Chapter 12 – First Impressions

David was in the middle of an exam. He had absolutely no time to revise for it at all, having spent Saturday eliminating the undead at the tomb and Sunday resting. The exam was really the last thing on his mind.

He looked around the room, his classmates were all concentrated on the exam, he was the only one that was looking around. He looked at the paper. Mathematics, he was truly thankful that he had looked over the chapter by himself before, and was already relatively proficient in it before the teacher had taught it.

He opened the test paper and started to do it.

After about 45 minutes, he looked up again. People were still focusing on their exam. He was the only one that seemed to have finished. Although there were a few problems here and there, he managed to do most of the questions. Doing a rough calculation, he estimated that he would barely scrap an A for the exam. Not too terrible, and since it wasn’t the real thing, he had plenty of time of improve. The teacher might get annoyed at him for achieving such a ‘low’ grade, but it doesn’t matter.

He noticed Helaine waving at him and returned the greeting with a smile. Seeing that, she turned back to her exam paper. His life hadn’t changed all that much after becoming the host of Lucifer. Sure his schedule each day changed, and his priorities have changed a bit, but the rest were still the same. There wasn’t any drastic changes that took him away from his normal life.

He thought about the ‘exorcists’ that Lucifer had mentioned being there on Saturday. As they were returning, Lucifer talked a bit about the structure of the church and where the exorcists fitted in.

The Christians that were involved in the supernatural were plentiful. The church had the Pope at the very top, followed by Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and Priests. Exorcists are usually Bishops, Priests, or even less than that. From his knowledge, there seemed to be various groups of exorcists just within the Roman Catholic Church. Unsurprisingly, other sects of Christianity also had their own groups of exorcists. Furthermore, exorcists did not even have to be religious in the first place. That was just a stereotype often used nowadays.

Despite that, the ones he had sensed that day seemed to be religious. From which sect he was unsure, but they were most likely Christians. If David wasn’t the host of Lucifer, he doubt anything major would have happened, but being the host of a demon, it wasn’t surprising for him to be targeted.

In the first place, Lucifer had not expected him to run into exorcists there. It was purely coincidental.

“David, the exorcists from before, I can sense them nearby,” Lucifer suddenly said out of nowhere.

“Wait.. What? Are you certain?” David muttered under his breath, he didn’t want to seem crazy and out of place. It was already easy to notice him seemingly talking to himself since the entire classroom was in exam conditions.

“Yeah, I’m positive. They’re close, but they don’t seem to be specifically targeting here. While not using <Possession> you don’t radiate or even leave a demonic aura, so you should be fine here.”

“I see…”

“And times up. Students, please remain seated and quiet while I collect in your exam papers. After I’ve collected them in, you are free to go,” The teacher said.

David looked at the clock. It seems like the exam and subsequently school was now over. He packed up his stuff and walked towards the common room.

“Dae~ How did you do just now?” came a voice beside him as he walked out of the classroom. Helaine had waited for him, probably to leave together.

“I think I did okay. Scrapped an A, but anything more than that is impossible.”

“Ehh, that’s really good already. I think I only got like half of the questions right. I actually had to skip some! “

“You couldn’t have done that bad, and its not like your grades are terrible anyways right? So don’t fret over it.”

“You’re right. Wait for me just a little. I’m going to grab my bag, then let’s go,” Helaine said, before sprinting off to grab her bag from the common room.

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Around ten minutes later, they were walking out of the school gate.

“Dae, what do you plan to do in the future?”

“I don’t really know right now. A businessman? To be honest, as long as I can earn lots of money and live comfortably, I’m fine with anything. What about you?”

“Is that so? I want to become a celebrity. Maybe a singer or a dancer?”

“That’ll suit you, you are good at dancing after all,” David said. It was then that he saw three people walking towards them;. Those three people were deep in conversation, and were all wearing crosses somewhere on their body.

“They’re exorcists, probably the same as the ones on Saturday,” Lucifer suddenly said.

Upon hearing this, David took a closer look at them. They were two young women and a young man. The young man looked Japanese and was slightly shorter than him. The young man had a dignified expression. His hair spiked up and coupled with his dark brown eyes and solemn expression, he gave off a cool atmosphere. He wore a white shirt that left the top 3 buttons unbuttoned, revealing the simple cross around his neck, and black jeans. On top of the shirt was a white trench coat embroidered with gold. He was someone who could definitely cause a few heads to turn.

Both of the women were beauties. One of them looked Japanese as well. She was around 160 cm in height, not yet reaching David’s shoulders. Deep brown eyes and clear feature. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, giving her somewhat of a stereotypical look of a Yamato Nadeshiko. She wore a cream coloured cropped sweater alongside with black skirt and knee length socks. She looked rather cute.

The other young woman was a different kind of beauty. She possessed a more mature charm, similar to that of Helaine’s. With long wavy blonde hair and clear emerald eyes, she looked European. Her body was a stark contrast to the other woman’s. While the other woman had a childish charm, this woman had a mature body. Her long fitting dress certainly reflected this, showing off her long legs and small waist. She was wearing two earrings in the shape of a cross.

After burning their image into his head, David turned away. As he was doing this, his gaze met the second woman’s. He nodded his head in greetings, and she nodded back.

When the couple walked past them, Lux revealed a perplexed expression on her face.

“Lux onee-sama, what’s wrong?” asked Hikari. She was quite sensitive to the feelings of people in the team, having know both of them for a long time.

“The guy looked at us for a while. It’s strangely disturbing,” replied Lux. All of the warnings in her body was screaming out at her, but she couldn’t place her finger on the reason.

“Well, he was just entranced by your beauty right?” Hikari half-jokingly asked.

“The girl beside him doesn’t lose out to Lux-sama though…” Guang half-jokingly muttered.

“It wasn’t that sort of look. It was more like… It felt like he was observing us. His gaze seemed to penetrate into the body, as if he was trying to pry out our secrets. It’s like the gaze of a warrior on the battlefield,” Lux replied.

“EHHHH! Did Lux onee-sama start to get interested in someone? That guy was kinda cute, is Lux onee-sama interested in that kind of guy!” Hikari exclaimed loudly. “Ouch!”

The reason for the shout of because Lux hit her on the head, “It’s not that. And you’re too loud. It’s probably nothing, so let’s move on.”

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David turned his head back to look at the people that walked past.

“They sure look friendly huh?” commented Lucifer.

“Yeah, isn’t that nice. I hope there’s no need get into a quarrel with them,” replied David.

“Dae, did you say something?” asked Helaine as she suddenly wrapped her arms around him.

“Ahh, no its nothing.”

“You were totally looking at that European. She’s your type. Here here, it’s okay. You can tell me everything,” Helaine whispered in his ear on tip toes.

David lightly pushed Helaine away, “It’s not like that. It’s just rather uncommon for there to be foreigners here.”

“I’m a foreigner though.”

“I meant foreign tourists. They aren’t students at our school and there isn’t much tourist spots here.”

“I suppose, anyways Dae let’s go quickly. Don’t you have to go training today?” asked Helaine as she grabbed David’s hand and ran forwards.

David looked back one last time, but he couldn’t see the exorcists anymore. Somehow, he had a strange feeling that they would meet in the near future…


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