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An original story written by fans with characters from a popular franchise.

Scrambled Eggs and Scrambled Head

No Image Scrambled Eggs and Scrambled Head is a Harry Potter Fan Fiction written by JustLaugh. It is completed with 5 Chapters.

Category: Fan Fiction, Fantasy, Yuri

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This is set in Hogwarts, Hermione’s 4th year. Since Harry was not chosen in the Triwizard Competition, Hermione was finally allowed some slack and was lazing around the Black Lake. When a couple of people had a fight further away from her and spells started flying, one had hit Hermione right in the head, yet none of them had noticed. Waking up, Hermione’s head was rather scrambled, she had no idea who she was and where she was.
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Soft Spoken Brutality

Soft Spoken Brutality This is an original story written by ynzn.

Category: Romance, Horror, Fan Fiction

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A FanFic based on Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki a simple university student, Kameshiro Rize a ghoul. What if instead of Rize attacking Kaneki in the aftermath of their date, he was turned into a ghoul as a result of his association with the soft spoken glutton. Instead of a lonely spiral down the aisle of madness, we have two. Also they just happen to be slowly falling for each other. Misery does love company…
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Celestial Diary

Silva's Diary This is a Fan Fiction written by Silva. The setting is based a few decades later in the world of Zero no Tsukaima.

Category: Gender Bender, School Life, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Fan Fiction, Crossover

Crossover: Zero no Tsukaima, Mahou Sensei Negima, Coiling Dragon, Maple Story, Re:Monster, Rage of Bahamut, Tales of Zestiria, Ubel Blatt

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Celestial Diary… That was a diary that could change your perspective of how you viewed the world. The diary was but the record of a mortal man’s daily life, but it contained all the secrets of the world. It was the record of how a man ascended to godhood. Whoever held the diary could gain immeasurable power. A power beyond the comprehension of mankind.

The story began with a young man who met an unfortunate fate and reincarnating as an elf of the opposite gender, in a world all too familiar to him. It came as no surprise as that was a world he knew very well in an anime show known as ‘The Familiar of Zero’. Thus began the young man’s stories as he uncovered the truth about himself, the world, and all the secrets it held…
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