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Chapter 11 – Flowery Night

For some reason, the daytime had always been particularly short in this world. The night had arrived again with but a single moment of inattention. Despite that, it was not like Lily disliked night-time at all.

Lily actually preferred the night over daytime.

The streetlight flickered amidst the flowers under the moonlight, the feeling of taking a stroll after the rain was somewhat refreshing.

However, the cool wind brushing against her thigh reminded Lily that her kimono was torn.

She intended to borrow needle and threads from the granny in Chrysanthemum Inn to sew her kimono. It’s just that, having only one set of clothes was also quite inconvenient, so she turned towards the shopping district at the river bank with the intention to buy a new set of kimono.

Although it was very convenient to move around with a short-skirted kimono, Lily still wanted a set with a long skirt. There was no particular reason behind it.

Lily wandered through the streets at the river bank and saw a kimono store located at the corner of a dark alley. Thus, she walked over there.

Most of the customers around here were samurais, so this shop that sold kimono for women didn’t see much business. When Lily entered the shop, the only people present were herself and the proprietress.

The shop was decorated in good taste. Aside from the ready-made clothes hanging on the walls, there were also fabrics for sale. Fresh flowers were used as decorations and purple smoke slowly rose from the aromatic incense.

Lily’s attention was quickly attracted by a gorgeous red kimono displayed on the wall.

That kimono had multi-colored floral patterns. There were not too many flowers but each of them was sewed appropriately. Even though it was a kimono for women, it gave off the feel of a samurai gear among a mass of flowers. In this dark, far-away world, where there was an absence of light, that red was so brilliant as though it was a proud Lycoris1. So red that it was beautiful, so red that it was solitary, it was inharmonious with the gloom of the surrounding world. Then again, it was precisely the crucial point that brought life to this murky world, just as the beauties of the night.2

“I want that one,” said Lily as she pointed at the red kimono.

“Hehe,” the proprietress said, “Young lady, that is the treasure of our house. I didn’t sell it even when someone offered 30 kwan for it.”

“Ah…” Lily became dumbfounded, clear was the disappointment in her eyes. Never did she expect this kimono to be so expensive! Even if she really liked this pair of clothes, she didn’t have enough money!

Seeing that Lily was so disappointed, the heartstring of the proprietress was tugged. Then she said with a relieved smile as though she just recalled something, “No matter how beautiful the clothes are, they still need someone appropriate to wear them in order to bring out their true beauty. Although I’m not selling it to others even if they offered a huge sum of money, I don’t mind selling it to you if you truly want it. Just give me half of everything you have, I will sell this set of clothes to you no matter how much you give me.”3

“Eh? Really?” Lily felt a burst of joy.

The proprietress nodded with a smile.

The thought of scamming never crossed Lily’s mind as she honestly took out half of her remaining coins, which amounted to a little more than one kwan.

The proprietress took one kwan and returned the remainder to Lily, “Take these remainder back, you can think of it as my reward for the young lady’s honesty.”

“You sure, aunt? Thank you…” Lily gratefully received the remainder because she really didn’t have much money left.

“Young lady, please go inside and I’ll help you change into the kimono, alright? After all, I would like to see for myself how the kimono would look like on someone who is actually worthy of wearing it.”

“Un,” Lily answered cheerfully.

The night was getting darker and the full moon was hanging on the night sky.

Lily left the alley dressed in a red kimono, propped up by her hands was the paper parasol, “Sakura”, and hanging on her waist was the tachi, “Seiwa Tamashi”, or “Seitama” for short. She looked just like a fairy that had entered the secular world by mistake. Then again, she could also be viewed as a beauty taking a night tour in the town.

The proprietress looked at Lily’s back as she got further away, tears involuntarily trickled down her cheeks, “Oh… my dear Aomi… if you hadn’t been devoured by the Mountain Imp, right now… perhaps you might still be wearing the clothes mommy sewed for you, or even have gotten married already…”4


Chapter 10 – Lily buys a Katana

It was dusk. The light of the sunset shone over the white wall crested with black tiles at an angle, illuminating the courtyard of the Genji Dojo. The courtyard, one so spacious that a person could easily lose their bearings inside, took a reddish hue wherever it was struck by the rays of the sun.

For some reason, Lily always felt that the sunset in this world was picturesque.

It didn’t appear as if Lily could ever get lost though. When she was still a boy, her sense of direction was pretty good. She felt that all her good points from when she was a boy had been combined with senior sister’s strong point. Lily thought of that as she looked at her own breasts.

According to Sakiko, the tools shop were located at the southwest side of Genji Dojo’s outer courtyard. After she walked past a red bridge and entered an island-shaped garden, Lily looked around and there were indeed a few shops hidden among the pine trees and bushes.

Among them was a tool shop that hanged a sword-shaped signboard.

Presently, this place was rather quiet. It was dubious if there was even anyone looking after the shop.

Lily walked into the weapon shop. The lighting was pretty dark inside and a really old-fashioned sales counter was placed right in front of the entrance. On the wooden stands, the walls, and even in the barrels, all kinds of katanas were put on display.

Just a quick look was enough to make Lily spoilt for choice.

She didn’t know why but just looking at those katanas with exquisite workmanship and beautiful curve, Lily couldn’t help but feel fluttery in her stomach. She just couldn’t contain her joy and excitement.

‘At last, I am finally going to have my own sword!’

One could only be called a samurai with a sword right?

“Excuse me, is the young lady here to buy a sword?” An old man with a small build and ash-colored beard walked in from the outside with the support of a walking stick. He had a kind face and wore a gray-colored hakama. The old man had a healthy skin color and his eyes were so narrow it almost formed a line.1

“Ah… that’s right, it’s just that… this is my first time buying a sword, so I have no idea how to choose one from so many selections?” Lily was puzzled and frankly told him the truth.

The old man slowly walked towards the sales counter and said while facing Lily, “Then allow me to make an introduction to the young lady. This is the dojo’s internal weapon shop. The price is fair and the quality is guaranteed by the dojo.”

“Those stuffed in the barrels are degraded katanas for the most part. They are cheap, roughly around 100 mon to 1 kwan. They are mainly used by new apprentices or foot soldiers. However, they couldn’t bear a samurai’s penetration force and are likely to break apart.”

“Mhm,” Lily nodded. She knew all too well that an inferior quality katana broke apart very easily. However, a genuine sword wouldn’t break even after cutting rocks continuously!

The old man continued, “The ones on these stands are comparatively better katanas, with the majority of them around Grade One. The price is around 3~5 kwan. If the young lady is a samurai, then you need to use this kind of sword at the very least. If the gap in strength is not too much, swords of this grade and above are very unlikely to break apart. These kinds of swords are enough for the common samurai clans to use in a duel and even in group battles.”

Lily felt relieved upon hearing these. It seemed like she would be able to afford a Grade One katana. Even though they were just Grade One, these were still so much better than the scrap metals the bandits were using.

And then, the old man’s narrow eyes flickered with a strong flash as he turned around and used the walking stick to point at the katanas hanging behind the sales counter, “These— are but Grade Two Katanas! The quality of these katanas is extremely high. Most of them are forged by the disciples of famous swordsmiths. They are forged from high-quality alloy and meticulously smithed through complex processes. Each and every katana could be said to be incredibly durable and sharp! However, they are more expensive in comparison, even the more common ones cost at least a dozen or more kwan. The best among the Grade Two katanas will cost no less than 30 kwan!”

“T-that expensive?!” Lily was excited just a moment ago, but now she’s a little concerned. They were too expensive and she couldn’t afford it!

“Young lady, if you know how hard is it to refine alloy and how arduous is it to forge a katana in the future, you will not say something like this. Besides, these are Grade Two katanas, not to mention the average samurais, they can even withstand the power of a kengo!” The old man earnestly explained.

“Kengo?” Lily was confused, “May I ask what is a…”

“Heh heh,” The old man turned back to the sales counter and drank a mouthful of tea without a sense of urgency. Only then did he slowly open his mouth. His gentle voice sounded a little more excited than before, “Kengo… they are an existence one class higher than the samurais! According to their strength, the samurais can be divided into low class, middle class, and high class. As for the kengo, they are more powerful than even the high-class samurais! The kengo can go anywhere freely and unrestrained! With their status and power, if they are not heroes that hunt down the ghosts and demons, then they be a major figure in a large clan! It is no exaggeration to say that the kengos are the core power of any major samurai clan!”2

“Kengo… stands at the top of the samurai hierarchy,” Lily knew that there were super strong ones even among the samurais. She only just found out that the samurais were divided into low class, middle class, high class, and kengo! She suddenly felt like she had really just taken the first step towards the path of samurais.

That old man was getting more excited as he went on and on. He suddenly stabbed the ground with his walking stick and even his squinted eyes became wide open all of a sudden. He had a distant and reverent look in his eyes. He spoke with deep emotion as though Lily was not around, “And even higher than kengo is the kensei-sword saint.”3

“Kensei?!” Lily’s entire body jolted once upon hearing that one word. She intuitively recalled the beautiful female samurai who beheaded the demon under that moonlit night. Her power was already beyond the category of an ordinary person, it could even be rated as saintly!

“That’s right!” The old man had emotional tears and his aged hands trembled constantly. He continued to speak in an excited manner, “Kensei, even with my long life in this dojo, I have only seen them a few times. They are an existence that could move unhindered in the Heian Empire. Just one of them is enough to destroy an entire army and siege a castle! Each one of them is capable of standing on equal footing with the distinguished clans of one region!”

