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Chapter Four – A World With No Magic?! [Part Four]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

“I think we’re safe for now” Varen announced as he peaked his head around the corner of the building on the lookout for the girl chasing after them. Nariko on the other hand had tensed up so much from the embarrassment it looked as if she’d been frozen in place.

Mana went to Nariko’s side to make sure she was alright, “You don’t look good Nariko”

Feeling lightheaded and her tail uncontrollably flapping side to side Nariko muttered, “N-No I’m good just all that walking earlier right?”

Snap out of it girl, how can she be embarrassed after such a thing! Yuuma’s subconscious thought for a moment.

Nariko grits her teeth as a sharp pain goes through her hands pressing down on her head. Mana knelt down next to her consoling her.

“You okay?” Varen asked as he looked at Nariko confused by her sudden headache.

“She hasn’t fed on human blood since breakfast, I forgot all about it until now” Mana replied clearly feeling guilty for her mishap. She senses an object coming towards her luckily enough catches a glimpse of the object before it landed in her hands.

As she looks down to see what had landed in her hands she was surprised to discover that it was a vial of human blood. Without question, Mana quickly gave the vial already open to Nariko.

Nariko hastily grabbed the vial drinking down its contents, her body tingling all over and her tail twitching.

“T-Thank you,” Nariko said as she slowly stood up on her two feet turning to Varen she bowed before him showing her appreciation.

“No problem but, I prefer for you not to act all courteous around me…” Varen rubs the back of his head with his free hand “….just think of me like a normal friend”

Smiling gratefully Nariko responded, “Okay no problem”

Mana step in to introduce herself, “Hi, I’m Mana Hellsmouth and this is Nariko Helel ben Shachar”

Hearing the names of the girls Varen swore he heard of them from somewhere before. He racked his brain for an answer until it clicked in his mind. “Wait, you two are the recently turned demons right. How’s treating you since moving from the Mortal Realm?”

Nariko perplexed by Varen’s statement she didn’t understand what he was talking about. “Uhm I think you may be mista-” she was cut off mid-sentence by Mana as the latter covered Nariko’s mouth with both her hands.

“Yeah, we’re doing great never expected the Demon Realm to be this amazing!” Mana exaggerated as she smiled awkwardly. Letting go of her grip around Nariko’s jaw the latter coughed.

Varen stood for a moment as if studying them, “Well it must be fun having all the status and privileges of nobility”

“It’s definitely a nice change of pace that I can say” Mana replied.

“Anyway I’ll be right back I’m going to get a better view of the area and make sure it’s clear for us to leave” Suddenly the pressure around Varen’s legs intensified as he leaped into the air on top of the tiled roofs of the surrounding Gothic architecture.

Regaining her posture Nariko looked to Mana confused, “Are you trying to kill me?”

“I had to stop you before you said anymore” Mana replied.

“Why I was only going to tell him the truth”

Mana sighed, “That’s what I mean no one should know about the true circumstances of how we got here”

Nariko more confused than before pressed on, “What do you mean I don’t get it?”

“I’m not exactly sure myself Nariko, I just remember Lady Leviathan telling me not to let anyone know about how truly came to this world, she just said it would cause problems if the citizens got wind of it” Mana explained.

Before Nariko could respond the two girls were suddenly interrupted by a powerful force of air currents. Varen having just arrived from scouting the area landed upon the ground with such force that the air around them moved with such ferocity. With the powerful blowback of air from the landing, it lifted up the girl’s skirts revealing their skintight suits showing off the girl’s well-defined posteriors. Both Nariko and Mana attempted to hold down their skirts to no avail.

“Interesting selection of panties from the two of you” Varen muttered out loud, his expression giving off a vibe that he was in deep thought.

Both Nariko and Mana stood there still holding their skirts down both their faces were clearly flustered and embarrassed.

“You did all that just to sneak a peek at our panties!” Nariko fuming from her current predicament.

Varen bored expression wasn’t fazed by her sudden anger, “No I just so happened to catch a glimpse of your panties as I landed”

“Y-You’re…” before Nariko could formulate a sentence Varen interrupted her.

Standing just a dozen or so inches from each other faces Varen added, “Would it make you feel better if I said that your panties compliment your posterior?”

Unable to keep it together Nariko’s knees buckled from underneath her. Rushing to her side Mana had reached her just in time to catch her. “Nariko are you okay?” she asked.

Nariko somewhat in a haze, her cheeks bright red, “Y-Yeah just living the dream at the moment” she laughed nervously. What is with this guy?! Acting so casually about all this, Nariko thought to herself.

“There you are!”

