zi’s shoulders. Zhi Zi turned around and looked at her.

“Zhi Zi, the reason we could come this far is only because we were luckier than others, and luck will never favor only one person forever. Sooner or later, luck will leave us.”

“Of course I want to revive her, and of course I know this is the last level. Just like I said just now, that’s why we should be more stable and not provoke that monster!”

“Sister, after so many years, you’re still so weak.” Zhi Zi’s red lips parted slightly.

“Weak? What if I tell you that the monster beside Zhao Mingyue is ‘Doctor’?”

As soon as Mei Gui said this, Zhi Zi’s pupils slightly contracted. “Is it… him?”

“It can only be him. I’m eighty percent sure!”

Mei Gui smiled bitterly. Zhi Zi and she had luck and prophecy abilities, which was why she could roughly guess who the person beside Zhao Mingyue was.

So she was afraid, very afraid.

Back then, she and Zhi Zi almost died at the hands of that person. Her two legs were cut off, and Zhi Zi’s arm was also cut off.

At that time, she thought she was dead for sure, but she never expected that “Doctor” would let them go.

She didn’t expect that the notorious Doctor would actually let them go.


“Zhi Zi, I’m the person in this world who understands you the most. Apart from the matter of Doctor, I want to say one more thing to you.”

“Making Lu Liangting fall in love with us is our mission, but you must always remember your own identity. Don’t invest your feelings in anyone in this world, or you will die.”

Zhi Zi was silent for a long time.

“I understand, Sister. I won’t cause trouble for Zhao Mingyue. Anyway, Lu Liangting won’t fall in love with her. The game has just begun, and it’s impossible for his feelings to waver so early, right?”



“Here, it’s the same as before, prepared for you.”

On the way back from school, Lu Liangting gave the lunchbox Zhi Zi had given him to Zhao Mingyue.

He knew Zhao Mingyue worked at a convenience store and had to go there even during her lunch break, leaving her with no time for a proper meal. Her lunch was always instant noodles.

He had also worked there not too long ago and knew the situation, so he had prepared it today as well.

“Ah, thank you.” Zhao Mingyue was also used to it and accepted it gladly. “By the way, didn’t you stop working there? Why are you still taking this road?”

“It’s on the way. I still want to go to Sunshine Apartments to take a look. I want to see her one more time.” Lu Liangting was straightforward and even smiled.

“You’re really persistent…”

Lu Liangting smiled without saying anything. Neither he nor Zhao Mingyue noticed a pair of eyes staring at them from behind.

Li Nan put his hands in his pockets and fiercely crumpled a love letter.

On his back, a mass of dark shadow slowly surged.


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