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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

For the last few days, the escapees from the Slave District in Hellscape had been trekking the hellish plains of the Lava Fields surrounding the three of them were endless streams and rivers of Lava flowing around them. On the odd occasion and unknown rock beasts would shift under the flowing lava and would stop after a few minutes sometimes this would open up a new path for the trio to cross. The three slaves wouldn’t sit around and wait, but instead, use the situation to gain ground.

The two demon hybrid girls didn’t seem to be fazed by the intense heat of the Lava Fields, however, their third companion a human girl seemed not quite as lucky. The climate seemed punishing for the human girl as breathed heavily trying to catch her breath.

The one demon hybrid girls ran back to the human girl, “Are you okay?” she asked clearly worried.

The other noticed that the human girl’s hair started to change with bright red highlights slowly appearing in the girl’s naturally long black hair, the human girl’s eyes also begun to slowly change colour to that of blood-red. The violet haired demon hybrid girl knew what was happening, “She’s started to change” she simply stated.

“B-But isn’t it happening too soon…” the other demon hybrid girl responded her black hair being illuminated by the lava surrounding them “…she was only there for a few months it should take years for something like that to happen”

“It’s different for everyone you know that” the violet haired demon girl answered

The human girl was eventually able to gather her breath for a moment, “Can we rest for a bit?” she asked.

“Sure” the black-haired demon girl responded as the trio moved on a little further to find some cover from the harsh climate conditions of the Lava Fields.

After a few days of rest, Nariko started to stir awake albeit still weak from the injuries that had been inflicted upon her during the Forsaken beast attack. As Nariko slowly started to get her bearings she noticed that she wasn’t in a place that she recognized slowly turning her head side to side she could make out what seemed to be multiple beds neatly spaced out from one another, and surrounding walls and ceiling seemed to designed to be unusually sterile in aesthetic her mind instantly presumed that she must be in some kind of hospital.

Nariko slowly lifted herself up out of the comfy bleach white bed for a moment she had to steady herself due to the sudden blood rush to her head. She was surprised to find that she was still wearing her royal attire from a few days ago. Once she was stable enough to move she looked around to get a better idea where she was, and as Nariko presumed from moments beforehand.

Turning to sit on the side of the bed Nariko eventually tried to stand up only to feel a sharp pain go through her leg. She instantly toppled under her weight falling posterior first onto the floor. Feeling the pain Nariko rubbed her buttocks, I’m going to feel that later she thought to herself.

Suddenly the sliding door leading to the ward where she had been staying had slid open. Nariko peered around the side of the bed in front of her to see who it was she was pleasantly surprised to find that it was Mana. The latter walked in to see Nariko on the floor, Mana couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of her friend.

Nariko pouting said, “This isn’t funny you know!”

Mana continued to giggle, “Sorry Nariko, the last thing I expected to see when you woke up would be something like this”. Without a second thought, Mana helped Nariko back up onto the comfy bed Mana then went to grab herself a chair to sit in.

Trying to remember clearly what happened Nariko could only piece together bits here and there, the only thing she clearly remembered was the beast suddenly attacking the arena. “So what exactly happened?” Nariko simply asked.

Mana looked somewhat surprised, “You don’t remember the Forsaken beast attacking the arena?” Nariko definitely remembered just the thought of it sent a shiver down her spine as it tried to kill her.

“No I-I remember that…” she laughs awkwardly “…I-I just don’t know what happened after that”

Mana nodded, “Well, that makes sense…” Mana then explained everything that happened after the Forsaken beast attack and the everything she knew about the events that followed after that incident “…and that’s everything” Mana finished.

Nariko looked down at her leg where her wound was flashbacks of the spike impaling her leg suddenly flowed through her mind, “Wow, I can’t imagine just one monster like that could cause so much chaos in a short amount of time…” Nariko paused for a moment in thought “…you said it’s called a Forsaken beast, what is that exactly?”

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Mana shook her head, “I don’t exactly know what it is, but I have heard Lady Leviathan mention often in my presence.” As if on cue the door slid open once again this time Lord Lucifer along with Lord Belial entered the ward the two of them walked over to Nariko’s bedside.

“Hey Lord Lucifer, I just want to…” before Nariko could finish her sentence she was suddenly pulled into an embrace her cheeks suddenly turned red from embarrassment, however, both Nariko and Yuuma’s subconscious couldn’t deny that this sort of sensation felt nice.

“I’m glad that you’re okay Nariko,” Lord Lucifer said sighing with relief, he pulled away looking at Nariko, the latter didn’t know how to continue her previous sentence unable to formulate her own words.

“Well, Nariko looks delighted…” Lord Belial spoke out with a mocking gesture Nariko started to stammer trying to explain herself “…shame you didn’t give Leona the same sort of attention when she was around” Lord Belial finished with a smirk on his face.