“Kensei…” The heroic figure of a powerful individual who annihilated a swarm of demons seemed to materialize in front of Lily’s eyes!

Her slender hands tightened around the parasol, as if she was holding a katana. A distinctive sound resulted from how powerfully she gripped the handle. Those who walked this path and experienced the ecstasy of waving a sword, just who wouldn’t wish to reach the pinnacle of strength? Just who wouldn’t want to become one with the wind and walk side-by-side along those grandmasters?

Despite the fact that Lily was a girl, her dream to become stronger had now been ignited.

What’s more, she was also shouldering the fate of her sweetheart!

And let’s not forget that her soul was still that of a boy!

‘I want to become a kensei!’

‘I want to stand by the side of that silver-haired sister one of these days…’

Lily couldn’t help but get excited and her breasts bounced up.

Those not in the know might have thought she was yearning for love, but she was in fact, thirsting for the elation of reaching the pinnacle!

“Young lady… young lady?”

“Huh? Ah… I’m sorry, I was daydreaming…” Lily’s face still had a hint of excitement. Then she looked at the katanas and said, “I-I want to buy Grade Two katana!”

Lily had decided!

In order to walk further along this path, she naturally needed a good sword!

One that was capable of walking alongside her on this path and protect her from dangers!

Lily’s eyes fell directly on the katanas hanging on the wall. Not only were the workmanship of these swords exceptional, but Lily could also feel a strong aura coming from them with her strong perception.

However, Lily had a feeling that they were lacking something.

When the old man noticed the hesitation in Lily’s eyes, he nodded with a smile, “Even though this is the first time the young lady is buying a sword, you have an indescribable connection with them… How long does the young lady prefer the sword to be? And what kind of sword?”

“Three feet seven inches, tachi,” Lily was actually still in a daze so she answered unconsciously. The first wooden sword she used was precisely three feet seven inches. This length was just perfect for her.

“Please wait here for a moment.”

The old man walked into the back of the store and returned shortly. What he retrieved from the back was a long katana with black handle and dark green scabbard. The sword handle was wrapped by a black silk cloth that gave off green light in the dark. The lustrous wooden scabbard had golden and green-jade decorative designs drawn on it.

One look at the sword the old man was holding, Lily was already captivated by the exquisite workmanship of the sword handle and scabbard. The design was stylish, yet it carried a hint of delicacy. This was precisely the trait Lily was looking for.

The old man handed the sword to Lily, “Young lady, please draw the sword and take a look.”

‘Draw the sword?’

Lily suddenly recalled that she had always been using a wooden sword and didn’t have a chance to draw a sword yet!

She took the sword in hands.

‘So heavy!’

It was much too heavy compared to a wooden sword of the same length!

It was also several times heavier than the scrap metals the bandits were using!

‘So this is a genuine katana!’

The old man introduced, “Forged by the apprentice of Munechika, the most well-known swordsmith clan in Kamakura City. The sword name: Seiwa Tamashi!4 Three feet seven inches, weighing 9.6 kilograms.”

9.6 kilograms… It sounded a lot lighter compared to the heavy weaponry in Lily’s world, such as the Chinese board sword or cyclone ax. However, it was already very heavy for a katana. Please be reminded that the handle of a katana was only one foot long. Moreover, what the katana sought after was lightweight and speed! A katana normally weighted between 1.2 to 4.8 kilograms. Due to the length of this tachi, more materials were needed, and it was made thicker in order to maintain its durability. It became this heavy as a result.

“This is forged by a Grade Two alloy. The blade of this Grade Two katana was fortified by a Grade Three black ironwood carbon. The price is 36 kwan. This is a rarely seen perfect work among the Grade Two sword. I heard that from now on, the great disciple of Munechika will no longer forge a Grade Two sword and moves on to forge higher grade swords. This could be said to be his Grade Two masterpiece! The price is fixed and no discount will be given. As for the other swords, I might be able to give you some discount though,” the old man continued, “Why don’t the young lady go and take a look at the other swords.”

Lily gripped the sword handle and felt a wave of numbness in the palm of her hands. It was as though the spirit of this sword was coursing through her hands. She could see the scene of the sweaty swordsmith waving his hammer in front of a blazing furnace.

Lily took two steps back.


A streak of green light flashed through with lightning speed!

“My god—!” That old man staggered from fright and nearly fell down. It was fortunate that the sales counter was behind him and stopped him mid-fall.

Sweats trickled down from the old man’s forehead as he got the shock of his life. This young lady looked so gentle and beautiful, yet she was able to draw such a long and heavy tachi so quickly with her slender hands!

The back of the blade had a beautiful design, the bladed part was clear and the other half was blurry. Lily’s face was reflected on the blade. The blade formed an arc as beautiful as the flowing water, it was quite an enchanting sight.

Even though this room was not that bright, the blade still emitted a light.

“Uncle, this sword… I’m buying it.”

The moment Lily grabbed hold of this Seiwa Tamashi, she was unwilling to part with it anymore.

36 kwan, since Lily had joined the dojo, she could buy Grade Two swords with half price. That would put the price down to 18 kwan, she… could barely just afford it!

Needless to say, one must stay within the bounds of fairness in order to buy the swords. It was impossible to buy all the stocks at half price and resell them at the outside to get rich quick.

The moment she took out ninety percent of her entire fortune and almost emptied out her pouch, not only did Lily’s hand not tremble, but she was even feeling great.

‘Could it be that I have really become a shopping maniac?’

Of course, as far as Lily was concerned, she didn’t need any protective armor at all. Her only equipment was this sword, so it was understandable that she would spend it all in one go.

What’s more, she liked this sword!

There’s no reason not to buy it!

It seemed like Lily was stupidly in love with swords.

“Take care, young lady…” The old man waved at Lily beside the wooden door.

Lily was perfectly satisfied as she embraced her very first katana —the “Seiwa Tamashi”— as she walked out the door.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 40

Well, it took quite a while for Ziru to notice that I’ve stopped posting on his site. He sure was angry though, as he rightfully should. He blocked me after saying everything he had to so I had no chance to explain. I suppose it was a pretty mature choice to avoid escalating possible conflict further than necessary. Though I do have a few things to clarify.

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4) I don’t hate Ziru or anything, I only hoped he could have done a better job at entertaining his team.

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Chapter 9 – Genji Sakiko

Takeshita was a relatively safe place considering it was in an area where the monsters and bandits were a common sight.

That was all thanks to the protection of Genji Dojo.

And the master of these guardians, Genji Sakiko, was sitting right across Lily.

That screen behind Genji Sakiko was a painting with a snowfield and plum blossom. The artistic strokes in the painting complemented the literary and martial world perfectly. Amidst the cold winter, there was a beautiful and vivid red bloom.

The screen perfectly represented its owner.

The furniture in the room was simple, but each item was elaborately crafted. Lily could feel the spirits of these items, and each of them had an unusual story to tell.

Lily sat in the room for fifteen minutes, but Genji Sakiko did not say a single word during this time. She just kneeled there and single-mindedly devoted her attention to spread the golden cloth in front of her. Atop the cloth was a black tea case with a vivid painting of birds and flowers.

And on top of the tea case laid a large teacup that resembled a commoner’s rice bowl — simplistic and rough-looking. Lily was drawn in not only by its ruggedness, but also by its austere, rustic, and firm feel. She felt the urge to have her slender fingers caress that sometimes smooth and sometimes coarse surface. She imagined it must feel amazing…1

“Miss Kagami is also interested in tea set?” said Sakiko as she carefully stirred the powdered green tea with a small brush.

“Ah… no, I-I don’t really understand about these things. It’s just that… this cup has quite a unique design despite its rough-looking surface,” Lily answered honestly.

“Hehe, nice insight, Miss Kagami. This Shino Teacup is part of a Grade Five tea set. When you are in distraught, fiddling with it and preparing a cup of tea is a very effective way to get your mind off your worries,” said Sakiko as she continued to prepare the tea.

“Grade Five tea set?” Lily had a confused look.

“That’s right, tea set and work of arts are the same as weapons, armors, and materials, all of them have a rank depending on their value, usefulness, rarity, and many other such factors.”

“Common items are ranked between Grade One to Three. Grade Four is premium products of uncommon origin. Grade Five is quality items of high rarity. Grade Six is priceless treasures. As for Grade Seven and above… they are the stuff of legends, even I have never seen them before.”

Lily looked at the teacup in Sakiko’s hands. She didn’t expect this cup was such a valuable item.

“Here, Miss Kagami, drink this tea,” Sakiko passed the green tea she just blended to Lily.

“This… teacup is so valuable, Lily doesn’t dare to drink from it.” She wouldn’t be able to buy a single fragment of the teacup even if she sold herself.

“Hehe, there is no need for Miss Kagami to belittle herself. No matter how valuable is the teacup, it is still made for the same purpose. Only by making contact with the lips will the spirit of the teacup be able to feel self-worth and happiness from it. Go ahead and drink it, do not deny this Shino of its purpose.”

Lily shyly accepted the teacup with her two little hands. This teacup was heavier than it looked, but its texture was every bit as she expected.

Lily lifted the teacup and placed her red lips on the rough side of the teacup. Despite staining such a valuable item with her saliva and lips-mark, she drained the half-filled green tea in one gulp.

