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Chapter 4: Enslaved

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The gentle wind of dawn brushed softly, wiping away the scent of lilies between the young girl’s fingers.

The fragrance was not from Bai Ling herself, but from Yuan Xiaoning… or rather, from inside her body.

For ten years in the sea of blood, she had smelled the stench of blood and rust, often encountered the scent of nitric gunpowder, but never had she come into contact with the aroma of flowers.

Similarly, during those ten years, she experienced fleeting family affection, believed in nonexistent friendships, leaving only hatred, having nothing to do with love.

Every moment of last night’s experience, like soft water, filtered through her brain, as if… splitting her skull open to give her brain a delightful massage.

After dying once, Bai Ling had become a bit abnormal, and the metaphors she used were strange.

But on second thought, she finally understood why so many people in her past life wanted Yuan Xiaoning. Such a handy toy, she couldn’t bear to kill it herself.

As for others…

Taking advantage of a break, Bai Ling sorted out the things that would happen soon and made up her mind.

A major event was about to happen in Tianhai City; she was waiting to see their ugly sides exposed, then settle accounts with them one by one.

She then looked at the blonde, big-chested girl, still fast asleep on the bed. She couldn’t bear to kill this useful toy, nor could she let it go, so she had to find a place to put it for now.

Half an hour later, the sky was completely bright, and the vast coastal city was awakening.

Qionghai community was bustling in the morning. The people here were all about leisure, chatting and strolling outside with the chirping of birds in the green plants.

Suddenly, everyone stopped moving at once, frozen, as if the world of the community had paused.

People walking were left with one foot in the air, those laughing were still wearing smiles, and the old man pouring tea by the stone table kept his posture, tea overflowing from the cup, dripping onto the ground.

A white-haired girl entered the community, carrying a stunning blonde girl on her shoulder, walking to building number two as if no one else existed.

Yuan Xiaoning was awakened by her own legs bouncing along the way, sneakily opening her eyes to glimpse the eerie scene around, frightened into feigning sleep again.

“Damn, it’s scary.”

After the white-haired girl went upstairs, the world here hit the play button again. A person walking tripped over his foot, the old man pouring tea exclaimed, quickly wiping the table with a towel.

“What’s going on? I felt a little dazed.”

“You must be sleepy, why not go back and sleep a little longer?”

In Qionghai community, building number 2, floor 14, room 7, was Bai Ling’s house bought in her previous life. A fully furnished house, ready to move in – or carry someone in, like the busty girl she’d just brought home.

Throwing Yuan Xiaoning onto the bed in the bedroom, Bai Ling returned to the door, grabbing the handle.

“If you want to sleep more, go ahead. If you’re hungry, just wait; I’ll bring something to eat when I come back.”

Now she had to go out to deal with the property rights issue of this house since, in this timeline, she hadn’t bought it yet.

Hmm, and she didn’t have the money for it temporarily either.

Yuan Xiaoning kept her eyes closed and didn’t make a sound, pretending not to be pretending to sleep, only her slightly trembling hands giving her away.

Bai Ling chuckled coldly and left, closing the door.

A few minutes later, making sure that the big demon had really gone, Yuan Xiaoning turned over, holding her frail waist.

“Ouch… it’s unbearable!”

She remembered it started around ten o’clock last night and went on until almost seven in the morning.

A full eight-plus hours!

During the latter part, Yuan Xiaoning was dazed, wondering why she hadn’t been completely exhausted.

【Ding Dong, the reward for the novice mission has been issued. It was supposed to be a draw, but due to the change in the real situation, the best prize from the pool was chosen directly.】

Yuan Xiaoning blinked, “What reward?”

【Newbie Task Reward: Elemental Keystone·Water Dragon King, Rank 3.

Greatly enhances self-healing and recovery, significantly increases water element affinity, possesses the power to control water at the third rank.

Comment: Drawing this at the start, your villainous life is set to sail smoothly. Just keep up the effort, and you can at least suppress the female lead until the late stages.】

“Is this for real?” Yuan Xiaoning was stunned, “I can suppress her?”

【Ding dong, the comment is based on the timeline of the female lead’s previous life. Now… as long as you don’t make any huge mistakes, you should be able to preserve your life.】


You should have said that earlier. Got my hopes up for nothing.

“So what’s Bai Ling’s current level?” Yuan Xiaoning thought back to the eerie scene earlier, “She can even use time stop?”

【Pseudo Time Stop. She cuts off people’s awareness of time within a certain range, achieving an effect similar to time stop. Physical phenomena are unaffected.】

“That’s still terrifying,” Yuan Xiaoning exclaimed quietly, “What kind of ability is this? So powerful.”

【Mental Keystone, Rank 1 enhances perception, Rank 2 extends intention, Rank 3 mind force, Rank 4 mental intrusion, Rank 5 is the peak of mind force and mental intrusion, Rank 6 materialization, Rank 7 spiritual power materialization, Rank 8 overwrite reality with mind.】

“Enough, enough, I know she’s amazing.”

Yuan Xiaoning rubbed her little head, feeling a headache coming on.

【The female lead has a fifth-rank mental power now. In this time frame, she is among the world’s elite, bested only by a few old monsters. The fact that you managed to survive under her hands is already quite remarkable.】

“Thanks for the comfort.”

But the information from the system was good. Her self-healing ability was indeed strong. After being tormented for over eight hours, she thought she was going to die, but she was still able to regain consciousness.

It still hurt, but she could feel a cool sensation, rapidly healing her wounds.

“It won’t be like the newbie task in the future, right?” she whispered, “Everyone has been reborn and is ahead of me by two big levels; they can’t possibly keep humiliating me like this.”

The system remained silent.

Yuan Xiaoning sensed something was off: “Hey, wait, you’re not…”

【The terms of the contract and rules were determined before the transmigration, but considering the change in circumstances, we can think about lowering the difficulty, like changing the daily tasks to weekly ones.】

“Huh? No, you can’t do this, changing from daily to weekly just means letting me die a few days later, I’m telling you, you…”

Before she could finish, the system quickly threw out the first weekly task.

【Ding dong, through some coincidences, you and the female lead have finally met. The female lead, who has just emerged from the shadows of a broken home, holds expectations for the world of spiritual energy and college life and still has faith in the goodness of people’s hearts, especially in those who look pretty.

As the campus belle, please deceive her cruelly, teaching her the harsh realities of society.

Requirement: Make the female lead feel deceived and fooled.

Reward: Depends on completion.

Time remaining: 7 days.】

Yuan Xiaoning’s mouth twitched: “Are you serious about everything you said earlier?”

【It’s written based on the current period of the female lead’s previous life. Good luck, host.】



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