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Chapter One – Seriously I was Killed then Reincarnated as a Demon Girl!

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

“I’m so tired”. Yuuma’s stomach was grumbling, having overslept he had to miss out on breakfast. Looking into the small plastic bag in his hands laid one easy to eat ramen pot, he grabbed the quickest thing he could find at the local supermarket.

I wish I had breakfast before running out the front door, metaphorically a cloud of doom and despair surrounded Yuuma. Suddenly he was brought back to reality when something bumped into him.

Opening his eyes Yuuma was surprised it was a girl from his school wearing the traditional plaid skirt and blazer, the female equivalent to his school uniform.

Her cheeks started to turn red as she avoided eye contact with him, “S-Sorry Akiyama Yuuma”. Yuuma’s blonde hair and blue eyes was a dream mix for girls as their ideal boyfriend in Japan. On top of that, he had the early stages of a chiselled jawline.

Yuuma lifted his hand as a friendly gesture and smiled kindly, “No it’s fine really”.

“T-Thank you!” the girl blurted out. She ran to her two friends, the trio clearly ecstatic about talking to Yuuma outside of school. As for Yuuma, he was tired of the whole act he had to put on sure it was nice at first being noticed and liked by all the girls but, pretending to be someone you’re not just so you can get through school life carefree was a hassle for him.

Clenching his fist with determination, “Don’t have time to think on such things, just get through my last year of high school so I can graduate then I’m free to be whoever I want!” A smirk appeared on his face as he combed his hair back with his hand.

Sighing to himself, “Still I sort of have become accustomed to impressing the girls for all these years”

Arriving before the front gates of Seiocha High School, Yuuma was prepared to tackle like any other.

“Right! Time to hit the ball out of the park for this school day!” as if a bubble of magnetic energy radiated from him all the girls at the front gate looked at him starry-eyed, as for the boys they just wanted to punch him.

Yuuma stood dumbfounded by what he just did, I’m an idiot through and through, he thought to himself.


One of Yuuma’s friends grabs him by the neck looking like he was almost about to be decapitated his friend with mere arm strength itself. Yuuma looks up to see Rizo his best friend smiling at him, he emerald green eyes shining brightly in the summer sun as was his pitch-black hair.

“What’s up Yuuma? Got up to anything interesting over the weekend?” a smirk clearly visible on Rizo’s face.

“Well, I did watch Transcendence of a Book Geek” Yuuma bluntly replied.

Rizo disappointedly sighed, “Look I know you like your anime and manga but, come on at least try to see some girls you’re lucky to have so many after you”

“Not just me, you and the other cool guys get their fair share of attention” Yuuma corrected.

“Yeah true, that is after you flat out reject them” Rizo let out a single exasperated chuckle.

“Shut up”. Yuuma walked away not wanting to continue this current conversation heading towards his locker near the entrance of the main building within the school grounds. Upon reaching his locker which so happened to be near Rizo’s, he noticed that something was lodged into the bottom of his locker.

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Yuuma, however, did like one girl her name Mitsuba Tomohime but, he was afraid of being rejected for all the wrong reasons due to how popular he had become with the other girls over the years.

Once opened he saw the pink envelope resting at the bottom of his locker. Just by looking at it, he could tell that a girl had given it to him.

Rizo noticing his friend looking at something in his hands came over to be nosy.

“So what you got there pal?” Rizo asks teasing his best friend.

Yuuma sighed, “Another letter from a girl”

“Well, I guess you know what you have to do now, turn her down lightly I guess” Rizo stated matter of factly.

Yuuma took off his shoes putting them in his locker and their place took out his Uwabaki slippers. Slapping his face gently he prepared himself for what was to come when he turns down this girl.

Not wasting any time Yuuma headed for the school roof where the mystery girl would be waiting for him. As he opened the door that leads to the roof standing near the edge looking out at the ocean blue sky was Mitsuba.

Yuuma looked in a slight daze, Mitsuba’s brown hair glistened in the sun as the wind blew it gently to the side.

Turning around she notices Yuuma her cheeks blushing at the sight of him she looks to the ground clearly embarrassed. Yuuma had no idea that the girl was Mitsuba then again there wasn’t a name left on the letter.

Walking towards her, he puts his school bag on the floor there the two stood facing one another both of them clearly uncomfortable at their current predicament. In all honesty, Yuuma liked Mitsuba, however, he didn’t have the self-confidence to tell her that face to face.

But finding out that the mystery girl was Mitsuba was a pleasant surprise to him. At least I didn’t have to tell her how I feel, he thought to himself.

“Hey Yuuma” Mitsuba shyly spoke looking at him with a sweet gentle smile, in response Yuuma started to blush himself.