Immediately after that, she felt her spirit getting uplifted. It was as though her mind had been soothed and baptized by an authentic flavor.

Sakiko smiled at that sight, “Hehe, Miss Kagami had such a refreshing look when drinking the tea.”

“Lady Sakiko,” Lily returned the teacup to Sakiko and bowed before she said, “Since the teacup is so rough, Lily thinks that it would a slight to the teacup’s outspoken spirit to serve the guests if I do not drain the cup in one gulp.”

“Hehehe… Miss Kagami is exceptionally intelligent. You have quite a unique evaluation of this teacup.”

“I’m sorry… Lily was talking nonsense,” Lily bowed her head with a blush.

“There’s no way, what you said was very interesting. On the contrary, Miss Kagami might have a gift in tea ceremony. Why not come to my place frequently in the future to learn more about tea ceremony?”2

Lily felt delighted in her heart when she heard these. It was as though she really desired to learn a little of this tea ceremony, however, this was not a good time.

“Many thanks to Lady Sakiko’s good intention. Although Lily is interested in the tea ceremony, I am just an ordinary girl and do not have that qualification yet. On the contrary, Lily is more interested to learn kenjutsu first,” said Lily with a serious tone as she bowed towards Sakiko.

“Hehe, Miss Kagami has the same thoughts as me. However, even if I may be the master of this dojo, I can still teach you about tea ceremony as a friend. The kenjutsu on the other hand, it is rooted with the Genji Clan and bound by a complex set of rules. I cannot lightly pass it on to you.”

“Lily understands! In order to obtain the finest sword arts, Lily is willing to do anything.”3

“Hmm…” Sakiko was getting fonder of Lily with each passing moment. Then she said, “Although I cannot lightly spread the teachings, our Genji Dojo is also very interested in a talented girl who is a master of pen and sword like Miss Kagami. I wonder if Miss Kagami is willing to join our Genji Dojo? You can sign the contract to join the dojo in advance. This will be a special case since you haven’t been formally appointed a samurai yet. If Miss Kagami is willing, then please sign here.”

While speaking, Sakiko retrieved from the wooden box a contract that was clearly prepared in advance.

“Eh?” Lily hesitated for a moment. Though she felt that it was rude towards this woman who had been taking care of her all along despite having such a high status, some things still needed to be made clear.

“Lady Sakiko, Lily has amnesia and is not able to prove my identity,” said Lily as such.

“Hehe,” Sakiko said without any concern, “What the Genji Dojo seeks for in a disciple are their talents and characteristic. One’s origin is of no importance, so long as they are not from Taira Dojo. Miss Kagami can be at ease, we will not inquire too much about your origin and make things difficult for you from now on. As long as you join the Genji Dojo, you will naturally receive shelter from the dojo. If other people are using your identity to blackmail you for no reason, our dojo will surely step up to help.”

Sakiko’s voice was brimming with sincerity. She was calm and self-confident, as to be expected from the master of the country’s strongest samurai force!

Lily also felt reassured upon hearing these. Therefore, she said very sincerely, “In that case, Lily is willing to sign the contract.”

“Hehe, Miss Kagami looks so delicate, but you make decisions fast,” Sakiko had a glint in her eyes. She pushed the contract and writing material towards Lily before she continued, “Since Miss Kagami is staying at my inn, I naturally knew that you wanted to take part in the combat examination. But you don’t even have a weapon, do you? Once you signed this contract, we can pay you 10 kwan in advance. They are originally intended as a reward for those who are formally appointed as a samurai.”4

“Really?!” replied Lily joyfully, there was a fluttery feeling in the pit of her stomach. She was indeed short on money! Even though her strength already exceeded the average samurai by a huge margin, she still didn’t have a decent sword. How would she be able to fight like this? She was still troubled over this matter until moments ago.

Lily was about to sign it immediately after taking the brush.

“What? You are not going to read the terms of the contract?”

“I reckon that Lady Sakiko must have thoroughly taken me into consideration before preparing this contract for me, there’s no need to read it,” said Lily as she picked up the brush and signed her name on the contract.

Sakiko took the contract and covered the smile on her face, “Hehehe, what if this is a slavery contract?”

“Since Lily has decided to join the Genji Dojo, I will listen to Lady Sakiko’s orders, with or without the contract,” answered Lily firmly. She herself also didn’t know why she had a feeling that Sakiko could be trusted.

“Hehe, you really are a good girl. I am liking you more and more!” Sakiko looked at her newly recruited disciple with joy and continued, “However, the contract you signed is for Genji Dojo’s disciple in-name-only. There is actually not much restriction. You are not required to come every day and can freely do the things you want to do. We just want you to remember that you are affiliated with the Genji Dojo once you’ve grown up in the future.”

“Lily will bear that in mind—” Lily bowed before Sakiko to express her utmost gratitude.

“Mhm, Miss Kagami, since you have joined my Genji Dojo, then I will just call you by name in the future, is that fine?”


Sakiko took Lily’s teacup and prepared another cup of tea. She turned the teacup around until she faced the area Lily drank from. She opened her beautiful lips and placed it directly on the lips-mark. It was not known whether she was drinking the tea or tasting something else entirely.5

It made Lily blush a little. After all, this deliberate action of turning the cup was seen by her own eyes.

“Oh Lily, I feel that you and I are brought together by fate. Moreover, seeing how much you respect our protector God prior to joining the Genji Dojo, I will personally award you another 10 kwan. Take it and go buy yourself a good sword. You not only have an affinity for tea ceremony, the sword and you have an even more unimaginable connection. Looking at it from a different angle, it’s more like the swords are your lover. Only a good sword will you be able to bring out your strength and talent,” said Sakiko as she looked at Lily with a meaningful look.

“Thank you Lady Sakiko!” Lily was very excited. She still hadn’t done anything for the dojo and yet Sakiko already granted her 20 kwan! This was a huge sum of money! This was such a huge grace. Of course, the money was not the most important part, the key point was that this money could be used to buy a sword! That was but the calling of the samurais!

Lily obviously needed to express her gratitude deeply.

“Oh, that’s right,” Sakiko reminded, “Although Takeshita has several shops that sell swords and there is no lack of quality goods, your understanding of swords is still too shallow. I’m afraid that you might be cheated if you go outside to buy a sword. Our Genji Dojo has an internal weapon shop, swords that are Grade Two and below will be sold for half price to the general disciples. You can go and take a look. Maybe you will be able to buy one with an even more appropriate price tag. The quality is guaranteed by the dojo.”

“Is that so!” Lily had an expectant look in her eyes, “I was just worried about that. If the dojo has inexpensive and quality goods for sale, then I can be at ease.”

Lily recalled the goldfish she left back at the Chrysanthemum Inn. If her luck was really brought about by this goldfish, then it had already exceeded its initial value.

“By the way, I still have something for you,” said Sakiko suddenly with a slightly mysterious smile.

“Huh?” There’s still more? Lily felt that Genji Sakiko was treating her too kindly and felt very moved. Just what good thing was she going to give her next?

Sakiko got up and retrieved a wooden box with floral pattern from inside the house.

“Lily, I specially picked these for you with utmost care. Open it and take a look.”

Specially picked these for herself? Lily got even more curious by the seconds. The mistress of Genji Dojo even said with utmost care, it may be assumed that it must be a treasure of uncommon origin!6

Lily held back her excitement and extended her slender hands to open that delicate box with high expectation.

What she saw in the box was…… side tie panties of various colors!7

“Ehhhh?!?!” Lily’s face blushed in a flash, “W-What are these?”

The bashful girl asked while fully knowing the answer.

Sakiko’s eyes were full of satisfaction and she smiled sweetly, “We are both women, what are you acting stupid for? Aren’t these what we wear at all times? Especially for female samurais who faced dangers every day, we must pay particular attention to these kinds of things, isn’t that so?”

Lily’s face was burning up and it felt like her body was floating in a sticky paste. Her movement was a little unnatural as she said, “B-But, these are a little…”

“Isn’t it, isn’t it? Each and every one of them is so fine and delicate. White ones, black ones, red ones, blue and purple ones, green ones with gold embroidery, and even those black ones with laces…”

Sakiko moved behind Lily and grabbed her shoulders. She said with a somewhat sensual tone, “Hehe, since we are already sisters from the same dojo, why don’t Miss Kagami stop acting like a pure and innocent girl? What kind of underwear does little sister like to wear, how can this older sister not know?”

Sakiko extended her fingers into the box and displayed the underwear before Lily one after the other. It was as if she was trying to let Lily see all those embarrassing things clearly. Lily had a rich imagination to begin with, so upon seeing those panties, she couldn’t help but imagine herself wearing those. Her heartbeat involuntarily sped up and her breathing became rough.

“I-I’ve never worn this kind of… underwear before,” Lily denied without any confidence.

Sakiko got closer to Lily and squeezed her adequate breasts against Lily’s arm.

“Still not admitting it?” Sakiko’s breath gently brushed Lily’s ears, which caused her sensitive neck to wince. She couldn’t stand it, but there’s no way she could just push her away due to their differences in status. Lily only felt her body was getting hot and fluttery, she didn’t know what to do.

Sakiko leaned against Lily’s hand and said with a slightly teasing voice, “Let me tell you something sister Lily, once upon a time, someone doubted that you are a monster, it was this older sister who helped to inspect and verify your innocence! And yet you still want to continue this pretense?”