Varen looked clearly disappointed, the three of them looked into the distance to see a young dark-skinned girl, her red crimson hair tied in a ponytail. Getting a good look at her Nariko noticed this young was wearing an academy uniform exactly the same as Varen’s except instead of trousers she wore a layered skirt.

Upon closer inspection of the girl’s face, Nariko noticed she had pointed ears. The old otaku self inside began brimming with excitement. Elf girls in this world, oh right! But wait why would Elf girls be in the Demon Realm? Yuuma subconsciously thought.

Varen awkwardly rubbed his neck with one hand as he thought up a believable accuse on the spot, “Oh, hey Syl, chances of meeting you here”

“W-Why do always conveniently lose me in crowded areas?!” Syl shouted back.

He chuckled slightly, “Well not my problem that you’re not growing”

“S-Shut up! My body is still developing okay before you know it I’ll be a young woman!”

“By the time that happens I’ll be a crippled old man,” Varen said under his breath. All Syl could do was get even angrier at how Varen has treated her for all these years.

Both Nariko and Mana standing behind them watched awkwardly as the two of them argued between themselves. Wow, I knew he was a jerk, but not this much of a jerk, Nariko thought surprised by Varen’s true personality.

Surprising the group Elaria appeared before them out of thin air. “Miss Elaria!” Syl shouted out with joy as she ran to her mentor to embrace her. Without hesitation, Elaria came down with a karate chop upon Syl head, the latter clutching the top of their head in pain.

“Syl in the presence of nobility you act accordingly” Elaria bluntly told her young companion.

Syl continued rubbing the top of her head, “You didn’t have to hit me so hard”

Varen suddenly burst out laughing surprising everyone, “That probably explains why you’re not growing anymore”. In response to hearing his comment, Syl anger started to resurface her fist clenching ready to punch something.

“Begging your pardon, Lady Nariko and Lady Mana I’ve been assigned to bring the two of you with me on the orders of Lord Belial and Lord Lucifer” Elaria announced.

“Has something happened?” asked Nariko somewhat worried.

“Not…exactly Lady Nariko, if you come with me more will be explained once we arrive”. Nariko at first reluctant nodded in agreement. Upon seeing Nariko’s response Elaria weaved a pattern with threads that wrapped around her fingers and started chanting words.

Underneath them, a large bright fiery circle appeared. It wasn’t long before the circle quickly levitated upwards around them. Like a flash of lightning Nariko and Mana suddenly felt themselves be sucked into the circle along with everyone else.

In a blink of an eye the group was in another location as Nariko looked around she saw Lord Lucifer and at the desk before her she presumed was Lord Belial.

“Great work Elaria…” Lord Belial notices Varen and Syl amongst the group “…and you two…causing trouble like always?” he asked nonchalantly. Varen and Syl stood there not sure how to respond to Lord Belial’s question.

Lord Belial sighs, “Forget it, both of you leave” He looked as if they could pierce someone’s heart. As for Varen and Syl they didn’t argue with Lord Belial complying with his demands without question.

Once they had vacated the room Lord Belial looked to Lord Lucifer, “Well, we better get this over and done with”.

“Agreed” Lord Lucifer replied.

“Elaria draw the ritual circle” upon Lord Belial’s orders, Elaria started painting a ritual circle in the center of Lord Belial’s office. Nariko could see Elaria painting a circle and demonic symbols and writing upon the floor in a red liquid.

I can probably guess what that is, Nariko mused as her body reacted to the scent of it.

Once Elaria had finished the preparations she once again used the thread wrapped her fingers to make a pattern. Before Nariko hadn’t noticed, but this time she could see the streaks of thin purple tendrils wrapping themselves around Elaria’s threads. After finishing the pattern Elaria started speaking in an unknown language.

It wasn’t long before the circle started to shine brightly which would then be followed by a strong air current swirling around the circle. As the light died down Nariko was surprised to suddenly see an old worn wooden door in the center of the circle.

“Uhm, what’s going on exactly?” Nariko asked out loud. Before anyone responded they all heard a loud crash where the door stood in the center of the room.

“Damn you Belial!” Nariko and Mana’s tails perked up startled by the sudden shouting from what sounded like an old man.

“What the in devil’s name have dragged me out for this time…” they could hear rustled tumbling from the door “…what does an old bugger like myself have to do get some peace and quiet around here…”

The sound of light footsteps could be heard along with the heavy thud of what sounded like a walking stick.

“…do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate on more than one thing when looking at lewd women in next to nothing clothing, I find it hard enough getting my stick going and concentrating on the picture let only you bothering me all the time!”

Nariko and Mana stood there in anticipation wondering who was on the other side of that door when it suddenly burst open.

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