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Chapter 3: This Isn’t a Dream! The Witch of Terror, Lamyia.

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Project Number: UN-04-13

Project Overall Level: Pale Red

Project Codename: Witch of Terror

Special Containment Procedures: UN-04-13 is to be contained within a standard solitary chamber in Containment Sector E of Bio-Unit UN-4. Prior to entry, confirmation must be made that both UN-04-13 and the containment personnel are wearing specially designed helmets that can forcibly cover the individual’s eyes.

Due to the unique nature of its containment, a female caregiver with at least C-level clearance is required (currently vacant, the previous caregiver deceased during Incident ████).

Description: UN-04-13 appears as a late-stage adolescent female of Asian descent. Its physiological characteristics are indistinguishable from those of a normal human female. It is in an extreme state of malnutrition, likely due to childhood experiences (see Appendix-2.1).

UN-04-13 possesses a pair of eyes resembling those related to ██████, designated as UN-04-13-1.

Following direct eye contact with any entity capable of inducing fear, UN-04-13-1 generates significant amounts of unknown energy particles. Within five seconds, these particles spread throughout the entirety of UN-04-13’s body, causing unexplainable physical distortions.

When making eye contact with a human, UN-04-13 transforms into a creature embodying the deepest fears of the individual it is locking gazes with, or into a being representing the most feared entity or object in that individual’s psyche.

Upon termination of the target entity or UN-04-13 regaining consciousness, its transformed state is reverted…

Appendix 1.1: █████


Appendix 1.4: Succubus…

Darkness… endless darkness.

Accompanied by a surge of pain throughout her body, the girl awoke from the darkness.

She touched the cold metal apparatus in front of her and felt a sense of confusion and unease.

The girl knew she wasn’t dreaming. She was back in the world of WSSA, and she had been returned to her containment room, imprisoned once again.

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Containment room, or perhaps describing it as a prison would be more accurate.

Almost all contained entities here had no personal freedom. They were brought to the testing area for experiments at specific times.

At other times, they were confined to their rooms.

Her situation was even worse – being an entity deprived of her sight. She was only able to move around in her room, which had a hard, uncomfortable bed.

A sharp pain struck the girl’s head, prompting her to recall what had happened before. She only remembered making eye contact with the frightened man and then nothing else.

However, she could guess what had transpired. After making eye contact with someone, she transformed into a monster.

As for what kind of monster, she didn’t know. The excruciating pain and confusion that followed her transformation were even beyond what the original character in the story had experienced.

She knew that she must have been subdued and brought back here.

In this pitch-black silence, the girl reminisced about many things, such as her current identity – the Witch of Terror.

Yes, after her transmigration, the girl had become one of the antagonist characters in the game “WSSA – My Death Romance with Researchers and Containment Entities,” codenamed as the Witch of Terror, named Lamyia.

Thinking about it, Lamyia continued to recall her role and the plot in the game.

She remembered playing through several scenarios involving the Witch of Terror.

In the original story, Lamyia was an ordinary girl who accidentally obtained the Eye of the Ancient God.

Indeed, the true UN-04-13 containment wasn’t Lamyia, but her eyes. However, it seemed that the current members of WSSA were unaware of this fact.

This eye is said to be one of the eyes of an ancient evil god, extremely powerful in its abilities, although Lamyia doesn’t know much about it.

The reason is simple.

Because she hadn’t played through such a grand storyline yet.

After all, this was a romance game, and Lamyia spent most of her time chasing girls or being a Sea King. The endings of the game were basically getting married to someone and living a happy life.

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She knew every detail about the girls’ birthdays, hobbies, how to console them when they were sad, and so on.

But now, it seemed Lamyia regretted not exploring the game’s world more thoroughly.

Although Lamyia couldn’t know all the details about herself, she still remembered most of her storyline and endings.

In the original, her character setting was quite impressive – the possessor of the Eye of the Ancient God. However, practically, she was more like a cannon fodder villain in the original storyline.

Even though she had immense power, the original Lamyia was portrayed as a somewhat weak girl.

Considering she was an ordinary girl if she didn’t make eye contact, the original Lamyia didn’t unleash her true potential matching her abilities.

In many storylines involving protagonists, either she became the protagonist’s inner demon, defeated in a pivotal battle, or she directly perished amid the turmoil caused by containment failures.

To make matters worse, she died multiple times due to excessive experimentation.

One could say it was quite tragic.

Moreover, due to the uniqueness of Lamyia’s ability, in the later stages of the story, a few ruthless protagonists used her eyes as a talisman to enhance their own powers.

Could anyone bear this?

In Lamyia’s perspective, most of the main characters, whether villains or heroes, were hostile to her.

This left her without any satisfactory ending, not even a slightly better normal ending.

“I can’t believe it… Why did I become this? Why couldn’t I be someone else? All these protagonists are either handsome geniuses, exceptionally strong, in high positions, or rich since young…”

“Why did I end up transmigrating as a cannon fodder antagonist? Instability in my abilities aside, being contained is one thing, but turning into a pushover, easy to topple cannon fodder girl?”

Lamyia sighed, feeling a bit down. She wasn’t too embarrassed about becoming a cute girl since survival was her primary concern now. Gender issues could wait.

More than anything, Lamyia regretted that…

“I’ve lost my only advantage. If I had become a handsome guy, I could’ve used my knowledge of romance games to smoothly charm the older girls in the organization and live off them…”

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“But now… Who would be attracted to an underage containment entity?”

“This is unacceptable! Am I supposed to be a lab rat for my entire life until I die?”

Lamyia held some resentment for her situation.

However, she soon realized that UN-04-13’s ability wasn’t weak at all; in fact, it was quite potent.

Aside from its unstable nature, the ability to transform into the creature most feared by someone was essentially on the level of a cheat code.

Not everyone could conquer their inner demons like the protagonists. Ordinary enemies, even if she did nothing after transformation, would be under immense psychological pressure.

Not to mention, if she transformed into a formidable creature and managed to retain that form, since most people fear powerful and dreadful monsters, like the unkillable masked murderer, creatures immune to physical damage, or mythical creatures from folklore, she could potentially turn into a collection of thousands of terrifying monsters!

But… how could she break out of containment?

Security here was exceedingly tight, with a strict hierarchy and reinforced doors.

Plus, she was a blindfolded girl, essentially helpless and wearing an electric helmet.

Moreover, Lamyia currently had no transformed forms; the monsters she turned into during experiments were likely terminated by containment personnel after testing.

With her current status akin to a cute lab rat… how could she survive?

Lamyia was confused. She was familiar with parts of the story, but ultimately, it was a game.

Games can be replayed; life has only one chance.

Moreover, this world was extremely perilous. In the game, Lamyia had died more than thirty times just trying to romance an attractive older girl…

Let alone completing the game by escaping containment.

The difficulty level of this situation was like hell…


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However, just as Lamyia contemplated how to avoid the tragic endings and escape from here, the sound of a door opening suddenly echoed from nearby –


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