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Chapter 12 – Wooden Sword

At this time, Matsuda finally noticed Lily, so he set his wooden sword aside and got a few meters in front of Lily before he asked, “Miss Kagami, how is your rest?”

These words caused Lily to redden with shame.1 However, this Matsuda was also quite an upright gentleman as he didn’t get too close to a young lady like Lily.

Lily covered her face and said, “Please stop teasing me.”

“That’s not it, Miss Kagami had been through an arduous journey. Seeing that your complexion is much better now, I also feel relieved.” Matsuda continued, “Just that… this place is where the feral brats practice sword. They are extremely rough and is not fit for a beautiful young lady who comes from the capital like Miss Kagami to watch.”
Then Matsuda suggested, “How about Miss Kagami go the backyard and have a chat with the madam?”

“Eh? No, no… Thank you for the elder’s concern,” Lily had no intention to find some old woman to talk about gossips. What she’s interested in, was the whooshing sound of the brandished sword. That’s why she said, “Elder, the truth is… I have always been very interested in kenjutsu. I wonder if the elder would be able to instruct me a little?”

“Miss Kagami wants to learn kenjutsu?” Surprise was clearly visible on Matsuda Nagahide’s strict face, “This uncouth, barbarous way of slaughtering, I don’t think there is a need for a graceful and noble young lady like Miss Kagami to experience it?”

Lily had a sincere gaze as she said with a dejected expression, “Elder, thank you for your compliment. However, when facing the demons and bandits, what’s the point of being graceful and noble? It’s not like every time I will be saved by a kind samurai like Master Hojo. This little girl only wishes to be able to defend herself in time of need.”

Matsuda Nagahide understood half of Lily’s intention, so he helplessly shook his head with a smile, “Alright, since Miss Kagami wants to learn, this one will naturally comply. Then may I ask the young lady to come over here and give it a try? However, most of the people who died by drowning are those who know how to swim. Sometimes, not knowing martial arts may be some kind of protection for a beautiful girl like you.”

Lily heard Matsuda’s advice and nodded, “I understand the elder’s concern, but I have my own reason as to why I must learn this kenjutsu.”

Matsuda Nagahide helplessly shook his head as he looked at Lily. From his point of view, it was probably just a momentary interest or curiosity. After all, in these troubled times, the reverence for martial skills was very deep. A lot of women were also influenced because of this. However, most of them were just flowers viewing from horseback.

Seeing that Lily was walking over with Matsuda, seemingly with the intention to mix with the boys, that fatty Daidouji Taro burst into loud laughter.

“Hahaha, everyone just takes a look, this smooth-skinned frail-looking girl also wants to learn kenjutsu? I might as well go learn singing and dancing too!” Daidouji Taro willfully looked down at Lily. He even deliberately made some ugly and comical dancing movements.

“Hahahahahaha!” The brats in the surrounding also laughed together.

“Don’t be rude!” Matsuda Nagahide chided them, “Miss Kagami is a well-bred young lady from the capital. Don’t make us Kanto samurai lose our face because of country bumpkins like you! What are you guys laughing at, women are innately weak and slow. They are not suitable to practice kenjutsu, but can you guys give birth? Can you guys take care of the house? Men plow and women knit, each has their own role since ancient times. You guys are men, you ought to be showing consideration, and cherish the women! Miss Kagami wants to learn kenjutsu, you guys just stay there and watch. Nobody is allowed to jeer!”

Matsuda also didn’t believe a slim girl like Lily could use the sword in the deepest recess of his mind. It’s just that, it would not be a good idea to turn her down directly due to her status. Since the young lady was carried away by a whim anyway, lt wouldn’t hurt to let her touch a wooden sword.

To practice with a sword, one must naturally have a sword first. Matsuda Nagahide pointed at the storeroom at one corner of the courtyard, then he said, “Tetsuo, go and retrieve a wooden sword for the young lady.”

“Why go through so much trouble, lil sis can just use mine!” That fatty Taro suddenly extended his wooden sword. It looked like he was going to give the sword to Lily, yet it felt as though he was going to hit her. The tip of the wooden sword was swaying right beside Lily’s mouth as though to provoke her.

“So fast!” Lily was startled. Though he was still a boorish and lecherous fatty, this casual swing was strong enough for the wooden sword to give rise to a wave of wind. It was brimming with power yet steady and precise. Only that, as fast as it was, Lily could still see everything clearly.

In this world, whether one was lecherous or righteous, it was not important. The most important point was strength.

Let alone evil doer, even the demons and ghost was running amok in Kamakura City.

Lily already understood all of these in her heart, therefore she was not ashamed nor angry when she was provoked. However, her delicate body also didn’t take half a step back. Her glamorous eyes didn’t have a hint of fear. If she was scared by a young thug here, how would she be able to walk forward in the realm of demons?

“What?!” Matsuda was shocked. Lily was not scared at all under Taro’s provocation. She didn’t even take any action to fall back due to a girl’s subconscious self-defense system. That Lily, if she was not foolish, then it was due to her quick crisis detection. Her grasp on space was also superb, as she could accurately judge the distance of the opponent’s sword.

“Taro!” Matsuda Nagahide shouted severely, “Step down!”

The fatty took a few steps back while swearing.

“Miss Kagami, please follow me.” Kimura Tetsuo wore a thick navy blue clothes and triangular hat. He looked rather honest and sincere.

Lily followed Tetsuo to the storeroom, this was Lily’s first time in an armory.

It was not that spacious, but it was filled with longbows and spears. There were also katanas that were arranged neatly on the desks. Although their workmanship was simple, it still made Lily excited.

These are swords, I want them! If I have one, then I wouldn’t need to be so reserved anymore right?

Lily unconsciously reached out to grab the katana that was laid out in the center.

These swords were set up with their knife blade pointing up. They were shorter than the sword that silver-haired girl wielded before. Judging by its thin width, it should be classified as an Uchigatana.2

Uchigatana’s characteristic laid in its small curvature, quick draw, and lightweight. Unsheathing the uchigatana and cutting the enemy down with it became one smooth, lightning-fast action. However, its striking power was inferior to a tachi.3

“Miss Kagami!” Tetsuo raised his voice to warn Lily, “Please be careful. Those are iron swords used for actual combat. They are very sharp! The wooden swords and katanas for practice are over there.”

They are clearly sheathed in the scabbard, what’s so dangerous about it! Lily secretly thought, This Kimura something also looks down on women, hmph. Besides, my soul is a man!

She arrived beside the wooden swords that were stacked up near the doorway.

These wooden swords were also varied in length.

She personally didn’t like short swords.

Lily recalled that female samurai who came and gone like the storm.

She went to the last row and picked up the wooden sword that resembled a tachi.

“Oh? You are going to choose that Miss Kagami? For a girl, I believe those short swords will be better…” Tetsuo advised with good intentions.