“Who’s Leona?” Nariko suddenly asked as the name piqued her curiosity. Lord Lucifer looked at Lord Belial with an unpleasant look the latter just laughed it off as he looked away. “It’s nothing for you to worry about Nariko, I’ll tell at a later date when it’s more appropriate” Lord Lucifer replied, Nariko couldn’t help but feel that Lord Lucifer was keeping something from her but she didn’t dare press the matter any further relying on Lord Lucifer to keep his word.

Unexpectedly the door slid open again Nariko seeing who it was didn’t recognize the trio walking into the ward, however, Lord Lucifer and Belial along with Mana knew who these three were it was none other than Gideon, Carlisle and Leyla. Gideon and Carlisle both had black demon horns, however, their dragon scales differed from the former having charcoal black scales, and the latter having grey scales.

Carlisle with his loud voice, as usual, he couldn’t help almost shouting at the top of his lungs as for Gideon and Leyla they were both nodding their heads agreeing with whatever he was saying clearly not taking note. A Lord Lucifer on the other hand instantly remembered about what Carlisle did and he knew the boy pretty well.

“So have anything to say yourself, Carlisle” Lord Lucifer emphasized his name. As for Carlisle, he froze stiff in place unable to respond at first.

Carlisle laughed nervously, “W-Well…” Looking at Lord Lucifer he noticed just how pissed the former clearly was “…i-it all ended well, she’s fine.”

“Huh, do you think that almost killing a member a royalty is fine?” Lord Lucifer asked looking extremely unsatisfied Carlisle didn’t know how to answer that question as for Nariko she couldn’t help but enjoy what she was seeing, however, she felt that it may get out of hand at this point. As Lord Lucifer continued to think what punishment he was going to inflict on Carlisle nothing prepared everyone for what was about to happen.

“Dad, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal” Nariko suddenly announced. Everyone stopped for a moment in shock unable to comprehend what they just heard.

“D-D-Dad?!” Carlisle exclaimed as his eyes darted between Nariko and Lord Lucifer, both Gideon and Leyla were shocked at finding out that the two of them were father and daughter. As for Lord Lucifer, Belial and Mana they were shocked at just the mention of the word Lord Lucifer himself almost wanted to facepalm.

Just realizing what she said Nariko’s cheeks instantly turned red as she backtracked, “I-I-I mean it a figurative way, b-because he’s acted as a Father to me!” Nariko was waving both her hands’ side to side as an instinctive reaction.

Carlisle sighed with relief for a moment, “Thank Satan, for a moment I thought you were being serious.” Luckily it seemed the squadmates brought Nariko’s excuse for the time being, however, this didn’t change the matter at hand Lord Lucifer used this moment to divert the subject.

“Don’t think you’ve gotten off lightly Carlisle!” he exclaimed. Carlisle was again instilled with fear over what was going to happen to him, and he had a feeling that he was going to dread it.

At the Demon Intelligence Agency lab, the scientists were working around the clock testing multiple blood samples that had been collected during the DIA Black Ops Section investigation yesterday. As the scientists went through dozens upon dozens of sealed vials with blood samples none of them came up with anything unusual.

One of the scientists in his smart casual attire with a white overall lab coat had been working for hours at this point. His demon horns were black with white tips almost as if they visibly showing the stress that he was under recently, the sweat from his face down the skin of his front neck and scales on the sides.

After checking the current blood sample under a scientific telescope that can zoom in immense scale, he poured the blood back into the sealed vial putting back into the freezing cold container. On a tablet, he tapped an icon saying Demon indicating that the blood he just checked was from a demon.

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Pulling out the next sealed vial he poured it into the glass cup holder fixed under the telescope looking through the telescope at first he didn’t notice abnormal until he started seeing a particular cell pattern which was followed by a rapid mutation.

The scientist pulled himself closer to get a better look he checked several times whether his results were correct, but no matter how many times he compared the results to established data that they had it always came up the same. He entered in his results quickly upon his personal tablet then poured the blood back into the sealed vial before fixing into a holster in the container next to him, he then sealed the case shut before grabbing his tablet off the table.

Running in and out of people within the lab he quickly rushed down the pristine white halls of the DIA Laboratory he barges into a room where multiple high-ranking officials were discussing details from the recent incident. The scientist rushed to the side of the Director of DIA his chipped and scratched demon horns and his grey hair showed the Director’s aged self.

With the tablet out in front of him, the scientist urged the Director to look, the latter grabbed the tablet seeing the word Fallen Angel upon the bottom half of the tablet.

“You’re mistaken check it again” the Director answers as he goes to hand the tablet back.

“I-I have Director I’ve checked it multiple times and I’ve done various tests…” the scientist replies “…and it comes up the same”

The Director didn’t know how to respond to the realization that somewhere out there Fallen Angels were still alive. He looked to his trusted assistant, “Report this to Grand Eldar Satan immediately, I’ll inform her of your arrival”

“O-Of course sir” the assistant took the tablet and bowed swiftly before making his way to Hellscape Castle. As for the Director he left for his office to inform the Grand Eldar Satan of the arrival of a messenger.

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