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Chapter 1: Something’s Not Right!

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– Machine translation lacks the ability to fully comprehend context, it may contain misinterpretations and incorrect translations.
– Please be aware that this is not a full-fledged project but rather a teaser designed to give you a taste of the story’s potential.
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The fear of death is innate in people, and the will to survive is everyone’s instinct.

“So you’re saying, as long as I agree to become that Miss Whatever, I can be reborn?”

Under the sunlight from the sky, the boy’s shadow stands over his own body, murmuring to himself.

Desiring to live after death, isn’t it a bit too late?

He thought he wasn’t afraid of dying, just a little afraid of pain. But it was only after encountering this car accident today, as his soul floated away from his battered body, facing the endless void that he would soon encounter, that he truly felt fear.

And dying hurt so much!

Fortunately, a small light appeared at that moment, telling him that there was a chance for rebirth, just sign a contract and go to another world to be something or other…

【It’s the role of a villainous lady, completing some tasks against the female lead. You can not only live well in that world but also receive extra rewards.】

Ah, the villainous lady role, the boy recalled, he had seen it in some anime and novels. It was a profession that existed to cause trouble for the protagonist.

During the early and middle stages of the other party’s growth, you either oppress, bully, or use tricks to destroy things. In short, it’s utterly sinful and wicked.

“But if I do bad things, won’t I be punished when the female lead grows up?”

【Although it’s a world where spiritual energy has revived, the female lead still needs time to grow. I don’t advise the host to worry about things too far in the future.】

【If the host refuses, I will leave immediately, and time will return to your normal death process.】

“Hey, no, no,” the boy suddenly became anxious, “I didn’t say I wanted to refuse.”

He thought of the boundless emptiness he felt at death and couldn’t help but shiver.

It was really scary, like a sleep from which you’ll never wake up, without even dreams.

【Do you accept?】

“I… accept.”

【Transmitting information data, importing vectors, coordinates are…】

Some information about that world appeared before his eyes. The era was the same as now, but due to the revival of spiritual energy, some people had gained special powers.

He’d have to get there to find out the specifics; the information mainly focused on two characters.

The female lead, Bai Ling, was a down-and-out young lady who was ignored and plotted against from the start, losing her property, and had to struggle daily. She experienced setbacks, humiliation, betrayal, and even mental breakdown.

Good heavens, was it really that miserable?

There were pictures in the files. The female lead was a slender white-haired girl, small and thin, giving a malnourished impression. But she looked fresh and elegant, and she’d probably be quite pretty if dressed up.

The second was the character he needed to play, Yuan Xiaoning, positioned as a brainless vase with a big chest, always looking down on Bai Ling and targeting her.

But her appearance was truly beautiful, with brilliant golden hair, sparkling blue eyes, and two small fangs. Despite having a childlike face and petite body, her chest was extraordinarily developed. Coupled with a mischievous demeanor, she resembled a doujin king named Hoshina Ibuki.

Hmm, Hoshina Ibuki indeed also liked causing trouble.

“I understand, Yuan Xiaoning, right? I’ll be her from now on,” the boy waved his hand, “Send me over.”

That Bai Ling looked like the innocent flower type, certainly easy to bully.

【Opening spatial passage, transmitting… Dear host, I wish you all the best.】


Yuan Xiaoning had a dream, where she effortlessly completed many tasks as the villainous young lady, receiving abundant rewards. Money was more than she could spend, power was easily attained, and she did whatever she pleased, living a carefree life for many years.

As the heroine eventually rose to power and seemed unbeatable, she went to beg for mercy and played pitiful. The benevolent heroine forgave her with a wave of her hand, and she continued to enjoy life.

Such a beautiful dream.

As the dream began to fade, the blonde girl opened her eyes.

It should be night now, as outside the window was pitch-black, or rather, no window was to be seen. There were no lights on in the room, but something seemed to be burning, making the temperature uncomfortably warm, and the crackling sound could be heard.

This was supposed to be a modern society, so why was there a stove, and why wasn’t it cold?

Yuan Xiaoning tried to move but found herself completely immobilized, tied to a chair with her legs spread in an M shape, her ankles bound to the armrests with white silk ribbons.

A little awkward… no, wait, what was going on?

Wasn’t she supposed to be the wealthy young lady? Why did she find herself tied up like some terrible toy as soon as she opened her eyes?

At that moment, a slender white-haired girl walked by, fiddling with something near the stove, humming a creepy tune that sent chills down the spine.

Suddenly, she noticed something and turned her head, her crimson eyes fixated on Yuan Xiaoning.

“You’re awake?”

Her voice was faint and soft, as if she had nothing to do with the situation.

Yuan Xiaoning stared in disbelief, “You are… Bai Ling?”

Wasn’t this the little white flower heroine that she was supposed to bully for years?

Bai Ling’s lips twisted into a sinister smile, “Indeed, even though it’s our first meeting, Miss Yuan, you seem to know me already. You’ve misunderstood me from somewhere, harboring strong prejudices, and hence, you’ve acted maliciously later on.”

No, no, no, wait a moment, what’s happening?

The small light orb that brought her here lit up in her mind—

【There was a little problem; the previous introduction about the heroine was from her first round. She died in despair. Now, it’s her second round.】

Yuan Xiaoning’s mouth agape, she was utterly baffled.


【In simple terms, this world should be named, “The Restarted Life of the Corrupted Rich Girl.”】

“It doesn’t matter now; I don’t care,” Bai Ling said, picking up a red-hot iron rod from the stove and placing it in front of Yuan Xiaoning. “Now, make your choice.”

“Wait a minute!” Yuan Xiaoning’s lips quivered in terror, “I haven’t done anything yet!”

At that moment, she recalled her best friend’s assessment of her from her past life.

Cowardly, afraid of pain, and fearful of death.

She was really scared!

“Heehee, haha.”

Bai Ling began to laugh, caressing Yuan Xiaoning’s adorable face as if she were a lover.

“I told you, it doesn’t matter. I just want you to choose now.”

“Will you choose this iron rod, or…?”

“I, I, I…”

Yuan Xiaoning didn’t want to choose anything.

The plot shouldn’t be like this… at least the beginning shouldn’t be!

A small light orb flickered in her mind again, and the blonde girl noticed the movement, her heart excited.

Great, the system was finally going to rescue her.

【Ding-dong, please complete the novice task by today: Humiliate the heroine once (0/1)】



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