“I feel that this length is just good enough for me.” Although this wooden sword was much lighter than an iron sword, it was still quite heavy due to its length. However, after Lily grasped the wooden sword with her delicate fingers, she did not feel any weight at all.

When the brats saw Lily coming out with such a long wooden sword, they all burst into laughter. 4

Even Matsuda Nagahide couldn’t bear it anymore as he shook his head with a smile, “Miss Kagami, a beginner always tend to choose longsword because they thought the longer the sword, the safer and more advantageous it is. In fact, the longer the sword, the harder it is to swing. The requirement is very high. Even drawing the sword will be very difficult if it is too long. I advise you to pick another sword.”

“That’s right! You never swung a sword before and yet you picked such a long one, lil sis, you sure know how to pick!” Taro jeered at her again.

“Elder, please let me have a try.” Nevertheless, Lily said earnestly.

Matsuda Nagahide noticed how Lily was gazing at the sword in her hands. It felt somewhat unusual, so he said with a serious tone, “This sword is three feet seven inches long. It can be said to be the longest among the swords that people of average height hang on their waist. Luckily, the young lady is tall, so it is not impossible to use it. It’s just that… a wooden tachi this long is very hard to swing.”

Lily also looked at Matsuda Nagahide with a serious expression. Then she bowed to him, and said, “May I request for the elder’s tutelage.”

Matsuda was surprised, “Alright. Miss Kagami, I suppose you have never had contact with fencing before, so before the demonstration, I will do a simple introduction. Our Kanto region samurai’s sword skills are used in real combat!”

“Sword techniques for real combat do not have complex style nor detailed steps. To sum it up simply, there’s only attack and defend.”

“Attack! And kill your opponent in one strike!”

“Defend, that is to put everything on the line to survive and don’t let yourself get hit!”

“Real combat is just that simple, and a very cruel thing. The basic attack skill consists of wave, chop, hack, strike, pierce, and stab. You will need accuracy, quickness, determination, and ability to seize the right timing! And for a swordsman, other than skills and power, they also cultivate their mind to comprehend the way of conducting themselves! Comprehending the way of the sword is tantamount to comprehend the way of life, the way of governing.”

“Naturally, the steps are extremely important. Miss Kagami, I will demonstrate once, you look closely.”

Matsuda Nagahide got beside a tree and lifted the wooden sword in front of him. In a split second, his eyes became sharp, and it felt like there was an invisible airflow brushing against his sideburns as a vigorous sword intent welled up in his entire body.


Along with that sword swing, Matsuda took one powerful step forward. Although the sword didn’t reach the branch, that powerful wave caused the entire tree to shake and the fallen leaves to swirl in the air!

Lily felt her whole body shaking in zeal. It seemed like she saw the invisible, overpowering sword intent!

This uncle Matsuda is indeed a master! This wooden sword might as well be an iron sword. I bet he can even split a rock in half! Or maybe even that big tree!

However, compared to how the female samurai cut down that giant Green Demon with one strike, it was so much more inferior.

“Miss Kagami, how about you also give it a try.” Matsuda Nagahide adjusted his breathing, then turned around and said.5


Chapter 11 – Samurai

Lily arrived at the hallway full of joy and expectations, but after thinking about it again, it would be better if she restrained her excitement and maintained the bearing of a wise girl. She walked past the winding corridor with composure and arrived at the side of the main house.

In this courtyard, Lily had experienced her first morning in this other world. Although the sun was already out, the golden sunlight that fused with the morning mist formed a scenery that’s bright yet not brilliant.

Lily’s slender fingers were placed on the thick tree trunk that was slightly wet due to the morning dew. She stood in the footpath of the winding corridor as she looked over. There were indeed people practicing swords in the courtyard.

Matsuda Nagahide was still in that barbarous outfit that exposed half his shoulder as he instructed those four or five brats.

Lily also noticed that today, there were two more youngsters, who were sitting cross-legged at the side as they watched the practice. She guessed those might be Matsuda clan’s subordinates.

There were differences between subordinates and servants, one was loyal samurais, the other was just servants, whose position were lower than ordinary people.

Lily just stood at the corner as she watched in silence, looking at those young men swing, hack, pierce, and slash. She was paying particular attention to Matsuda as he was demonstrating.

All she heard was Matsuda reprimanding the young men as he saw how they swung the swords, “Bastards! The lot of you, put some energy into it! Just look at you all, dispirited and listless! Is this how an aspiring samurai should behave?”

The loud scolding echoed in the surrounding forest, making people who heard it grow apprehensive in their heart.

That fatty, Daidouji Taro, looked like he’s just about to retort.

Matsuda stopped him by saying, “I am not talking about you! Taro, your sword waves were actually quite powerful. I am talking about you lot. You people haven’t eaten anything for a few days now, is it? Such a weak and powerless sword wave, are you guys trying to waste my time?!” Matsuda pointed at the everyone but Taro as he scolded.

“Did you guys know how hard is it to become a samurai? With your current standard, it would be good enough if you can even become a foot soldier of the Hojo clan. Or maybe you won’t even pass the qualification test to become a foot soldier, then you’ll have to go back to farming! Only when a big war is taking place will you guys be enlisted into the army. That kind of inferior army could only serve as cannon fodder in the battlefield! Even if you survived, you will only receive a very moderate amount of payment!”

It was hard to imagine the normally calm Nagahide would be so severe when berating his apprentices. Lily was a little anxious. If by any chance, she really became his apprentice, would he also scold her like this? For starters, she was just a girl. If she got insulted like this, wouldn’t it be really humiliating?

That Nagahide continued to scold them, “My lordship the Hojo clan claimed to have twenty thousand military forces! But the truth is, there are only less than three thousand official foot soldiers! Soldiers need funds and provisions, if you want to recruit, you must be able to support them! Only real men can become Hojo clan’s official foot soldiers! The funds and provisions given to the official foot soldiers are several times higher compared to the peasant household. As for the samurai… hmph, even in the Hojo clan that can be considered one of the absolute rulers in the entire Kanto region, there are only one hundred of them! In my Matsuda clan, which can be considered a vassal house of the Hojo, there are only me, your uncle Masahide, Kimura, and Kanzaki.1 There are only four samurais! And these four samurais have to guard this territory! I originally hoped you guys can share this burden with me in the future, but now, it looks like even passing the samurai’s qualification test is a pipe dream! It is already a pretty good result if only one in a hundred can pass the test! The competition to become a samurai, how fierce is it! Do you guys really understand?”2

“If you do, go and practice as if your life depended on it!”

After listening to Nagahide’s nagging, Lily also started to feel worried. So, it is that hard to become a samurai?

And it seemed like the strength disparity between the samurais were also very huge. Samurais like Matsuda Nagahide should already be very strong, but that silver-haired samurai —who split the huge demon in half with a single sword swing— was even stronger!

The path of a samurai, just how difficult and ruthless it was!

