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Chapter 36 – I Can’t Bear to Do It

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After Teacher Chen’s “guidance”, Li Nan had seen the light. Perhaps what he and Zhao Mingyue needed was not a grand process, but merely a result.

In other words, it didn’t matter whether Zhao Mingyue’s heart belonged to him or not.

As long as he could possess her body, that would be more than enough.

He only liked her body, didn’t he?

Rather than making futile efforts, it was better to be forceful and direct, to occupy her body and her soul.

In any case, he was no longer the person he used to be. What money couldn’t accomplish, he could achieve through other means.

On the sidewalk, Zhao Mingyue and Lu Liangting didn’t notice Li Nan behind them. After a long silence, Lu Liangting suddenly spoke, “Mingyue, I know there are some things I shouldn’t pry into. Everyone has their own secrets.”

“You mean why I was on the fifth floor that night, right?” Zhao Mingyue didn’t mind. A breeze blew by, and she casually tidied the loose strands of hair by her ears, continuing softly, “Actually, even if I don’t say it, you already know in your heart. It’s just as you think.”

“Is that so…” Lu Liangting fell silent for a long time, watching the traffic come and go.

There weren’t many cars on the road, and to the right was a clear river with lush grass and willows along the bank. The scenery was quite nice. In such an environment, a young man and woman walking side by side should have been filled with the sweet aroma of love. Unfortunately, there was a distance of over a meter between the two, and their behavior was not intimate.

Even their conversation wasn’t the kind filled with laughter and joy, the atmosphere was slightly tense.

Lu Liangting’s eyes were downcast, heavy with thoughts.

Just as Zhao Mingyue said, there were some questions that didn’t need to be asked. As long as they understood in their hearts, it was enough. They were all in the same boat. The reason he went to the fifth floor of Sunshine Apartments was the same reason Zhao Mingyue went there.

Perhaps even their tasks were the same, except Zhao Mingyue already lived there.

As for other matters, such as being cautious of danger and wary of those ghosts, there was no need to mention them.

Since Zhao Mingyue had voluntarily participated in the task, she must have been aware of these things.

“These tasks are very dangerous, life-threatening.” Lu Liangting lowered his gaze and sighed softly. “I didn’t contact you after I left was because of this. When I went to Sunshine Apartments, I went with my cousin. You met her in the store back then.”

“Oh, that person. I remember. What happened?”

“She died. She died in that building.”

“She died…? I… I’m sorry.” Zhao Mingyue was startled. She had met Xia Han, a somewhat strange girl.

“It’s alright. Xia Han’s accident there is largely my fault. I failed to take good care of her. I’m telling you this only to remind you to be very careful. This is not a game.”

At the fork in the road, Lu Liangting stopped. “I’ll stop here,. You go ahead to the convenience store. See you in the afternoon.”

“Mm, take care.”

“Take care.”

Waving her hand, Zhao Mingyue turned and left. After walking about fifty steps, she purposely looked back and found that Lu Liangting was indeed heading in the direction of Sunshine Apartments. He really intended to go there to investigate further and search for Bai Yu’s whereabouts, just as he had said.

“He really went. He really cares about you, little sister Yu. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone so concerned about a ghost.”

Taking out the rabbit doll, Zhao Mingyue gently stroked its head and sighed.

It’s not that she wasn’t moved. After all, no matter who it was, as long as they were alive, they would try their best to stay away from ghosts, except for those who were mentally unstable.

Zhao Mingyue had never seen someone like Lu Liangting who, despite knowing the dangers of the ghost building, still insisted on going there just to find a female ghost.

If he were looking for a male ghost, it would be one thing, but he was specifically looking for a female ghost, an extremely beautiful and sisterly female ghost. It was hard not to question his motives.

“Hey, that person looks a bit like Li Nan. The back is somewhat similar.”

By the time Lu Liangting had walked far away, Zhao Mingyue seemed to have spotted Li Nan on the other side of the road. However, this person had his back turned to her, facing the direction Lu Liangting had gone, so she couldn’t be certain.

“Never mind. Let’s hurry.”

She still remembered that in the morning, Li Nan had stared at her for four entire classes. Those eyes left a deep impression on her.

Imagine this, you think your deskmate is sleeping, and when you turn your head to look at him, you discover that not only is he not sleeping, but he’s also staring at you through the gap between his arms with bloodshot eyes, not even blinking once.

And whenever you talk to him, he only repeats one sentence: “Don’t leave at after school. I have something to tell you.”

Who wouldn’t be scared?

Reaching the convenience store, Zhao Mingyue routinely pushed open the glass door.

The wind chime hanging in the store swayed obligingly, oscillating five times before steadily coming to a stop.

Greeting the store manager, Zhao Mingyue sat down. She opened the lunchbox Lu Liangting had given her, and it was quite lavish, containing foods that Zhao Mingyue wouldn’t dare to think about.

But looking at the two slices of ham shaped into a heart on top, she naturally thought of the maid sister who came to deliver the lunchbox.

“Hmm… For some reason, I suddenly feel a bit guilty. Lu Liangting and that sister seem to have a really special relationship. Is it really okay for me to eat her lovingly prepared lunch every day?”

While talking, she placed the Miss Rabbit doll on the table, adjusting its head so it could see the lunchbox.

“I never knew Lu Liangting had such a beautiful maid sister behind him. Forgive me for eating his lunch for eighteen days straight. If the she found out that I ate her lovingly prepared lunch, she would be heartbroken.”

Zhao Mingyue muttered softly. If Bai Yu hadn’t seen her eat half of the heart-shaped ham slices after saying that, she might have actually believed her nonsense.

“I swear this will be the last time. No matter how delicious it is, I won’t have it anymore!”

“Mmm, mmm… What’s this? So delicious!”

“Cough cough, I’ll talk to Lu Liangting tomorrow, I’m not that kind of person, right? It’s bad enough to eat someone’s food for free, but to make them sad, that’s not good at all.”

A moment later, after finishing the lunchbox clean, Zhao Mingyue rubbed her little belly and picked up the rabbit doll with her other hand, hugging it in her arms.

“Sister Yu, can you cook? Even if you can’t, can you at least cook some rice and send it to me? I don’t want to eat instant noodles anymore.”

Holding Miss Rabbit in both hands, Zhao Mingyue lay on the table.


“Ah?” Hearing Bai Yu’s response, Zhao Mingyue immediately sat up straight.

She was just joking earlier. With Bai Yu’s temperament, how could she possibly agree? It would be fortunate if she didn’t scold her.

“Is it really okay? What’s the price?”

“The price is that you will die, just like Lu Liangting in a while.”

“Then forget it. Wait… Lu Liangting is going to die??”


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