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Chapter Two – A Visitor [Part One]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Having spent the past week in hospital Nariko was finally given permission to leave expecting to wait for someone to pick her up she was rather surprised to find Six waiting in the lobby for her as always she was dressed in her maid uniform. The main lobby was what you’d expect from a typical hospital with many fixed cushioned chairs around the edge with a reception in the centre.

“It’s good to see you again Lady Nariko” Six bowed courteously before the one she served. Nariko still wasn’t used to the whole being bowed to and being treated like royalty in this new world, in all honesty, she was still getting used to how things worked here for the most part.

Nariko noticed that Six was alone, “Is no one else here besides you?” she asked.

“Lord Lucifer is outside waiting in the car, my lady” Six answered.

The two decided to head outside although Nariko was given permission to leave she still had to take it easy as the wound could still open up if aggravated too much. There was also a noticeable limp in Nariko’s walk as followed Six outside through the double sliding doors that were the main entrance to the hospital.

With the intense orange rays shining down upon her Nariko lifted her hand to protect her eyes from the blinding light once adjusted she able to then see the escort vehicle parked in the parking lot with its intricate golden edges and black gloss finish which was the chassis of the vehicle itself. Walking over to the side of the vehicle Six swiftly opened the door, and without question, Nariko entered the vehicle on the far side sat Lord Lucifer looking out through the side window next to him. As for Six would get in on the passenger in the front of the escort car.

Sitting on the left side of the car Nariko’s tail curled to the right hanging down the centre of the backseat. The vehicle’s engine slowly started letting off a soft vibration until there was nothing as they left the parking lot there was nothing but silence for the next few minutes until Lord Lucifer spoke up.

“Here…” Nariko looked to Lord Lucifer suddenly she saw a vial thrown towards her filled with the contents of human blood, she haphazardly catches it in both her hands “…I’m guessing you’re still somewhat lacking the proper nutrients after all hospitals don’t freely give out the blood of any kind unless it’s for emergencies” Lord Lucifer finished.

Without hesitation, Nariko opened up the vial and started drinking its contents having nearly been living off human blood for almost a month she had become practically accustomed to the sensation and flavour of it. At this point, it didn’t even faze her both physically and mentally.

She couldn’t help but feel a slight unease for some reason it felt awkward being in this situation then again Nariko could see why after everything that happened she guessed a lot of people had questions of their own. As she looked out the window she noticed that the architecture of the buildings in the district was slightly different to that of the Market and Slave District, these buildings did retain their more gothic aesthetic like the others she had seen the buildings here more modern multiple skyscrapers surrounded them on the street and bright holographic pictures trailed down the edges of most of these buildings.

It was almost as if she were in Tokyo right now or somehow this world had copied said aesthetic but added their own unique style to it in order to give it a fresh new look.

“You must be wondering what’s been happening ever since you’ve been in the hospital?” Lord Lucifer asked still looking out his side of the window. His royal attire was slightly different instead of it being glamourous like the times before this looked more like an expensive business suit.

Nariko felt as if she had been a burden on him, “I’m sorry for all the trouble I cause” she says meekly as she slowly twiddled with her fingers wondering where this was going to go.

Lord Lucifer turned to look at her albeit somewhat taken aback by her statement, he reaches out with his left hand towards Nariko, the latter closed her eyes expecting some sort of repercussion for her actions. Waiting for the inevitable she was surprised to suddenly feel a gentle hand caress her head opening her eyes she looks to Lord Lucifer clearly perplexed.

“It’s not your fault, so don’t worry about it” he answers her question with a soft smile.

For the next hour, they would continue on their journey as the escort car drove through the winding streets of Hellscape. Nariko would often look out the window seeing everyday people going about their business as nothing happened and kids of all races playing together. To Nariko, she noticed the stark difference between this district and the Slave District where she saw things that she never would dream of seeing before that day.

