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Chapter 1: Reunion

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“Rinaria, greet His Highness. This is His Highness Esmerald, the First Prince,” my father introduced, revealing a boy of about the same age as me, with pale golden hair and emerald eyes.

His gaze was slightly higher than mine. His expression was sparse, yet his face was regal and refined.

At that moment, when I saw his face, I felt a warm sensation expanding within my chest. It was a mix of longing, warmth, and a painful tightening of my heart. I was bewildered by this sensation, but I quickly understood it.

Familiarity. Incredibly familiar.

The boy widened his eyes slightly in surprise. His mother, noticing his reaction, peered at me and put her hand to her mouth in astonishment.

Tears were flowing down my cheeks uncontrollably.

“Oh…” I hurriedly wiped my face, but the tears wouldn’t stop.

I was overwhelmed by a jumble of emotions – nostalgia, sadness, and an inexplicable feeling that surged like waves.

“Rinaria,” my mother, flustered, embraced me, and unable to hold back, I burst into loud sobs.

Embraced by my anxious mother, I was led away from the scene. She ushered me into my room and I collapsed onto the bed, crying my heart out.

After crying and crying, I cried myself to sleep.

And the next morning, I awoke surprisingly refreshed and invigorated… and I remembered everything.

I am Rinaria Jarothis.

One of the noble families among the Heliodor Kingdom’s numerous aristocrats, the eldest daughter of House Jarothis, Atakamus, and his wife Belche.

But I used to be called by an entirely different name.

Linalite Jarothis.

Born as the third son of House Jarothis, I had grown up as a servant of the first prince, Esmerald, since childhood. Those memories were undoubtedly within me.

Restless, I got out of bed and stood in front of the mirror in my room.

Reflected there was a ten-year-old girl with long silver hair and blue eyes.

“…How on earth did this happen…”

For the past ten years, I clearly remembered living as a girl named Rinaria. Of course, I barely recalled my early childhood, but my memories from later on were firmly intact.

However, I also clearly remembered my life as a twenty-year-old young man.

I gazed at my own palms. Familiar, unblemished hands of a small girl.

But I had once possessed much larger hands. Hands of a man, with longer fingers, hands that held pens and swords.

“Did I die and get reborn…?”

I questioned my reflection in the mirror, although I couldn’t possibly get an answer.

However, considering the circumstances, such an idea was about the only possibility that came to mind.

It was such an absurd notion. I had read about people being reborn, but it was always within myths or stories, pure works of fiction.

After thinking about it for a while, I still arrived at this conclusion.

…Linalite, who died, for some reason, went back in time and was reborn as a girl named Rinaria, without remembering any of it, and lived for ten years.

Apparently, my memories only extended up to when I was twenty. At that time, I must have died. I couldn’t quite recall that moment clearly.

Perhaps I had gone mad, and all of this was just a delusion of mine, was a thought that crossed my mind for a brief moment. But that idea was quickly discarded.

Because if I had truly been reborn, there was something I absolutely had to do.

On that day, His Highness died before my eyes.

I remembered it vividly. His lips turned blue, the blood spilling out, his hand growing cold.

Never again. I couldn’t let that happen again.

I must absolutely save His Highness Esmerald’s life.


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