“Never would have thought the mystery girl was you, Tomohime” Yuuma nervously laughed.

“Please call me Mitsuba”


They stood in the breeze for a moment in complete silence thinking to themselves eventually Mitsuba worked up the courage to speak first.

“Uhm, Yuuma would you go out with me?” she stood there twiddling her fingers waiting for Yuuma’s answer. He didn’t know how to respond sure he turned down a lot of girls but, he’s never confronted a girl he has feelings for who just asked him out.

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He tried to conjure up the words he wanted to say but, nothing came out. Mitsuba noticed this thinking that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

She waved her hands innocently, “It’s fine you don’t have to answer now if you don’t want to” Mitsuba starts to walk away when Yuuma suddenly shouts to her.

“Mitsuba wait!”

As she turns the edge of her Uwabaki get’s caught in a crack in the middle of a concrete slab making her fall towards the edge of the roof. Without a second thought, Yuuma rushed towards her reaching out towards her wrist swinging her back towards the safety of the roof.

Oh ****! I can’t stop myself I’m moving too fast!, Yuuma’s momentum was still sending him over the edge. As if the slow-motion had taken over the next few seconds seemed like a lifetime.

Yuuma looks at Mitsuba’s face seeing tears welling up around her beautiful amber eyes, he sees her shouting something to him but, the ringing in his ears are too much for him to even comprehend what she’s saying.

Taking in every feature of Mitsuba that he could, he closed his eyes as his body went pummelling into the paved floor below.

Wait, am I alive still? I can’t be it’s pitch black and I can’t see a thing.

The sound of thumping could be heard like a defibrillator. This noise continued indefinitely.

Wow, they’re actually trying to keep alive even though I fell three stories, got to give credit where it’s due.

Well at least I could save Mitsuba, so I wasn’t completely useless after all.

If you do happen to reincarnate me, God, don’t bring me back as an ant at least give a normal life as an average boy. That’s not too much to ask for right?

The sound of the thumping began to grow quieter with each passing second.

Guess this is it. Rizo and Mitsuba I’m going to miss you two. Live good lives that’s all I’m hoping for.
Oh and Rizo you dare sell all my otaku collection to get a quick buck I’ll come back and haunt your sorry arse for eternity

The sound of his voice became harder to hear now.

Goodbye world I’ll see you in my next life.

The bright light shining on Yuuma’s face made his eyes flicker eventually opening them. Well, I guess God made good on his promise, he happily thought to himself. Sitting up he looked around to see a room adorned in luxury ornaments made of the rarest minerals and fabrics.

The bed he was sleeping on had red curtains for privacy, the drawers where he presumed the clothes were located seem to be made out of extremely expensive wood seeing that it was polished to great effect.

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Holy ****! Have I reincarnated into a royal family!?

Still feeling tired he yawned but, to his surprise, his voice sounded more high pitched and girly than before. Hang on, don’t tell me! Yuuma slowly looking down was shocked to see breasts on his new body, without thinking he touched them.

I have to say my new body has quite the rack! the breasts on his female body were small but perfectly shaped.

Suddenly he had a weird sensation where his tailbone would be located turning his head around he saw the smooth tail protruding from his rear. Rubbing it against the silk pillows sent a pleasurable sensation through his tail and body.

Once the girl’s mouth opened it let out a soft cry of pleasure. Commanding the hands to reach for the head Yuuma couldn’t believe that he could feel curved horns with this girl’s hands.

Turning the head to see a body mirror in the distance, he ordered this girl’s body with his thoughts to rush to the mirror. The girl crawled out of bed falling over onto the floor it was clear to Yuuma that this girl has never walked in her life.

Eventually reaching the mirror Yuuma looked through the eyes of this body, he could see the girl’s breasts, her slender figure and her curved demon horns. Her tail was similar to the shape of a dragon albeit lacking the scales that normally come with it the skin of the tail had pure smooth flesh.

The girl’s hair was short on the sides but long in the middle reaching halfway down her back. From the roots, her hair was pink until it reached towards the tips where it ended with a blood-red colour. Her eyes too were blood-red the iris’ shaped to that of dragon.

As Yuuma started to come to terms with the reality of the situation, the girl’s body fell to the floor clutching her head.
“This is a dream right just one of those weird otaku dreams” she chuckled to herself.

When she started to realise just how real this ordeal had become, she gave up on trying to pretend that it was a dream.

“No, it’s pretty obvious that this is the real deal…” she laughed cheerfully to herself “…there’s just one thing I don’t understand, why on earth was I reincarnated as a demon girl?”

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