“What?!?!” Lily’s delicate body jolted. She suddenly recalled that when she just arrived at Matsuda Clan, that Hiroko wanted to frame her as a monster and said that went to Genji something dojo and… invited Sakiko to inspect her personal clothing!

‘So it was her who inspected my clothing!’ Lily had the urge to cry. That tight g-string she was wearing had been inspected in full details by Lady Sakiko, it was no wonder she knew about Lily’s type of underwear.

But this type of underwear was not chosen by Lily herself, she only had this pair ever since she arrived in this world. It was quite inconvenient as she had to go commando while waiting for it to dry after the wash. It caused the misunderstanding that she was the type that wore proper clothing on the outside but very brazen on the inside, now that it had come to this, she couldn’t find the words to get herself out of this.

Sakiko whispered in Lily’s ears, “I didn’t think much of it upon seeing sister Lily only wearing one set of kimono all along, but even the g-string that you hung out to dry was the same as the one I had seen. I believe that little sister might have her own difficulties, so I have selected some from my collections and sent someone to get a few more pairs. I want little sister to use these if you’re going to the deep mountains to suppress monsters. After all, there’s no way you can wear only one underwear in the deep mountain and go commando at night right? Just accept these sister Lily. Don’t worry, they are all brand new.”

Lily felt emotional upon hearing these. She even thought that the lady was trying to tease her on purpose, but it turned out that she thought it might be necessary for her when entering the deep mountains. What a thoughtful consideration, she even selected them according to her preference.

Even though it was not a preference Lily had voluntarily chosen, what’s done was done. It would be rude of Lily to refuse this good intention.

“T-Then… I’ll gratefully accept it,” Lily bowed her head with a blush and closed the box with a “bang”. She was too embarrassed to look any longer.

‘Then again, what’s up with sister Lily? The way Lady Sakiko addressed me is too casual,’ Lily let out a small complaint in her heart.

Lily met with Sakiko and benefited greatly from it. She even got 20 kwan from her, and then conveniently received a whole pack of underwear. It was too late to say she wouldn’t be using them now, she might as well wear them for the time being and not waste Lady Sakiko’s goodwill.

Thus, Lily bid farewell to Sakiko with a blush and left the inner dojo absent-mindedly.

Lily was feeling a little light-headed and nearly forgot that her kimono was torn. She only remembered when the wind brushed past and sent a slight chill to her thigh. Therefore, she disobediently stole a white flag that was erected at one side of the dojo and tied it to her waist. On the contrary, it gave her the aura of a capable and experienced female samurai.

“Then, it’s time to go and buy a sword!” Lily thought aloud, dangling the two strings of coins she had just received.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 39

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Chapter 8 – Archery and Horsemanship Test

Saikanji Nanako was so amazed that she stood up from the bench.

“No way! How is that big-breasted woman so strong?”

At this time, Nanako unwillingly imagined Lily emphasizing her breasts and saying, “The size of the breasts equals to one’s strength,” in a very annoying fashion.

“That shameful woman, that’s why I hate women with big breasts and long legs. We only just met and she’s going against me in all respects!”

Lily was neither servile nor overbearing, her breathing was very calm. She respectfully put the wooden sword back to its original spot and bowed towards the examiners before leaving the test site.

For her penetration force to reach that value, it was also out of Lily’s expectation!

From her constant meditation under the moonlight and her physical training, Lily’s base strength was on the rise. Without any fears of getting muscular, she had close to a devilish amount of stamina from doing all those push-ups. Moreover, through that shoddy katana, Lily’s strength had increased by yet another level from absorbing all the true essences within tens of meters.

Only with all these combined was she able to achieve the extraordinary result of 389 kwan!

And Lily’s result was quickly reported to the master of Genji Dojo. Even for the Genji Dojo, it was just as uncommon for an ordinary examinee with no particular background to achieve this kind of result.

All those who criticized Lily before had apparently been overwhelmed by Lily’s powerful shadow and were unable to unleash all their strength.

In the end, Lily’s 389 kwan came in the first place without any suspense. Nanako’s 267 kwan occupied the second place. As for the giant monk, Daidouji Takano, who was originally everyone’s target of admiration and fear, his 150 odd kwan ended up in third place. It was a pretty good result in the first place, but due to his premature flaunting and judgment, he had become a laughing stock.

Daidouji Takano was really furious in his heart. Due to Nanako’s family background, he didn’t dare to provoke her. However, Lily had slapped his face too hard, he naturally concentrated all of his resentment towards Lily.

At the moment, he still had no way to know that he was not the only one in his family who hated Lily to the core.1

“Then moving on to the second round of the examination, the archery test.”

After that, all the examinees who passed the penetration test followed the female disciple into the shooting field. They bypassed the inner courtyard’s wall through a winding corridor and headed towards the east side where the shooting field was located.

“Miss Kagami, that slash just now was truly beautiful.” On the way, Yusuke took the initiative to walk beside Lily and said, “If Miss Kagami passed the following practical examination and combat examination, I am willing to write a recommendation for Miss Kagami to join the Genji Dojo. What are your thoughts regarding this?”

Lily felt delighted in her heart, but she still remained calm and collected. After all, as a girl, it was a little shameless to shake her butt and agreed immediately at a man’s invitation.

“Many thanks to Mister Imakawa’s good intention. However, I still haven’t taken the remaining tests, it is still unknown if I will be able to pass. Besides, this is not a trivial matter, I need some time to think about it,” said Lily.

Yusuke looked at Lily and felt admiration for her. Not only did she have the strength, but she also knew how to be reserved. Though that may be the case, he was a bit confident that Lily would accept his invitation. Seeing that Lily was a woman with self-restraint and from her tone of voice, he could deduce that Lily had almost certainly reached an answer.

The archery test was more time consuming so the examinees would be shooting side by side. One would pass the test based on their personal grades.

“In the archery test, you will pass if you can land a hit within seven rings three out of five times,” explained the female disciple.2

It was not known whether their line-up was arranged due to the results from the penetration test or they did it intentionally, Lily and Nanako were lined-up in the last row.

And Daidouji Takano, who was in the second last group, performed poorly due to the event earlier from spoiling his mood. He was originally not that adept at archery to begin with, so he only landed one arrow within seven rings and got disqualified.

“Ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! What you are competing in actual combat are strength and martial skills, what ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ use is there in the archery test! The great me will go to Maple Institution to test for Martial Monk!” Takano glared at Lily hatefully.3

“It was all this woman’s fault for spoiling my mood! Hmph, I dare you not to leave Takeshita! Otherwise, this great me will ⓡⓐⓟⓔ the hell out of you!” Takano unreasonably placed the blame for his poor archery skill on Lily.

Only Lily and Nanako remained.

“Hmph! This time for sure, I will not lose to this woman!” swore Nanako in her heart.

“The last group, begin!” declared the female disciple.

“Hey!” said Nanako who looked especially small when standing side-by-side with Lily, “Let’s make a bet, if you lose to me in archery, you will become my slave servant!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t gamble,” said Lily softly as she thought to herself, ‘Did this little girl think before she speaks?’4

When the test began, the two drew the bow with a very standard and graceful posture. Those who laid eyes on them couldn’t help but admire their posture.

“Round one; Nanako, 8 rings: Lily, 9 rings!”

“Tsk!” Nanako was exasperated, she was unable to understand how the bowstring could pass through Lily’s big breasts so smoothly.

“Round two; Nanako, 10 rings: Lily, 9 rings!”

“Hahahahahaha!” Nanako laughed with glee.

“Round three; Nanako, 7 rings: Lily, 8 rings!”

“Tsk! Damn it!” Nanako was getting anxious as there were only two rounds left. She was very proficient in archery so she should be able to bring out her full potential if she remained calm.

“Round four; Nanako, 9 rings: Lily, 9 rings!”

Nanako got agitated, ‘Why won’t this woman make a mistake! Not good, I am but Saikanji Nanako, I absolutely cannot lose!’

During the last round, Nanako became unexpectedly focused. As for Lily, she was the same as ever. This was not a knockout competition, she only needed to display her own level of skills.

Both of them released the arrow at the same time and Nanako’s eyes flashed with a bright gleam.

“Round five; Nanako, 10 rings: Lily, 8 rings! Both are excellent in archery, pass!”

“I win!” Nanako hopped in joy, then she pointed at Lily and said, “Kagami Lily, you have to keep your promise!”

“Huh?” Lily had a confused look.

“Hmph! You lost to me, therefore, you are my slave from now on!”

“…Miss Saikanji, can you please stop fooling around? Since when did I make that kind of promise with you?” said Lily with a cold tone as she turned around and left.

“Hey! Stop right there! Big breasted woman, you dare to go back on your word?! Stop, I forbid you to ignore me!”

Lily completely disregarded Nanako’s endless pestering. She only followed the female disciple towards the next test location after she finished recording the results. There was a small hill in the dojo and the horse riding field was north of that hill.

Lily ranked the third in archery test. Nanako was the second. As for the first rank, it was seized by a 40 odd years old middle-aged hunter.

But these results were insignificant, real experts in archery would guide their arrows with Spirit Power. Their accuracy was almost hundred percent within a certain distance, and they pack quite a punch too. Although Lily and Nanako knew how to utilize their Spirit Power, they never learned guided archery.

