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Chapter Two – My Father is now the Devil Lucifer [Part Two]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

For the next few minutes, Lord Lucifer explained how Nariko came to be in this world that she currently inhabits. Nariko just sat there listening taking in everything that the devil Lucifer told her.

“It must be strange for you to have died in your previous life then be reincarnated in another world?” Lord Lucifer asked piqued by what Nariko’s response would be.

Sure she hated the fact that she died in her previous life but, it’s not like she could do anything about it now.

“Well I have to admit this is all very sudden for me…” she thought for a moment remembering Mitsuba and how she died “…it feels like I had only died moments ago so everything will take some time getting used to I’m afraid” Nariko laughed nervously as she twiddled with a bulk of her hair aimlessly.

Lord Lucifer nodded in agreeance, “I understand please don’t hesitate to talk to me if something’s on your mind”

Come to think of it what would have happened if the reincarnation wasn’t successful? Yuuma’s subconscious wondered. After Nariko thought on it for a few seconds she decided to ask.

“Actually there is one question I want to ask”

Lord Lucifer’s eyes widened ever so slightly in interest, “Of course, ask away”

“What would have happened if the reincarnation wasn’t successful?”

He paused for a moment before laughing, “Why you’d be wiped from reality, literally, both body and soul”

Nariko sat there clearly bewildered by Lucifer’s sudden laughter, it looked like her life was slowly draining from her body as Lucifer continued to laugh.

Turning her head away from Lucifer she muttered quietly to herself, “Almost seems like he didn’t care whether I lived or not”
“Sorry did you say something?” Lord Lucifer asked after his little moment of self-satisfaction.

Nariko spun around waving her hands in front of her, “N-No I…I was just sitting here…quietly” she laughed nervously.

Lord Lucifer eyed her up before speaking, “Your tail says otherwise”

Looking behind her she noticed her tail was twitching from side to side uncontrollably, “What do you know…it has a mind of its own…right ?!” Nariko replied attempting to play it cool.

Suddenly a projection appeared before Lord Lucifer on the picture it showed the face of another demon. This one had horns that had protruded into multiple sizes from the base of their skull. On the sides of his neck seemed by a layer of scaled skin slightly darker than his normal flesh.

Upon closer inspection, Nariko also noticed the same type of skin on Lucifer’s neck albeit more hardened than the former demon.

“Lord Lucifer, the Grand Eldar requests your presence in the throne room…” the demon pauses for a moment clearly noticing Nariko’s presence “…bring the girl too”

“Very well, notify them that I’ll be there shortly” Lord Lucifer responded.

The demon on the projection bowed slightly as did Lord Lucifer after a few seconds the projection started to fade away out of existence. Grabbing his red cloak that bore the symbol of House Helel ben Shachar, he looked to Nariko as he clipped his cloak in place.

“Come, Nariko, it’s best not to keep the Grand Eldar waiting”

“Uhh, o-okay” Nariko stood up and gently brushed her dress down before following in Lord Lucifer’s steps to another unexplored area of the mansion.

Eventually, the two of them came to a stop in front of a set of double wooden doors on either side stood a Demon Guardsman. Their armour was matte black on the corner’s of the gauntlets near the elbow a cloth hung letting a misty effect. This also applied to the helmet where the cloth hung down the back.

Nariko looked on in awe somewhat intimidated by their appearance, she also happens to notice that the Demon Guardsman were with a crimson red cloak similar to how a scarf hung around one’s neck. The lances blade shone a fiery orange as if representing the fires of hell itself.

The two Demon Guardsman stood at attention clenching their left fist they slammed it against their metal chest plated armour causing a sharp clanging sound down the corridor.

The two of them turned to the double doors swiftly opening them, as the doors swung open. Nariko looked onto a large curved stone archway that wasn’t connected at the centre, along the surface of the pillars she could see the carved in demonic symbols.

As she focused on the symbols with her eyes, she became surprised at being able to see them so clearly from around thirty feet away. Nariko didn’t realise how big this room is until she moved past the double doors.

Nariko looked up unable to contain her awe, just by looking up the ceiling must have been at least a hundred foot high. At the very least, she could see the night sky mixed with trails of bright orange.

Lord Lucifer noticed this, “That orange is the Fires of Periphery it’s what separates the Demon Realm from the Mortal Realm…” he walks towards the centre of the two stone pillars “…it also governs our time resetting after every day”

Reaching out with his right hand, Lord Lucifer chanted unusual words that Nariko couldn’t understand. A moment later an orb of black red light appeared and with each second it grew until it almost reached the size of the stone archway.

Once completed Nariko could feel the steady pull from the orb before her. Lord Lucifer not hesitating walking straight in disappearing before her.

Nervous by what she’s about to experience she took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, Pushing on ahead she walked for the orb to her surprise she didn’t hear or feel anything for a moment. It wasn’t long before she started hearing the sound of multiple faint voices in the distance.

Nariko eventually exited the other side of the orb, she slowly opened her eyes. Looking she could see a statue that stood fifty feet tall and thirty wide, to her it seemed to depict some sort of battle but, she wasn’t quite sure what. All she could tell by looking at it that one side was clearly the Demons she’d noticed the armour the Demon Guardsman was wearing that had been carved upon them in the statue.
“Nariko!” Lord Lucifer shouted standing in the distance waiting for her.

