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Chapter 4: I Refuse to Be Fed!

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Someone’s here.

Lamia became cautious, but she didn’t make any movements, just continued to slow down her breathing and pretended to sleep.

The footsteps grew closer and closer, until they stopped by Lamia’s bed.

What does this person want?

A slight frown appeared beneath Lamia’s helmet.

Truth be told, even though Lamia had a good understanding of the world’s storyline, her obstructed vision prevented her from seeing anything.

The darkness was what made her feel lost and anxious, just like any other moment for Lamia now.

However, just as Lamia was curious about the person’s identity, the scent of food wafted over.

As if there were freshly cooked meat?

And potatoes, stir-fried chili peppers, and rice?

Lamia’s nose twitched.

The steamy aroma instantly triggered Lamia’s appetite, and her mouth began to unconsciously salivate.

So hungry…

But just then, a clear female voice reached Lamia’s ears.

“Get up, I know you’re awake.”

The woman spoke, her voice somewhat familiar to Lamia, as if she had heard it somewhere before.

Lamia knew that pretending any further would only be bothersome. She decided to sit up directly, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and earnestly asked.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

“I’m the new caregiver, here to take care of you and bring you food.”

“The previous caregiver had something urgent and won’t be coming back.”

The female caregiver explained calmly. Her voice was pleasant, though cold, but it had a magnetic quality that made Lamia find it increasingly familiar.

With that, the sounds of rustling emerged.

The caregiver sat at the bedside, starting to fiddle with something.

A caregiver?

Right, Lamia almost forgot that she had a caregiver.

A caregiver could do many things, especially for her, who was practically blind. Without a caregiver, she could hardly do anything.

Eating, bathing, exercise – needless to say – even going to the bathroom required assistance to be taken to the designated area.

It was like having a maid who didn’t particularly like you.

If Lamia wasn’t currently this “blind little guinea pig,” she might have been delighted. After all, who doesn’t like having a maid, even if this maid is cold and looks down on you?

In the darkness, the sound of scooping food suddenly arose, followed by the caregiver’s cold and mechanical words, “Open up, ahh—”

Burlap sack!

What’s this? A force-feeding play?

No way!

I, Lamia, would rather starve to death, even die outside, than be fed to containment entities by WSSA!

I won’t eat a single thing from you guys!

“Today’s meal is braised potatoes, stir-fried green peppers with pork, and rice. It should suit the taste of East Asians.”

Seeing Lamia’s lack of reaction, the female caregiver started introducing the unseen meal on her own.

The familiar dish names and the appetizing aroma made Lamia’s stomach protest. A few rumbles echoed from her belly, embarrassing her.

However, Lamia’s determination wouldn’t be so easily defeated!

A slap and then a sweet date?

This tactic doesn’t work on me!

I, Lamia, am not some delicate, weak girl who needs to be fed.

“I can do it myself.”

Saying so, the stubborn Lamia extended her fair little hand.

Unexpectedly, her hand hit what seemed to be an iron plate on the bed table, causing a sudden pain that brought tears to Lamia’s eyes.

Lamia didn’t even need to look; she knew her hand must be swollen and red. This made Lamia feel helpless once again about her frail physique and her blocked vision.

The female caregiver fell silent for a few seconds upon seeing this, then continued speaking.


“I can do it myself! You don’t need to bother!”

Lamia extended her slightly reddened hand once again, cautiously bypassing the tray that the female caregiver had just set up, attempting to grab the spoon.

But she grabbed nothing, as if the wicked female caregiver had moved the spoon containing the delicious food away.


The voice of the female caregiver came again. This wicked caregiver under WSSA seemed to have an obsession with feeding Lamia.

No matter how much Lamia insisted that she could eat by herself, the feeding noise continued, “Ah—.”

If Lamia didn’t know that the caregiver couldn’t be a robot, she might have thought that the woman who entered was an “artificial idiot.”

Lamia had played storylines with containment entities as the main characters many times in the game, but their caregivers were usually quite normal and afraid of containment entities.

However, the one before Lamia was different. Not only was she not afraid, but she was also cold, cruel, and even seemed evil, as if she wanted to make Lamia lose her dignity and feed her like a cute little animal!

Would Lamia compromise?

No way!

I, Lamia, would rather starve to death, die outside, than…


“The food here is unexpectedly good…”

Lamia poked her little head out and, after taking a bite of the mixed bell peppers, meat, potatoes, and rice from the spoon, chewed for a few seconds and swallowed, sighing in exclamation.

A true professional was indeed a professional. This organization seemed to know very well how to turn containment entities into useless beings, preventing them from trying to escape containment.

But just one meal wouldn’t buy Lamia!

Eating to satisfaction was about gaining strength to escape!

After all, if Lamia’s previous malnourished state were to be considered, WSSA might as well just let her run away. She probably would have fainted halfway from anemia.

Yeah, all of this was for freedom!

With this appropriate reasoning in mind, the taste of the food in Lamia’s mouth became even sweeter.

Of course, Lamia wasn’t idle either. After a few mouthfuls, she started to pry into the caregiver.

“Can I ask you a few questions?”

The female caregiver paused for a few seconds upon hearing this and then succinctly replied.


“What’s your name?”


“Where are you from?”

However, “Emma” didn’t respond directly. Instead, she once again extended the spoon filled with food, “Ah—.”

Lamia had no choice but to, once again, shamefully poke her head out and open her mouth to eat.

The questioning continued.


The caregiver replied without hesitation. Such a swift and concise response left Lamia slightly stunned, and an invisible eyebrow was slightly raised.

Because she had already completed the game ten times, but she had no impression of this caregiver named Emma.

In theory, characters with pleasant voices and personalities in games usually looked attractive. Lamia shouldn’t be unfamiliar with pretty girls, and she shouldn’t have failed to flirt with them…

Well… she felt like she let something slip.


This American caregiver Emma was probably fabricated.

Because if it was real, Lamia should have some impression, especially if this “Emma” was so distinctive.

Of course, it was also possible that Lamia overlooked her, or this Emma caregiver had died before the game’s plot took place.

These were all possible.

Damn, if only I could see things. When will I get rid of this helmet!


As Lamia thought with resentment, she ate the food fed by the caregiver. Then she continued with her questions.

“Can I take off the helmet when I’m alone? It’s so boring not being able to see anything.”


“Are you single?”


“Who was responsible for my last experiment?”

Lamia suddenly decided to go for broke and asked this question.

However, Lamia was just testing. After all, she didn’t think that a mere caregiver would know such information and share it with her.

As expected, the female caregiver fell silent upon hearing this question, not responding for a while. Even the spoon with food wasn’t extended again.

Just when Lamia wanted to change the topic, the caregiver suddenly spoke.

“It was Nagasa Jouta.”

Indeed, him.

Lamia’s pupils contracted upon hearing this. She knew the name’s owner.

Nagasa Jouta was one of the twelve main characters. He was from Japan, an extreme human supremacist.

Several of Lamia’s endings resulted from experiments conducted by him.

Having learned the identity of the jerk who had shocked her, Lamia’s intent had been temporarily satisfied, and her expression returned to its calmness.

“Anything else? If not, I’ll leave.”

“I do…”

“Is there more food?”


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