However, to her who still didn’t have enough strength, it was not worth mentioning. In spite of that, the young girl had made up her mind to pursue this path without hesitation!

“I want to take senior sister home…”

Lily was barefooted, so she put on the wooden sandals that were already laid out on the ground a long time ago, then she firmly walked towards the front yard, which originally belonged only to the men of Matsuda clan.


Chapter 10 – Awaken After a Night

When the beautiful girl woke up, it was already the early morning of the morrow.

The sunlight passed through the thin paper of the wooden door. The slightly golden illumination spread into the room and left behind the gorgeous shadow of the door frame.

Lily got up and felt unexpectedly refreshed. She seemed to have completely recovered from her fatigue, fear, and everything she experienced before. That’s not right, she had never felt this refreshed even once since the day she was born. It was true that after turning into senior sister, she was more energetic than the time she was a boy, but now, Lily felt full of energy!

“Senior sister!” Lily suddenly looked all over the place. She was indeed the only one left in this quiet little house.

Lily lowered her head, and under the white yukata that was soaked by her sweat, those firm breasts and deep valley were clearly visible. There was also the old copper mirror that slid under her belly due to her suddenly getting up.

“As expected, it’s still like this…”

She was still in senior sister’s body. And last night, in that unbelievable space, was his soul. That’s why he appeared in his male form.

Her soul was definitely a male, that was nothing strange about that.

It’s just that… senior sister had no choice but to sleep in that cold, gloomy space.

Lily suddenly lowered her head to look at that old copper mirror.

She picked up the copper mirror and felt that the decorative designs on the copper mirror were now more detailed than before. Even the rough surface had become very clear.

Lily seemed to have noticed something when looking at the round mirror with octagon-shaped outer frame.

“These designs… where have I seen them before?”

“Aren’t these the markings I had seen on the surface of that mysterious octagonal stone room last night? Moreover, the outer frame of this mirror is also octagon-shape! Doesn’t it look similar to those eight walls?”

“That’s it! Did some strange power suck my soul into the mirror last night? That stony room is the space inside this mirror!”

“Senior sister… is your soul inside this mirror?”

Lily embraced the mirror in her bosom.

“So, you have always been beside me since the beginning. Looking after me, and protecting me.”

Lily shed tears again unconsciously.

She lifted the mirror, treating it as though it was entrusted to her by senior sister. She lightly kissed the surface of the mirror and left behind a faint and inviting kiss mark.

However, it was completely hopeless when Lily tried to send her soul into the mirror’s domain.

That’s right, this is a solid item, how do I enter?

Perhaps it was merely a stroke of luck last night.

Lily hugged the mirror. She was going to treat it as her most treasured item from now on.

No matter what was said and done, senior sister was right beside her! It made her feel much more relieved than not knowing the whereabouts of senior sister.

Just that… the method to awaken senior sister, she was completely clueless.

Lily was also oblivious to the most basic way of sending her soul into the mirror’s domain.

Lily’s entire body felt greasy. For some reason, she was sweating a lot last night, emphasizing “a lot”. Even the blanket under her butt was soaking wet.

She naturally didn’t know that, during the strengthening process last night, just how much had her body perspired.

“Eh?” Not only that, even her vision and hearing had been enhanced.

The smoke particles that were glittering under the sunlight was clearly visible to her. She could even hear granny Ayashi’s nagging, who was preparing breakfast in a few houses away.

Only when the body was in good condition would one be able to practice martial arts, that was only but the basic.

Otherwise, it would just end up as an idle thought no matter how much determination and willpower she mustered up.

However, Lily’s body had undergone a change without her prior knowledge. She was already capable of adapting to this world where everything was decided by power. Her base physique was sturdy and additionally, her skin was more exquisite and glossier than ever before. It wasn’t even an exaggeration to say that she was a fairy made by Heaven and arranged by Earth. That’s not all either, her shining eyes were much brighter, and the breath she exhaled naturally emitted a tempting smell.

“Wait a minute! It’s already morning? Could it be that I have slept through the whole day and night, from yesterday morning until this morning… If other people come to know a girl could sleep this long, that would be so embarrassing!”

Lily blushed as she got up in a hurry. The first thing she did was to hide the blanket and bedding. If someone were to see the traces of that big puddle of water on the blanket and didn’t know any better, they would think that she had urinated in her sleep. That would be too humiliating! She carefully opened the door and found that the kimono she was wearing before had already been washed and dried by the sun. It was folded up neatly and placed on a small desk beside the bedding. Lily was very grateful to granny Ayashi in her heart.

However, even her white panties had been properly washed, that was indeed a little awkward. I should wash these by myself next time.

Lily slipped into the bathroom located behind the kitchen and immediately washed her body. Even though the well water was ice-cold, she only felt it was pleasant. She was not affected by the cold at all! After the pleasant bath, she returned to the room and knelt down on the comfortable floor. She picked up her copper mirror and saw herself reflected in the mirror.

All of a sudden, she felt the urge to apply a little make-up in front of the mirror.

The white yukata she was donning, the black hair that poured down her shoulders like a waterfall, and the tender arms that extended from the loose sleeves. As she was holding the copper mirror with her delicate fingers, her other hand was lightly placed on her soft lips.

She’s essentially a dainty girl with some degree of maturity.

She didn’t know since when, but as long as Lily willed it, this mirror would become very smooth and reflect herself clearly.

Contained within this mirror was an unbelievable domain, and it was also because of this mirror that she was attacked by those monsters. In the end, how many more secrets does this mirror holds! From now on, she must keep this mirror close to her at all times.

That was also because inside this mirror was senior sister’s beautiful and fragile soul…

She put the sakura parasol inside a wooden wardrobe. Although she also didn’t want to leave it behind, it would be too weird to carry a parasol inside the yard during a fine day like this.

Lily got up, and only then did she discover how difficult was it to change into a kimono with her eyes closed. However, the girls in this era didn’t wear a bra, and she had to take off the yukata to change into the kimono. In other words, she had to strip naked, so Lily didn’t want to go and tarnish senior sister’s secret place.

It was a good fortune that senior sister’s body was dexterous. As long as she could roughly cover up the important parts, then she should be able to slowly open her eyes to research.

At last, she was able to put on the kimono without other people’s advice. After all, even though Lily was originally a boy, she regularly surfed the web to see some women’s clothes. Naturally, it was not because she had that kind of interest, it was more on the level of thinking that women’s clothes were good-looking and to admire them for a while only. Therefore, she unintentionally picked up some ways of putting on a kimono. She didn’t expect that knowledge would actually be put to use at this moment.

After stuffing the mirror into her sash and confirming that she was dressed properly, next is…

Sword training!

According to my original plan of coming here, let’s go watch Master Matsuda teaching those kids swordplay!

Even an endless journey also had a beginning!


Chapter 9 – The Mirror’s Domain

The late night, Lily was sleeping soundly inside the plain room.

