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Chapter Five – First Day of Demon School [Part One]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

The maid stood to the side of the room as she waited patiently for Nariko to wake up. It wasn’t long before Nariko stirred awake due to the bright orange blooms shining through her quarters. As she rubbed her eyes she became startled seeing the maid standing there in complete silence.

Nariko wrapped the bed sheet around her naked body, “Uhm, how long have you been standing there?” she asked nervously.

“Thirty minutes, Lady Nariko…” the maid didn’t dare to make eye contact with Nariko “…Lord Lucifer has instructed me to help you any way that I can…” she bows before Nariko “…from here on I’m to serve you and only you, my lady”

Waving her free hand embarrassed by the sudden treatment she responded with, “O-Okay, Uhm, well thank you…” Nariko then just realized that she hadn’t a clue what her name was “…sorry what’s your name?”

“Six, my lady” she replied.

Six? Nariko feeling confused couldn’t help, but ask why she had such a name. “If you don’t mind me asking why are you called…Six?”
“It’s my slave sigil, Lady Nariko”

Slave sigil? Upon closer inspection, Nariko noticed Six’s tomboyish short brown hair was trying to cover what looked to be demon horns snapped in half. Realizing this Nariko snuck a peek at her posterior from a distance only to see no tail.

Six interrupted Nariko’s train of thought by speaking up, “Lady Nariko, if would you allow to dress you in preparation for the coming day?”
“U-Uhm, yes please…thank you” hearing the fact that Six was in fact a slave made Nariko feel slightly sick to her stomach to have the maid wait on her.

Six fitted Nariko’s purple and black underwear upon her, the latter stood there waiting for a moment. Not long after Six came walking out of the side room in hand with Nariko’s academy uniform.

The uniform had a black waistcoat and crimson red highlights on the edges of the collar and coat, the pleated skirt too was a crimson red that would hang a few inches below the posterior. Similar to the rest of Nariko’s dresses the skirt came with cotton covering that go over part of her underwear then would be strapped around her tail.

After Nariko had been fitted with the new uniform she spun around in front of the mirror to get a better look at herself, “I’m not going to lie, I am looking quite forward to my first day of school…” she paused for a moment as she continued to examine herself “…although I have to admit it is rather sudden, then again I didn’t go through the normal process of growing as everyone else did”

“Lady Nariko, we still have a few more additions to your uniform” Six interrupted in her hands she held a red and black checkered waist jacket which would hang just past her breasts and be worn over the waistcoat. Accompanying the waist jacket were a pair of black fingerless wrist gloves along with black and red checkered tights.

Once Six had applied the finishing touches to the uniform Nariko was disappointed to find out that the footwear was in fact heels. Awesome I’m going to die to heels in this new life of mine! Yuuma’s subconscious complained.

Reluctantly putting on the heels, at first Nariko stumbled a bit trying to get her balance after a few moments of steadying herself she could stand properly albeit in quite some pain.

Without warning, Mana had walked into the room wearing the same academy uniform as Nariko. “Oh wow, it looks really good on you!” she exclaimed.

“You sure it looks okay?” Nariko being paranoid about her appearance was clear for all to see as her tail uncontrollably twitched with anxiety.

Mana walked over to her friend holding onto her hands, “Don’t worry, we’ll be at the same academy so if you ever need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, okay?”

Nariko smiled gratefully, “Thanks Mana”

Suddenly another maid entered the room, “Sorry to interrupt you Lady Nariko and Lady Mana, but Lord Lucifer wishes to speak with the two of you before departing for the academy”

Both Nariko and Mana nodded in acknowledgment with due haste they immediately left Nariko’s quarters to speak with Lord Lucifer who currently waited in the dining hall while checking through various documents.

Hearing the large double wooden doors leading into the dining hall open before him Lord Lucifer looked up to see both Nariko and Mana entering the hall. They both bow before Lord Lucifer.

“Sit” he ordered.

Nariko and Mana immediately took a seat each for themselves waiting to hear what he had to say to them. For some reason, Nariko couldn’t help but feel the nervous tension in the air around them.

“Before you go, Nariko, I need to tell you something…” he paused his expression serious “…whatever happens never let it slip that you were reincarnated into this world”

Nariko remembered Mana mentioning the same thing yesterday, “Uhm, why exactly?”

