• About Me:
    • Hello, guys. This is me~
      My FF.net account is : Just Being Who I Am
      and my AO3 account is JustLaugh (similar to this one).
      Anyways, I am a lover of Female-female pairing and ship all those female pairings, so I write a lot of fanfics of f-f relationships.
      My favourite ships include: Karlena & Sanvers (Supergirl), Fleurmione (Harry Potter), Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp), Faberry & Brittana (Glee), Clexa (The 100), Kigo (Kim Possible), Korrasami (Avatar: Legend of Korra), Ivy/Harley (Batman DC) and that’s about it for now. I can’t remember more at the moment. But if you’re reading any of my fanfics, know that these pairings I have stated above will always stay true, and others relations will change around.

      Also, I am currently writing a novel and I am hoping that when I finish it. All my readers would support me. Cheers, guys 🙂

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