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Chapter 2: Containment Failure After Becoming a Resentful Spirit

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“Warning! Level B Containment Failure in Experiment Zone C. Researchers are advised to promptly complete their tasks and proceed to designated safe locations for evacuation.”

“Warning! Octopus Task Force has arrived at Experiment Zone C. For unnecessary risks, all personnel in Zone C are advised to stay away from the affected area.”

Accompanied by the glaring red lights, the clean corridor echoed with the sound of footsteps.

A group of armed personnel swiftly navigated through the chaotic crowd, encircling the mirror room at the end of the hallway.

Then came a silence as chilling as death. Dozens of pitch-black gun barrels were pointed at the room, from which smoke was seeping out through the cracks. The air seemed to freeze.

Just at that moment, a barefoot step echoed on the smooth floor with a “thud”, immediately capturing the attention of everyone in the Octopus Task Force.

However, what no one expected was that, following the “thud”, instead of the containment entity Number Thirteen, something else emerged…

It was a sudden and shrill cry, piercing and discomforting. The sound waves distorted the air, carrying a sense of grief and agony that was both unbearable and sorrowful.

For those who heard it, it was as if they had fallen under a curse. All happiness and joy seemed to vanish from the world, replaced by a profound feeling of suffering and sorrow. Even the fingers that held the triggers loosened slightly.

Fortunately, the screaming was short-lived.

Emerging from the billowing smoke was a semi-transparent white figure.

She emitted a faint glow, revealing some of Number Thirteen’s distinct features – a face filled with suffering and sadness, features that were already quite gloomy.

Her expression seemed almost on the verge of tears.

Messy white hair surrounded her cheeks, and her body emitted a faint light, just like her visage.

The thin, white tattered fabric on her body moved as if there was a breeze, while her pallid skin bore scars that resembled centipedes, creating an eerie pattern. All of this made the onlookers think of various things…

Was this a vengeful spirit from Japan?

Or perhaps a European enchantress?

Whatever it was, it was a bizarre and undead creature.

Undead, but not entirely.

The Octopus Task Force members raised their firearms and pulled the triggers without hesitation.

Gunfire erupted, bullets hit the semi-transparent body of the girl. It released a mist-like white light, yet many bullets passed through her, striking the door behind her and creating dull thuds.

While bullets didn’t seem entirely ineffective against her, their impact was limited.

The team decided to press the attack, intensifying their firepower.

The bullets pierced the girl’s skin, causing sharp pain that assaulted her brain. This only fueled her anger, which was already heightened by the earlier transformation.

Her originally aggrieved face twisted into an angry grimace. Her brows furrowed, and her mouth opened wide as she roared with waves of sound, sending team members flying against the wall.

Instantly, those closest to her collapsed, blood streaming from their seven orifices.

However, just then, a disheveled but powerfully built man with black hair walked down the corridor from a distance.

He wore nothing but a white windbreaker and carried a gray assault rifle casually. He approached the girl at a leisurely pace.

Seeing this man’s appearance, the girl seemed to recognize him.

Yet, in the next second, gunshots rang out.


Bang! Bang!

After three gunshots, white mist began to emanate from the girl’s head, heart, and spine.

Soon after, her eyes darkened, and she lost consciousness.

She collapsed lightly to the ground, motionless.

Seeing this, the team members collectively sighed in relief.

The alarm ceased, and the red lights dimmed.

Chang Nanshota and Leinata, who had been watching from nearby, quickly approached.

“Captain Chu? I thought you were still in Yunnan, China, handling containment tasks. How come you’re back so early?” Chang Nanshota’s usual eerie demeanor and that irksome smile made Captain Chu lower his gaze slightly.


Captain Chu was reserved and seemingly not one for many words. He glanced lightly at Nanshota and then turned his attention to Leinata.

Leinata didn’t respond to Captain Chu’s gaze; instead, she looked at Number Thirteen, who was lying motionless on the ground, and asked somewhat regretfully, “Is she… dead?”

This, however, drew a sarcastic comment from Nanshota, “That’s why I say young folks like you aren’t suited for dealing with containment entities.”

“Isn’t this situation described in the books?”

“In Chapter Eight of the Third Page of the Version 1.5 Manual for Containment of Entity Number Thirteen, it states that after transforming into a new entity through direct eye contact, the entity can be attacked using live ammunition or other harmful weapons.”

Nanshota said, giving a knowing look to Captain Chu, seemingly testing him.

However, Captain Chu paid no heed, treating him like air.

Seeing this, Nanshota shrugged helplessly, sighed lightly, and continued, “Even if Number Thirteen becomes severely injured or dies after transforming into a new entity, the original form won’t suffer any harm.”

“The cost of dying is that Number Thirteen loses the ability to transform into that form again until making eye contact with a being that fears that form.”

“It’s a truly remarkable ability, isn’t it? Envy-inducing. It’s like half-immortality…”

As Nanshota spoke, the attention of everyone returned to the girl lying on the ground.

Her body had transitioned back from the faintly glowing white to a normal skin tone. The wounds on her body seemed to have disappeared, replaced by the sound of her gentle breathing.

“Summon the members of the Marsupial Task Force. She needs rest,” Leinata breathed a sigh of relief and then turned to Nanshota, her voice icy.

“This containment breach event was caused by you. Remember to explain things clearly to your supervisor.”

“Of course, of course, I know.”

“Also, dealing with containment entities isn’t just about practice; you need to keep up with the theory.”

Nanshota casually waved his hand in a dismissive manner, then handed a white manual he was holding to Leinata.

Leinata took it reluctantly, pouting slightly in displeasure. She admitted that her theoretical knowledge wasn’t up to standard, especially given this was her first day involved with Entity Number Thirteen’s containment experiment.

Nanshota patted his white coat and then turned to leave. The members of the Octopus Task Force responsible for dealing with containment failures followed suit.

But before they left, another group of white-clad individuals carrying light weaponry arrived.

Though short in stature, they exhibited significant strength. They placed the girl on a stretcher, moving with the swiftness of mice. Then, they hurriedly left the area.

As the girl and the Marsupial Task Force departed, Leinata turned to Captain Chu, who had just returned to the base after successfully resolving another containment breach event. She inquired,

“You shot because you knew about Number Thirteen’s traits, right?”

However, Captain Chu didn’t respond, emanating a chilling aloofness.

This left Leinata somewhat annoyed; she hadn’t really crossed this man.

Just as her impulsive nature was about to prompt her to say something else, two trails of blood flowed from Mr. Chu’s ears…


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