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Chapter One – The Questioning

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

After receiving the information from the Demon Intelligence Agency, the Grand Eldar Satan couldn’t just sit there pretending nothings happening. Not long after getting the telegram from the messenger, she sent for Lord Asmodeus to come to see her personally in the Hellscape Throne Room. Sitting upon the grandeur throne that was a symbol of authority within the Demon Realm, the Grand Eldar Satan waited patiently for her visitor.

Suddenly the large doors that led into the throne room slowly creaked open and at the centre walking upon the lavish red carpet towards the throne itself was none other than Lord Asmodeus. As Lord Asmodeus waltzed his way down the red carpet, the Grand Eldar Satan couldn’t help but feel rather irritated with his attitude as if everything was all well and good.

“My Lady, do what do I own this pleasure in being graced by your presence?” Lord Asmodeus bowed elegantly before his queen his tone suggesting that he being overly courteous than he usually would.

Grand Eldar Satan shifted slightly as she curled her tail around one side of the thrones’ armrest she rested her right cheek upon her right fist that been resting upon the opposite armrest this entire time, “Enough of your games Asmodeus, you know why you’re here” her voice sounding powerful and forceful.

“Whatever do you mean, my lady?” Lord Asmodeus stood upright determined to keep playing along with his act.

“The fact that you harboured a Fallen Angel as a slave, and fail to mention it to me is reason enough” the Grand Eldar Satan replied.

Hearing about a Fallen Angel among his slaves was a first for Lord Asmodeus, however, he used this opportunity to play along, “Grand Eldar Satan, unfortunately, I don’t have a full understanding of the goings-on of where all these slaves come from…” a smirk appeared on his face “…as you can see with the increase in obtaining such merchandise from not only high-ranking officials in the Demon Realms others as well, surely you can see how such details can be missed”

The Grand Eldar Satan remained still in her seat as she looked on if her eyes could kill she would have done exactly that to Lord Asmodeus by now, “How long do you intend to play this game of yours Asmodeus?”

With how the Grand Eldar Satan was reacting Lord Asmodeus came to the conclusion that she hadn’t clue what his true plans were believing that all of what happened recently was in protest to the Peace Agreement that was signed all those years ago. “My Lady, my actions have always been a way to show the people of the Demon Realm just how incompetent and vulnerable we have become as a society…” he paused for a moment “…as for the Forsaken beast that appeared in my district I have dealt with the perpetrators with pure wrath behind my actions”

“Watch yourself Asmodeus, one of these days you’ll regret crossing me” the Grand Eldar Satan continued to sit upon her throne clearly not satisfied his answer.

“Maybe you should be more concerned about keeping your throne, my lady” his snark remark seemed to hit the right chords when he saw the Grand Eldar Satan start to fill with anger as she tried to hold herself back.

“Are you threatening me?” she demands an answer as her fanged teeth gritted together.

Lord Asmodeus swiftly bowed again before the Grand Eldar Satan, “Oh no, I’m merely suggesting that they’re more pressing matters to attend to”

“What you getting at?” she presses Asmodeus for more answers.

A sly smile then appears on Lord Asmodeus’ face, “Please don’t forget that you’re nothing more than a figurehead…” he pauses for a moment “…both the Holy Order Jehovah and Grand Eldar Satan haven’t had a pure-blood sit at the throne for a thousand years since the end of the War of Revelation…” he chuckles a little “…and let’s not forget about the Governor of the Fallen Angels as well”

The Grand Eldar Satan had no response to Lord Asmodeus’ snark remark after all the circumstances around her ascension to the throne was through a number of elected votes, and she could easily be brought down if the need raised.

“But please, my lady, do take care” Lord Asmodeus bowed once again before heading to the doors of the throne room as the Grand Eldar Satan watched him walk away clearly agitated by the whole ordeal that conspired before her.

As Lord Asmodeus left the throne room the look of anger appeared across his face only now finding out about the Fallen Angel slave, he left the matters of such things down to the Duke and Baron families that closely allied to his House. And to find out from the Grand Eldar himself of all things just rubbed salt in an already infected wound.

He suddenly remembered about Drelion going after the slaves that escaped days ago wondering if the Fallen Angel and that were both linked to one another and apart of his plan all along. Instead of stressing on such things, Lord Asmodeus decided to deal with the people he viewed as unfit to continue helping him with his cause knowing it’s best to tie up loose ends before things got more complicated.

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