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Chapter Two – A Visitor [Part Two]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

After having bathed in the hot bath for a short time both Nariko and Six headed back to the formers own living quarters in order to find a new set of clothes. Sitting upon the edge of her bed still naked with a towel wrapped around her torso, Nariko’s body was mostly dry at this point. Leaned back slightly against her arms as she looked to the ceiling her tail curling side to side atop her bed making a gentle rustling sound.

Six would eventually get a set of new clothes out for Nariko. Standing there before her master Nariko looked down to see that Six a white and red royal dress with intricate frills on the ends of the dress and sleeves along with a red ribbon to go around her next. It took a few minutes for Nariko to get properly dressed, she stood before the mirror that hung on the wall in her room spinning around a few times as she admired the dress.

“Are you ready, Lady Nariko?” Six asked waiting patiently to the side of the room.

Having become satisfied Nariko turned to face Six, “Yes I’m ready, let’s go.” On that note, Nariko and Six left the former’s personal quarters even though Nariko had been living here for around a month now she still wasn’t all too familiar with the layout of the mansion so on many occasions she would have to rely on Six escorting her around.

It wouldn’t be long before they arrived outside the dining hall Six swiftly opened the double doors upon doing so Nariko noticed Lord Lucifer and Mana sitting on the right-hand side of the long dining table, she then looked to the left to see the Grand Eldar Satan accompanied by some of her assistants. Both Nariko and the Grand Eldar Satan locked eyes for a moment and the former swore that she saw a hint of happiness in the woman’s face upon seeing her.

“Good, you’re finally here…” Lord Lucifer stood a step or two away from the table as he focused on Nariko “…take a seat here” he held his hand out to an empty chair next to him.

Nariko with haste walked over to his taking the free seat next to him, as for Six she stood a few feet away behind her master at the ready for anything she may be needed for.

“I’m glad you’re okay Nariko…” the Grand Eldar Satan shifted in her seat slightly to get a better angle at Nariko “…I was worried when I heard that you were among those injured during the Forsaken beast attack”

Feeling the immense pressure from just seeing the Grand Edlar Satan before her, Nariko went to speak only to stammer at first, “Y-Yes I’m good, thank you…” she went to bow her head only to hit the edge of the table rubbing her head for a moment she quickly regained her composure “…I-I’m sorry to have worried everyone”

The Grand Eldar Satan laughed for a few seconds, “You’re so sweet” the woman sat there in thought for a moment. Nariko was in fact rather surprised by how laid back this woman really was, at the throne room all Nariko could remember at that time was the sense of authority in the air that surrounded the Grand Eldar Satan, and in all honesty, it sent chills down her spine that day.

“Anyway, I came to speak with you Nariko” the Grand Eldar Satan’s kind persona suddenly went and like that it seemed she was in business mode.

“M-Me about what exactly?” Nariko had a sneaking suspicion what the Grand Eldar Satan wanted to talk to her about.

“It was about the day that Forsaken beast attacked…” she paused for a moment leaning back in her seat as she glanced at Mana for a moment “…I spoke to Mana and Varen about the incident and the two of them gave the same information, however, you were the only one we know so far that fell into the pit during the attack”

“Y-Yes I believe so” Nariko responded.

The Grand Eldar Satan then leaned forward resting both her elbows upon the table and interlocking her fingers together as she rested her chin upon them, “I wanted to ask if there anything you saw yourself down there” she blatantly asked as her gaze was fixed upon Nariko.

Nariko sat there for a moment, remembering the whole ordeal between those two people who hadn’t seen before that day. At first, she wondered whether she should mention anything about it, but then if the information she gave could help them or even save an innocent person’s life in the future then she thought that she had an obligation to tell someone especially the Grand Eldar Satan.

“There is something…” Both Lord Lucifer and Mana along with everyone were suddenly piqued by Nariko’s response “…I remember seeing two people in the tunnel before I fell unconscious”

The Grand Eldar Satan at this point seemed generally interested in what she had to say, “Really? Please do tell and try not to leave any details out”

“O-Okay…” Nariko breathed in and out for a moment as she recalled those events, she explained how the black-hooded and cloaked figure suddenly appeared saying about taking her with him. She went on about the sudden appearance of another person and described the only feature she remembered about them which was their blue cloak. As she explained this Nariko could be at least Lord Lucifer and the Grand Eldar Satan’s reaction that they had some idea what she was talking about.

“Interesting…” the Grand Eldar Satan muttered as she thought on the details that Nariko gave she looked to Nariko with a gentle smile “…thank you this will help us greatly” she was about to leave when Nariko suddenly spoke up.

“I-I was wondering, what are these Forsaken beasts?” Nariko was generally interested to find out more about them. The Grand Eldar Satan stood there for a moment looking at Nariko before sitting back down in her seat.

The Grand Eldar Satan sighed for a moment, “Good question, no one really knows not even the Order of Sages who are blessed with extraordinary amounts of wisdom about our universe…” she leaned back in her chair as her tail curled side to side “…all we know is that they suddenly appeared one day in the Banished Realm since then we’ve had no contact from the Fallen Angels that reside there”

Nariko was somewhat shocked to find out the possibility of Fallen Angels being extinct from this universe even more so to Yuuma’s subconscious then again a lot of things have been surprising the two of them ever since they’ve arrived here.

“Unfortunately, everyone is too busy trying to keep the beasts at bay to really find out who tor what they are…” she stood up from her chair turning to walk away before another thought crossed her mind “…one day we hope to find some sort of peace in this universe of ours where one can live happily” a sad smile appeared on the Grand Eldar Satan’s face before leaving the dining hall, she and her assistants for escorted back to the entrance by the head butler.

As for Nariko she along with Lord Lucifer and Mana sat there in silence for a moment many thoughts rushed through her mind many of them being questions that she wants answer to.

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