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Scale of the World

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Please be aware that this is not a full-fledged project but rather a teaser designed to give you a taste of the story’s potential.
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Balance of the World Scale of the World – The Marquess’ Third Son Somehow Reincarnated as His Daughter (世界の天秤~侯爵家の三男、なぜか侯爵令嬢に転生する) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Umesugi (梅杉)

Category: Gender Bender

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The story revolves around a clueless and dense protagonist who is solely devoted to the prince, getting entangled in events and battles while receiving affection and fostering friendships, gradually growing along the way.

Linalia, the daughter of a marquis, regains her memories of a past life at the age of ten when she meets the first prince, Esmerald.

In her previous life, she wasn’t the marquis’s daughter; she was the third son named Linalite. As the attendant of the first prince, Esmerald, they grew up together since childhood.

However, when the two were twenty years old, the prince was poisoned by the hands of a certain woman, and shortly after, Linalite, his attendant, also died.

“I must save His Highness…!”

Although she doesn’t understand why she was reborn as a woman or why time rolled back, Linalia is determined to live with the goal of changing the prince’s destiny.

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