The gentle moonlight filtered through the translucent paper of the sliding door and shone upon the girl who was lightly covered in a blanket. Perhaps Lily had already forgotten, but last night, she stuffed the old copper mirror into her yukata out of habit before going to sleep.

And that moonlight filtered right through the thin blanket and yukata that one would use in summer. It shone upon the mirror and triggered an unimaginable power, which made Lily half-awake. Her consciousness was clear, yet she was unable to budge her body. This power pulled Lily’s consciousness into the mirror…

“This is, where?”

Lily found that she was lying on top of a magic circle that was carved into the stone. The surface of the stone was carved with eight illustrations of ancient totems and markings that she was unable to make sense of. The entire room was octagon-shaped, and more or less around ten meters square.

How did she get here? Wasn’t she just sleeping in the room provided by the Matsuda clan earlier?


Lily seemed to have felt something a little different about herself.

She lowered her head to take a look.


She was as surprised as the time when she found herself becoming a girl!

He only saw himself wearing a white kimono, however, that was a male costume!

No! Not only that, even his figure had turned back to how it was when he was a boy!

Wh-What is going on?!?! I have turned back into a boy?

Lily was truly glad in his heart, but for some reason, there was also a slight disappointment.

However, he still couldn’t remember the name of her male self.

First, let’s take a look and see if I have really changed back into myself!

Lily wanted to retrieve the mirror from the sash1, but not only did the male kimono didn’t have a sash, his hand actually passed through the body!


Lily suddenly realized that his hands and legs could pass through physical objects without obstruction. He tried to stretch his hand underground, and his hand actually sunk into the rock for half an inch. After that, he was obstructed by an invisible force.

This… What is going on?!

Am I existing as an incorporeal soul at the moment?

No, could it be that my soul is in this mysterious stony room?

In the center of the wall ahead, a square-shaped purple crystal was embedded in it.

Lily walked over to the crystal and looked at his appearance that was reflected in the crystal.


He let out an “ooooh” because though the one reflected in the crystal was indeed a boy, but he was prettier than the overwhelming majority of the girls. His short hair that almost reached the shoulders and the neatly combed bangs, just one look and you could say he was a short-haired girl without any problem. And this boy was not at all what you’d consider tall. His height was about 1.6 meters, just a few centimeters short from his previous self.

However, this face was pretty similar to the one he had in the past. Just that, it seemed to be more angelic and prettier than his original face. He was starting to look more like a girl.

However, when looking down, it was flat. There were no bulging breasts below the white kimono.

Seriously though, why did he even care about these kinds of things? He was already a spiritual lifeform, was it really that important to confirm if he was a boy?

However, it was just that important to Lily!

But how do I take off my clothes in soul form?

Just when he thought of that, the pure white kimono he was wearing suddenly disappeared. Lily’s white, frail, and immature male body was exposed just like this. Only the pure white loincloth was left hanging at his waist.

Lily couldn’t help but blush involuntarily.

“Wh-What kind of vulgar clothing is this!”

“Eh? Wait a minute… how embarrassing!” Lily hit her own head, but he couldn’t really hit himself, “What do I mean by vulgar! I am a man for god’s sake! What is so vulgar about a big boy wearing loincloth! What am I blushing for! How can a man blush because of this!”

Could it be that he had already become used to a girl’s lifestyle?

However, whatever the case, he was indeed a boy now.

“Just where is this place?” Lily looked all around as his doubts increased.

There was a very unusual feeling which caused Lily to shiver.

It was nostalgic yet sorrowful…

He turned his face around to look at the other side of the stony room. It seemed like a door made of rock was there.

Lily decided to approach the stone door. As he got closer, the stone door slowly opened by itself.

On the other side was a smaller room surrounded by rock walls.

The room was dimly lit by candlelight. The decorative items were simple and unadorned. There was a desk at one side of the room, and a broken lantern was placed atop the desk with seemingly inextinguishable flame.

He looked towards the other side of the room, on top of an old wooden bed…

Senior sister Rin —with pure white yukata covering her whole body— was quietly lying down there.

“Senior sister?!?!”2

This time, Lily was dumbfounded.

Lily charged into the room and ran to the bedside as he yelled recklessly, “Senior sister?!?! Senior sister Rin!!”

However, senior sister only lied there quietly, with both hands placed in front of her body. Her eyes were tightly closed, as though she was sleeping.

Her expression was very gentle, beautiful, and tranquil.

“Senior sister! So you are also here!” Lily was really delighted, “Senior sister! Wake up, please wake up…”

But no matter how much Lily yelled, senior sister never woke up.

“Senior sister! Please excuse me!”

Lily clapped his hands as he apologized, then he tried to shake the senior sister’s shoulder.

And yet, his hands passed right through senior sister’s body without any obstruction.

At this very moment, Lily’s eyes had become vacant.

The hope and joy that was sparked for that one moment vanished in a flash.

He suddenly realized, the one lying here was not really senior sister herself, but only her soul.

She was currently in the same state as him. Perhaps this was some kind of strange place where only the souls could enter.

Later, no matter what Lily tried, she couldn’t awaken senior sister’s soul.

That beautiful girl was just lying there quietly.

Lily took a step back powerlessly and flopped onto the ground.

“I originally thought that senior sister’s soul was somewhere out there in the world, I thought that I would never be able to see senior sister again, but I didn’t expect she is just quietly lying here. She’s so close yet so far!”

Lily recalled the last words of senior sister.

“Keep on living.”

“Senior sister… not only did she have such a pure expectation, she even kept her promise. She had given me her own healthy and beautiful body, yet she herself was lying in this ice-cold stony room, unable to see the light, unable to see the outside world. She’s just sleeping in silence within this darkness.”

“Why? Why are you doing so much for me?”

“I have never done anything for you, I was only secretly in love with you! Are you really willing to sacrifice yourself for me just because of that?”

“Senior sister, you like me right? That makes me really happy. I am really happy to recall those words, they give me strength all the time, and the hope to live in this Dark Age. We were almost within each other’s reaches, yet we have to live so far apart.”

“Senior sister! Don’t you worry, I will definitely, absolutely, find a way to awaken you! Even if my soul shatters and dissipate because of this, I will not hesitate!”

“I will definitely wake you up!”3

“We will definitely go home together!”

Lily silently walked beside the sleeping beauty and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Naturally, the feeling of touch was absent, but his heart was deeply moved.

Lily helplessly kneeled at senior sister’s bedside.

“At least senior sister’s soul is still here… just let me stay with you for a while longer. It must be lonely to be here by yourself.”

Lily tried to grab senior sister’s hand. Although she couldn’t really grab it, she could, in fact, feel an extremely feeble pulse.

No, this was not a pulse. It was an extremely weak and feeble fluctuation of senior sister’s soul!

Senior sister is still alive!

She was only in a comatose state for some reason.

