• About Me:
    • Too busy playing a game called “Real Life”.
  • Review:
    • Fire: If I’m going to be honest, while I usually say Silva slacks, he works much harder than most people. I’ll give him props to that. When he does slack, he’ll spend days on his bed doing nothing productive, so my roasts are justified I say! He’s a slave driver sometimes but with good intentions… usually… He’s a bad judge of things and if you ask him which is better, he won’t exactly know. Besides that, he has a broken sleep schedule, so yeah.
    • Writing Skills (4/5):
      • Silva’s quite fluent in English but his vocabulary is lacking. He would sometimes ask for alternatives to a couple of simple words(?). His sentence structure is good but sentences can be quite awkward to read sometimes. Punctuation, I haven’t found any errors yet, I think, so I’ll say that his punctuation is good. I’ve found some minor typos but if you’re not trying to check every single word, you’ll probably not notice it.
        Overall, if he works on his vocabulary and a bit on sentence structure, he would have excellent English.
    • Language Skills (4/5):
      • Has an excellent grasp on the Chinese language but sometimes can make little mistakes on the terms.
    • Punctuality (?/5):
      • I don’t know what to say in this field since he runs the site and manages the translators, but sometimes he translates some chapters early, so I’ll say his punctuality is excellent.
    • Communication (?/5):
      • Again, I’m at a loss on what to say in this field, but he communicates frequently with all of the translators and the editors for a variety of things like input on the translations, terms, reminding translators to submit chapters, etc., even sometimes met with silence. In the Discord server, you can get along with him in quite a short time.
        Overall, you can easily communicate with him.

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