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Chapter Four – A World With No Magic?! [Part Two]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

“To manifest your mana you have to understand how to control it” Lord Lucifer explained. The morning blooms brighten his black slicked-back hair.

“And how can I do that exactly?” Nariko asked somewhat perplexed by what he just said.
“To manifest your mana you have to understand how to control it” Lord Lucifer explained. The morning blooms brighten his black slicked-back hair.

“And how can I do that exactly?” Nariko asked somewhat perplexed by what he just said.

“You need to think of mana as a second source for breathing, don’t stress your body out by trying to control it, you need to let the mana decide for itself whether it wants to coexist with you” Lord Lucifer added.

Nariko had some idea of what he was talking about, but it was still rather confusing to understand. Instead of weighing in on such thoughts, she decided that freeing her mind of all thoughts may do the trick.

As she closed her eyes the sensation of what felt like tiny ripples of magnetic currents swirling through the air. Sensing them with her eyes closed she could the streams of mana flowing above and around her. It almost felt as if she were watching the Northern Lights back on earth.

Time went by and the streams of mana currents slowly started to ease their way closer to her. They were acting like animals scoping her out trying to determine whether she was a threat to them or not.

Nariko watched as the mana stream swirled closer, within a few inches of each other one of the mana streams started to assimilate itself into her body.

As for Lord Lucifer and Mana, the two of them stood there watching Nariko intently. As the moments passed eventually they started to sense something emanating from Nariko’s hands. A few seconds went by before something started to materialise between both of Nariko’s hands.

To Lord Lucifer’s surprise what appeared was a multicoloured liquid ball. “Okay Nariko you can stop now” he urgently stated out loud.

Nariko opening her eyes looked to see a rather confused and surprised Lord Lucifer, “D-did something happens that I’m unaware of…” flustering to herself she bowed before her master “…I messed up didn’t I, I’m so sorry!”

Lord Lucifer waved his hand, “No, no you didn’t do anything…” he placed a hand on his chin “…it’s just extremely rare to see someone manifest mana into a physical form”

Hearing those words and Lord Lucifer’s tone Nariko couldn’t help but worry, “I-Is it bad that happened?” she asked reluctantly.

Lord Lucifer thought to himself for a moment, “To be honest…I have no idea, all I know is that it’s an extremely rare occurrence among the inhabitants in this universe”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine Nariko” Mana reassured her friend while holding both her hands in hers.

“Well…if you say so, I guess it must be then” Nariko awkwardly laughed out.

This is interesting, to say the least, but, I need to confirm something…I guess I’ll have to see him about this, Lord Lucifer thought to himself.
“Say let’s call it day don’t want to worry the two of you even more” Lord Lucifer announced.

The two girls looked at him for a moment surprised that magic training was already coming to an end. “Mana how about showing Nariko around for a bit, it’ll do her good to get an idea of the area” Lord Lucifer added.

“Uhm, yes Lord Lucifer” Mana responded. The two girls bowed to Lord Lucifer before returning to their quarters to change into more suitable clothes for public display.

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As the girls left the courtyard, Lord Lucifer stood there looking at Nariko as his mind weighed on what just happened. Never before had he seen anyone physically conjure mana before him. He only ever read up on such phenomena within archives and even then the details were scarce at best.

“There are too many variables to be certain I have to clarify this before I can make a sound judgement” Lord Lucifer muttered to himself.

Lord Lucifer headed back into the mansion to get himself dressed for an unexpected journey. Once ready he headed to the chamber that housed the teleportation orb that was used to teleport him and Nariko to the Devil Kingdom throne room.

Both Nariko and Mana had only just arrived in the market district of Hellscape, the capital of the Demon Realm after a long journey since Mana forced Nariko into trying to wear heels. Instead of changing out of their suits, the duo decided to just throw a simple one-piece dress over it. Nariko had decided on a purple and black frilly one-piece dress as for Mana hers had the colours red and black.

To Nariko’s relief she could see a bench in the distance, “Mana could we take a seat over on that bench” she pleaded as she held onto Mana unable to stand by herself in her heels.

“Sure I’ll take you over there now” Mana happily replied.

Nariko sat down on the bench thankful that she could take the weight off her feet, Mana too sat down next to her. The former looked at her surrounding noticing the intricate gothic-styled buildings along with multiple market tables surrounding a grandiose fountain.

It wasn’t long before the two girls caught the attention of some local boys presumably around their age. They were dressed in casual clothing like the residents walking around them.

“Hey you two?!” one of the demon boys shouted out. Nariko and Mana turned their attention to the group of five demon boys all of them intimidating.

“Haven’t seen you two around here before” another stated.

“We’re just passing through” Mana replied. She tried not to antagonize the boys so a fight wouldn’t ensue, there were strict laws against the use of hostile magic within the Demon Realm.

“So why don’t you hang out with us then if that’s the case”

“Well we’ll be going home soon anyway” Nariko interjected.

“In that case, we insist” the demon boy grabbed Nariko’s wrist tightly. Damn his grip is strong, Nariko thought as she tried to twist her arm out of his grip to no avail.


They all turn to see a boy standing there in what seemed to be an academy dress suit which was full pitch black with red highlights along certain edges of the material. His neat cut grey spiked hair shone in the morning blooms as did his rugged and badly chipped demon horns.

“Oh look, a sissy boy from the Academy” one boy exclaimed.

“What do you want?!” another shouted.

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“Never thought you guys would stoop to such levels, grooming pretty girls” the academy boy replied.

“Say what!” the leader of the group shouted.

“Hey that’s Varen Rel Ga Hazan” one of the more shy members of the troublemaker group spoke out.

“Who?” the leader bluntly responded.

“He’s related to Lord Belial if we get caught doing stuff we shouldn’t be doing by him we’re done for”

The group of boys suddenly realised who they were up against without hesitation they ran for it leaving the two girls and Varen behind. The two girls looked at Varen noticing his blank expression. He too turned to look at both Nariko and Mana.

Mana stood up before Varen as did Nariko. “Thank you for helping us!” Mana said with appreciation. “Yes thank you!” Nariko interjected.

Varen covering his mouth with his hand yawned, “Na, no need to thank me…” an idea just hit him “…say want me to stick with you two? Don’t get me wrong this district is nice and all but, it got its a fair share of troublemakers”

“That would be great” Mana answered.

“You two new around here? Don’t remember seeing you two before today” Varen answered.

“Well, you could say that” Nariko replied. Varen nodded. Suddenly the voice of a girl shouting in the distance could be heard. Varen turned around his face turning to unfathomable disappointment.

“Master Varen! Where are you?!” the girl shouted she too wore the same academy uniform as Varen.

“Hate to rush you but, could we get out of here?” he suddenly asked the two girls.

“Uhm, but I’m still finding it hard walk let only run in these heels” Nariko responded worriedly.

“No worries…” Varen picked up Nariko holding her like a princess, the latter shrieked while slightly blushing as she wrapped her arms around his neck “…come on, I know a place we can hide!”

Varen with Nariko in his arms ran down the pebbled street while closely followed by Mana as the trio escaped from the clutches of the mysterious girl that was after them.

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