Lily tried to talk to senior sister, retelling the interesting stories in their schooldays, and about the things he encountered in this Heian Empire. Then he tried to feel her soul fluctuation again. By linking their intention, he tried changing his clothes according to those intentions. However, no matter how hard he tried, senior sister was still sleeping peacefully and didn’t show any reaction.

Lily noticed senior sister’s beasts were slightly moving up and down. It appeared that the soul fluctuation caused the soul to breathe. However, this could be taken as proof that senior sister was really alive. Just that, he didn’t know when she would wake up.

“I will definitely awaken senior sister!”

“I won’t be able to help senior sister if I just stay depressed here! Who am I? Just an ordinary girl in this other world. What is the soul, how to feel it, how to influence other people’s soul, and why is senior sister’s soul sleeping here?”

“This is definitely not something an ordinary girl can understand and resolve!”

This Heian Empire was devastated by demons and overflowing with ghosts. Let’s not mention finding a way to wake senior sister’s soul, a single girl would not even be able to take a single step! Lily vaguely felt that, this was definitely not an ordinary matter, and that a big secret could be involved!

Only by becoming stronger, just like that silver-haired female samurai! Then would she be able to sweep through the continent, explore every corner of this world, and find an answer to unriddle this secret!

“Even if I have to go to the end of the world, even if I have to go beyond the Heaven!”

All of these required strengths. Strength surpassing earthly limit!

Lily grabbed senior sister’s hand as strong passion welled up in his heart!

“I want to become strong! I must become stronger!!!”

“Senior sister, just wait for me. The day when I become really powerful, I will come to take you home!”

Lily placed her face on senior sister’s chest, despite the fact that he couldn’t feel the body temperature.4

If souls could weep, then perhaps Lily would be crying now.

Just at this time, the ethereal voice of a girl resounded.

“There is no point in staying here any longer, it’s about time you go back.”

This was not senior sister’s voice, but the voice of a proud and tender girl. Her voice reverberated in the stony room.

Somehow, this voice sounded familiar… That’s right! It sounded like the voice of the girl who told him how to use the sakura parasol to hide from the ghosts of the night parade.

Without giving Lily the chance to ask anything, he was swallowed up by the darkness. Although he wanted to look at senior sister’s beautiful face for a while longer, Lily’s will couldn’t resist the power and was dragged into nothingness.

Whereas, during the time when Lily’s soul was still in the stony room, the mirror which was held in front of her physical body was scattering some kind of gentle light. There was a slight golden light in the middle of the mirror, and the outer side was emitting a soft purple luster. The misty ring of light was visible even through the blanket.

During this time, when her consciousness was robbed from her, a change was occurring to her body under the influence of this warm and beautiful light.

Though her outward appearance remained the same, every inch of Lily’s flesh was absorbing that misty ring of light. Her bones, body, and veins were being strengthened by this ring of light while she’s still fast asleep. Even if people were to touch her body, her muscles were still just as soft and flexible. However, in reality, her strength had already drastically increased!

All of these were happening without Lily being conscious of it…

And just when the girl was bathed in the halo of the mirror and moonlight, the silhouettes of many strange creatures could be seen just beyond the thin sliding doors that led to the backyard. They carried some kind of distracted tempo as they walked through the moonlit door. With their various shapes and sizes, they fluttered across Lily’s spotless body as though they were just some kind of strange projections.5 There were even a few lofty and bizarre figures which stopped in front of the door momentarily, seemingly peering into the house!

However, these monsters from the night parade were different from the monsters that were originally living or wandering in this area. Without the invitation of the owner, they were unable to enter the house. Thus, they also couldn’t see the fantastic scene in the room nor could they find out what made this girl so special. At most, all they could do was turn around and return to where they came from.6

As for why these ghosts from the night parade would appear outside Lily’s room on the sixteen of July, nobody knew.


  1. Changed the word girdle to sash because girdle just doesn’t flow smoothly in my mouth! 
  2. Mmm yeah, I know I could’ve used “senpai” all along, but I didn’t do it. Why? Because I don’t want to! 
  3. Wake the princess with a true love kiss! 
  4. I hate the author’s use of random word censor. I couldn’t really tell what the censored part is. 
  5. TLC: 它们带着某种神离的节奏,从那透着月光的门外走过,姿态各异,宛如走马灯留下的诡异投影一道道在无辜的少女洁白的身姿上掠过 
  6. TLC: 蓦然回首间的一念恍然而已 

Chapter 8 – Lodging, Bath, And…

Even after Hojo mounted the horse and left, Nagahide was still very courteous to Lily. He called for an old lady known as Ayashi to take care of Lily.

Those brats were looking at Lily from the side, it seemed like they had never seen such a beautiful girl before in this countryside. Especially that fatty who spoke rudely to Lily just now, his eyes were stuck to Lily’s body like glue.

“What are you looking at!” Matsuda Nagahide chided the brats, “Stay focused and swing your sword a hundred times!”

“Miss Kagami, this way please.” Ayashi kindly called out to Lily.

Actually, Lily still wanted to watch these youngsters practicing with their sword for a while longer. Even though she had the mind to learn, it would appear a little strange to mention this as soon as she arrived. After all, she was here as a guest, not someone who specially came here to become an apprentice.

Lily followed Ayashi through a winding corridor made of wooden floor. On the way, Ayashi said, “Miss Kagami, in this house lived Lord Matsuda, the Madam, and a few samurais. There are also those brats who came here to learn the way of the sword. Apart from the Lord and the Madam, the others are young and vigorous unmarried men. It is for the best if Miss Kagami is to stay at the back of the house and don’t walk all over the place, so as to not run into trouble.”

Lily knew that granny Ayashi was most knowledgeable about the circumstances in this area. Whatever she said was only for her own good.

“You have to be especially careful of that fatty. He is called Daidouji Taro1 and is the nephew of the Madam. He is young yet his nature is so ferocious. He has already harmed several girls in the surrounding villages. I even heard that he has killed some of them. The Lord accused him, but the Madam always shielded him.” Ayashi was feeling vexed as she spoke.

“Thank you for granny’s kind reminder. I will take note of that,” said Lily as she tensed up. She originally thought that the people here would also be just as upright as Hojo Ujizane. She felt really lucky that Hojo was the first person she encountered. Lily thought that she could learn fencing safely in this place, but it seemed like it would not be that easy.

‘I was brought here by their Young Master, would the fatty really dare to touch me?’ Lily thought in her heart.

Ayashi and Lily passed through the winding corridor, and they arrived at one of the houses in the back. After opening the door, they could see a small desk with a towel on top was already set up in the room, “Miss Kagami, please rest here first. I will go prepare some refreshments and bath water for you.”

She could take a bath? Lily was rather delighted at the news. She had indeed been through quite an adventure and sweated a lot.

However, Lily did feel slightly anxious.

