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Chapter 34 – Young Master, I’m Wearing Your Favorite Black Stockings

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Li Nan’s expression was so serious that it was almost distorted. If it were an ordinary girl, she might have agreed, because it was really hard to refuse him, especially since he had said such things.

Zhao Mingyue is not an ordinary person. Her way of thinking was quite different from most girls. Even after hearing what Li Nan said, she still stood firm in her attitude.

“Li Nan, I really have something very important to do after school. If you consider me a friend, then you should be more considerate. If you have something important to say to me, you can do it now. There’s no need to wait until after school.”

Zhao Mingyue’s tone was serious, and as she spoke, her attitude softened slightly. “My situation can’t compare to Classmate Li’s. It takes me half an hour just to get home, I really don’t have enough time. I hope you can understand.”

“I told you I’d give you money, isn’t that enough?”

“No need. We’re just classmates. I won’t take your money.”

“Zhao Mingyue, your daily wage isn’t even a hundred yuan. I’ll give you ten thousand yuan, a hundred times more!” Li Nan still wouldn’t give up.

He had to find a way to keep Zhao Mingyue here today. This was the task Teacher Chen gave him. If he couldn’t complete it…

When he said this, Li Nan couldn’t control his emotions. His voice was a little too loud, attracting the gazes of other students in the class, who looked curiously in their direction.

Zhao Mingyue felt a headache coming on. She closed her eyes and gently massaged her temples. “Allow me to refuse.”


Li Nan didn’t finish his words when the bell for class rang outside the classroom.

Seeing that Zhao Mingyue was too lazy to even look at him, Li Nan clenched his teeth tightly and didn’t say anything more.

Class began. Zhao Mingyue listened attentively. On the desk, Miss Rabbit sat quietly to the side, its head lowered, its red eyes staring at Li Nan who was sitting beside her.

Zhao Mingyue’s seat was in the third row from the back, next to the window. Despite this, her academic performance was actually very good, the kind that could rank in the whole school. Although she wasn’t the top of the top, her grades were already very surprising.

She had no spare time. She was either working part-time or on the way to work part-time. When others were studying, she was working part-time. When others were taking extra classes, she was also working part-time. When others were relaxing, she was still working part-time.

So, Zhao Mingyue’s grades had nothing to do with hard work. She was a completely talent-based student.

During the morning classes, Bai Yu was not only observing Li Nan beside her but also looking at Lu Liangting who was sitting in front.

As for Zhao Mingyue, there wasn’t much to see. She often got distracted during class, attracted by various things outside the window, and even managed to sneak a chocolate into her mouth during math class while the teacher was turned around writing on the board.

Fortunately, she didn’t get distracted the whole time. Most of the time, she was listening to the lecture attentively.

In comparison, Lu Liangting seemed much more focused, while Li Nan was a completely different extreme from Lu Liangting. This guy didn’t listen to the lecture at all and was sleeping with his head on the desk.

Perhaps he did this often, so the teacher was used to his behavior. Even if the teacher saw him sleeping, he didn’t bother much.

At first, Bai Yu indeed thought this kid was sleeping. But when she took a closer look, she discovered a problem.

This guy had his arms folded on the desk, his face buried in the crook of his arms. He wasn’t sleeping at all. From the gap between his two arms, he was staring intently at Zhao Mingyue with bloodshot eyes.

Those eyes carried very complex emotions. Bai Yu could be very certain of one thing. At this moment, he definitely didn’t want to develop a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Zhao Mingyue. Instead, it was as if he wished he could skin Zhao Mingyue alive, tear out her tendons, and dismember her.

Each class lasted forty minutes. Li Nan stared at Zhao Mingyue like this without even blinking.

Bai Yu had only seen such crazy eyes on lunatics. She was suspecting whether Li Nan had also been replaced.

The problem was, he wasn’t female.

Among the more than thirty game participants, there were only two women. These two women didn’t escape the fate of being transformed, but they still remained female, just like everyone else.

Now there were two possibilities: Li Nan was a game participant in disguise and was actually female. Or this guy had been “transformed” by a game participant.

The former had the least possibility. Although this guy had long middle-parted hair and his appearance was quite delicate, his bone structure and Adam’s apple wouldn’t lie. The latter had the greatest possibility. Bai Yu knew very well what those lunatics were capable of.

“Someone wants to kill you.”

As soon as the class ended, Zhao Mingyue heard these words from Bai Yu in her mind.

“Kill me?”

“After class, pay attention to Li Nan.”

“Li Nan…” Zhao Mingyue raised her eyebrows, her hand that was about to eat chocolate paused.

With Bai Yu’s reminder, Zhao Mingyue also noticed Li Nan’s gaze. She just pretended not to see it. To be honest, she was a bit frightened by that look.

After experiencing two tasks and coming into contact with that world, and also under Bai Yu’s “nagging”, Zhao Mingyue understood a truth.

Compared to ghosts, humans are often more terrifying.

Ghosts are very simple. They just want to kill you. But humans are different. Their goals are rarely just to kill you. More often, they will make you wish you were dead.

“He must have ill intentions towards me. Perhaps he wants to kill me. Since that’s the case, I should strike first and kill him!”

In her mind, Zhao Mingyue replied to Bai Yu.

Hearing this, the rabbit doll on the desk moved its rabbit head imperceptibly.

Was this really something Zhao Mingyue would say?

And as soon as this thought appeared, Zhao Mingyue immediately added, “Hehehe, did I imitate it well?”


“Yeah, imitating you.”


“Aren’t we supposed to strike first? Or did I guess wrong?”

“You didn’t guess wrong.”

Zhao Mingyue placed Miss Rabbit flat on the desk, pinching the doll’s body with both hands, and stared into the rabbit’s red eyes.

“Any plans then?”

“No, we’ll play it by ear.”

“Ah, well…”

Towards the end of the last class, a small episode occurred in the peaceful morning.

“Young Master, this is the lunch you asked me to prepare for you. I have brought it to you.” A pretty girl in a black dress stood at the classroom door. Her voice could be heard by more than half the class.

“Zhi Zi, didn’t I say not to call me Young Master…” Lu Liangting was helpless.

“Young Master, please don’t frown. It will make you age prematurely. To make Young Master happy, we are wearing the black stockings Young Master likes today.”

Lu Liangting was the male protagonist of the manhua, and this world was also the world of the manhua. Lu Liangting had a noble identity and was wealthy. Bai Yu wasn’t surprised by the title “Young Master”.

It’s just that, was Lu Liangting’s character a bit different from what she thought?


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