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Chapter Five – First Day of Demon School [Part Two]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

The carriage slowly pulled up outside the academy, the driver jumping down opened the side door. Both Nariko and Mana stepped out of the carriage followed by Six and Twenty. As Nariko directed her gaze forward she was surprised to be looking upon the same castle from yesterday.

“But, isn’t this Belial’s home?” Nariko asked confused.

“Actually it’s both an academy and home to House Rel Ga Hazan…” both the girls started walking towards the steel bar gates that lead to the grounds of the academy “…if I remember correctly Lady Leviathan said that Lord Belial is the Lord of Wisdom”

Nariko thought to herself for a moment, I guess that explains why the castle is also an academy especially if Lord Belial is known to be the Lord of Wisdom.

As they entered through the steel gates the two of them were greeted by an anonymous voice.

“Finally the last of the stragglers have arrived”

Looking to their side they a four-legged animal on closer inspection Nariko realized that the creature was the same creature she encountered in her quarters the day she had reincarnated to this new world.

“Hey, you’re that animal from before” Nariko spoke as she stroked the creature’s furry white mane that ran down in line with its spine.

“As much as I appreciate the sentiment I’m not a toy” the same voice from before spoke, but this time it became clear that it had come from the creature.

Nariko kneeling before the animal somewhat startled by a talking animal. She didn’t know how to respond to such a situation.

“What never seen a talking animal before?” the animal snapped.

Nariko laughed nervously, “Well it’s definitely a first for me”

The animal looked at Nariko unamused, “Anyway follow me we’re already running behind schedule”. It started to casually walk on its four legs towards the Gothic-styled castle that towered before them.

As the two girls and their personal maids followed the animal towards the castle Nariko couldn’t help but ask, “Mana, do you know what that thing is?”

Mana place a hand on her chin as she racked her mind for an answer, “I’m not exactly sure, but going by the appearance of the creature it could be a Phantasmian or Gundaban Fox”

Nariko turned around to Six wondering if she may know what the creature could be, “Six, have you any idea what could be?”

Six looking somewhat surprised that her Lady had asked her such a question responded, “Sorry Lady Nariko, I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to school, the only things that I have any knowledge of are my line of work or experience in the outside world”

It wouldn’t be long before they arrived near the main entrance that would lead to the castle. Standing closer it was only now that Nariko truly realized how immensely huge the castle truly was.

She looked around to also see fellow demons presumably around her age still arriving at the academy. The creature had stopped before them, “Nariko you better sign yourself in, as for you Mana you’ll be late for class you better get going”

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Nariko and Mana were both surprised that the creature knew their names. The latter bowed she said her goodbyes to Nariko and left with Twenty headed to her class. As for Nariko, she stood there idly. The creature looked at her perplexed itself.

“What’s wrong with you girl?” it bluntly asked.

“Uhm, where do I go exactly to sign myself in?” Nariko smiled awkwardly.

The creature looked her bewildered, “Didn’t you read the manual that was given to you before coming here?”

Nariko thinking back to last night remembered Lucifer giving here some form of a book at the time she didn’t think much of it. O-Oh so that’s what the book was for then… my bad, she thought to herself.

A look of disappointment could be seen on the creature’s slender short furred face as its overly bushy brows moved, “Very well, I’ll show you to where you need to go”. The bushy tip of the creature’s azure tail started to emit blue sparks.

Some of the fellow students around them stopped and looked on in awe as if it were a rare sight to see this creature use this unknown technique for Nariko. After a few seconds, a circle of azure blue electrical sparks materialized around both Nariko and Six surprising the two of them.

“Listen, Nariko, once the spell has finished casting be sure to look for a door with three golden dashes as its symbol” the creature barked over the intensifying sound of loud crackling and popping.

Before Nariko could even say anything both she and Six were engulfed in a dome of blinding light which lasted for a very short time. Once the light had died down Nariko looked around to realize that they weren’t in the main hall anymore.