She turned to Lord Lucifer, “What is this place?” generally intrigued.

“It’s the Plaza District run Lady Leviathan” Lord Lucifer answers.

“Really? Then it’s not surprising the difference between this place and the Slave District” Nariko chuckled wanting to lift the tension that still loomed over.

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“Speaking of the Slave District…” Lord Lucifer looked directly at Nariko this time his expression was serious “…mind telling me what you were doing there?”

Nariko felt an ice-cold touch run down her spine as she tried to think of an answer that would satisfy him. On the other hand, Lord Lucifer noticed the look on Nariko’s face he felt somewhat pleased with the thought of her sparing him the details, but he could also tell that she didn’t feel comfortable in explaining to him. Instead of pressing her for information, he decided to hold back for the time being.

“I understand, I won’t press you any further…” he looks away his gaze fixated on something outside the vehicle “…but I will want answers at some point, do you understand?”

Nariko looks to her hands that slowly tensed up, “Y-Yes, understood” she whispered.

It wouldn’t take long for them to eventually reach the mansion of the Helel ben Shachar family, the gates opened up slowly as the guards stepped aside allowing the escort car to drive up towards the front of the mansion. As it neared the front Nariko noticed another vehicle parked outside compared to their one this vehicle was cleared for someone of higher social standing with diamond-like engravings upon its chassis and sleek curved body.

Pulling up slowly to the stairs that lead to the main entrance of the mansion standing at the bottom of them was the head butler. Once the car came to a complete stop the butler swiftly opened the door on Lord Lucifer’s side, and Six did the same for Nariko.

“My Lord, she awaits you in the dining hall” the butler courteously bows before his master.

“Thank you, we’ll be there right away…” Lord Lucifer turns to address Six “…see to it that Nariko is properly bathed and dressed then meet us at the dining hall”

Six bows, “As you wish, my lord” she answers. Both Six and Nariko follow after the butler and Lord Lucifer once in the main lobby the two parties parted the latter heading to the dining hall and the former headed back to Nariko’s quarters

While Nariko stripped down into nothing but her bare skin, Six attended to the hot bath. Nariko thought it was nice to finally bathe after spending a week in the hospital as she sat down on the wooden bench she looked down at her naked thigh seeing the mark where the spike impaled her that day.

Back on Earth normally such things would take weeks to practically heal, but looking at it now Nariko barely even noticed the scar. Sitting there looking upon her own naked body the uncontrollable hormonal thoughts of Yuuma would sometimes take control leading to Nariko partaking in more adventurous activities in her alone time.

“Lady Nariko,” Six unknowingly frightening Nariko who was in the middle of some thoughts she’d rather not divulge to anyone right now.

“Y-Yes!” Nariko spun around her back, shoulders and tail had tensed up from the shock.

“Your bath is now ready, my lady” Six announced. Nariko nodded promptly heading towards the hot bath that awaited her it was one of the few things that felt truly recognizable in this foreign world to her. Entering the hot tub was almost the size of the entire that stretched out a few dozen metres in length and width. The steam rising from the water, it filled the room with a misty vapour she didn’t waste any time and heading straight into the hot water.

The water slowly enveloped her body until she reached chest level, her breasts rose slightly as the water made slightly buoyant. Her tail coursed through the water leaving a pleasurable sensation as she lifted it out of the water for a moment the water quickly ran down her the length of her tail while also trickling off the tip before going back under the water.

She laid her back against the base of the hot tub thinking to herself about that day when the Forsaken beast attacked with some many questions going through her mind that she needed answers to. Before she knew it time flew by with Six entering the room her servant notified her that she should get herself dressed and presentable for their guests in the dining hall. Nariko agreeing she pulled herself out of the hot tub taking the towel that Six had at the ready in her hands wrapping it around her body tightly.

The two felt the room preparing themselves in the changing room before heading back to Nariko’s quarters to retrieve a new set of clothes for her.

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