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Chapter 13 – Danger?

Hikari was getting impatient. For the past week, Guang, Lux, and herself have been searching around the city for clues about the mysterious people who finished their mission for them. The Vatican didn’t know anything about it, nor does the local church. The only unusual thing that had happened were several areas that had an abnormally high trace of demonic magic. Those were the places they investigated first, and out of the ones that stood out were a mountain beside a school, the art museum, and a back alleyway. These places only stood out because it was unknown who had dealt with these high levels of demonic magic, which usually indicated the existence of a demon in that area. These three places were the only places that did not have their case resolved by someone known. All the other ones were either resolved by local exorcists or were the results of the experiments conducted by local magicians.

However, despite knowing this, it didn’t put them any closer to identifying the mysterious person. They could not connect any dots between these three places, and the traces of demonic magic was also different in each place, so the mysterious person being a demonic being or a person that had access to demonic magic was unlikely.

“Have you found anything yet?” Hikari asked Guang who was on several laptops at once.

He was once again running through the current information they had on multiple databases across several different servers at once. Using Lux’s authority, they also acquired full cooperation from the local church in this man hunt.

“Still nothing,” Guang replied. He was visibly stressed, he seemed thinner than before and his hair was a mess. This was the result of his heavy sense of duty, and wish to uphold his believe of exorcists being the shield of mankind against all kinds of evil.

Although the mysterious people had completed their mission for them, eliminating the threatening feijiang, there was no information on them. If they were to turn the power against the people… Guang dreaded the consequences.

“Lord Guang! Lady Hikari! There’s an incident,” shouted a voice from outside the hotel room door.

Hikari went and opened the door. It was a young priest that they had met several days prior when they went to the local church for more information. They had left instructions for the three of them to be informed of any abnormal incidents going on.

“What is it?” Hikari asked.

“There’s an abnormal level of demonic magic, the precise address is written down here. I have already informed Lady Lux just now and she asked me to inform the two of you,” the young priest frantically replied. “She also asked that you start to prepare.”

“Prepare for wha..?”

“Yes I understand. Thank you for informing us,” Guang covered Hikari’s mouth and took the piece of paper that the priest held out. He nodded with a slight smile on his face and closed the door.

Hikari shook free of his hand and turned annoyingly to him,” What was that for?”

“Start using your brain okay? It’s obvious that Lux-sama had been deliberately vague with the priest. She couldn’t have revealed any information about [Divine Revenant]. Anyways, let’s hurry up and get to the address.”

Lux was standing in front of a civilian house. That was the location which the address the priest had given to her pointed towards. It didn’t seem like the priest was lying. She could clearly feel the tingling of mana in the air. It was something she was familiar with.

There was a demon within the house. Whoever was inside had probably summoned a demon in order to form a contract with it. For what she wasn’t sure. But this had to be stopped.

Demons were not trustworthy beings. They were cruel and vicious. They would often twist the truth in such a way that makes people want to form a contract with them. But the truth was the the contract isn’t going to help the person at all. In fact, it would cause the person to fall into despair without any real gain.

Demons were filthy beings. She firmly believed that. She was only in this situation because of a demon. If that didn’t happen twelve years ago… No she couldn’t let her mind wander. The resolution she has will not waver.

Her [Divine Revenant] was being prepared. It’ll probably be ready when Guang and Hikari arrive. So around ten minutes later. She just continue waiting here.

Although she would love to run into the house and cut down the demon, it was better to play it safe. The contract would probably not be signed too soon. Most demons would take at least several hours to convince their victims to sign the contract. She had enough time to remain patient…

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David was taking a break after practice when his phone ran.

He checked the caller. It seems like it was his mom calling.

“Hey mom. What is it?”

“Ahh good. You finally picked up. Anyways, its Easter next week right? I called the school earlier so you don’t need to go this week.”

“Wait what? Why?”

“Well Mike and your dad were talking over the phone the other day, and they decided for both you and Helaine to skip a week of school. We registered you two for a two week long camp thing. Originally Mike was only going to send Helaine there, but its always nice to have company right?” David could hear his mom laughing from the other side of the phone. Mike Papadopoulos was Helaine’s dad, and he was good friends with David’s own dad, both having similar mindsets and interest. It seems like his dad did something unnecessary again.

“Can’t you cancel it?”

“Well we could, but we don’t want to leave you alone for so long. Your dad and I have decided to stay here for another month for a holiday this time. And so yeah, I’ll send you the details later through email. Don’t starve okay?” with that his mother hung up on him.

David sighed. His parents were always like this. They were good parents, but acted on the whim a lot of the times. Just like this time.

“David, something’s amiss, we should hurry,” Lucifer interrupted his thoughts.

“What is it? And where?” David asked. He jolted up from the sofa and walked towards the door, grabbing his jacket on the way.

“A demonic reaction. I may be mistaken, but it seems like its coming from that girl’s place.”


“The one you spend a lot of time with.”

“****!” David ran out the door and didn’t even lock it. Right now, his mind was only worrying about Helaine’s safety. She, who’s been by his side through thick and thin. She, who cared for him and encouraged him when he felt like all was lost. She, who he has shared many important memories with. He sincerely hoped that Lucifer was mistaken. But deep in his heart, he had a sneaky feeling that Lucifer wasn’t, and that Helaine has been dragged into something beyond her imagination. Something that David didn’t want her to become involved in.

Seeing Lux in front of them, Hikari and Guang stopped running. It seems like they arrived at the destination.

“Lux-sama, is this the place?” Guang asked. Although the two of them had ran thirty minutes without stopping at a speed of approximately sixty miles per hour, neither of them were even breathing heavily. This was the effects of <Celestial Blessing> that was applied on their entire squad of exorcists.

“Can you not feel it?” Lux asked absentmindedly.

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“Feel what?” Hikari replied, she, not surprisingly did not know what Lux was talking about.

Lux sighed, “It seems like the two of you can’t feel it. The swirling mass of demonic magic inside. The disgusting feeling of a demonic portal.”

She turned towards Guang and Hikari, then summoned out her holy sword. It was an estoc that was radiating holy magic. Although thin, the blade gave of a feeling of being able to cut through anything. The hilt of the estoc was gold and embroidered with a large blue sapphire.

She faced the house once more and pointed her estoc towards the house, “In the name of our Father, our Lord and his Holiness. Let us save the lost lamb and exorcise the snake of temptation.”

But at that moment. She noticed a person at the corner of her eye. A young man with black hair, slightly taller than average. A civilian?

No that was too much of a coincidence. Especially since she remembered that she had seen him once before, when they were going to investigate the mountain beside a school.

The same young man, whose stare she had felt disturbed by, was now standing right in front of them.


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