She bowed, “Please forgive me!” she ran to his side. It wouldn’t be long for them to arrive at two gigantic steel doors.

“Nariko wait here until you are summoned” Lord Lucifer ordered.

She nodded, “Of course”

Lord Lucifer placed his right hand upon the steel doors where a symbol began to engrave itself onto the door. Nariko recognized the symbol it happens to be the same one that was depicted on the cloak he’s currently wearing.

The doors slowly opened shaking the ground violently if it wasn’t for Nariko’s tail she would have fallen flat on her face. She watched as Lord Lucifer disappeared beyond the doors into the unknown.

She turned around looking at her surroundings, “What exactly am I suppose to do while waiting here?” she asked herself sighing dejectedly. Looking down at her feet she only realised now that she wasn’t wearing any footwear.

“I’m such an idiot” she stated bluntly.

After what seemed like ages a demon came to address Nariko directly, she stood up from her seated position on the floor brushing down her dress. She could tell that the demon before her had some form of affiliation with the military with his amber stars and illuminated ribbons across his left chest and his uniform gave the vibe of a military officer.

“The Grand Eldar, Satan wishes to meet you…” he told her, Nariko inwardly tensed up when she heard the name Satan “…firstly bow before reaching the steps, secondly do not speak unless given precise orders to do so, and finally do not deter from the prostrated position until you have been excused by Grand Eldar Satan themselves…” he pauses for a moment “…is that understood?”

Nariko nodded as she was too nervous to sputter a single coherent word.

“In that case follow me, miss”

Nariko swiftly followed the demon into the room which was originally blocked off by the steel doors. As soon as she set foot into the room a chill went up to her spine when her feet planted onto the stone-cold floor beneath her. Nariko’s tail perked up reacting to the sudden chill, it took a few moments for her tail to relax.

The bridge leading to the throne room had two rows of braziers on either side all of them were lit the power of intense fiery inferno’s. Nariko didn’t even need to look over the edge to know that it was nothing but, an endless pit of nothing beneath them.

Eventually, they arrived at the throne room on either side of the hall were a row of four people. Judging by their looks they were all at the status as Lord Lucifer, Nariko confirmed this when she saw Lucifer off to one side.

Just beyond the steps before her, she could see a thick black cloud swirling around staying in its fixated place. As she reached the stairs she did exactly what the demon had told her before.

Nariko at the step on one knee, she couldn’t but sweat from the intense feeling she was getting in this room. She stayed there for what felt like an eternity.

“So this is Nariko?”

Nariko clearly perplexed swore she heard a female voice. But wasn’t Satan a man where I came from? Yuuma’s subconscious thought as he too were confused.

“Raise your head dear” the Grand Eldar Satan ordered.

Nariko lifted her head, as she did the black cloud started to move out of place revealing the figure seated in the large stone throne with the symbol of the devil shining at the top.

Grand Eldar Satan sat in her throne her expression emotionless. She wore her prized Demon Eldar armour, it had the appearance of charred bone mixed the strongest of minerals. Along the entire armour were faint traces of engravings all of them expending a low flame.

Nariko saw Satan’s face and couldn’t help but look in awe, she had such beautiful that she had never seen before. The Grand Eldar’s face was young but, refined, her black hair had traces of red and her skin too had a tinge of red differing her from the other demons.

“Leviathan” Grand Eldar Satan spoke out.

To Nariko’s left, a woman with striking dark purple hair emerged from the row of four. She bowed in the direction of the Grand Eldar.

“Yes, my lady” Lady Leviathan responded.

“I’m sending your Legion to help push back the Forsaken Tear that has recently emerged in the Mortal Realm…” the Grand Eldar had fixated her eyes on Nariko making the latter uncomfortable “…Archangel Michael will be in attendance”

“As you command my lady” the Grand Eldar waved her hand the pressure of the air ever slightly shifted immediately afterwards Lady Leviathan returned to her position in the row.

“Lucifer”. Lord Lucifer stepped out from the right bowing before her.

“Yes my lady”

“You will care for Mana in Leviathan’s stead, I’ll arrange for a more permanent solution in the future when I can”

“As you wish my lady” Lucifer returned to his place among the others. As for Nariko, she glanced back over to Lady Leviathan spotting a girl who she presumed to be Mana. The girl had a more frilly dress on compared to herself, the girl’s hair looked like the ocean, blue and shiny as the surrounding lights reflected off it. Upon closer inspection, the girl’s hair looked to be tied in a side knot and rest of the ponytail had been braided.

The Grand Eldar had stood up from her throne, “I look forward to seeing what you girls accomplish here” she stated before departed through a set of doors at the back of the throne room.

The Princes and Princesses of Hell continued bowing until he Grand Eldar had vacated the throne room once doing so they all began leaving with their closest subordinates. As Nariko prepared to leave to she caught a glimpse of Mana looking at her from a distance before turning away and leaving with Lady Leviathan.

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