The horsemanship test was conducted in an empty area between the north perimeter wall and a small stream just outside the inner courtyard. Just one look at this horse riding field and Lily could seemingly feel the echo of clashing metals from the ancient battlefield.

In the end, Lily performed favorably and was able to pass smoothly. The result was more than she expected. She originally thought it was good enough if she could just meet the required standard, however, not everything would go that smoothly. That fine stallion Lily was riding during the test suddenly went wild. Even though Lily did not fall from the horse, it’s violent outbreak caused Lily’s skirt to tear apart. It was a very embarrassing episode for Lily.

The convenient part of Lily’s kimono was that it had a slit up to her mid-thighs for easy movements. But now, one side of the skirt had a slit up until the waist…

It was smart of Lily to unfurl the parasol to hide the exposed parts.5

During such a critical time, Lily held the parasol with one hand to hide her thigh while urging the horse to jump over the obstacle with her other hand. She was able to complete the test in such a condition and gave the examiners quite a shock. Although her horse riding skill was still somewhat lacking, her ability to adapt to critical situations left a deep impression on them. This was a very important gift on the battlefield, such was the evaluation of the examiners.

As for Saikanji Nanako, she was rated excellent and was the only one with a perfect score in horsemanship test. Lily was indifferent to the result and pretended that she didn’t see the complacent look Nanako had when she looked at Lily atop the horse.

Though Lily must admit, that Saikanji Nanako was indeed really good. If it was not because she had killed four people and absorbed a large quantity of the forest’s true essences that night, even her penetration force might have fallen behind.

However, Lily’s only goal was to become a really powerful female samurai and have enough strength to travel in this dangerous world freely. It was not her purpose to compete with others to see who was stronger.

There were only a little more than ten people who passed all three aspects of the test. There were hundreds of examinees who came to take the test this morning, and yet ninety percent of them had been disqualified. There were the elites who managed to get the recommendation letter no less. It was clear from this just how difficult was the samurai qualification test. Moreover, this wasn’t even the end of the examination yet.

Imakawa Yusuke gathered everyone on the lawn and announced, “Congratulations. Everyone that is still standing here has passed the practical examination of the samurai’s qualification test! We will distribute the Pass Certificate to everyone in a short while. All of you can go back first after receiving the certificate and make preparations for the combat examination! The details of the combat examination will be announced at the dojo’s main gate in three days later!”

After receiving the Pass Certificate, many examinees felt like a weight had been taken off their mind. Among them were men who already had graying hair. There’s also those who had many scars on their face. In order to become a samurai, it was hard to imagine just how much had everyone been training for!

‘I did it! Senior sister, I have finally taken the first step!” All sorts of feelings welled up in Lily’s heart. It was not easy for others, but it was even more so for her!

For a weak and gorgeous girl without anyone to depend on, this world was full of dangers and it was frightening at every step. But now, she was finally at the starting point. The feeling she was having then, just how many people could put themselves in her shoes and truly understand how she was feeling?

Just who would be able to know her secret and how much responsibility she was carrying.

However, this was only the first step. She was still much too weak. Not to mention that Genji Ieyoshi, the gap between her and the silver-haired female samurai was likely to be very hard to imagine. It should be to her best interest not to think too much and just become stronger one step at a time. All in order to achieve her heartfelt dream!

Lily planned to go back home as soon as she received the Pass Certificate and make preparations for the upcoming combat examination.

“Miss Kagami,” Just when Lily was about to go home, Imakawa Yusuke walked over and called her out, “Please come with me, someone wants to meet you.”6

“Eh?” Lily was surprised. Someone wanted to meet her and even had the chief examiner to pass on the message. It seemed like this person had quite a high status in the Genji Dojo. It was very possible that was indeed the case.

Nanako who had just received her Pass Certificate wanted to find Lily and force her to acknowledge that bet. Either that or to apologize to Nanako in public and admit that she was a bad girl who didn’t keep her promise. But upon seeing that Lily had been called out by Yusuke, even Nanako had a face full of doubts.

“Hmph, she only has high penetration force because of her big breasts, what’s so special about it! I will let you off for today!”

“That… young lady, I don’t think that has anything to do with her big breasts…” said the Tairaha father and son duo helplessly.

When Lily was following Yusuke on the winding corridor.

“Miss Kagami, to be honest… the one who wanted to see you is the master of this dojo.”

“Eh? The dojo’s master,” Lily was shocked. When Yusuke extended the invitation to her earlier, she was still evading it. Could it be that the dojo’s master was going to invite her personally?

If that was the case, then she might as well accept it. She originally planned to join the Genji Dojo in the first place.

Since people were giving her so much face, she shouldn’t make things too difficult for them.

‘What “just say no when receiving invitations from a man,” that kind of thinking can go to the dustbin, my mind is still that of a boy alright?!’

She followed Yusuke along the winding corridor and enter the inner yard through a small door.

This place didn’t seem like a dojo at all. There was a pavilion on the water surface connected by a bridge, trimmed bush and rugged pine trees. There was also an interesting arrangement of the stones. This was nothing more than a secret garden.

The two of them arrived in front of a house where the scenery of the river7 could be seen. They stepped onto the platform deck after taking off their shoes.

In front of the wooden house’s sliding door, Yusuke said, “Miss Kagami, please enter. The dojo’s master is just ahead.”

Yusuke left after relaying that message. In this spacious secret garden, there were only Lily and the master of this house left.

Seeing that there was no sign of activity for a while, Lily called out, “I am Kagami Lily, one of the examinees who took part in the examination today. I have received a summon from the dojo’s master, awaiting instruction.”

“Just enter, no need to be so formal,” the gentle and mature voice of a woman came from inside the house.

Hearing this voice, Lily felt a sense of deja vu.8

Lily sat in seiza and then lightly shifted the sliding door. What she saw in the wooden house, was a beauty sitting in seiza in front of a white screen. She was wearing a red kimono with an updo hairstyle.

“Ah—” Lily intended to be courteous and reserved, but she still let out a shout in shock, “Y-You are… the owner of Chrysanthemum Inn?”9

Lily felt incredulous. The one sitting in the house was without a doubt, the young woman she encountered at Genji Ieyoshi’s shrine and the Chrysanthemum Inn!

Lily was so shocked that her words became incoherent. After realizing it, she immediately bowed, “I apologize for my lack of manners, Lily didn’t know you are the master of Genji Dojo!”

“Hehe, Miss Kagami is so cute and lively. No need to stand on ceremony. Allow me to introduce myself again, I am Genji Sakiko, the mistress of Takeshita branch’s Genji Dojo.”10

After the beautiful young woman finished her introduction, she gracefully bowed towards Lily to return a greeting.


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Chapter 7 – Revealing Strength

Lily noticed Nanako rushing over from a nearby veranda. She had been resting there on a bench prepared by her servants.

“Lady Nanako, you and the other young lady over there are the only female examinees today, good luck,” said the chief examiner Yusuke.

The other examinees outside the ring let out a fit of sigh.

“When all is said and done, she’s still the young lady of an influential clan, even the chief examiner is taking the initiatives to greet her.”

“Haha! Hahahahahaha!” The giant monk who just finished his test laughed wildly.

The ronin besides him asked, “Boss, why are you laughing?”

“Hahahaha, I am laughing because that chief examiner only knows how to curry favor. Just look at that shortie, even if she is the young lady of an influential house and received appropriate training, I can dig it when it comes to horsemanship and archery, but when it comes to power… it would already be great if she can get 20~30 kwan! Sending a shortie like this to take the test, it really is too funny!”

That young warrior nodded in consent, he wanted to say something but refrained.

Nanako gracefully entered the test site and picked up a wooden sword in passing, “Uncle Yusuke, just leave it to me!”

She abruptly moved into action without adjusting her breathing nor making any preparations. With a swish, she quickly stepped into the range of the Dharma Egg. As soon as her slender leg touched the ground, she jumped up with a light step and turned her body sideways. The katana in her hands was pulled backward and drew the arc of a half-moon.


The sound of a heavy strike reverberated within the whole outer yard.

For a fraction of a second, the drizzle had been turned into a vortex by the airflow of her sword.

That Slash Force Sensor almost fell over completely before it repelled back with great force. Nanako’s little feet lightly stepped on the Slash Force Sensor’s head and did a somersault in the air. She landed on the ground with ease and the short skirt of her yellow hunter dress followed shortly after. In that split seconds, with her sharp eyesight, Lily unintentionally saw her thighs and the pure white underwear in between them.

“267 kwan— Extraordinary! You pass!”

The Dharma Egg’s professional voice carried a hint of excitement.


That giant monk and young ronin became slackjawed and unable to say anything for a moment.

“Not bad! Lady Nanako!” Even Yusuke felt a little shocked as he praised.

Lily, who watched from the side with a calm face, was also really surprised.

“I didn’t expect this loli to be so strong! If I didn’t absorb those true essences that night, I might really have fallen behind her.”

Naturally, Nanako used her Spirit Power to the fullest extent, Lily could tell that much.

The results of the examinees after that were mediocre. The highest was no more than 102 kwan. Indeed, without Nanako around, that giant monk could have stayed stuck-up in the exam hall.

Needless to say, there was still one examinee they needed to look out for. That person was—

“Next, Kagami Lily.”

Lily took a deep breath and walked with small steps to avoid attracting attention to her swaying butt. She gracefully walked into the circle and courteously bowed towards the chief examiner.

