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Chapter Two – My Father is Now The Devil Lucifer [Part One]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Yuuma in his new female demon body sat atop of the master sized bed that he had woken up in just moments ago thinking to himself. Well, the first thing I should figure out what’s going on here, he thought. Standing up with newfound determination to get through this no matter the circumstances.

“Okay, I need to find out what’s going on” Yuuma was still getting use his new voice, the girl had a tone of gentleness that almost seemed alien to him from what he learned about demons in manga and anime.

Looking down at himself Yuuma had forgotten he was completely naked. “Maybe I should get dressed before I started parading around the corridors naked” an embarrassed laugh followed.

To the left of the room stood a large mahogany wardrobe, as the girl’s body moved forward it found hard to walk upright clearly showing signs of trouble with understanding how to use its legs properly. If it wasn’t for the girl’s demon tail the trek from the bed to the wardrobe could have taken a dozen or so minutes to complete

As her small slender hands grabbed the handles to the wardrobe, the girl let out an exasperated sigh, “I never thought I’d be so grateful for having a tail”. Looking back she noticed her tail twitching as if responding to her comment of gratitude.

As she opened the wardrobe doors she was met with an onslaught of dresses that she could choose from all of the various shapes, sizes and colours. Holy ****! And I thought girls that I knew were obsessed with clothing, Yuuma’s subconscious exclaimed.

Standing there she didn’t know what to choose just the option of at least thirty dresses was too much for her to handle.

“Well, I guess I should decide on what underwear I should wear”. Being pleasantly surprised by how normal the underwear seemed albeit the more eccentric options did stand out.

Picking a pair of panties which were crimson in colour, the girl’s eyes darted to the floor as her cheeks turned red from embarrassment.
Yuuma just get a hold of yourself, they’re only girls panties! he scolded himself. The girl went to her knees and her tail clumsily dropped to the velvet carpet as she sighed.

“Well I can’t do anything else to resolve this it’s time to man up…or is it, girl, up?”

After putting on her crimson panties she then took out a black pair of tights. As she put them on it came to her attention that the tights had a small elastic strap at the top. Instincts told her to wrap the strap at the base of her tail.

Her face lit up in surprise as hundreds of traces of pink lights ran along the seams of her black tights as if the cloth was reacting to her body. Unfortunately for her, the bra didn’t react in the same way.

She didn’t even think about what costume to wear instead she grabbed the first dress she could get her hands on.

The dress had a dark grey underlayer in the design of a one-piece dress. The outer layer was black with highlights of red around the edges, the sleeves didn’t cover the shoulders but it did reach down to the elbows. The golden buttons across the front of the dress were the only thing to seem the most out of place.

As she looked at the dress a sigh flowed out of her mouth, “I have no idea how to dress especially now that I’m a girl”

Although she could see buttons and laces at the back of the dress, she figured she could pull it over herself. After a few moments of intense struggling, she finally got the dress fitted on herself only to realise that it was too big.

“Great, just my luck” she complained.

Her dress suddenly started to shift and adjust itself to the girl’s body structure, after it had finished, the dress became a perfect fit for her. Looking to the floor to see the neat row of heels for her, she stood there for a moment contemplating her options.

She spun around in her dress facing the other way, “Yeah no, I’m not gonna get myself killed while walking in high heels so I have to be reincarnated again”

Turning her gaze towards the masters’ bed, she tensed up slightly upon seeing an unfamiliar creature just calmly seated there watching her.
What the hell is that thing?!, Yuuma thought to himself.

Upon closer examination, it clearly looked like some form of a four-legged dog. Its fur was snow-white, the tail unusually thin with a thick bush of azure blue fur at the end gave it a unique touch. The creature’s eyebrows and spine were bushy too and had the same colour as that of the tail.

The creature pounced onto the velvet floor moving a few paces in the girl’s direction, the latter clearly not threatened by the creature she became more or less entranced by the appearance of the creature.

