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Chapter 1: Traveled Through Time and Became a Beautiful Girl Containment Target?

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“Warning! Vital signs of Containment Entity No. 13, Fear Witch, are gradually diminishing!”

In a dimly lit red room, the piercing and urgent warning echoed incessantly. People in lab coats sitting in front of screens began to stir, whispering as if discussing something important.

What were they discussing?

The answer was simple. They were discussing the black-haired girl displayed on the screen, who was in a room covered entirely with mirrors.

In that room, the frail girl in a thin hospital gown lay in the center. Her delicate body trembled, and her almost translucent skin lacked any trace of color.

Her eyes were shut tightly, her eyebrows furrowed.

Her breathing was uneven and erratic.

Like a fragile thread, she was barely hanging on.

A picture of someone on the brink of death.

Observing the pitiable state of the girl, a slightly composed woman with short, golden hair standing beside the screen couldn’t help but feel a twinge of compassion. She frowned and spoke.

“The experiment is over. The containment subject is injured. Get the Rodent Special Ops team to come and reapply the helmet and handcuffs to Containment Entity No. 13. Then, take her for treatment.”

Her words, however, triggered dissatisfaction from a man on the other side of the screen. He arched an eyebrow, and a fake smile hung on his face as he asked in a slightly mocking tone.

“Lenata, are you getting soft on containment subjects? That’s a big taboo, you know…”

“Getting soft? Heh, Chonan Shota…”

Lenata let out a cold laugh and continued mockingly.

“If by ‘soft’ you mean wanting to stop you from killing such a precious containment subject, then yes.”

Lenata’s expression darkened after speaking, and her tone suddenly turned harsh, filled with commanding reproach. “Terminate this experiment immediately. You’re risking us losing our jobs!”

Chonan Shota’s smile couldn’t hold up against Lenata’s scolding. He pressed the black-framed glasses hanging on his cheek with his hand and said.

“But I don’t think so. This is an S-level containment subject, the Fear Witch. She’s more dangerous than we imagined.”

“I don’t believe an experiment of this magnitude would kill Containment Entity No. 13. She’s dangerous, and it’s very possible she’s pretending to be weak, so…”

“Continue the experiment!”

Chonan Shota finished speaking, his gaze turned cold as he stared back.

Lenata, of course, didn’t back down. She glared back at him fiercely. The two A-level researchers were clearly at odds.

The tension in the red room escalated.

As these two level A doctors argued, the junior researchers below dared not make a sound, fearing they would become the target of their anger.

Amidst this almost frozen atmosphere, something unusual happened to the delicate body on the screen.

Both Chonan Shota and Lenata turned their attention to the screen, only to find that the girl had suddenly risen from the ground.

“Am I not right, Dr. Lenata?”

Seeing this, Chonan Shota lifted his head triumphantly, his face carrying a mocking tone.

Lenata, on the other hand, snorted. She knew this didn’t prove anything. She then looked at the girl on the screen.

The girl’s slightly reddened eyes wandered around, yet there was no trace of embarrassment from having her trick exposed. Instead, her expression was filled with—


Yes, the Containment Entity No. 13, the Fear Witch, was now brimming with confusion. Her gaze swept across her surroundings, taking in the mirrors that covered the entire room. Her face held an indescribable look of bewilderment.

The girl’s eyes seemed vacant, as if she hadn’t fully regained her senses. She muttered to herself, her voice slightly hoarse and magnetic as the words flowed from her lips.

“Where am I?”

“Is this… heaven?”

“Did I die from playing games?”

Yet, before she could finish speaking, a wave of pain shot through her body.

This sudden, piercing pain, as if thousands of needles were pricking into her pores, made the girl involuntarily gasp for cold air.

Aside from causing beads of sweat to form on her cheeks, the intense pain also had an unexpected effect – it sharpened her blurry memories.

The girl used to be an ordinary high school student.

Before arriving here, she was playing a galgame titled “W.S.S.A – My Love Story with Researchers and Containment Entities”.

In her memory, this game was the best galgame of the year. It wasn’t just rich in romantic content, but also had intricate gameplay and storyline elements.

In simple terms, it was a masterpiece among romance games.

In the game, players could choose from a total of twelve characters, five male, five female, and two gender-neutral characters.

Players took on the roles of researchers, ordinary people, or containment entities to experience love, survival, and life in a world filled with “anomalous beings”.

Moreover, the game offered an exceptionally high degree of freedom.

Within the game, you could romance any containment entity or researcher, even antagonize or kill them.

Of course, romance was the core element. Whether it was your boss, a bald man who had been divorced three times and had two kids, or even a containment entity that resembled a goblin, you could pursue romance, marriage, and even have children…

Of course, these were somewhat extreme examples. There were plenty of handsome men and beautiful women among the researchers and containment entities.

Each character had numerous independent events and storylines. Even after ten playthroughs, the girl hadn’t encountered the same event twice.

However, just as she was about to marry her favorite irritable female doctor in the game and have a baby, the girl lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was already here.

The girl gradually gathered her thoughts, but she was still puzzled about where she was. This place was filled with distorted mirrors, and she couldn’t even see anything related to a door.

“Did I time-travel? Or have I been living in a dream all this time, and now I’ve woken up like this?”