“Miss Kagami, good luck to you too,” said Yusuke with bright eyes.

“Tsk! So be it if it was only Lady Nanako, but what about this woman? For what reason would the chief examiner personally greet her?” One of the examinees were not satisfied and complained in a low voice.

“Isn’t it just because she looked beautiful?”

“Hahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!” Takano laughed again.

The young ronin beside him had a slightly awkward expression as he asked, “Boss, why are you laughing now?”

“Hahahaha! I am laughing because that chief examiner is just a lecher who looks at outer appearance. That Saikanji lass must have invited an extraordinary master or used some kind of rare drugs to strengthen her body, but what about this woman? Although she looked as beautiful as a fairy, her face only spells out the word: weak! Her body looked so soft it might as well be made of water. Just how much power could she muster? With that big breasts of hers, I bet she even has difficulties drawing the bow. I really wonder why does such a delicate little girl come to this kind of place. The woman’s way of thinking is really so complicated!” replied Takano while laughing like a madman.

“……” The young ronin agreed but refrained from saying anything.

Lily got into the test site and when she looked at those katanas, she entered a momentary daze.

“Kagami Lily, Kagami Lily—” That female apprentice called out many times before Lily recovered from the daze.

“Ah, I’m sorry! It seemed like I was absent-minded.”

The peanut gallery commented, “What absent-minded, I bet she just panicked because she was worried about her result and get laughed at.”

“That’s normal. One look and I can tell this kind of girl hasn’t been to the battlefield. This must be her first time in this kind of situation. It is understandable if she has hesitation. It’s not like I did any better than her during my first time at the exam hall either.”

Naturally, it was not because Lily had panicked. Just a moment earlier, when she walked in between the two rows of the wooden sword, she heard a yell coming from dozens of people. She could feel the dojo disciples lining up in a square-shaped formation and the clash of their wooden swords. They were dripping with sweat and their yell shook the sky. All of these wooden swords contained the obsession of those who pursued the path of samurais!1 Those yell that was loud enough to shake the sky seemed to be reverberating right beside Lily’s ears…

Even an ordinary wooden sword contained such an aura. This Genji Dojo was as amazing as expected!

Lily was overwhelmed by emotions. Right now and then, Lily changed her original plans.

Her original plan was very simple, pass the test and leave on a journey after getting the certificate. But now, she felt that although she had a little bit of strength, she was still much too green compared to the experts all around the world. She felt weak-kneed merely from a replica statue of Ieyoshi that’s available in every dojo. Just how would she be able to face the world by herself when she’s like this?

Genji Dojo, Lily had a good impression of it ever since she arrived. The strongest power in the country, yet she never heard of any serious offenses from the dojo. It was clear just how righteous and disciplined this dojo was. Precisely because Lily was a girl who could easily get into trouble, perhaps she would be able to find a safe haven here. Not to mention that Lily was also thirsting for the 《Genji Swordstyle》— so-called strongest sword arts in the world.

What impelled Lily to trust the Genji Dojo was the statue of Genji the Ninth, Ieyoshi. He was obviously of short stature, yet he was unimaginably powerful, so profound and unfathomable! One would feel deep respect and submit to him willingly just from looking at his statue. Moreover, he had the air of a frank and sincere person. That made Lily admire him from the bottom of her heart.

However, Genji Dojo had influence all over the world. Their standard is very high, it was not a place anyone could join as they wished. Since that was the case, Lily planned to exhibit all of her strength to catch the dojo’s attention. Perhaps she would be able to snag a chance for herself!

Lily took a deep breath before picking one wooden sword in all seriousness. Then she walked towards the Dharma Egg.

“Full power!”

Lily was not good at sprint attack, so she got in front of the Dharma Egg and lifted the sleeves. Her spotlessly white arms were exposed as she held the wooden sword with both hands in a very standard posture.

The peanut gallery was not aware of the mental fluctuation in Lily’s heart. They were starting to get a little impatient from all the waiting, so they started to become restless.

“Can you hurry it up?! Are you taking this for embroidery?!”

“But don’t you think that her posture is not bad?”

“It’s only just for show.”

One blond-haired ronin looked at Lily with lustful eyes and said, “However, it sure let one’s imagination run wild to see her little hands holding that black and thick wooden sword.”

Another rough-looking ronin was looking at Lily while drooling, “Just look at her big butt. If you say she’s good at giving birth, I absolutely dig it! Cutting down a man? Hmph, isn’t that too much for her?”

Takano also laughed and said, “That is enough, what is there to rush, just let her cut it slowly so we can feast our eyes on her. We won’t have a chance to look anymore once her turn is over.”

“Haha! That’s right!”

“Hey! Hey! Take a look quickly! That girl’s clothes are getting soaked by the rain… You can really see it! Her figure!”

“Whoa, just look at those curves… Oof!” Few of the ronins were covering their bleeding nose.

Lily wasn’t bothered by the irrelevant nonsense of the peanut gallery. This was the moment she had been training for, even if her kimono was drenched and revealed her figures, she was not at all concerned.

She focused her mind and concentrated the Spirit Power that was strengthened by the true essences into her hands. The Spirit Power gradually seeped from her hands into the wooden sword.

Those with the ability of spiritseer could see a dim blue light converging on Lily’s hands and sword.

“Eh?” Yusuke and Nanako were both surprised at this sight.

All of a sudden, Lily’s eyes emitted a beautiful and sharp killing intent. She executed slashing footwork with her slender leg and caused a splash to rise from the gravel ground.

Her waist carried an incomparably flexible force that transmitted towards her raised arms. All the Spirit Power had been gathered in her arms— was released in one go!


The faint blue-colored sword slash was visible to naked eyes!

That wooden sword hit the head of the Slash Force Sensor with a thousand kilograms of weight behind it. The Slash Force Sensor caved in and sprung up for a bit. When it touched the ground again, it was rocking non-stop like the waves!

The entire place turned silent, only the drizzle sound of the rain could be heard.

Everyone waited for the Slash Force Sensor to stop, but the Dharma Egg kept rocking non-stop as though it was doing it on purpose.

That one instant truly felt like an eternity.

Finally, the blue-colored Slash Force Sensor gradually came to a stop.

A formal yet resounding voice transmitted:

“389 kwan! Overkill— You pass!”


This entire area sunk into deep silence once more. For some reason, even the rain had stopped this time around and sun rays were peeking out from the clouds.

That giant monk and young ronin that were especially conspicuous under the sunlight had dumbstruck expression. This time, Takano’s jaw almost fell off. His entire body was twitching and he had a lifeless look in his eyes. He remained speechless for a long time.

Imakawa Yusuke gasped with amazement and looked at Lily in shock. ‘Just… where did this girl come from?’


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Chapter 6 – Penetration Test

It was still drizzling non-stop.

Lily was in a slightly pouty mood due to the event earlier.

That Saikanji Nanako was indeed a little stupid, but for a clever girl like herself to get sucked into Nanako’s pace and even got angry over it, she was really lacking in discipline.

However, that little girl’s way of speaking really did make people a little angry.

‘What does she mean by becoming her slave? Just where did that confidence come from?’ Even when Lily thought about it, she also felt that it was beyond belief!

However, what made Lily most afraid was that she lost her reasoning all too easily. She even forgot the fact that her consciousness was still that of a boy when she was in the middle of arguing. She behaved just like a girl as she argued with another girl, and the other side was a child no less!

‘If this keeps up, my body and mind will completely become that of a girl, this is not good… Senior sister, please give Lily some strength and make Lily stronger, Lily must become stronger, okay?’

And now, the gate of the Genji Dojo was finally open, out came a few dojo disciples with navy blue uniform. Leading the group was a tall and handsome samurai with white coat and navy blue culottes.

The samurai’s gaze blazed like a torch. With his arrival, the presence of the examinees immediately diminished. Even the air seemed to swirl submissively around him.

Lily didn’t dare to lightly probe around with her Spirit Power, but she was still sure of this one thing; that samurai is very strong!

He was much stronger than Master Matsuda Nagahide, Kimura, and Kanzaki combined!

“Sorry to keep you waiting. The practical examination of our Genji Dojo’s annual qualification test is about to begin. The duration of the test will last for five days. I, Imakawa Yusuke, will be the chief examiner. Please cooperate and show me your recommendation letter. You may enter the dojo and prepare for the test after I have inspected them.”

“So he’s from the Imakawa House, that’s a big clan…” Someone commented.

When Yusuke noticed Nanako’s group, he took the initiative to walk over and said, “Could you be the young lady of Saikanji house?”

Saikanji House only had young lady but no young master. Although Yusuke didn’t know Nanako, it wasn’t wrong to address her as such.

Nanako got down from her horse and obediently greeted in return, “I am indeed Saikanji Nanako. I have come to participate in the samurai’s qualification test on my mother’s order.”

Taihara Yukimichi, who was just at the side, retrieved a scroll from his chest pocket, “This is the young lady’s recommendation letter…”

“No need,” Yusuke pushed the recommendation letter back to Yukimichi’s hand and said, “There’s no way the young lady of Saikanji house would make a counterfeit, please go in first.”

Nanako said to her underlings, “You guys wait here.”

She was very obedient as she walked into the dojo. She didn’t even glance at Lily to show her a complacent look. Lily suddenly felt that this girl might not be as stupid as she looked…

One moment she thought of her as stupid, the next moment she changed her mind. Her opinions were all over the place and even started to resemble that of a girl. When Lily thought of that, she felt somewhat frustrated.