“The Demon Realm is in the midst of a power struggle as we speak, especially now that we’re working alongside the Heavenly Realm and Banished Realm tensions are at an all-time high” Lord Lucifer clarified.

She also remembered the time when they first attended the Demon Realm’s throne room together, and Grand Eldar Satan mentioning that Lady Leviathan was to aid Archangel Michael in some military operation. If Nariko’s knowledge serves well from her previous life the Archangel would have to be beings of this Heavenly Realm she thought as she racked her mind.

“So I’ll say it again, don’t mention anything relating to the circumstances of how you got here…” he directed his attention for a brief moment to Six who had just entered the dining hall, he then redirects his gaze back at the two girls.

“What do we say if someone does ask?” Nariko asked.

“I’ve made the necessary arrangements with a few people including Belial, but if an occasion arises say that you’re blood-related to my younger sister” Lord Lucifer answered.

Nariko was surprised to hear that Lucifer had a younger sister, “Y-You have a younger sister?” Mana asked exactly what was on Nariko’s mind.

Lord Lucifer looked away for a moment, “Enough talk you two better eat your breakfast you’ll have to leave soon” he stands headed for the exit. Six bowed before Lord Lucifer as he left the dining hall.

After finishing breakfast both Nariko and Mana headed for the main doors of House Helel ben Shachar. As they walked together in silence Nariko suddenly wondered why they hadn’t changed together this morning considering they both slept in the same bed for the last two nights.

“Mana where were you this morning?” Nariko asked.

Mana looked at Nariko for a moment, “I had to wake up earlier to get changed in order to see Lord Lucifer”

“About what exactly?”

“He wanted to discuss sleeping arrangements with me…” Mana and Nariko looked ahead to see two Demon Guardsman opening the main doors to the mansion for them “…he wanted to know whether I wanted to sleep with you or if I wanted my own quarters”

“What was your answer?” Nariko pressed on.

“I said that I enjoyed sleeping with you, but I felt it would be better in the long run if we had our own separate quarters”

Hearing those words for some reason made Nariko somewhat disappointed in the fact that she wasn’t going to spend more nights together with her. I see that I have started to become a perverted leech the more time I spend in this new world, Yuuma subconsciously thought to himself.

As the two exited the mansion through the main doors they were met with the sight of a grandeur carriage. the base was painted pitch black with what looked like lamented intricate patterns on top. The carriage wheels and metallic bars were all made of bright reflective gold material.

Nariko looked on in utter astonishment at what she was looking at as for Mana she had already been somewhat equated to the luxuries of nobility lifestyle for some time. As Nariko looked towards the front of the carriage she was startled to see horses, however, their bodies let off a ghostly black mist their manes and tails more so.

What really unnerved Nariko were the horses illuminate red eyes that gave the feeling of being able to pierce right through the skin if they were in any way a weapon.

One of the Demon Guardsmen that had been standing guard at the main doors opening the side door leading into the carriage. Nariko had only noticed just then that the windows were blocked out with velvet red curtains.

Both the girls got into the carriage to be greeted by two maids one of them being Six. I was wondering where Six had gone off to she was must have been here this entire time, Nariko thought to herself. The two promptly sat on the available cushioned bench opposite to the two maids.

As Nariko at the other maid she had no idea who they were, she was pretty sure she hadn’t seen her around here before.

“Uhm, Mana who’s that?” Nariko asked

Mana looking embarrassed, “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t introduce you two!”

“It’s quite alright Lady Mana” the maid responded, her silvery hair that was tied in a ponytail stood out among the glistening red of the velvet curtains.

“No! I’ll introduce you…” Mana turns to Nariko with hand outpointed towards the maid “…Nariko this is my personal maid, Twenty, she came with me from the House Hellsmouth mansion seeing I’m now standing with Lord Lucifer for the foreseeable future”

Both Nariko and Twenty exchanged pleasantries between one another, the former noticing that Twenty also didn’t have any horns or tail.

“I’m guessing this is your personal maid Nariko?” Mana asked as she looked intriguingly at Six.

“Oh right, yes this is Six” Nariko replied. Suddenly the carriage started to gently move over the cobbled path as it made its way to the academy.

“I am looking forward to going to school with you Nariko!” Mana spoke out excitedly.

Nariko responded with a joyful smile, she couldn’t deny the fact that she was nervous about what to expect, especially going by her previous life of otaku experiences she expected to see some rather interesting characters at the academy.

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