The girl had seen quite a few movies and novels with similar themes. Although she was a bit bewildered, she wasn’t overly panicked. She was, in fact, somewhat prepared.

However, right after her words trailed off, the girl suddenly realized that her voice didn’t sound quite right. Her pupils contracted, and she quickly looked at her reflection in the mirror, freezing in shock.

In the mirror, her character had lustrous, thick, and dark hair. Her bangs were slightly spread out, and the rest of her hair was tucked deep into a metal helmet resembling a steel bun.

Beneath the high-tech and bulky helmet, a pair of eyebrows were perpetually knitted, giving the person in the mirror a thoroughly downcast and low-pressure look.

But what was even more suffocating were the eyes beneath those eyebrows – dark and profound, with a few strands of crimson spiraling within the abyss-like blackness.

These eyes resembled an abyss, with almost no highlights, containing a strange spiral that could easily ensnare anyone and make them feel overwhelmingly oppressed.

Below those eyes were a dainty nose and pale lips. There was a hint of bruise at the corner of her mouth. Even though an air of decadence and morbidity radiated from her, the girl herself couldn’t deny…

The person before her was extremely beautiful, and… there was something familiar?

“So beautiful, but unfortunately, it’s me…”

“So… I’ve time-traveled? And turned into a beautiful girl?”

The girl’s face was filled with astonishment. She hadn’t expected this twist of events. However, she quickly noticed her attire, causing a sense of unease to creep in. “No, it shouldn’t be this simple.”

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, the girl wasn’t particularly tall. Her body and limbs were delicate and slender. Coupled with her bloodless, pale skin, she seemed as if a light twist would easily break her body.

She was dressed in a light blue hospital gown. On the slightly raised fabric over her left chest was imprinted the four English letters “WSSA”.

The W and A were pale, while the two S’s overlapped, forming a crimson color.

Looking further down, she noticed her slender legs, and her ankles were red from constriction, giving off a faint pain. Her feet were placed on the mirrored surface, looking delicate and white.

This outfit was familiar… WSSA, wasn’t that the abbreviation for the “Worldwide Supernatural Containment Alliance” from the game I played before?

The girl realized, could it be…

An unsettling conjecture floated in her mind. However, just at that moment, the only protruding device on the mirror – a black speaker – emitted the voice of an unfamiliar man.

“Continue the experiment, Containment Entity Thirteen. Please cooperate actively and don’t play smart.”

The girl furrowed her brows upon hearing words like “experiment” and “containment entity”. She instinctively felt a sense of foreboding.

But in the next second, the mirror in front of her suddenly opened, revealing a passage. At the same time, a man in a white hospital gown walked in as the girl stood bewildered.

“Please make eye contact with the man in front of you, Containment Entity Thirteen.”

The cold, almost commanding, voice of the man echoed through the speaker once again.

“Containment Entity Thirteen? Is this talking about me? Could this place really be the world of W.S.S.A.?”

The girl’s face showed surprise. She vaguely remembered what this Containment Entity Thirteen might be, but the impression wasn’t strong enough for her to recall right away.

“Please make eye contact with him, Containment Entity Thirteen!”

However, before she could fully grasp her current identity and information, the more insistent voice came through even more forcefully.

This left her with no choice – in her memories, this organization named W.S.S.A. wasn’t particularly friendly toward containment entities.

Except for the irritable female doctor she liked.

Steeling herself, the girl took a step toward the trembling man. Somehow, she felt a sense of disgust and even nausea at the thought of making eye contact with someone else.

But in the short moment of hesitation and distraction, the metal device on her head suddenly lit up with a red light. Immediately afterward, a surge of intense electric current ran through her body.


A scream followed, accompanied by indistinct arguments coming from the speaker.

“Look into his eyes! Containment Entity Thirteen!”

The command came once again, and the intense pain left the girl almost unable to think. She could only instinctively burst out in anger, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Although the girl knew that the organization called W.S.S.A. didn’t treat containment entities kindly, she hadn’t expected it to be so paranoid and extreme.

Zapping people at the drop of a hat? Who does he think he is, Yang Yongxin?

Damn it! If I find out who gave this order, I’ll give them a couple of punches!

Yet, the girl had no other choice at this moment. Her head was splitting with pain, and she walked unsteadily towards the trembling man in the hospital gown. She looked up at his face.

Before her was a middle-aged man with a sallow complexion, scruffy facial hair, and a face covered with restraining devices. His eyes, murky and turbid, held only one emotion at the moment – fear.

In the next second, the girl’s reddened pupils split into spirals, one circle after another, layers upon layers, deep and unfathomable like black holes.

Following this, a dark red substance started seeping out from the spirals, resembling sinister blood vessels or blood snakes.

It spread from her eyes to her cheeks and kept extending outward.

The girl dropped to her knees in agony, emitting a low growl mixed with anger and pain. This growl, unlike that of a human, resembled the cry of some ancient existence.

The ear-piercing soundwaves created by this massive roar caused the entire mirrored room to shake. Even the red room dozens of meters away sensed the surging soundwaves.

Renahta’s face tensed up, while Chonan Shota’s expression turned somewhat manic.

In the next moment, the mirrors in the room shattered with a resounding crash. The lights dimmed suddenly, and the entire scene disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Red lights and urgent alarm sounds began once again.


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