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Chapter Four – A World With No Magic?! [Part Five]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

When the door swung open both Nariko or Mana hadn’t a clue what to expect for all they knew it could have been an insane person that been locked away for a reason. To their surprise, however, they were greeted to the sight of an old man dressed in a ragged cloth holding onto a worn wooden stick, the top enveloping a glistening stone.

The old man giggled disturbingly, “Oh my…” he walks towards Nariko and Mana checking them over “…if you were having guests over you should have informed I would have dressed for the occasion!” the old man shouted out to Lord Belial.

Lord Belial stood up out of his chair, “Listen here you old coot…” the expression of his face turned grim “…we didn’t drag you out your pervert cave so you can have some fun”

The old man gritted his teeth, “You’re the one that locked me up in that place!”

Lord Lucifer looked to Lord Belial perplexed, “I thought you said he created it with his own magic power?”

Sitting back down in his office chair, Lord Belial let out a laugh, “Well…I may have had a hand in persuading him to create it, then I conveniently sealed him away…” he paused for a moment “…but, he is the one that keeps moving the damn cave around trying to find a way out”

“How dare you stop a man of culture from witnessing his pride of work!” the old man retorted.

“If by ‘man of culture’ you mean spying on academy girls in the hot baths and peeking up their skirts…” an evil grin appeared on Lord Belial’s face as he looked at the old man “…maybe I should have to send you back to the Archipelago of the Damned, I’m sure you’ll fit in well with all the unwanted souls of the Demon Realm”

“You wouldn’t dare” the old man responded.

“Try me” Lord Belial answered. As the two stared one another down Lord Lucifer cleared his throat getting everyone’s attention.
“Enough we got more pressing matters to address…” Lord Lucifer gestured to both Nariko and Mana “…these two are Nariko and Mana, the former is my daughter, the latter Lady Leviathan’s”

The old man smirked, “I see that both the Demon and Heavenly Realms went forward with the plan after all”

“How on earth do you know about it?” Lord Belial asked clearly confused.

A look of pride could be seen under the old man’s hood, “You may have stopped me from leaving that accursed cave, however, that doesn’t stop me from eavesdropping…” he rubs his hands as he giggles to himself “…it most certainly helped me out listening on the academy girls and dirty talk”

Without warning, Elaria appeared behind him then karate chopped the back of his head. The old man clutches the top of his head as he falls to the floor in agony.

Lord Lucifer sighed clearly disappointed, “Nariko, Mana this man is…” before he could finish, the old man darted back up to his feet as if nothing happened.

“Please, Lord Lucifer allow me…” pulling the hood back he reveals his aged wrinkled face, the thin bleach white goatee had grown as far as his waist, his white hair too was overgrown and unkempt. The only feature that stood out was his reddish-pink eyes.

The old man clears his throat, “…Ladies, allow me to introduce myself, I am the esteem Alchemist Nur Vo Ghul, a man of manacraft, a man of alchemical genius, a man of history…” he pauses for dramatic effect “…but above all else! I am a man of women’s desires!”

Nariko and Mana stood there not knowing how to respond as they awkwardly smile and wave at Nur.

“But more importantly…” Nur pulled out a pair of rusted eyeglasses using them to examine both Nariko and Mana from a distance “…I am most certainly impressed that such a ritual was pulled off flawlessly, I wish I could have been there to see it” Nur sighed clearly upset by such a circumstance.

“That’s not what we called you out here for” Lord Lucifer announced.

Nur looked at Lord Lucifer wondering what he could possibly have called him out for, he couldn’t deny that he was generally excited to find out.

“Nariko’s magic is producing mana into a physical manifestation I thought you may have an idea as to why” Lord Lucifer still standing against the wall looked at Nur earnestly as he waited for an answer.

Nur’s brain started to racing tenfold at the thought of such a predicament, “I see, I see…” Nur looked at Nariko the latter feeling a chill go down her spine “…I’ll have to do a physical examination first”

Wait, what? A physical examination, Nariko thinking about what Nur could possibly be talking about suddenly realizing what he had in mind. Before she could react Nur disappeared before her only to feel the grip thin boney hands grabbing hold of her waist.

Nariko shriek as her tail perked up thinking it was over Nur then examined her tail feeling up and down. She became flustered and her body started to feel numb from the sensation. Nur then flicked the tip of her tail with the end of his finger this made Nariko suddenly tense up from the sudden pressure.

Nur walked away using his wooden stick as support. With his free hand on his chin, he went into deep thought racking his brain for a solution.

