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Chapter 5: Utter Humiliation

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Yuan Xiaoning couldn’t sit still after reading the mission requirements.

Simple deception was fine, like not having breakfast but telling her she had, that would count. But the requirement was to make Bai Ling feel deceived and tricked, considering her current disposition, how serious would it have to be?

“I can’t stay, I must leave.”

Her clothes were intact, only the skirt was a bit short, and the underwear not entirely dry, but it was barely wearable. The most important thing was… she figured that the door wasn’t locked.

Did Bai Ling think that she would surrender like the characters in the novels after being violated, and obediently wait at home for the next time?

How ridiculous.

Yuan Xiaoning chuckled, laughing at the tactless female lead and the foolish Bai Ling. Leaving a mentally healthy beautiful girl like herself in the house without even locking the door—she might lose a fight but couldn’t she still run away?

She put on her shoes and made a beeline for the door!

The blonde girl stepped out of the bedroom door, and as her foot touched the floor, she suddenly felt a bit dizzy, strange images appearing in her mind.

They were all various manga she had read in her previous life, especially those featuring Kashiwagi Hoshina.

“Strange, why am I thinking about these all of a sudden,” Yuan Xiaoning muttered to herself, “I’m not like this.”

The second step, the scenery in her mind changed again, the image of the eight-hour bloody battle from last night surfaced. From her point of view, all she could see was her ample bosom bouncing up and down like on a roller coaster.

Hm, the view below was blocked by the large rabbits, invisible.

“This is the disgrace of my life… no, both of my lives,” the blonde girl gritted her teeth, “I’ll remember this vengeance.”

But come to think of it, why was she thinking so much just by walking a few steps?

By the fifth step, she reached the corridor, just a short distance from the door.

But at that moment, her large bosom started to wobble, as if she wasn’t walking on a flat tiled floor but on a steep and rugged mountain path.

Moreover, Yuan Xiaoning began to feel something strange in her body, a tingling sensation, making her want to lie down or bend over and then…

【Heart Lock detected,】the system’s voice rang,【It will trigger when you engage in specific actions, invading your consciousness and nerves, causing changes in your body to control you from doing something.】

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Yuan Xiaoning was momentarily stunned before understanding.

The Heart Lock, it was obviously Bai Ling’s doing. As long as she tried to escape, her body would act strangely under the control of the Heart Lock, until she couldn’t walk, and would only want to ( ) and nothing else.

“Sly one!” The blonde girl cursed under her breath.

She finally understood why Bai Ling laughed when she left, not caring whether she woke up or not.

“But even so, do you think I’ll yield? Ridiculous.”

Yuan Xiaoning stepped into the corridor, walking firmly towards the door. It was only a mere ten steps, what did it matter how it felt?

Second step, her waist went soft, and she had to lean against the wall.

Fourth step, her body felt hot, and her vision became blurred.

Sixth step, her legs trembled, and she could barely walk.

She couldn’t stop now, freedom’s door was right in front of her, as long as she didn’t stop, a vast world would open once she pushed the door.

So, don’t stop, as long as she could reach that place, that…

Seventh step, thump! Yuan Xiaoning sat down on the floor.

She didn’t make it to that place, she…


“Our housing location here is great, with fine decoration. Just look at the facilities in the community, they are well made. Someone will buy it quickly, so it won’t be up for rent even for a day.”

Bai Ling couldn’t afford to buy it, only to rent, but the landlord was unwilling.

She was about to speak, when suddenly, she felt something and a playful smile appeared on her face.

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The little toy at home is restless, time to go back early.

Thinking this, Bai Ling stopped dawdling, and a flash of crimson light flickered in her eyes.

“Boss, will you reconsider?”

“What’s there to reconsider, this house must… must be rented to you,” the chubby landlord abruptly changed his attitude, “Not selling anymore, it’s no good for anyone else.”

Righteously taking the keys, registering with the property management, and then going to a restaurant outside the community for takeout, she leisurely walked back.

Yuan Xiao Ning sat on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, her eyes empty, the corner of her mouth still wet with a few strands of drool.

Several minutes passed before she let out a faint sound.

“Why, System, why did this happen?”

【”The fifth level is the peak of spiritual intrusion. It’s normal for the host to be unable to resist a mental lock of the fifth level.”】

“No, you don’t understand. What I want to ask is, where is my water control ability?”

Am I not the Water Dragon King? Why can’t I even control my own water?

The system was silent for a moment, then said:

【”You can control it now, the water on your legs and the floor. As for previously inside the body, it was in a process of chemical synthesis, so it’s not considered water conceptually.”】

Yuan Xiao Ning closed her eyes, speechless.

She didn’t want to hear about chemicals or concepts. All she knew was that she couldn’t escape.

“So what use is this water control ability to me now?”

【”You can separate the water from your skirt and underwear to keep them dry and sanitary.”】The system thoughtfully suggested.

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The blonde girl’s mouth twitched.

“Thank you.”

But the advice was indeed correct. Yuan Xiao Ning focused her mind, controlling the water to separate from her clothes and flow into the bathroom with the water on the floor.

This wasn’t difficult for a third-level Water Dragon King, just a bit unfamiliar. The water stumbled on its way to the bathroom, accidentally bumping into the door with a slap, needing to be gathered again.

“Sigh, done.”

The floor was clean, the clothes were clean, and her underwear was dry. Yuan Xiao Ning felt clean and sanitary, lying on the bedroom’s large bed as if nothing had happened.

Yes, she planned to pretend that she hadn’t done anything, having lost face like that, she couldn’t let Bai Ling know.


Speak of the devil, and the devil appears. Bai Ling was back, carrying a bag of food containers.

Yuan Xiao Ning smelled the delicious food from afar and, seeing the white-haired girl enter, eagerly reached out to grab it.

But Bai Ling raised her hand slightly, and the busty girl’s hand grabbed at thin air.

“Want to eat?” she asked, looking down at her.

Yuan Xiao Ning nodded vigorously.

Eat, of course. Do you know how much energy was consumed in eight hours?

But Bai Ling lifted the food even higher.

“Food is for good children,” she said calmly, “Is Xiao Ning a good girl?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yuan Xiao Ning hurriedly replied, “I am.”

She didn’t want to be so humiliated, but she needed to eat to have the strength to fight back, so she’d endure this for now.

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Bai Ling smiled mysteriously.

“Pretending to be a good girl when you’re clearly not, Xiao Ning is a bad girl.”

She set the food containers aside and then leaned over.

“Bad girls who want to eat must first accept punishment.”


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