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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 162

So I’ve been scheduling these posts for a while now.
And every time I organise the chapter order I scroll to the bottom of the “Demon Sword Maiden” dropdown.
But this means scrolling over 150 chapters now and it’s a real pain.

I really need to remember the method to search for a specific page instead of a their parent page.
But I’m too lazy to search.

Anyway these two chapters were hell to edit and I’m really not satisfied with my results but if I spend any longer on them I might go insane.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 7 «

[News] Giveaway Event Delayed

Remember the chibi art I commissioned for Demon Sword Maiden a while back? That’s right, I’ve made them into keychains and was thinking of holding a giveaway event soon after I delivered the first batch to the editors and patrons, but due to “unforeseen circumstances”, the keychains are still being held at the post station and not yet dispatched. It is unfortunate, but I believe we will have to delay the giveaway event until further notice.

Meanwhile, you may want to like and follow our Facebook or Twitter page! The rule of the giveaway event is pretty simple, you just gotta like our posts on the social media page and share (or retweet) them to the “Public”. Then, from there, we will randomly select a few winners to receive the prize. While the event has been delayed, it never hurts to start interacting with our social media page early, if you get that “top fan” badge on Facebook, you are more likely to get noticed and be selected to receive the prize.

I will keep you guys updated when the giveaway event officially begins.
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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 161

The previous few chapters were translated by an applicant translator and we’re back to Snoring Dragon now.
In the future we’re going to be switching translator to Immortal Dreamer, who is significantly more familiar with Japanese than any of the Chinese translators we’ve had so far, so there will be a lot of term shifts as we realise that things are references to existing Japanese terms.

Stuff like Kengo will also be changing, so please hold on while I work out a full list of the terms that will be changing in the future and adjust accordingly.

Until now the termsheet has been pretty static, but hopefully this will improve the readability.
As an extension of this news I can expect my editing to be smoother too, so I will probably start making more joke comments on the chapters.
Patreons can also be happy to know that new chapters will now be added to the folders too since we have a translator on board.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 6 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 160

As you folks should remember from yesterday, we left our degenerate protagonist in a bit of a heated moment.
Well too bad you don’t get to read all about it! We’re skipping straight to the aftermath!

Evil laughter.

However if you donate to my gacha funds (you can find my paypal here) the Patreon then I might be persuaded to write a patreon exclusive 18+ chapter.

Evil laughter intensifies.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 5 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 157

We have a new art candidate in this chapter!
What do you guys think?

Make sure to donate to the patreon if you want to see more high quality art work!
On another note, have you guys checked out the new novels here?
Not only do we have Hero’s Redo as an example, but we also have an Original here now!
This is like a slap in my face to make me resume my originals that I keep delaying isn’t it?

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 2 «