“That… granny, may I ask where is the restroom?” Lily blushed as she asked. That’s right, since she came to this world last night, she had never been to the toilet…

“Is the young lady perhaps referring to the outhouse? It’s just located in the backyard. After passing through the garden, you will find an outhouse especially used by the Madam and female guests.” Ayashi opened the back door of the room. The backyard was overgrown with grasses and vines, it was a rather wild garden.2

“Thank you…”

Lily tried to appear as unhurried as possible as she passed through the garden and entered the outhouse at the corner of the garden.

Although this body was her’s now, it was due to senior sister’s sacrifice that she was still alive, so how could she soil her body so lightly?

However, this was a normal physiological need after all. Since she had turned into a girl, some things were unavoidable.

“Senior sister, please forgive me…” Lily whispered in her heart.

Only now did Lily saw the underwear she wore for the first time, but she only took a quick glance before bashfully turning her face away. After all, she couldn’t settle the business if she didn’t look at all.

It was a side tie panty with pure-white color.

Lily closed her eyes at the next moment. She didn’t see the place that shouldn’t be seen. This was senior sister’s body, how could she look as she wished!

Including the bath afterward, Lily closed the door of the washroom —which was located behind the kitchen— and used a white towel to cover her eyes before she took off her clothes.

It was a little hard, but not impossible. After all, Lily was rather dexterous.

As she was soaking in the wooden tub with her eyes covered, Lily was in silent thought.

Lily still couldn’t see anything, but after raising her hand, she could smell the sweet fragrance emitted by her body after a day of vigorous exercise. That was enough to make Lily be infatuated. So this was senior sister’s smell…

She had always been infatuated by the scent of the female hormones released by senior sister after exercising. There was this one time when he was peeking at senior sister playing tennis. After the end of the match, senior sister left the court and brushed past him, who was standing near the wire netting. The feminine smell that he picked up at that time was as intoxicating as the spring dew.

She recalled that night, she was having delusions with senior sister’s body… and sometimes she even had subjective ideas popping up in her head. Those were things that couldn’t be told to the general audience. But now, just by lowering her head, she could clearly see every nook and corner of senior sister’s body. Just by extending her hand, she could touch as much as she liked. However, other than the necessary actions to wash the body, she didn’t touch more than necessary!

Otherwise, how could she face senior sister! The senior sister who confessed to her!

His height was below average, he was cowardly, and did not emit an ounce of manliness. Yet senior sister was deeply in love with this kind of him. If he doesn’t get stronger, how could he be worthy of senior sister’s love! Even he wouldn’t forgive himself if he used this beautiful body carelessly!

True, when she was a boy, she had delusional thoughts about senior sister and had little to no self-control. However, after becoming a girl, she was determined to begin a life of self-discipline.

Anyway, this was not likely to be detrimental to her. Since she had the resolution to walk the path of a samurai, she naturally had to cultivate her mental strength.

That’s right, a samurai! In order to live in this chaotic world, she had to rely on herself! Rely on her own strength to protect herself, to protect senior sister’s spotless body, and to live with dignity!

After the bath, Lily felt her whole body relaxed. When she returned to the room, a bed was already laid on the floor. There were even refreshments arranged next to the bed. Lily didn’t have an appetite, so she only drank a few sips of tea. For a moment, she felt really tired, so she gracefully lied down in the bed mattress. Unexpectedly, she fell into a deep sleep in the blink of an eye.

This night, she had no dream.


  1. ok, confirmed that Daidouji is a surname 
  2. TLC: 看到一处茅草丛生,攀藤附蔓却也别有一番野趣的庭院。 

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 7

For the first time in forever, I finally went and summed up all the raw chapters available for Demon Sword Maiden, and wow am I surprised!

There’s a whopping 1759 Chapters available, and it is still ongoing. Moreover, only 172 of those chapters are available for free. The rest are put behind a paywall. But well, I guess with 172 free chapters, it would be enough to last us for at least a good year.

Click here to read Chapter 7 – Dawn at the Hillside

Chapter 7 – Dawn at the Hillside

“Miss Kagami, Miss Kagami?”

Lily was suddenly roused from her deep sleep and found that she almost fell from the horse.

Lily grabbed the mane of the horse to maintain her balance. Right now, her hair was a mess, and she was covered in cold sweat.

Moreover, she had a really absent-minded face due to the indescribable shock she just experienced.

That just now… was not a dream.

She recalled everything, her last memory regarding her original world stopped at the moment when the plane crashed.

When they were falling, senior sister embraced him to lighten his fear. Even if senior sister knew she couldn’t change anything in the end, it was her dearest wish to make him feel a little bit better!

That was because senior sister likes him.

In the last moment of their life, senior sister had confessed to him.

That kind of perfect girl — who was known as the prettiest girl in the school and the goddess — actually confessed to him!

Senior sister, just as he was secretly in love with her, she was… she was also secretly interested in him!

Just what kind of good quality did he possess that could make such a girl be fond of him? To be fond enough to the point of creating an opportunity by herself to travel with him, and even with the intention of giving her first time to him!

He just couldn’t figure out the reason. However, he felt truly moved in his heart, truly moved!1

“But how about me?! I actually had vulgar thoughts about this body… I am really…”

Lily lowered her head to look at her uninjured and spotless body.

“Senior sister, as you wished, I have survived. But how about you? Where did you go?”

As these thoughts crossed her mind, sad tears involuntarily flowed down from Lily’s eyes. If it was not because there was someone beside her, she really would have bawled right there and then! Why?! Why am I the one who survived?! And yet a good girl like the senior sister is…

However, the warmth she felt from senior sister’s body, wasn’t that the proof that senior sister was still with her?

The thing she needed to protect, was her own body!

“Miss Kagami, what happened?” Hojo looked at Lily reservedly as he pulled the horse along. Her appearance now seemed to have confirmed his own speculation.

“Miss Kagami Lily, just how much sorrow are you going through right now…” Hojo’s brow furrowed as he considered his words carefully, but he didn’t continue to press for an answer.

At the moment, the dawn was already approaching. The horse’s sturdy hoofs were treading on the verdant grass field that glittered with dew as they walked up the hillside. In front of them, the light yellow ray of the morning sun was rising from the beautiful purple horizon, mists were drifting in between the green hills, and they could see old wooden houses that were linked together below a distant mountain range.

“Ahead of us is the Matsuda family’s dwelling. This region is the domain of Matsuda Nagahide. Miss Kagami, should we go now, or do you want to wait a moment?” Hojo asked.

“I am fine, please let us go now,” Lily said as she wiped her tears.

This early morning was as beautiful as a picturesque painting, however, why was it that Lily always felt a little cold and dejected when looking at this scene?

“Matsuda Nagahide right? I heard from Mister Hojo that he is a kenjutsu instructor, I wonder if it is possible to seek instruction from him.” Lily looked towards those flat roofs that were gradually getting into view.

For some reason, even though Lily felt that the horse was stepping on solid ground, there’s also the sense of lightness and helplessness. It felt just like that time when senior sister and herself was falling towards the ocean.

