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Chapter 2: Whew~

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Pain is a memory etched deep into the bones, and Bai Ling’s recollection of her past life’s ten years is still fresh.

Her whole family went out on a trip, only to encounter a catastrophe. Overnight, she was left the only survivor of the Bai family. Homeless and drifting for more than half a year, she finally returned to the city, only to find that her family’s property had been seized. She had no choice but to seek refuge with distant relatives, dependent on others.

She was ready to swallow her pride and bear it all, but unexpectedly, she received a gift of spiritual energy and unlocked the power of the “Heart” keystone. She then decided to investigate the truth, but this also brought about her demise.

During those years, Bai Ling faced numerous assassination attempts. Some were through natural means like car accidents, poisoning, and gunfire, while others were carried out by possessors of spiritual energy.

Although she survived, she even broke her index finger in one assassination attempt, and even her middle finger suffered nerve damage, becoming unresponsive.

After surviving the series of assassinations, Bai Ling finally gained some strength and gathered some companions. While growing stronger, she continued to search for the truth.

Her strength grew day by day, and the clues drew her closer to the truth. Everything seemed to be getting better.

Back then, Bai Ling felt that her tragic life had finally taken a turn for the better. That was until the day she and her most trusted companion, a gentle girl, were walking side by side, and the girl stabbed a small knife into her lower back.

Next was a fall into the encirclement of numerous spiritual power wielders.

It was a trap.

She would forever remember, her most trusted girl standing pleasingly beside her enemy, looking at her as if she was already dead.

“Bai family’s last scum, we spared your worthless life back then, and you didn’t appreciate it, only to come and seek death. I’ll grant your wish today.”

“You never would have guessed, would you? Even your most trusted companion is nothing but a dog in our hands. What makes you think you can fight us?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Ah ah ah!!!

Bai Ling went mad, fighting her enemies with her heavily injured body, dyeing the ten miles of river water in Tianhai City red.

But a few days later, she finally collapsed by the river’s edge, dying from excessive blood loss.

Was everything over?

When she closed her eyes at that moment, Bai Ling thought so, but when she opened them again, she found herself back ten years earlier, just when she had started relying on others.

Yes, she was reborn.

With memories of her previous life, strength reaching the fifth level, and deep hatred and anger for this world, she returned from hell.

Standing on the riverbank, looking at the river under the night sky, the shimmering water reflecting the moonlight, appearing particularly bright, as if it had never swallowed the blood of those who had died tragically.

The white-haired girl curled her lips, revealing a mysterious smile.

There were so many names on the list. Where should she start her revenge? Right, let’s start with these so-called distant relatives.

This family also benefited from the downfall of the Bai family, having received part of the property, and had also aided those who had assassinated her.

Just then, Bai Ling spotted a blonde busty girl, holding a box of strawberries, wobbling her way home.

It was her.

Miss Yuan, Yuan Xiaoning, beautiful and well-proportioned, pursued by many in her previous life, even one of Bai Ling’s enemies.

It doesn’t matter if her past life’s enemy succeeded in his pursuit, as Bai Ling herself has a score to settle with Yuan Xiaoning.

Being a pampered rich girl, Yuan Xiaoning looked down on her, the fallen one, taking pleasure in mocking her. Although she didn’t have the strength to hurt her, she was always the first to add insult to injury.

“Oh my, Bai Ling, how will you manage without even a finger in the future?”

“Guess a riddle: Why is Bai Ling the most polite person in the school? Because she can’t give people the middle finger, haha.”

“What’s a person without a mother, father, or fingers?”

“Oh, now you don’t even have a waist? Well, you don’t have fingers to use anyway.”

Even when Bai Ling died by the river, Yuan Xiaoning, who happened to pass by, still ran over.

“Wow, Bai Ling, you’ve bled a lot.”

“You’re so generous, how about some blood to dip my bread in?”

“Never mind, the dead should be respected. In a few days, I’ll burn a hand for you. You didn’t have one in life, so you can make up for it in death.”

“Remember to come get it on the seventh day.”

Certainly! Here’s the translation with improvements to the writing, while maintaining the style and merging sound effects with the sentences:

There was no need to wait for the seventh day after death; on the second day, Bai Ling returned to the mortal realm ten years ago. She grabbed Yuan Xiaoning, who happened to be passing by, and threw her into an empty house, binding her up.

The power of a fifth-tier mental cornerstone made capturing a person even easier than catching a chicken.

Snap, crackle—the sound of fire.

Flames roared, and under the light of the furnace, Bai Ling finally saw fear on this adorable little face.

Not enough!

“Do you know? Pain and wounds are different,” Bai Ling softly caressed Yuan Xiaoning’s face, “Wounds will heal and be smoothed over by time, but pain will etch into the memory of the nerves. In the future, when facing similar situations, you will subconsciously avoid and fear them.”

“Just like hatred, it will not fade with time; it only grows deeper!”

She looked into Yuan Xiaoning’s eyes, now blank with fear, and whispered, “Now, choose a form of pain.”

In fact, Yuan Xiaoning was not paralyzed with fear, but was shocked by the system’s instruction.

‘Hey hey, don’t you see what’s happening now, asking me to humiliate her?’

【I see, but the contract has been made, and the rules are so.】The system seemed quite helpless.

Yuan Xiaoning pouted.

‘Sorry, I can’t.’

【According to the rules, if you do not comply with the contract, I will take back what was given to you,】the system said indifferently,【I will take you back to the scene of the car accident and then leave. I’m reversing the space now…】

‘Ah, no, no, no, let me think, let me think, there must be something I can do!’

After much persuasion to calm down the system, Yuan Xiaoning was lamenting her luck. What a situation, humiliating the protagonist? She didn’t have the capability for that.

“What, can’t decide?” Bai Ling’s crimson eyes blinked, “Then I’ll use them all.”

With that, she extended the glowing red iron rod.

“No, no, no, I choose another, another!” Yuan Xiaoning exclaimed in panic.

Forget about humiliation; she needed to get through this situation first.

Bai Ling clicked her tongue in disappointment. Clang! The iron rod was tossed aside, sparking a few embers.

Then, the girl extended her finger, examining it in the light of the fire.

Having just returned from escaping danger, after half a year on the run and never eating enough, her already slender body appeared even more frail, and her fingers were thin and tiny.

But in Bai Ling’s eyes, it was a thousand times more precious than the most expensive jade.

Her own perfect, undamaged hand…

On the other side, Yuan Xiaoning was also observing the object—well, it looked very delicate, quite fragile.

That probably wouldn’t hurt, right?

“Phew~” the blonde big-chested girl sighed in relief.

The smile on Bai Ling’s face disappeared.

The sound of the exhale was faint, but in the small, quiet room, it was very noticeable—especially to someone with enhanced senses through spiritual energy.

【Ding dong, congratulations, Host, for completing the newbie task: humiliating the protagonist once (1/1). The settlement will be conducted shortly.】


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