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Prologue: The Last Day on Earth

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“Fire Hydrant Special Task Force All Members Killed.”

“Cause of death: Turned into ice sculptures by her, the Yuki-onna…”

“Crimson Hand Special Task Force All Members Killed.”

“Cause of death: Drained of blood by her, the vampire…”

“Stranded Clown Special Task Force All Members Killed.”

“Cause of death: Led into a deadly game by her, the clown girl…”

“Octopus Special Task Force All Members Killed.”

“They’re all dead… Damn it, there must be a way to defeat her.”

In the dim and ruined open-air archive.

A disheveled blue-haired girl was flipping through the endless files in front of her, desperately searching for any clues within the records of the special task forces that had been marked as deceased years ago, hoping to find any trace that could lead to defeating “her.”

“Silent Special Task Force All Members Killed.”

“Cause of death: Turned into evil by her…”

As the girl reached the last few pages of the files, a grotesque scar-covered figure suddenly burst into the room.

The figure was nearly three meters tall, with a yellow-brown skin tone, rusted torture devices attached all over their body, and a worn-out white mask covering their face.

From the gap in the mask, the twisted and ugly part of their face was visible – they were truly a monster.

Surprisingly, this monster didn’t show a hostile expression upon seeing the girl. Instead, it spoke with a voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

“She’s coming… She’s coming…”

“Let’s go!”

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The girl’s face turned pale upon hearing this. She hastily tucked the unread files under her arm and rushed towards the darkness in the distance, clearly anxious.

As she hurried away, a gold-plated pocket watch hanging from her chest slipped out of her ragged coat and was hastily stuffed back inside her shirt collar.

After she left, more than twenty special task force members in tattered battle attire emerged from the shadows, watching the girl’s departing figure. Then, their attention shifted to the scar-covered figure.

More accurately, they were looking at the massive shadow that had been observing behind the scar-covered figure.

This shadow was exceptionally huge, so big that the scar-covered figure hadn’t even noticed it, assuming it was just a shadow under the pitch-black night sky…

Sensing the fearful gaze from the special task force members, a chill ran down the back of the scar-covered figure. They stiffly turned their head…

“God protect us…”

The waxy lips trembled slightly as these words were uttered…

Before the figure could finish, a black tendril suddenly shot out from the darkness. It moved so quickly that it caught the scar-covered figure by the waist, yanking them into the shadow.

Initially, there were struggles and cries from the scar-covered figure. But before long, the archive fell back into silence.

Seeing this, the members of the special task force couldn’t help but gulp nervously. Their fingers, holding assault rifles, trembled even more.

The eyes beneath helmets, bloodshot, were filled with fear.

But they knew they couldn’t retreat…

Suddenly, thunderous footsteps echoed from the darkness.

It was as if within that boundless darkness, a creature larger than a skyscraper was approaching.

Although the giant’s form hadn’t been revealed, an overwhelming sense of oppression emanated from it, making them sweat and their hearts race like drums.

As the thunderous footsteps grew nearer, the viscous darkness began to distort. The few remaining dim lights in the archive suddenly flickered to life, illuminating the shadow’s appearance.

It wasn’t a beast, despite the monstrous presence.

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It was a girl in a white formal suit.

She had delicate doll-like features, flawless pale skin, a slightly upturned red lips, exuding an extraordinarily enchanting aura.

With a straight posture, she moved with graceful steps.

But as all present saw her eyes, they couldn’t help but step back in fear.

Her eyes were pitch-black, swirling like spirals, revealing her identity.

The existence that terrified the world…

The girl wore an elegant smile, but before she could say anything, the special task force members squeezed their triggers without hesitation.

Gunfire illuminated half of the archive. Numerous bullets rained towards the girl.

The woman, however, stood her ground without flinching or dodging. Suddenly, her eyes gleamed, transforming into a crimson reminiscent of rubies.

She shifted her body to the side to evade the first round of bullets, and then slowly parted her lips, revealing two small white tiger teeth.

Continuing, she raised her fair small hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

A member of the special task force immediately let out a scream, and then the entire person exploded like a balloon, turning into a mist of blood in the air.

Strangely, right at this moment, something even more bizarre occurred. The mist of blood seemed to take on life, flowing to her side after a slight flick of her fingers, quickly coalescing into a blood shield in midair.

This blood shield positioned itself in front of her, deflecting all the bullets, and then, under her control, it flew towards the special task force.