O’ senior sister… if that was the end for both of us, if I was to die together with you, I wouldn’t have any regrets. However, is your intention to let me carry on this sorrow, and to continue walking by myself in this other world…

“Keep on living!”

This was the last words senior sister said to her. It was so simple, yet so hard.

“However, senior sister, this is an oath between you and me! I will keep on living! I will live with dignity in this world! If there is a chance that you have also drifted to this world… No, I firmly believe in this point, because I can feel it deep inside of me, that you are definitely alive… living in a certain place that I don’t know about. Even if I have to search every end of the world, I will definitely find you! And then… we will go home together.”

Under the beautiful morning sun, with the hill standing tall behind her, Lily pledged this in her heart.

Hojo pulled the horse and took Lily towards the Matsuda’s residence that was located under the hill. The plain and simple housing area was surrounded by a short wooden fence. Two withered pine trees were growing at both sides of the front gate. There was also a massive boulder covered in green-colored moss near the entrance. It was as though they were standing guard at the widely opened wooden gate.

Lily dismounted from the horse, and when Hojo approached the courtyard, they could hear:


The energetic sound of a few youngsters yelling ‘kill’ could be heard from the inside. It was a little sudden in this environment devoid of entertainment2.

Lily was startled, but that Hojo indicated that it was of no harm as he entered the gate with Lily in tow.

Once they were inside, what appeared before them was an open field with overgrown weeds.

What they saw in the center of the open field was a middle-aged man in his fifties instructing four to five youngsters in kenjutsu. The middle-aged man was wearing traditional clothes, had suntanned skin, and his half-exposed shoulder was muscular.

These youngsters were still wet behind the ears. The youngest one of them was roughly seven to eight years old, and the oldest was fifteen to sixteen years old. Their hair was styled in the traditional topknot haircut for children. Each of them was holding a wooden sword and did practice swings under the instructions of the middle-aged man.

In this Heian Empire, the samurai didn’t seem to pay particular attention to fundamentals and systematic sequence in their swordsmanship. They began by letting the child play with the sword randomly, then they would immediately jump into real combat to practice martial skills!

This was very different from the traditional martial arts of Lily’s motherland in her original world. Although Lily also didn’t know much about the martial arts in her motherland.

Looking at these youngsters practicing the sword, Lily couldn’t help but feel worried. Don’t tell me, a young lady as delicate as a flower like me, will be practicing kenjutsu with these muddy-faced brats?

When the middle-aged man noticed Hojo’s arrival, his attitude became solemn at once. He ran towards the courtyard gate to welcome them, and stepped aside to let Hojo through. The middle-aged man was bowing his head at the side.

Hojo walked straight through the courtyard with Lily. He took off his shoes and walked atop the platform under a roof, then he sat down in a cross-legged position.

And that middle-aged man also followed Hojo’s example, though he sat cross-legged directly on the muddy ground of the courtyard. He bowed respectfully towards Hojo once more, then slowly started to talk, “Young Master.”

Lily was completely clueless in regards to this kind of Japanese-style etiquette. However, seeing that these men sat cross-legged and didn’t say a word, of course, Lily couldn’t sit cross-legged herself, otherwise, she would be completely exposed! Thus, she took off her shoes and also walked atop the platform. Recalling the sitting posture of those women who wore kimono in dramas, Lily sat in a seiza and placed her hands on the knee.

It seemed like this act was quite successful, as the two samurais didn’t look at her with suspicion.

Hojo went straight to the point, “Nagahide, I met this girl beside me when I was on a night patrol. Because of a great misfortune, this unfortunate girl has lost some of her memories. She comes from the distant Kansai region, and is the young lady of the Ogasawara family3 under the Kagami clan. I want to let her stay at your place for a period of time.”

“From the Kansai region’s Ogasawara clan is it…” Matsuda Nagahide had a thick beard, dark eyebrow, and stalwart features. He took a quick look at Lily, and said while lowering his head, “Yes, your subordinate has received the order. It is merely arranging a place for the girl to stay. Young Master can be at ease.”

It would seem that, this Hojo Ujizane had somewhat of a status. He was actually able to order this middle-aged samurai at will. Lily could finally heave a sigh of relief. Like this, she should be safe for now, right?

“Wakao! This lil-sis is so god damn good-looking!” The tallest one among the youngsters practicing swords in the courtyard walked to the front of the platform. He had small eyes, and looked robust yet plump. The youngster pointed at Lily and spoke rudely, his tone containing strong accent.

“Taro! You must not be rude!” Matsuda Nagahide berated the child.

Lily also looked at the tall fatty. Why was it that in this elegant other world, where even the grasses and trees were emitting elegance, there were also boorish people with a filthy mouth like him?

“Hmph! Even if I said elegant, I bet only people who are used to the modern world will feel this way? I doubt the majority of people who are originally living in this plain and simple world would know how to appreciate all of these.” Lily whispered to herself.

Hojo also had an ugly complexion. He only sized up this rude and uncivilized youngster out of the corner of his eyes as he thought to himself, “The child of the Daidouji4 house I suppose? Hmph! He’s every bit as irritating as that upstart clan of his!”

However, he didn’t say anything else as he stood up, “Then that’ll be all, I have to get back to Kamakura City. I shall report this matter to my uncle. Miss Kagami will be left in your care.”

“Yes—” Matsuda Nagahide answered.

Hojo had a firm and decisive attitude when treating his subordinates. He stepped down from the platform as soon as he finished his words. Though it seemed like he was a little concerned and reluctant to part as he turned around to look at Lily. Then he said, “Miss Kagami, please stay here for several days. I will definitely come back for you as soon as possible.”

Lily felt a little grateful after hearing these. However, she also felt a little uneasy. His gaze seemed to indicate he was a little interested in Lily. She didn’t want to get into that kind of relationship… Fortunately, it seemed like he was an upright samurai.

“I am thankful for the Young Master’s care all along the way.” Lily expressed her thanks towards Hojo very formally. At this kind of time, it should be easier to divide the boundary if you act more polite right?

Author’s Note

While trapped in this other world, the beautiful and captivating Lily who had no one to rely on, is finally going to start learning kenjutsu and take her first step in this chaotic Heian Empire.


  1. Yea, I’m quite confused whether I should use him or her in all the cases above… 
  2. TLC: 苍寂野趣 
  3. I’m not sure who or what the Ogasawara here is referring to, or what their relation to the Kagami family is… 
  4. Unsure if this is referring to a clan or “great martial artist” 

Chapter 6 – Senior Sister

As the plane gradually entered the cloud, the sky became darker. Most of the passengers in the cabin were resting so the atmosphere was somewhat silent.

The only restless one was the boy. That was because senior sister was sitting right beside him. Normally he could only admire her from afar, but today, he could smell her body’s fragrance for the first time. As expected, you’d find her even lovelier after spending some time in close proximity of her.

If you have such a goddess as a girlfriend, wouldn’t you die without regret?

