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Chapter Three – Mana Hellsmouth [Part Two]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Nariko felt like she was apart of some sick joke she was unaware of. Before on the dining table sat a bowl of red liquid along with a spoon. She knew all too well what the contents were.

Looking to her left she could see the feast before Mana, she couldn’t help but wonder why she was getting proper food.

“Uhm, this may be a stupid of me to ask but…why haven’t I got food?” she asked.

Lord Lucifer had already finished his dinner prior to the girls arriving mostly because he had important business to attend to shortly, “Your body is still maturing it’s natural for all newborn demons to spend at least a month feeding on human blood to gain the necessary nutrients”

Not arguing with that logic she started to sip down the contents with the spoon, she had to admit that having fangs closely familiar to the likes of vampires made digesting blood a lot easier. Looking towards Mana she could see her digging into all manner of foods such as meats, vegetables and fruits.

Nariko couldn’t deny the fact that all of it looked delicious to her even though most of it she hadn’t a clue what they were. Seeing this new world food just made her want to eat even more than before.

“I almost forgot, I have something planned for the two of you tomorrow so I expect the two of you to be up early in the morning” Lord Lucifer announced before standing ready to leave the dining hall.

Both Nariko and Mana looked to one another perplexed then back at Lord Lucifer, “We understand” they replied in unison. Lord Lucifer nodded before leaving the dining hall through the double doors at the end of the hall.

“Oh and one more thing…” a smirk appeared on Lord Lucifer’s face “…the two of you can spend the night together I think it’ll do you both good, think of it as a way of bonding with one another”.

Nariko speechless couldn’t muster up a single sentence before Lord Lucifer had left the room. It’s almost like he knows that I was a boy in my previous life and is trying to torment me! Yuuma’s subconscious screamed.

It didn’t take the two of them long to finish off their dinner. Mana had a joyful look upon her face after finishing such an exquisite buffet of demon cuisine. As for Nariko, it was quite the opposite she looked uncomfortable and twitchy her cheeks were flustered once again after sipping down a lot of human blood.

“You don’t look good Nariko, do you want some help?” Mana asked kindly.

Nariko waved her off, “N-No it’s fine just something I have to get used to for the time being”

“I know what you’re going through, I had to do the same thing as you”

This piqued Nariko’s interest, “Really how did you get through it?”. At this rate, she felt that if she had any more human blood she might lose her mind entirely.

Mana laughed nervously, “W-Well, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to quell your thirst it’s just a natural instinct of demons…” she paused for a moment remembering further details “…however, it was weird, after a month I was able to control my thirst for human blood for at least a week before needing some”

Hearing those words made Nariko somewhat disappointed. she hoped there would be some quick simple solution to make the process of digesting human blood more bearable in the coming weeks.

After dinner, the two girls were escorted back to their quarters. At first, Nariko deep down hoped that this new world she’s living in had hot baths of some form because what she really wanted right at that moment was to wash off all the sweat that she had gathered after coming face to face with the Grand Eldar herself. But, it had been made clear to the maid by Lord Lucifer that they were to head to their quarters and get some much-needed rest.

They were left to themselves for the rest of the night. Nariko walked over to the wardrobe where she chose her dress from earlier in the day. Upon closer inspection, Nariko was surprised to find that there wasn’t any nightwear the closest thing they had were night robes.

You got to be kidding me no nightwear!

As for Mana she had sat down on the edge of the bed already starting to undress, she had already her frilly ocean blue and white dress halfway down revealing her smooth skin and bra underneath.

“Mana, what are you doing?!” Nariko exclaimed, shocked by what she was witnessing.

Mana, on the other hand, didn’t see what the problem could be until it clicked in her head. Her embarrassment started to show, “S-Sorry I thought you already knew about the Demon Realm’s customs”

Nariko had no idea that demons here had customs they follow by, “Uhm, No Lord Lucifer never told me”

“Oh, well luckily Lady Leviathan told me about this one” Mana responded.

“In the Demon Realm, it’s sort of frowned upon sleeping with clothes on” Mana explained.

Nariko covered her face as her face turned bright red from embarrassment too. He knew about this and set me up! Yuuma’s subconscious berated Lord Lucifer for this cunning scheme of his.

Sighing Nariko didn’t know what to do, should she sleep with her clothes and risk being the odd one amongst the demons or should she just conform with their customs and go full commando from now on.

How do I know Mana is telling the truth? Nariko stood there for a moment watching Mana out of the corner of her eye as she continued undressing. Then again why would she lie, if this was a joke I doubt she’d be going through with the idea herself.

Thinking on it Nariko didn’t really see a problem with it after all the two of them were demon girls. The only problem Nariko had was that she was a boy in her previous life and she had no idea whether those hormonal urges were still in her system now.

Shaking her head gently she became more determined to get through this ordeal tonight. Without hesitation, Nariko stripped down to nothing but her bare skin once finished she turned around to find that Mana had already gotten in bed. She was surprised to find that Mana had fallen asleep when she reached the side of the bed.

Nariko sat down on her side of the bed looking out through the window at the black sky as orange fiery traces darted through the sky which lit up the room ever so slightly. The orange hue glistened upon Nariko’s skin revealing the sweat droplets upon her breasts and torso as they slowly trickled towards her sweet spot between her legs.

Looking back at Mana fast asleep Nariko glanced at her breasts noticing that they were slightly bigger than her own. Suddenly realising what she was doing she spun her head with her hands over her face blushing profusely.

What are you doing looking at Mana like that? she gently clapped her face with both hands before jumping underneath the covers of the bed.

At first, she thought it would a while for her to sleep especially under these circumstances, however, not long after getting under the bed covers. Her mind started to feel hazy as if it were being put under a spell of some kind.

Nariko tried to keep her eyes open at first but, as time went she realised doing so was useless and then reluctantly succumbed to the temptation of sleeping knowing full well of the troublesome night ahead of her.

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