In mid-flight, amidst the terrified gazes of the team members, the blood shield suddenly ruptured into dozens of dancing blood blades.

These blood blades moved at an incredibly high speed, almost instantaneously severing the waists of six team members.

Blood sprayed everywhere, and the pungent smell of rust filled the air.

The woman’s petite nose twitched slightly, her cheeks turning slightly red. She seemed to be quite fascinated by this scent.

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Just then, the woman’s peripheral vision caught a glimmer.

However, before she could identify what it was, a silver bullet shot through the air with astonishing speed, aimed straight for the woman’s left chest.

If this shot landed, even though she was a vampire, the woman would be seriously injured if not killed… Victory or defeat hung in the balance!

But what caught everyone off guard was that the silver bullet didn’t hit the woman. Instead, it passed directly through her body, hitting the wall behind her.

How was that even possible?

Everyone’s faces showed astonishment. Gradually, the woman’s body became translucent, and a chilling and suffocating aura enveloped the entire room.

Her hair, previously tied up, fell slowly to her back, drifting as if in a breeze, which was eerie considering there was no wind.

An immortal being…

Her eyes grew even darker, and her smile gradually faded. Her form changed once again, her semi-transparent skin returning to normal.

However, this time, something was different. A pair of tattered bat wings suddenly tore through the back of her dress, revealing her fair back. At the same time, black wings unfurled, her ears grew sharper, and a pair of dark horns emerged.

Her facial features grew even more enchanting, almost unbelievably beautiful. She lightly snapped her fingers, and several members of the special task force immediately pointed their guns at their own teammates.

Triggers were pulled.

A series of screams and gunshots followed. Yet, the woman paid no attention as she passed through the chaotic crowd, as if none of this concerned her.

The woman gazed at the girl who was about to run out of the archive room some hundred meters away.

With a sweep of her wings, a gust of wind lifted debris and dust, and with incredible speed, the woman flew out.

The girl, who was running with the files, heard the commotion behind her and involuntarily turned to look.

But what she saw was that within a matter of seconds, the woman who had been hundreds of meters away was suddenly right behind her.

The gust of wind scattered the files from the girl’s hands, and in the midst of her screams, she clung to her pocket watch but was blown away.

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In the next second, a shadow extended from the dark, creeping up the girl’s fair and tender thigh, enveloping her body and presenting her before the woman.

Feeling the rough and tightening touch all over her, the girl was both shocked and furious, glaring at the woman who had resumed her original form.

However, the woman still maintained her serene smile, her red lips slightly parted. “My dear, why did you run?”

“Who do you think you are, calling me dear! We’re over, you bad woman. Let me go!”

The girl struggled, her face blushing with embarrassment and anger. Yet, the more she struggled, the tighter the tendrils wrapped around her, and several more tendrils emerged, restraining her delicate arms.

Upon hearing this, the woman didn’t show any anger. Instead, she extended her fair and delicate hand and gently lifted the girl’s blouse, her fingers probing inside.


The girl’s emotions fluctuated between embarrassment and anger. Feeling the cool and slender fingers moving inside her clothes, she felt a tingling sensation, almost like an electric shock.

After a while, the woman pulled a gold pocket watch from the girl’s blouse. Curiously raising an eyebrow, she asked, “Is this your trump card?”

“Do you think you can stop me with a simple watch?”


Seeing this, the girl’s whole demeanor deflated, her eyes filled with despair. However, she seemed to make a difficult decision, and she straightened up again, saying, “I can’t stop you…”

“But I can make all of this start again!”

With that said, the gold pocket watch suddenly emitted a brilliant blue light, surges of flowing blue radiating from it, spreading out in all directions.

“The ending won’t change.”

The woman seemed to realize something, but she didn’t panic. She continued to smile gently.

The blue currents of time engulfed the woman, consuming the entire archive room and even the entire world…

A minute passed, or perhaps an hour, a day, or even a year.

When the girl opened her eyes again, the dilapidated archive room had suddenly been transformed into something new.

What was once a collapsed ceiling, revealing the night sky, was now neat and sturdy, with no glimpse of the outside.

Glancing at the broken pocket watch on the ground, the girl fell into contemplation…

Just then, a familiar voice suddenly echoed from behind.

“Report from Sector G-4, this is Lerenata. I’ve found an unidentified intruder…”


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