However, just what kind of person was the senior sister?

Even the three celebrity brothers and the sons of real estate dealers were rejected by her. How could a good-for-nothing otaku like him catch senior sister’s fancy?

If not because of a student exchange program between China and Japan high school, and him being the “lucky winner” of a drawing lot among the student union, there’s no way he’d have the chance to spend time together with senior sister as the school representatives.

Perhaps he was the only one in this cabin to wish for the flight to prolong. However, in reality, there’s only a little more than an hour left before landing. The young man was getting more nervous. He still hadn’t spoken a word with senior sister… what to do? How could he call himself a man like this? Senior sister was right beside him, yet he didn’t take the initiative to start a conversation?

However, he didn’t know how to talk to girls!

What if he said something wrong, wouldn’t that ruin his chance? It’s better off to stay silent so that he wouldn’t make any mistake…

What to do, just what to do… but if he missed this opportunity, he really wouldn’t be able to get close to senior sister ever again…

Just when he was struggling within, the plane suddenly shook.

“Dear passengers, the plane has encountered turbulent wind, there might be some slight shaking, please secure your safety belt and don’t move around the cabin.” The flight attendant’s calm and sweet voice was broadcasted.


Before she could finish her announcement, the plane shook again. And this time, the shaking was a little violent!

This time, all noise ceased inside the plane.

And the view outside the windows was all a piece of darkness. The gale whistled, and turbulent wind pounded against the plane. From time to time, they could even see a flash.

“Dear passengers, the plane has encountered a violent storm, please—”


The plane shook violently as the flight attendant was in the middle of broadcasting. A noisy static and strong wind began to sound in everyone’s ears!

All of a sudden, the plane began to lose its balance and turned upside down—


The entire cabin was in a panic and raised a scream, accompanied by all kinds of items flying around. It had become as chaotic as the doomsday in a flash!

“An air crash?! No way!” The violent shake almost caused the young man’s heart to jump out from his mouth. This fear caused despairing thoughts to well up in his mind, “Am I going to die? No, I don’t want to die!”

The rapid change in atmospheric pressure caused the eardrum to rupture and the noise in the cabin to become strange.

The young man also shouted instinctively in a panic. He was shouting without a care in the world!

Nooo! I am going to die! I am really going to die!! Scary! So scary!!

That feeling of rapid drop and spinning caused the young man to struggle in despair, as he helplessly raised a hysterical scream!

Suddenly, a gentle and delicate hand was lightly placed on the young man’s hand, which was tightly grasping the armrest.


“Th-This is…”

The originally frightened boy calmed down just as suddenly. He turned his face to look at the flickering light of the alert signals, the various kinds of items swirling in the air, the screaming passenger, and yet, among them all, senior sister was merely sitting with a calm expression on her angelic face, though she seemed to be slightly biting her lip. Her book had already flown to who knows where. In this chaotic situation, the young man could only feel the warm and slightly sweaty hand of senior sister grabbing the back of his hand more strongly.

With their hands in contact, the young man could feel that senior sister was also scared! However, even if that was the case, she was forcefully suppressing her fear and tried to encourage him!

That aloof and remote senior sister who possessed a marvelous future, in what might be her last moment of life, didn’t fall to despair and even thought about the helpless him who was by her side!

So, it turned out that senior sister actually cared about him!

“You are obviously very scared yourself, and you still try to take good care of this unaccomplished junior. Are you trying to lighten my fear and suffering just a little bit before the final moment?”

“Senior sister…”

“Bang—!!!” With a loud bang, the entire front side of the plane was torn apart. As strong gale poured into the cabin, many people raised a scream as they were blown away with their seat and all.

This hopeless scene caused the young man to fall completely in despair. We’re finished! This is hopeless!

The ice-cold gale devastated everything with its blade of wind.

All of a sudden, he was wrapped in a warm embrace.


The whistle of the gale, the scream of sorrow, all of these seemed to be blocked out by some kind of sweet comfort as they changed into blurry sound.

At this final moment, senior sister actually wrapped an otaku like him in her embrace.

He never would’ve thought that, the him who only dared to look at her from afar, the youngster who didn’t even dare to have eye contact with her, was now hugged tightly by this girl who was synonymous to a celestial goddess.

Senior sister’s hair was fluttering in the air like a symphony of death, yet her angelic face remained as calm as the moon in the sky.

Senior sister’s lips were slowly getting closer to the side of the young man’s ear. In this place, where the plane was constantly breaking into pieces, where they were surrounded by bottomless sky, the place which might become their final resting ground, senior sister said this:

“I like you.”

“Eh?!?!?!?!” At this moment, the expression of the young man who was falling along with senior sister was frozen stiff, his time stopped.

“If I don’t say it now, I’m afraid there isn’t any chance left…”

“You are the one who always peeks at me right? I like boys like that, very much so… It was me who arranged to go on this trip with you… I’m sorry, I didn’t expect it’ll become like this…”


“I was originally thinking… to offer myself to you in a love hotel at Kyoto…”

The last few seconds of the crumbling plane felt like eternity for the young man!

Senior sister likes me?!

Is this real?

The senior sister who he was secretly in love with, was also interested in him?

Even to the point of offering herself?

Is this for real? Or could he already be in heaven?

However, senior sister’s warmth and quickened pulse were continuously transmitted to his desperate face!

“Are you embracing me in order to protect me in my final moment? To give me a one in a thousand opportunity to live?”

“No! It should be me who is protecting you!”

“It should be me who should sacrifice myself to protect the girl I love!!!”

Senior sister and the young man were unable to resist the pull of gravity and were thrown out of the crumbling plane. However, they were still in each others’ embrace. They were blown towards the beautiful evening sky, and below them was the boundless ocean!

Right now, they had already left the scope of the black cloud. The distant sun was already emitting a gentle and beautiful light ray. However, none of this registered to the boy and the girl, as they were falling towards their doomsday!

However, this doomsday was rather beautiful…

The boy and the girl were no longer dominated by fear. Rather, they were embracing and looking at each other in close proximity. Even though their hair was fluttering wildly, their expression was pure and tranquil. The young girl’s loving eyes were filled with endless affection. However, in the end, as her eyebrows bent, glistening teardrops flowed out from the corner of her eyes.

Her red lips opened for one last time, and this time, the two of them were about to drop into the ocean, their consciousness on the verge of fading out. They were almost unable to hear the sound of each other anymore.

“Keep on living.”

The young girl used her feeble and gentle voice to say this.

The warmth of a next-door neighbor could be felt on top of this ocean. That was every bit of warmth the girl had for the boy.


No! No!! No—!!!

“What do you mean keep on living! The both of us will survive!!! If not! Let me be the one who die!!! You must live on!”



The young man also lost his consciousness in the end, but even until the last moment, he and his senior sister never let go of each other. No matter what was waiting for them down there in the bottomless abyss, they never separated.


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