The creature barked at the girl, she knelt down with her hand out. “Aww, you’re so cute”. As it got closer and she began to rub its head she suddenly saw a blinding light along with a loud popping sound.

To her surprise she wasn’t in the room she had woken up in instead it seemed to be a large dining hall to her left were dozens of oak craft chairs and a long table ran across the centre of the room.

Laughing nervously to herself she didn’t know what to say. O…kay that was weird, Yuuma tried to figure out what had just happened.

The girl jumps to her feet when she hears the voice of a man behind her. Turning around slowly only to be startled by this man’s appearance, his pure black hair shone under the bright chandeliers above them, his devil horns were much larger than the girl’s they also seemed to be emanating blood-red hue.

Is that a sign of status within this new world that I’m in? Yumma thought to himself.

His royal attire, however, was by far the most impressive about this refined devil sitting before her.

“Sit” he bluntly orders the girl.

The girl’s body without question bowed before him as if the action had been imprinted into her very memory. She didn’t dare waste her time finding a seat at the table as she didn’t want to anger this person what so ever.

As she sat down a sudden rush of pain went through her head as she groaned. The devil noticing her discomfort waved his hand as he returned to reading the documents in his hands. Out of the shadows, a woman dressed in a maid’s outfit rushed to the girl’s side with a silver embroidered tray and a wine glass filled with a red liquid.

The maid bowed her head not daring to look at the girl, she quickly placed the wine glass in front of the girl then immediately returned to her position amongst the shadows of the huge dining hall.

She looked at the glass wondering what the contents could possibly be. Should I drink it? Yuuma subconsciously reacted. Out of nowhere another stabbing pain pierced the girl’s head this time almost letting out tears.

“It’s human blood, drink it” the devil spoke out not turning away from his current duties.

The girl gulped she went for the glass prepared to drink it but, she started having second thoughts. I can’t drink this it’s human blood!, Yuuma’s voiced screamed inside the girl’s head sending another bolt of pain through her head.

This time the devil looks to the girl as he puts the documents down of the oak table, “You could refuse but, you’ll then turn into a hideous abomination, your choice” he stated matter of factly.

With no sign of hesitation, the girl grabs the wine glass gulping down its contents. At first, she expected to puke it back up, however, she could not help but drink it down faster the effects on her body was similar to an aphrodisiac. She squirmed in her seat and her tail twitched uncontrollably once finished her ragged breathing could be heard throughout the dining hall.

“Don’t worry the effects will wear off eventually” the devil explained.

The girl tried to collect her thoughts after drinking the wine glass filled with human blood her body seemed to crave for more.

The devil suddenly remembering stood up facing the girl, “Allow me to introduce myself I’m Lucifer Helel ben Shachar, one of the eight Princes of Hell and Lord of Purity”

Upon hearing those words Yuuma would normally have a good laugh thinking that the person lost their mind or was an avid otaku fan. But, after everything he had seen through this new body of his, he’s starting to realise just how out of this world this place truly is

“I’d rather not call you the girl from now on…” Lord Lucifer thinks for a moment “…will you allow me to give you a name?”

The girl stands up from her seat bowing to Lord Lucifer, “Thank you I will gladly accept any given name” she replies hastily. After all, it wasn’t like Yuuma would have been a fitting name for a girl especially not knowing how such names are perceived in this new world.

A gentle smile appeared on Lord Lucifer’s face as he thought of a name for the girl standing before him, “Let’s see…Nariko…meaning gentle child”

After hearing the name the girl immediately warmed up to it. For her it seemed to suit her perfectly, “Thank you, I like it” she responded happily.

“Very well, you shall be known as Nariko Helel ben Shachar…” Lord Lucifer noticed Nariko’s perplexed expression “…well theoretically speaking you are blood-related to me”

With pleasantries aside, Lord Lucifer adopted a more serious look, “With pleasantries aside, we have many a thing to discuss”. Nariko stood there somewhat intimidated by this sudden change in attitude. She too wanted answers to so many questions and hoped that Lord Lucifer would be able to provide such a thing.

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