Many examinees had their recommendation letter verified in succession, Lily also stepped forward and handed over her scroll.

Even a highly trained samurai like Yusuke couldn’t help but take a few glances at Lily’s breasts during the inspection.

However, that’s all he did. Lily was allowed to go in after the scroll had been verified.

The inside of the dojo was an extremely vast field. There was a wide expanse of lawn and land covered in gravel. At the far end of both sides, there was a garden and even a hill.

At one part of the gravel field, it was fenced in by ropes and eye-grabbing war flags with stripes were stuck there.

In the middle of the sandy field, a big and bluish Slash Force Sensor was placed there.

Chief examiner Yusuke was overseeing the examination. The other dojo disciples were guiding the examinees and had them lined up to test their penetration force.

“Penetration Force will be the first examination,” said Yusuke, “The passing mark is 80 kwan. You will immediately be disqualified if your penetration force is lower than 80 kwan. There’s no need to conduct the next examination. However, for all those who get 80 kwan or higher and didn’t manage to become samurai in the end, the dojo will provide you with a penetration force authentication scroll. With this, you can apply for a foot soldier position anywhere without going through a test.”

Everyone had a grim mood as they heard the announcement. After all, they wouldn’t even get the chance to take the successive examinations if you didn’t get 80 kwan.

As for becoming a foot soldier, nobody here would even consider this as a choice. They rather train for another year and come back to take the test in the following year. Or they could join the Taira Dojo’s examinations in the coming spring since both dojos had the same standard and authority.

A female disciple got beside Yusuke, She had a ponytail hairstyle and a blue uniform that looked identical to his. The female disciple took out a list and read aloud in a deadpan voice, “Once you name has been called, please enter the circle and proceed with your test. Those who haven’t been called must not enter the circle. It is compulsory to use the wooden sword supplied by our dojo during the test. You are strictly forbidden from using your iron sword to hit the Dharma Egg.”

“Toyoda Sanshiro,” announced the female disciple.


A gray-haired elderly man with a goatee and dark-colored hakama1 walked over.

“He’s still taking the examination in such an advanced age, that old man is really something…” In a rather spacious corner outside the ring, Lily whispered to herself.

Despite the fact that all the wooden swords arranged on the two shelves looked the same, the old man carefully chose one.

Toyoda Sanshiro lifted the wooden sword and shouted, “I must become a samurai this year! I will let my granddaughter live a fulfilling life! Ha—!”

That power behind that slash wasn’t feeble at all, the sound of the wind being split apart could be heard.

However, the blue-colored Slash Force Sensor only rocked ever so slightly.

Lily felt that the Slash Force Sensor of Genji Dojo was a lot sturdier than the red-colored one used by Matsuda Clan. Did that mean the upper limit of the penetration force it could bear was much higher?

“76 kwan! Failed!”

The voice of that blue-colored Dharma Egg was unexpectedly normal and blunt.

‘Eh? It actually spoke in a normal voice!’ Lily was secretly shocked.

“What… This is… Oh, my dear Momoko, grandpa has failed you again!” sighed the old man as he left helplessly, “I need to work harder! Next year, I will come back again!”

Although he didn’t pass, he was still pursuing the way of the samurai in such an advanced age. Lily admired his persistence.

“Next, Honda Nanji.”

“Pow—!” The Slash Force Sensor didn’t even shake at all.

“51 kwan! Failed!”

“Ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! There’s a problem with this sword!”


“83 kwan! Passed!”

“67 kwan! Failed!”

“36 kwan! Failed!”

“89 kwan! Passed!”

“78 kwan! Failed!”

The penetration test progressed smoothly. Those who passed only accounted to roughly one-fifth of the examinees. Only those with a certain amount of power or those with the right social connection managed to snag the recommendation letter. Most of the people who genuinely wanted to become a samurai lost in the competition for the recommendation letter.

“Next, Daidouji Takano,” announced the female disciple.

That two meters tall fatty with vein-patterned face took the field. Everyone stepped aside in fear.2

Looking at his hairy arms that were thicker than the thighs of most examinees, it may be assumed that he possessed quite a lot of power.


Lily thought, ‘Don’t tell me it’s that Daidouji again? Does everyone in that house have this kind of body type? This is practically an adult version of Taro.’

That giant monk picked up a wooden sword and waved it like a little stick. It felt very disproportional.

“This is too light! Don’t you have something heavier?”

“Daidouji Takano, please begin your test quickly,” said the female disciple with a neutral face.

“Ugh…” Although he was not satisfied, this was still the Genji Dojo. Even a lunkhead like him wouldn’t dare to behave atrociously around here. He could only stop smiling and walk towards the Dharma Egg.

“Mother ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓡ! This great me will smash you— Haa!” With a wild and furious roar, his leg stomped the ground and caused it to sink.

“Pow!” The wooden sword landed a heavy strike on the blue Dharma Egg and caused it to shake wildly. That movement was much stronger compared to all the examinees before him!

“151 kwan! Excellent, you pass!”

“Wow—!” Everyone shouted in surprise. They were filled with admiration and commended him in whispers.

“Wahahahaha! Excellent! This great me has definitely secured the first rank in penetration test!” The giant monk walked out of the circle proudly. He deliberately walked beside Lily and bragged on purpose, “Miss, don’t be so shocked, just relax. It doesn’t matter if you fail, just give it your all. This big brother will teach you how to channel your power later.”

Lily said without batting an eye, “All right, I will give it my all.”

Many examinees outside the circle were still full of praises.

“How great would it be if I have such a robust arm,” sighed a thin-looking examinee.

“Sigh! I don’t have a problem when it comes to archery and horsemanship. It’s just this penetration force that I am not confident with…Penetration force is raw power, raising it is easier said than done!” said a rich-looking examinee with a traditional top hat.

“Next, Saikanji Nanako.”3


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 36

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Chapter 5 – Samurai’s Qualification Test

As it turned out, the only reason she was able to stay in a place with such a good condition was due to the grace of the lodging house’s owner. According to the average accommodation prices in Takeshita, even Lily wouldn’t believe it if she was told that she could live a room with such beautiful scenery for just 10 mon.

“I am really… indebted to you,” Lily sat in seiza and bowed thirty degrees to express her most sincere gratitude towards the young woman.

The young woman smiled sweetly, “Don’t be so formal, it’s only because I am fond of Lady Lily. Even if a noble guest were to come, I wouldn’t necessarily let them stay in this room.”

“I am flattered…” Lily felt embarrassed to be thought of so highly.

“Oh right,” the young woman said, “I see that Lady Lily didn’t bring that much of a change of clothes with you, if there is anything you need to be washed, regardless of inner or outerwear, just give it to me in a while later. I will help the young lady wash them.”

“Huh?” Lily’s face was covered with yet another layer of blush. How could she let this beautiful young woman help her wash the clothes on top of everything she had already done for her.

“T-There’s no need to trouble yourself,” Lily tactfully declined in a hurry.

That young woman looked at Lily’s bashful appearance full of interest, then she thought in her heart, ‘Her figure is so mature; however, her personality is quite the opposite…”

“Then, please enjoy your meal, I will be excusing myself.”

After they bowed to each other, the young woman left.

Lily looked at the food that was delivered to her. Green tea, spring water, and the fine delicacies that were arranged on the dishes. She felt moved at the flavor of the food and the freshness of the tea. Lily couldn’t help but feel a sense of happiness. Ever since she came to this parallel world, this was the first time she had eaten something so delicious. It tasted just like the flavor of nature.

Rather than going to soak in the hot spring today, Lily went to the outdoor bath that was half surrounded by planks. After washing herself, Lily put on a yukata and returned to her room.

She couldn’t wash her kimono because it definitely wouldn’t dry up by tomorrow.

Lily was feeling a little uncomfortable because the change of clothes she possessed was really too little. It was extremely embarrassing that she only had one pair of underwear. As embarrassing as it was, she had no choice but to wash the underwear and hang it on top of the window.

While wearing a yukata with no innerwear, she lied on the bed and slept soundly.

The next day, Lily got up the bed in high spirits and put on the kimono from yesterday.

The kimono had the smell of her feminine odor, it was giving off a delicate and sweet smell. Sometimes, Lily bathed not because she was dirty, but rather because she felt that her body odor was gradually getting stronger. She would be embarrassed if a passerby somehow smelled it by chance, and it would also bring about some inconveniences.

After all, she herself knew that it was a very alluring smell.

When Lily made sure that she was dressed appropriately, she went to greet the granny and left the lodging house. After such a comfortable stay, she was naturally feeling very cheerful today. Lily really wanted to go express her thanks to the lodging house’s owner, but she was not around.

“I should go take the examination first, this is very important.”

Unexpectedly, it started to rain the moment she went out.

Lily retrieved the Sakura Parasol and unfurled it, then she stepped onto the stone-paved road that was dampened by the rain and left the Chrysanthemum Inn.

That dojo was only separated from the Chrysanthemum Inn by a small thicket. Lily only walked a few steps before arriving at the perimeter wall of the dojo.

She walked along the wall and not long later, she found that many people were already waiting in front of the main gate. They were most likely examinees. Although the examination period lasted for five consecutive days, many people would still prefer to come on the first day.

The young girl walked gracefully under the rain with a red parasol in hand and blended into the crowds of rough-looking martial artists and ronins.

