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Chapter 4: Once Again (Part 1)

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“After about a month since His Highness visited our estate, the opportunity finally came. The Prince, being a punctual person, promptly replied to the initial apology letter my father had sent. I also had the chance to read the letter. It was concise but polite, stating that he wasn’t concerned about it and thanking us for letting him enjoy the garden.

So, I wanted to send another letter right away, expressing that my daughter wanted to meet and apologize in person. However, the First Prince is quite busy, and meeting him is not so easily done. Moreover, if I were to approach too directly, it could raise suspicions among other nobles. Thus, I ended up waiting while observing the situation.

When the notification arrived, I was in the middle of a history lesson with my tutor, Mr. Zayber. It seemed that Father, who had just returned from the royal palace, mentioned that the Prince wanted to meet me. Without thinking, I exclaimed, ‘Yes!’ in excitement, but Mr. Zayber, who was also my etiquette teacher, reprimanded me.

‘If you are to meet the Prince, you need to behave more elegantly,’ he advised, and I hung my head in disappointment.

While I believe I have the mental age of over 20 due to my memories as Linalight, my emotions are often influenced by the body of 10-year-old Linarya, leading me to behave rather childishly. I believe that’s also the reason why I cried so much when I met the Prince. My emotions overwhelmed me, and my body reacted on its own.

Though I think Linalight at the age of 10 would have been a more composed and mature child, Linarya, while having a somewhat frail body, is a girl with the innocence of her age. It could be due to differences in gender or environment. Regardless, it seems that people around me perceive me as an emotionally expressive girl.

However, given that I’ve regained Linalight’s memories, there are times when I inadvertently act in a way reminiscent of him. I often get corrected about my choice of words. Regardless of my past life, I am now a daughter of a duke. In order not to trouble my parents, I need to behave more ladylike, but I find it quite challenging.

Shifting my focus, I asked Father, ‘May I read the Prince’s letter?’ He shook his head, and I assumed he must have received a reply letter. But it seems it was different.

‘I happened to meet him at the palace. I asked him if he could meet you, and he replied, ‘Tomorrow should be fine,’ Father explained.

“Tomorrow!?” I exclaimed in surprise, and quickly lowered my tone as I felt Mr. Zayber’s gaze on me.

“That’s quite sudden…”

“Actually, it seems His Highness has been concerned about you. That’s why he agreed to meet you immediately.”

“His Highness!”

Truly kind…!

Moved by this, I saw my father smile with an affectionate expression.

“Mr. Zayber, I’m sorry to interrupt, but could you postpone the lesson for now? Linarya, please inform Belche.”

Upon Father’s request, as I looked at Mr. Zayber, he smiled gently from behind his glasses.

“Congratulations, Linarya-san. Now, go to Lady’s room.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

I energetically responded, then started to dash… caught myself, and gracefully opened the door, stepping out of the room.”


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