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Chapter 5: The Second Experiment, Close Contact with Other Containment Entities

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In a simple room so spacious that it contained only a single bed and a partitioned toilet, Rena stared at Lamiya, who lay on the bed, her breathing gradually becoming calm after being satiated. Rena’s gaze gradually drifted away, lost in her thoughts.

After a while, she came back to her senses, got up, and collected the plates, utensils, and the bed table. She then nodded toward the camera directly across from the bed.

The door was promptly opened, and she left the room, stepping into a brightly lit corridor.

The corridor was unusually wide, with researchers in white coats and heavily armed special team members passing by from time to time.

On both sides of the corridor were identical gray metal doors, neatly arranged, giving a sense of oppression and suffocation.

Each door bore different numbers. For instance, the door Rena exited was labeled with light red numbers – UN-04-13.

As the door behind Rena slowly closed, two researchers approached from the other side of the corridor. They took the utensils from Rena and then left the area.

As for Rena, she continued down the corridor, walking to a door labeled RU-04-79. There, Chonan Jota stood waiting, seemingly anticipating something.

“How did it go?”

Chonan Jota inquired, but Rena’s gaze fixated on the burnt marks on his pale lab coat.

“What do you mean?”

Rena looked away from him, speaking with an air of indifference.

“I know you’ve seen her. What do you think of her?”

Chonan Jota said straightforwardly.

Rena didn’t want to reveal too much to Chonan Jota. She merely said, “She has a huge appetite. Other than that, she’s just an ordinary young girl.”

Chonan Jota wasn’t particularly concerned about her response, continuing, “I’m not asking about that. I’m talking about her ability… or functionality.”

“Don’t you think… Containment Entity Thirteen’s ability is exactly what we’ve been longing for all these years?”

Chonan Jota’s excitement was evident, his face turning red and somewhat frenzied.

“Go on.”

Rena suddenly felt a spark of interest upon hearing this, but she still didn’t want to engage in a lengthy conversation with Chonan Jota.

However, her cold demeanor didn’t dampen Chonan Jota’s enthusiasm in the slightest.

“I’ll put it in a different way, Rena. What are you afraid of?”

Chonan Jota posed a question, turning the tables on Rena.

Rena, caught off guard by the sudden question, frowned, crossed her arms, and eventually answered.

“I don’t believe in supernatural things, so I fear biological weapons more.”

“Especially those high-dissemination viruses that can spread through the air and water.”

Being a specialist in the field of biology, Rena was well aware of the danger posed by these biological weapons.

“That’s right. You’re afraid of biological weapons because they can easily kill us.”

“So, you’re afraid, right?”

Chonan Jota’s mysterious smile was evident in his words. He then shared his perspective.

“You’re afraid of biological weapons, just as trees fear wildfires, wildfires fear water streams…”

However, before Chonan Jota could finish his sentence, a violent explosion suddenly echoed from a room behind the door beside them.

The tremendous blast was powerful enough to make the corridor’s floor shake.

“Okay, maybe not that afraid…”

Chonan Jota coughed awkwardly at the unexpected explosion, then gestured to the members of the hydrant special team standing nearby.

Following his signal, they rushed into the room, armed with specialized rifles. Once inside, the door closed, and the corridor regained its calm.

“RU-04-79 again? How many times has this been this year? How many staff members have we lost? Hasn’t management given you a hard time?”

Rena continued, “You should have placed her in the high-risk containment zone a long time ago.”

“Cough, I will consider your opinion. But for now, let’s continue discussing.”

Chonan Jota seemed a bit embarrassed by the situation. He continued, “The things we fear are our weaknesses.”

Rena nodded in agreement, recognizing the truth in his words.

If biological weapons couldn’t harm her, how could she possibly fear them?

“In other words, if we can effectively utilize UN-04-13, we would possess what all containment entities fear. That is to say, their weaknesses.”

“Although our organization is spread across the globe, there is still a large number of uncontained anomalies causing panic and destruction worldwide.”

“Just imagine, by that time…”

Chonan Jota’s eyes glittered with excitement.

“But she’s a person, not a weapon. How can you guarantee that she will listen to you?”

“Remember, not long ago, you almost electrocuted her.”

Rena felt that he seemed a bit too idealistic and poured cold water on his ideas.

“That’s why I didn’t stop you from personally interacting with UN-04-13.”

“In this lonely, boring, and dangerous environment, an ordinary young girl like her will quickly develop attachment to those who are kind to her.”

“It’s the most convenient and least damaging approach…”

Chonan Jota didn’t continue, but Rena had already grasped his point.

So, is he suggesting that she and Lamiya should develop a good relationship, then play the emotional card?

However, this wasn’t a bad idea. Rena wasn’t opposed to it, and even after listening to Chonan Jota’s words, she had the same thought.

“I’ll consider it, but you must assign me as the main supervisor for the next experiment.”

“I’ll personally conduct the experiment with her.”

“No problem…”

The next day.

In a dim and damp room.

The green light on Lamiya’s helmet flickered, removing the restrictions on her eyes.

Although the helmet remained in place, Lamiya could finally see.

Looking ahead, all she saw was a muddy and overgrown marshland.

Indeed, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Lamiya nervously bit her lip.

After being well-fed yesterday, today marked Lamiya’s second experiment. This time, she wasn’t facing expendable D-class personnel in white hospital gowns like the previous time; she was going to interact with a humanoid containment entity, just like her.

This containment entity was named US-04-81, a female entity discovered in a large swamp in the United States. Its rank was deep yellow, signifying a moderate-level ability, but more danger.

In Lamiya’s memory, the rank of all containment entities was determined by two indicators.

One was the strength of their ability, denoted by colors ranging from white, blue, yellow, orange, red, to black.

The other was the danger level, which altered the brightness of the color. Safer colors were lighter, while more dangerous colors were darker.

For this experiment, Lamiya needed to have close contact and communication with this deep yellow-ranked containment entity.

Of course, in the best-case scenario, she would only have contact and communication.

But if Containment Entity Eighty-One showed hostility and launched an attack, Lamiya would have to face it head-on, battling the creature she feared the most.

During this time, WSSA personnel would record and analyze the contact, communication, and battle between the two containment entities to better understand them.

Lamiya didn’t resist this experiment. She had successfully cleared this Entity Eighty-One before in her gaming experience, making this experiment quite easy for her.

She only needed to communicate with Entity Eighty-One based on her memory.

Furthermore, the female caregiver assured Lamiya that if she cooperated actively in this experiment, her living conditions would improve.

Although Lamiya was planning to escape sooner or later, it would take time. During this period, having better living conditions was not a bad proposition.

In short, after removing her helmet and adjusting to the dim lighting of the room, Lamiya walked barefoot toward the nearby marshland.

But before she could take more than a few steps, a faint figure emerged from deep within the swamp.

A pair of eyes emitting eerie red light locked onto Lamiya, making her nervously swallow a gulp of saliva.

After all…

This wasn’t a game…


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