“Did he really have to do that?” Nariko asked no one in particular her voice still trembling slightly from the experience.

“Believe it or not young lady, the most efficient way to do a physical examination on a demon girl is around the waist and tail…” Nur paused for a moment “…the waist is great for checking internal injuries and the tail is used for checking blood, sugar and hormonal levels”

“And how can you tell?” Mana interjected.

Nur lifted both his hand for the two girls to see he had been wearing gloves the entire time, on the surfaces bright green dots traced across his hands. “This little trick used by alchemists like myself is called the Hands of Observation, as you can probably tell by the name it allows me to examine one’s vitals”

Lord Lucifer walked over to Lord Belial’s desk his attention still on Nur, “So do you have an idea of what it could be?”

Nur stood thinking to himself for a moment, “Hm, well it’s hard to say without more observation…” he breathed in “…physically she’s in top shape…” he giggles to himself “…in more ways than one if I may add”

“Get to the point Nur!” Lord Belial barked in the background.

Nur cleared his throat, “A-Anyway, mentally it’s hard to say unless I observe her within an academic environment and spiritually speaking it’s practically impossible to know unless she goes through the Pact of Formulation”

Lord Belial sighed, “So what you’re saying is Nariko has to stay here at this academy in order to come to a hypothesis?”

“Precisely” Nur responded with enthusiasm

“Very well, I make the necessary preparations” Lord Belial used his magic to conjure a red-hued projection revealing demonic writing. He then used the tip of his finger to write upon the surface of the projection.

Lord Lucifer walked over to Nariko and Mana’s side then turned around to look back at Lord Belial, “Well I’ll guess we’ll be heading home then…” Lord Lucifer bowed, the two girls followed by example “…thank you for having us Belial”

Lord Belial finishing the projected document before him finalized it by placing the sigil of his house upon it, “Please Lucifer, anyway for an old friend…” he stood up from his chair bowing “…I hope we come to the bottom of this as soon as we can”

“As do I” Lord Lucifer and the girls stood upright then were shown the way out by the maid Elaria who had returned to her previous attire.
It wasn’t long before Elaria had led them back to the large stone circular slab outside the academy. A few seconds later a large dark red orb expanded outward in the center of the stone slab.

“Thank you Elaria for showing us the way back” Lord Lucifer spoke thanking the maid Elaria.

Both Nariko and Mana bowed their heads, “Thank you”

“Please no need to thank me I was happy to help in any way I could…” suddenly remembering something “…and I also apologize for Nur’s behavior”

“N-No it’s okay” Nariko responded still somewhat unnerved by Nur handling her body so carefree.

Both Lord Lucifer and the girls walked into the orb disappearing into the dark blood red abyss once gone the orb shrunk until it completely disappeared from existence.

As the trio exited through the other side of the teleportation orb something weighed upon Nariko’s mind, who is Nur exactly? she racked for a plausible answer only to come up with nothing.

“Uhm, Lucifer,” Nariko asked. Lord Lucifer didn’t respond to Nariko at first she called out to him again.

“Yes, Nariko?” Lord Lucifer stopped halfway down the steps leading from the stone slab behind them that had demonic language etched around its edge. As the orb started to dissipate behind them the reddish hue that illuminated the surrounding chamber slowly died down with it leaving only the fiery braziers to illuminate the chamber.

“Who is Nur exactly?” she asked.

Lord Lucifer stood there for a moment thinking to himself, “He’s one of the five Order of Sages, it’s a group of ancient alchemists that provide help and guidance to the five known Realm’s of this universe, but enough of that we have other matters to attend to”

He looked back at Nariko, “Don’t worry when you attend the academy you’ll come to learn more about this new world you’re in”

Nariko although wasn’t much of a fan of school in her previous life for some reason felt quite excited to see what school life had to offer in the Demon Realm.

“It’ll be fun won’t it, Nariko?” Mana interjected with a joyful smile on her face.

“Are you going to the same academy as me then?” Nariko asked.

Mana clapped her hands together, “I’ve already been attending the academy this past month, so it’ll be nice to spend time together, plus I can help you fit in”

Nariko raised her clenched fists with excitement her tail from flapping side to side, “It’s going to be awesome!”

Lord Lucifer continued down the short set of stairs, “You two better get some sleep tonight, tomorrow is an early start”

Both Nariko and Mana sighed dejectedly upon hearing Lord Lucifer’s words after having woken up early this morning. They just hoped that it wasn’t going to be another early morning of intense physical training.

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