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Chapter Three – The Pieces Start Moving

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

The human girl who was on the run with the two demon-hybrids was all alone her two companions had been killed not so long before had by an unknown assailant that was now hell-bent on catching her. After being on the run for about a week the toll of the girl’s transformation was starting to take its toll on her, the bright red highlights had come and started to glow with a light hue, her nails upon her hands had turned into short claws and blood-red like her eyes. The black body tattoo’s that once covered her had too turned red.

Although she was now somewhat able to breathe within the harsh smoke cloud climate that covered the Lava Fields her cell mutation hadn’t completed finished her transformation at this point.

Before she could react a sudden brute force smashed its way through the stone ruin she had decided to take cover within standing there was Drelion covered in his black hooded cloak and the colour of his sickly greens eyes emanating under the hood.

“Stop playing these games with me” Drelion sternly said aloud as he slowly clenched his fist upon seeing her.

Just looking at Drelion a spine-tingling shiver down the girl’s spine as she just sat there unable to move the look on Yurina’s of denial at the fact that Drelion was standing before her after all these years. Drelion towering over her seemed almost disappointed in the fact that she wasn’t what he expected after all this trouble.

“Keep making trouble for me and I’ll break one of your legs” Drelion forcefully grabbed one of the girls’ arms dragging her closer to him as she winced in pain from the tight grip. “What’s your name?” he asked with a threatening tone. The girl didn’t respond so Drelion twisted on her arm at almost breaking point. Tears welled up in the girls’ eyes as she let out a welp.

“Y-Yurina!” she muttered through quick breaths as Drelion continued twisting her arm. Loosening his grip the girl fell to the floor clutching her painful arm between her breasts as she curled up into a fetal position.

“Now that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Drelion mocked. He walked over falling on top of a mound of rubble and stone that was created by him moments ago, as he sat there he racked his mind with what he going to do now. Ultimately he had two options to choose from, but both would eventually in one or another lead to his prized goal.

Sitting there in silence after a few seconds a smirk slowly appeared on his face. “I guess you’ll have to do, for the time being, Yurina” Drelion purposely emphasizing the girls’ name. Yurina looked at him confused for a moment before she knew Drelion appeared in front of her. He swiftly picked her up, holding Yurina by the waist. Yurina could only stand there racing through her thoughts at what he could possibly do with her.

Looking around she noticed the graceful motion of dust particles swirling around the two of them and before she realized what had happened both she and Drelion were transported through some unknown dimension that she had never seen before.

Yurina fell upon a cold hardened surface she tried to sit up only to feel the excruciating tightness surrounding her chest. She almost wanted to tear off her worn and torn cloth overall that she that covered her body, but instead she bent over clutching her chest as she tried to breath. As if somebody read her thoughts she suddenly felt the vice-like grip around her chest loosen, and Yurina was again able to breath normally.

She slowly opened her eyes to find that Drelion was no to be seen, she looked around anxiously wondering where she was unable to make anything due to the pitch-blackness that surrounded her. After a few moments, a small light appeared in front of Yurina as the seconds went by the ball itself started to expand as the ghostly white and black liquid mixture swirled around inside with such intensity.

Eventually, a bright flash of light emanated almost blinding Yurina as she quickly covered her eyes luckily blocking out the worst of it. As she looked up the ball of ghostly liquid had expanded to a few metres in diameter, and protruding from the ball itself her hundreds of thin streams of liquid swirling through the air that came from the centre of the ball.

Suddenly a black smokey figure levitating in the air floated towards her once near enough to the ground the humanoid figure dropped to the floor following by the sound scraping and clanging metal upon the rocky floor. It slowly walked over to Yurina who filled with terror as the mysterious figures white fiery eyes and mouth instilled fear in her, she haphazardly scurried backwards to only hit her back against a rocky wall.

The mysterious figure kneeled before her on one knee, “Yurina…” his hoarse voice reverberated within the huge cave “…to see you get reincarnated into such a beautiful young girl” he runs a hand along her chin and neck, Yurina holds her head as images bombard her head feeling a sharp pain. After a few seconds, the pain was gone and she looked up seeing this mysterious figure using a form of magic on here. She pushed herself tighter up against the wall.

“Do you prefer to be called Yurina… he paused for a moment “…or Saito Tachibana?” Yurina froze upon hearing her name from before she was reincarnated into this world, she was too frightened to even think straight at this point. The mysterious figure used another form of magic this time knocked Yurina unconscious once she was out cold, he sat there for a moment next to her wondering what he should do with her.

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