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Chapter Four – A World With No Magic?! [Part Three]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

After having changed into his royal attire Lord Lucifer immediately made plans to visit a close friend to discuss Nariko. As he exited the teleportation orb standing there before him was a maid.

She bowed slightly, “Lord Lucifer, I was ordered to meet you here”

“Thank you, Elaria…” knowing of Elaria’s Elven background he was surprised in how much she had changed “… you have changed a lot since I last saw you”

Elaria had dark purple hair in a ponytail. Her skin darker than the average elf, but what made her stand out were the demonic eyes she had inherited and the devil horns that curled around her forehead almost like a crown.

“You are correct Lord Lucifer…” Elaria stood upright “…the last time we met I was only a servant that pledged her loyalty to Lord Belial since then I offered my soul to Grand Eldar Satan to become a fully-fledged Dark Elf” Elaria summarised.

“Ah, I see…” Lord Lucifer was surprised by this. He never expected Elaria to freely forego her Elven lineage so easily “…anyway I wish to converse with Belial” he asked.

“Of course, Lord Lucifer please follow me” Elaria led Lord Lucifer into the humungous castle standing before them. As the afternoon blooms shone across the grounds Lord Lucifer could see huge expanses of forest and fields surrounding the castle. Outside the main castle were multiple smaller buildings all having their own particular uses.

As both Lord Lucifer and Elaria entered through the main castle doors they were met with a thirty-foot tall statue holding a book in one hand and a sceptre in the other, depicting the founding father of these very grounds, his name Durian Rel Ga Hazan.

The statue is made out of the precious Demon Realm ore, Xeraite, illuminating its beauty with its fiery hue dwarfing everything surrounding it in the courtroom.

Walking up the stone stairs brought back memories for Lord Lucifer when he and his sister use to come here as children while their father discussed matters with Durian Rel Ga Hazan.

After some time they eventually arrived at Lord Belial’s office. Elaria opened the two wooden doors then stood to the side as Lord Lucifer walked in behind her.

“My Lord, I have brought Lord Lucifer as you requested” Elaria announced.

“Thank you Elaria you may leave now” Lord Belial responded.

Lord Lucifer watched as Elaria left the room, “You were expecting me?”

“How long have I known you for Lucifer fifteen hundred years? I think anyone would have a good idea of someone if they spent that much time together” Lord Belial mocks his friend Lord Lucifer.

Lord Belial spins around in his chair revealing his long combed ashen hair and goatee. His demon horns protruded out to the side. He wore similar royal attire to Lord Lucifer albeit a different colour instead of red he had the colours of his House which were a galaxy blue colour.
Standing up from his chair Lord Belial went over to Lord Lucifer embracing him, “It’s good to see you old friend” a cheerful smile appeared on his face.

“The feeling’s mutual Belial” Lord Lucifer replied.

The walls of Lord Belial’s office were covered in a dark green and black flock wallpaper, his chair and table were made of an expensive wood known as Violian the texture of the wood was ridged and polished.

Lord Lucifer sat in the seat facing his friend’s office desk. He eyed an ornamental statue its liquid material continuously shifting its shape unpredictable.

“So what brings you here Lucifer?” Lord Belial asked as he pours out two glasses of expensive liquor known as Rosium known for its sweet rich berry flavour.

“I need to discuss something important with you” Lord Belial handed Lord Lucifer a glass of Rosium the latter took it gratefully.

“I see” Lord Belial then sat in his office chair facing Lord Lucifer.

“It’s about Nariko I recently tried bringing out her mana for the first time…” Lord Lucifer continued as he stopped to take a sip of Rosium from his glass “…I witnessed something quite unusual”

“Meaning?” Lord Belial asked with piqued interest.

“I was able to get her to manifest mana, but when she did it materialized itself into a physical form”

Lord Belial sat there for a moment his free hand rubbing the hairs of his goatee, “That is interesting, I’m guessing the reason you’ve come here is to meet that old coot I presume?”

“As expected you know me too well, you have any idea where he’s currently residing?”

Lord Belial sighed clearly irritated, “I hired that old ******* thinking he’d be useful, but no all he does is prance around in his little sanctuary all day”

“He still using his mana to create such things like that even to this day?” Lord Lucifer could help but feel irritated himself upon hearing such things

“You know what he’s like when we attended this academy it took all of us a few months to even have him open a portal to us so we could meet the damn fool…” Lord Belial paused finishing off the last bit of Rosium in his glass as did Lord Lucifer “…but hearing about the situation with Nariko may get him to come to us” Lord Belial muttered as he thought out loud.

“Never thought of that, to be honest, it might actually work” Lord Lucifer started to see the plan coming into fruition in his mind.

“Okay, we need you to bring Nariko here straight away…” Lord Belial looked towards the double wooden doors “…Elaria!”

Immediately the doors opened revealing the maid, Elaria standing there bowing before the two lords, “Yes, Lord Belial”

“I have an assignment for you I need you to bring Nariko Helel ben Shachar to us,” asked Lord Belial.

Lord Lucifer gave Elaria a rundown of Nariko’s appearance as well as Mana’s seeing that the two of them were most likely together as of this moment. He also told her where they were likely to be in Hellscape.

Acknowledging the information that she had been given Elaria’s maid outfit instantly started to transform. After dissembling her maid outfit it was replaced with a slender form of metallic armour made of Bauhrin, a metal that was known for its liquid metal properties. The armour closely resembled the Royal Elven Guards armour albeit a more demonic aesthetic. What stood out the most with her new attire was the black cloth scarf that hung down to her legs it emitted a black mist.

She pulled a knife from behind he back out of its holster, her mana powering the knife revealed the intricate symbols from the native Elven language from her place of birth. Pressing a button at the bottom of the hilt suddenly caused a fiery circle to conjure itself around Elaria.

After a few seconds, the circle quickly levitated upwards then dropped back down this teleported Elaria to her desired location leaving no trace of her.

“Never thought I’d see the day that an elf would become a denizen of the Demon Realm, I mean seeing that elves, in general, are beings of light and good in this universe” Lord Lucifer casually spoke out.

“You think that’s weird, you haven’t seen some of the skills she acquired since turning into a Dark Elf” Lord Belial responded with a proud look on his face.

Lord Lucifer shook his head as he thought on the upcoming encounter to come with the old coot that resided within the grounds of this academy.

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