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Chapter Three – Mana Hellsmouth [Part One]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Nariko sighed with relief after leaving the Demon Realm’s throne room just feeling the intense pressure from meeting Satan herself had weighed on her a lot. Just outside the steel doors, she saw Lord Lucifer conversing with Lady Leviathan she also noticed the girl Mana standing nearby.

Lady Leviathan seemed to be wearing a more elaborate design of the Demon Guardsman armour from before, hers seemed to have rune symbols engraved upon the surface of the armour.

From a distance, Nariko noticed that Lady Leviathan and Mana also had tails like hers thinking on it she remembered that Grand Eldar Satan did as well.

Is it a girl only thing or is it more special than that? Yuuma subconsciously questioned.

Pushing the thought aside Nariko stood nearby waiting for Lucifer to finish his conversation, the latter noticed he urged her to come over which Nariko willing did.

“Nariko I’d like you to meet Lady Leviathan, one of the eight Princesses of Hell, Lady of Might” Lord Lucifer announced.

Nariko bowed before Lady Leviathan, “It’s nice to meet you”

“Likewise, Miss Nariko” Lady Leviathan casually responded. She then gestured to Mana standing next to her. “And this is Mana”
Mana came out from hiding behind Lady Leviathan bowing herself, “N-Nice to meet you to” she replied timidly.

Lord Lucifer nodded slightly before changing the subject, “Say Leviathan, have you seen Deus lately?”

Shaking her head Leviathan answered, “The last time I saw her was three months ago, knowing her she’s probably wreaking havoc upon the Forsaken somewhere”

“I see”

Leviathan’s curiosity was piqued, “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing really just wanted to discuss something with her the next time she’s around”

A smirk appeared on Leviathan’s face, “When she comes back she’ll sure as hell give you trouble over Nariko” she laughed. Hearing those words sent an unpleasant chill down Nariko’s back and tail.

“Well anyway I have my orders, so I best get to them…” Lady Leviathan turned to Mana “…you better not cause Lord Lucifer any trouble while I’m away”

“You have my word, Lady Leviathan” Mana replied.

Both Lady Leviathan and Mana exchanged goodbyes, the former left to perform her duties that were ordered by Grand Eldar Satan. Nariko couldn’t help but notice that the relationship between the two seemed to be rather close.

“Guess we should be leaving too, we have a lot of work to do” Lord Lucifer spoke out, without warning, he marched off back to where he and Nariko originally came through with that orb.

As Nariko followed Lord Lucifer she noticed that Mana wasn’t moving. With a spur of the moment thought Nariko gently took Mana’s hand into hers. Mana looked at Nariko shocked and perplexed.

“Hey, everything’s going to be okay you’ll see,” Nariko said with a gentle smile.

Mana not saying anything instead only blushing ever so slightly followed in Nariko’s footsteps as they went after Lord Lucifer who was already waiting for them with the orb appearing before them.

Once the trio passed through the orb they were greeted by a dozen or so maids waiting for them on the other side. All of them bowed before Lord Lucifer, “Welcome home, Lord Lucifer” they said in unison.

“We have an extra visitor so prepare accordingly for tonight’s meal” he ordered. The group of maids acknowledged their master’s orders leaving the room immediately.

Lord Lucifer stood there for a moment while he detached his cloak from the small buckle around his neck, “The two of you should spend some time alone getting to know one another before dinner has been prepared…” he looked to the one maid standing at the ready “…show them to their quarters” he ordered. The maid waiting to the side of the room gestured for Nariko and Mana to follow her.

The duo did exactly that following the maid through the intricate hallways of House Helel ben Shachar. Nariko felt as if something was bothering Mana, the latter girl seemed nervous about something.

Walking through the corridors of the mansion Nariko could see multiple statues and paintings. Many of the statues were that of important figureheads which she presumed were members of House Helel ben Shachar. The paintings seemed to depict many moments from history, one of them she even noticed Lucifer standing proudly sporting a full set of demon armour.

The remainder of their journey to the quarters that Nariko had awoken in from earlier on in the day was spent in silence.

As they entered the room the maid announced she had to leave and would return shortly. This left both Nariko and Mana only in the quarters they both sat on either side of the bed not saying a word.

Maybe I should say something? Yuuma subconsciously speculated.

“Well…this is weird,” Nariko said laughing to quell the tension building up in the room.

Mana glanced over to Nariko, “Uhm, y-yeah” she made no effort to keep the conversation going as for Nariko she sat there awkwardly. A few moments went by when Mana suddenly started speaking.

“You’re not from this world are you?” Mana asked bluntly.

Nariko turned to see the expression of awe on Mana’s face, This could be bad, what should I say?, Yuuma’s subconscious hastily tried to come up with a plan. “W-What makes you say that?” Nariko replied rubbing the back of her head with her hand nervously.

Mana pointed to Nariko’s legs, the latter looked down only realising now that she was using the Seiza sitting position which was the formal proper sitting position for people living in Japan.

****! How am I going to get out of this?

“O-Oh…” Nariko laughed nervously “…w-well you see I Uhm…” before Nariko could even formulate a believable response Mana took her hands into her own. The former looked at Mana noticing the look of relief plastered across her face.

“That means you were reincarnated…like me…right?” Mana asked incessantly. Too many thoughts were going through Nariko’s mind that she just sighed in defeat.

For the next few minutes, Mana explained the day she woke up as Nariko sat there keenly listening to her. It happens so that both of them woke up under similar circumstances and that they both in the dark about what was really going on.

“And here I was, hoping to find out some more things surrounding this place” Nariko muttered irritably.

Mana looked downward herself feeling disappointed, “Yeah me too, then again I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one in this predicament” she smiled.

“Anyway enough about that…” Nariko paused for a moment “…where did you come from? Your old life I mean”

“Why I came from Japan like you, Nigata Prefecture to be precise…what about you?” Mana asked.

“I came from Tokyo Prefecture…” Nariko sat there for a moment as her tail gracefully moved side to side “…just it’s all so jarring being in Japan one moment then here the next”

“Yeah I know what you mean, luckily I’ve been here for about six months now”

Nariko’s eyes widened in shock, “Wait six months?!…” she couldn’t believe it “…how did you cope for that length of time?” she asked.

Thinking to herself Mana responded, “To tell the truth it was mostly thanks to Lady Leviathan, she taught me the essentials of demon culture pretty much”

It was a surprise to Nariko to hear that Mana had been here for six months but, what really shocked her was how composed Mana seemed to be. She wondered whether she’d be able to cope like that, not that she had a choice anyway.

The two girls were interrupted by the sound of knocking on the wooden oak door that leads into the quarters. The door swung open revealing the maid from before, she stood there bowing her head.

“Lady Nariko, Lady Mana dinner is now ready”

Both Nariko and Mana bowed and thanked the maid for informing them. Without further delay, they followed the maid to the dining hall. Nariko couldn’t help but wonder what sort of feast was in store for them the thought made her somewhat excited to find out about the kind of cuisine the Demon Realm had in this new world.

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