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Chapter 3: Wuuwah—!

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Yuan Xiaoning was utterly baffled.

What did they mean, congratulations on completing the task? She clearly hadn’t done anything! She hadn’t even spoken; how had she humiliated Bai Ling?

She had merely exhaled, and Bai Ling, as a reborn protagonist who had seen big scenes, couldn’t possibly be humiliated by such a trivial matter.

Then she lifted her little head, seeing the cold face of the white-haired girl. The crimson eyes seemed like they wanted to devour her.

Yuan Xiaoning’s face turned pale: “No way, she’s really angry?”

Her murmur was heard by Bai Ling, but the white-haired girl did not react; she just showed a wicked smile.

Yuan Xiaoning shrank back, shivering.

She couldn’t understand how she had humiliated her.

【Ding Dong, just a tip, at this point in time in the female lead’s previous life, she would soon lose her pinky finger due to an assassination. Thus, for her, the finger is a regained treasure.】

Oh, so that’s how it is. I understand now.

“It’s okay,” Yuan Xiaoning softly said, “Even if it’s small, it’s still cute.”

She remembered that in those comics, gentle big sisters would comfort others in this way.

She didn’t know if it would work, as the room was too dark to see Bai Ling’s expression. However, she kept her head down and didn’t say or do anything. She must be reflecting on her actions…

【Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for achieving “Adding Fuel to the Fire after Teasing,” bonus reward for the newbie task slightly increased.】

Yuan Xiaoning blinked in confusion.

What was happening? The system shouldn’t speak nonsense. She was clearly praising her. How could that be adding… huh?

She noticed that Bai Ling had placed a hand on her head.

“I must say, I’m very happy,” the emotionless voice of the white-haired girl came from above.

Yuan Xiaoning’s heart was still cheerful, thinking to herself that she had cheered her up, so how could it be adding fuel to the fire?

“I’m happy to see that you’re still the same, still so reckless.”


“That’s perfect, because now I can do it without any guilt.”

Bai Ling’s eyes sparkled slightly, and something unseen flowed from her hand into the golden-haired girl’s head.

Yuan Xiaoning began to panic. She could feel something changing within her body, but she didn’t know what it was.

【Ding Dong, the host’s body is being invaded by the power of the soul, and some bodily functions are being forcibly altered. Nerve impulse speed is accelerating, and pain reflex is intensifying.】

What does that mean?

【Simply put, Sensitivity +50%, Pain Sensation +50%】


“Stop, stop, wait, Bai Ling, please don’t do this,” Yuan Xiaoning was genuinely frantic, “It’s a misunderstanding, all a misunderstanding!”

She was timid and terribly afraid of pain.

Bai Ling’s other hand stroked Yuan Xiaoning’s cheek, murmuring softly, “Don’t be afraid. I said earlier, don’t reject pain. Pain is a gift from life; it will make you feel more clearly that you are alive.”

“No, you didn’t say that,” Yuan Xiaoning’s voice trembled, “You didn’t say that earlier.”

She was truly frightened, for Bai Ling’s current state seemed very much like the legendary darkening.

No, she was actually called the Darkened Rich Girl…

“Huh, I didn’t say that?” Bai Ling tilted her head and smiled, “Well, it’s the first time then. Xiaoning, remember what I said, okay?”

Tears welled up in Yuan Xiaoning’s eyes.

“I’ll remember, I’ll remember everything you say. Just let me go, and I’ll grab a notebook to jot it down, even upload a text document to the cloud to keep it there,” Yuan Xiaoning pleaded.

“Hee hee, Little Ning, you’re so obedient,” Bai Ling chuckled.

Bai Ling released the grip on Yuan Xiaoning’s head, leaning down, placing both hands on her thighs.

The sensation was delightful—soft and smooth. No wonder so many in her previous life wanted her.

“But,” she continued, “I still want you to remember this with your body, to carve it deeply into your neural memory.”

Memories of family slaughtered in the streets, relentless assassins, pain from broken fingers and legs, betrayal from those close to her, all the bloodshed mingling with the river’s currents. With the night fallen and the moon high, the tide had risen, bearing all her rage.

From the moment she opened her eyes, she had resolved to repay those who deserved it, with twice the pain and blood.

Starting with this blonde, big-chested girl who rushed to mock her first.


Yuan Xiaoning’s cherry lips formed a squiggly line as she told herself not to cry. Yet, in less than half a second—

“Wah! Wuuu! Wuuu!”

It hurt. It hurt too much.

Why? Wasn’t her crossing over supposed to be a blessing? Why was this happening?

Bai Ling, why? She had, after all, wuuu…

Yuan Xiaoning fainted within half a minute, only to be forcibly awakened by Bai Ling’s psychic power.

It seemed as if she never tired of it, even reveled in it.

“Long, long ago, I wanted to do this, you know. A very long time ago.”

“The first time we met in school, you called me a loser, mocking my dead parents.”

“You said I was dressed in old clothes, not worthy of standing beside you.”

“You bought all the cheap bread in the cafeteria and threw it to the pet dogs next door, saying I was not fit to snatch food from dogs.”


With each sentence, Bai Ling’s strength and agility increased, soon stacking full of melee conqueror and lethal tempo.

Yuan Xiaoning would faint, only to be awakened the next second.

On this dark and stormy night, even escape had become a luxury.

“Wuuu, I, I didn’t, wuuu, didn’t do anything yet,” the blonde girl cried as she spoke.

Bai Ling laughed playfully.

“Funny, I didn’t do anything either, yet you did so much to me back then. I asked you why, but you never deigned to answer.”

She leaned down, biting Yuan Xiaoning’s ear, whispering like a lover, “Now you finally feel what I felt, you can fully understand me, can’t you?”

“No, wuuu, not at all,” Yuan Xiaoning cried, “I could never understand something like this.”

Bai Ling released her, tilting her head as if troubled, “Eh, this still doesn’t work? It seems it’s not enough then.”

Let’s increase the intensity, then.

“No, that’s not it, don’t… Waaah!”

Wuuu. Yiyi. Hiss. Wah.

Ding dong dong~

The previously set alarm for waking up rang, and dawn broke.

Bai Ling stopped, sitting aside, watching the sunrise, breathing softly.

Her ruby-like pupils hid the eerie crimson, concealing faint traces of scarlet.

Turning back to look at the blonde girl, now in a faint, still whimpering in her sleep, it seemed her dreams were not pleasant.

The moon had set, the bright moon receded, and the tide had ebbed, taking all that anger back to the river’s depths.

For now.


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