She turned around to see Six standing there clearly unfazed by the sudden jump from one location to another. How is everyone used to this type of travel I feel like I’m about to vomit at any moment, Nariko thought to herself as her face turned slightly pale from all this new form of travelling to her.

Nariko stood up looking around the corridor on both sides were rows upon rows of doors all of them with various symbols. As they both kept walking down the corridor they kept their eyes open for the door with three golden dashes.

“Lady Nariko, I believe this is the door we’re looking for” Six spoke as she pointed to the door with three golden dashes.

“Nice thanks a lot Six!” Nariko exclaimed with joy. Six standing with a hint of blushing after being congratulated by her master. Nariko opening the door peered her head around the door frame not knowing what to expect.

“Is everything alright, Lady Nariko?” Six asked confused by what Nariko was doing.

Nariko embarrassed looked back at Six, “Er, No…everything is A-ok!” she held her thumb up only to see Six looking at her even more confused.

Idiot, why did I do that? What if Six doesn’t know that I was reincarnated if she found out who knows what could happen! Yuuma subconsciously berated himself. Nariko shook her head trying to clear it of such thoughts without hesitation, Nariko swung the door open before she stood a black cage at least ten feet tall inside a blue flame raged inside the crackling sound intensified as it tried to break free.

Around were thousands of new and worn books scattered all over the floor, to the sides of the room were bookshelves that reached just as high as the cage.

The ground started to rumble beneath her as several stone slabs slowly parted from one another what followed would be a stone pillar rising from the pitch-black beneath the stone slabs.

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On top of the stone, the pillar looked to be an ancient book chained to a holder. Once the pillar had stopped moving it didn’t take long for the book to start shaking under its chains. It then broke the pages within the book flicking at immense speed until rested upon two blank pages.

“State your name!” spoke an anonymous deep voice.

This scared Nariko half to death making her tail flick into the air and her body to tense up, “Uhm, N-Nariko Helel ben Shachar”

“Place your hand upon the book!”

At first, Nariko was reluctant to do such a thing, but she had no other choice. Against her best wishes, she places her hand upon the book suddenly thorny vines made of a liquid gel wrapped itself around Nariko’s hand and forearm. The thorns pierced her skin sending a sharp pain through her arm as she gritted her teeth.

The vines began to drink her blood as this happened the anonymous spoke out once more, “The Hellscape Military Academy here accepts your application, Nariko Helel ben Shachar, may the sign of Strife Nephrian guide on your path to greatness!”. The vines loosening their grip were sucked back into the pages of the book.

Wait, did he just say military academy? Nariko wasn’t sure if she heard correctly after all she was too focused on the vines tangling their sharp thorns around her forearm to really pay much attention to what the anonymous had said.

As Nariko looked at her hand, she noticed that two symbols were imprinted upon her wrist in black ink. Walking out of the room she saw Six standing in the middle of the hallway, upon seeing her master Six bowed before Nariko.

“Lady Nariko, I’m guessing your application was accepted?” Six asked.

“Yeah, thankfully” Nariko replied her gaze going back to the two unusual symbols on her wrist.

Not knowing what they meant she didn’t want to ask Six in case she wasn’t supposed to know about her true identity. She sighed wishing that Lucifer had taught her some basic Demonic language, then again it couldn’t be helped with the sudden change in their circumstances especially on Lord Lucifer’s part.

“Good I see you passed the application process” the creature suddenly appears out of nowhere startling Nariko. It glances at Nariko’s wrist clearly able to read the symbols.

“I see you already have your classroom imprinted on your wrist, allow me to escort you there” the creature announced as it turned away walking in the opposite direction to them.

Nariko sighed in relief that she didn’t have to spend the next few hours trying to figure out what the two symbols on wrist meant. Both she and Six followed after the creature as it escorted the two of them to Nariko’s class.

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