A bald-headed veteran who sat at the corner with his shabby armor and dirty headband was looking at Lily with eyes that seemingly wanted to eat her up.

And in the middle of the road, there was a ronin who sat in meditation without an umbrella. There were two katanas hanging on his waist. His eyes were closed and he never opened them once. However, when he caught a whiff of the sweet fragrance coming from Lily as she passed by him, he couldn’t resist lifting his head to look at Lily’s rear view. It didn’t even take a few seconds for his will to sway.

When Lily stopped in front of the gate and waited along with everyone, she quickly became the center of attention.

All of them seemed to have the same question written on their face, ‘That can’t be it, right? This young sister is also here for the samurai qualification test?’

This was but the main gate of Takeshita branch’s Genji Dojo, one of the strongest dojos under the heaven. Even if they had all kinds of thoughts, there’s no way they would dare to execute it in front of the main gate.

A bald-headed fatty was clenching his fist that made cracking sounds as he looked at Lily. He was standing at two meters tall with a vest and thorny wristbands. His big belly was exposed and red veined-patterns were drawn on his face.

When he compared Lily’s slender arms to his own hairy arms, a mocking smile involuntarily formed on his face, “Hmph, what is she playing at? This kind of all show and no go woman also dares to come to take the examination? Hmph, it’s a shame that this exam didn’t pit the examinees against each other. Otherwise, I will definitely give this naive girl who doesn’t know what’s good for her a good lesson!”

That bald-headed giant was only muttering to himself at the distance, he didn’t go and deliberately provoke Lily. Even so, Lily heard everything clearly due to her sharp hearing.

However, she was not angry. With her appearance and the way she dressed up, it was only natural that others would think like that. There were outspoken and rough-looking men everywhere, and a smooth-skinned little girl suddenly came and wanted to compete with them on their field, the men naturally couldn’t accept something like that with their ego.

Lily noticed that even though there were already hundreds of examinees waiting here, there were only a very few numbers of females.

The doors of the dojo were still closed. The ones who were meditating continued to meditate, those who were stealing a glance at Lily continued to take a peek and talked about her.

Lily didn’t care about all of those, she simply turned her body around and looked at the foggy river bank in hope of comprehending some sword arts from the river stream.

Just at this time, a group of people walked over from nearby.1

When the examinees saw the black armored foot soldiers armed with spears and the black flag with yellow gourd emblem, they tactfully stepped aside. One look and anyone could tell that they were not an ordinary group.

On the other hand, Lily’s attention was concentrated in the running water. It seemed like she really had some kind of comprehension and stared at the river with a blank look. She didn’t even take notice of this group of people.

However, that one from among the group did notice her.

“The big-breasted woman in front, please make way,” came the ringing yet somewhat arrogant voice of a girl.

“Huh?” Lily only came to herself at this moment. She turned around and saw a petite girl riding on a horse. She was wearing a yellow hunter dress and white knee-length socks. Her red hair was tied in a ponytail and she was looking at Lily with her beautiful eyes. However, those eyes seemed to carry a bit of contempt and hostility.

This girl didn’t carry an umbrella. Although she looked self-important, with the large group of bodyguards and all, she still couldn’t win against heaven and was soaking wet due to the rain.

Just which family was this haughty young lady from? Perhaps she was in a bad mood due to the rain? Lily didn’t want to be nosy, so she stepped aside to let them pass.

But who knew that girl would urge her horse toward Lily’s side and not overlook her, “Hmph! Since you are about to participate in the samurai’s qualification test, why you are afraid of such a little rain? Your code of chivalry is too weak! Or what, afraid of exposing your unsightly breasts from getting a little wet?”

“What?” Lily was angry in her heart, ‘Where did such an unruly girl come from? I have already accommodated to her demand, yet she still wants to keep aggravating the circumstances. So what if her status is high? This is the gate of Genji Dojo, just how rampant can she get here?’

“Oh?” Lily continued with her lovely voice, “No wonder this young lady is casually getting wet in the rain.”

Seemingly not getting the meaning, the girl proudly urged the horse forward and said with triumph, “Hahaha, of course! As a Mikawa Samurai, why would I be… huh? Wait! W-What do you mean by that?!”

That girl jumped down from the horse and got in front of Lily. Just when she was about to ask Lily, she found that her line of sight could only see Lily’s breasts when she lifted her head. Therefore, after thinking for a bit, she jumped back onto the horse and urged it to get it to face Lily. Then she looked down from above and said, “Hmph, a plebeian girl like you is unworthy of talking to me! This young lady is going to take the samurai’s qualification test, yet you are here daydreaming while looking at the river? Are you longing for love or are you going to drown yourself in the river, which is it? Sigh, a country bumpkin really doesn’t know anything.”

“Excuse me, young lady, but I am also going to participate in the samurai’s qualification test,” said Lily neither servile nor overbearing.

“Huh? You? Hmph, I have seen many women like you. Don’t think you can pass by showing off your ⓢⓔⓧ appeal. You can’t pass the samurai’s qualification test without strength!” Although that’s what the girl said, she was also amazed by Lily’s beauty. If anyone asked if she was beautiful, the girl was not that bad looking either. However, Lily’s perfect figure and height… those were the parts that made her most angry.

“Thank you for your kind reminder, miss. I will exhibit as much strength as I possibly could.2 I also wish the young lady good luck!” Lily thought that this girl looked unruly at first, but she was in fact a little foolish. It was better to not get tangled up with her any further than this.

“At least you have good taste. How about this, once I become a samurai, I will accept you as my slave servant, how about it?” said the girl.

Lily was so angry that she really wanted to stamp her feet. She gave in to her demands repeatedly, but this girl still wanted to make things worst!

“I apologize, I have no interest to play house with a child! The test is about to begin soon, how about the young lady excuse herself first?” Lily’s attitude had also turned cold. Just what was she doing, arguing with a child and even got angry over it.

“Child… you just called me a child…” The girl was especially concerned about this word, “W-What’s so amazing about being big! Taihara father and son, the two of you go slap that rude woman for me!”

“Lady Nanako… just forget it! This is but the main gate of Genji Dojo, we must not cause trouble here! Have you forgotten the madam’s instruction?” The so-called Taihara father and son were the two retainers Nanako brought along, Taihara Yukimichi and Taihara Sugiyama. They hurriedly got down from their horse and restrained Nanako.

Nevertheless, Nanako still pointed her horsewhip at Lily and said, “Saikanji Nanako, remember my name! I never take back my words, I will definitely make you my slave servant!”

“State your name!” Nanako continued.

“Meh, why should I tell you my name?”

“Y-You! How can you say that when people already announced their name! I have never seen such a rude woman before!” Nanako lifted the horsewhip and was about to whip it, but she was stopped by the father and son duo.

“Young lady… please restrain yourself!” pleaded the panicked father and son duo, while pulling Nanako away, as she kept turning the air blue.3

And now, only the rolling sound of an old wooden spool could be heard. The gate of Genji Dojo was finally open.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 35

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Chapter 4 – Genji Dojo

Lily walked on a street by the riverside for quite a while before reaching the main gate.

The main gate was not as majestic as expected, it was just a courtyard entrance after all. The arched brown roof was supported by two pillars covered in simple copper decorations.

No signboard could be seen displayed in front of the door. There was only the emblem of a Gentiana1 carved on the copper decorations.

Lily had seen once seen this in a book at Matsuda Clan, this was the family emblem of the Genji Clan.

‘The leading samurai clan in the Heian Empire, the strongest power in the country, yet they are so low-profile.’ Lily had a favorable impression of Genji.

Around this time, the moon was hiding behind the black clouds, so their doors were naturally closed.

The examination period starts from tomorrow for five consecutive days. As long as one had the recommendation letter, they could take the examination in any of those days. Therefore, she was not worried about missing the test.

The only reason Lily came over was to take a look at the place. The wind of this summer night was chilly, so it was better if she went to look for a dwelling place first.

Lily turned around and noticed a wide wooden bridge directly opposite of the dojo’s main gate.

On the other side of the wooden bridge was a shrine surrounded by a thicket.

Lily was attracted by some kind of power emitted from the shrine. She walked past the wooden bridge and headed straight for the shrine.

The shrine was built from natural logs, it was a simple yet soothing building. Inside the shrine, the bronze statue of an average build samurai was enshrined behind a wooden fence.

“Ah…” When Lily looked at the statue, an imposing aura was emitted from the black eyes of the masked samurai statue.

Lily couldn’t help but feel like she was about to collapse.

‘Such a powerful pressure! So powerful that it’s scary!’

This was merely a statue, but the pressure it emitted was more powerful than any of the experts Lily had encountered by chance. Even that Demon King Michizane didn’t make Lily feel so terrified when their eyes met.

‘J-Just who is this…’

In front of the shrine, there was a plate with impressive handwriting, “Genji the Ninth, Ieyoshi.”

Genji Ieyoshi?

Lily had learned of this person when she was studying the history of this parallel world. This person was the bravest samurai in the history of the Genji. He was also the founder of the Genji’s strongest sword arts known as 《Genji Swordstyle》.

Lily no longer spoke a word, she straightened her posture and respectfully knelt on the straw mattress in front of the shrine. Then she offered a bow to this legendary leader of the Genji.

Since she was planning to train and learn the path of the samurais at the Genji Dojo, this person might become her future master, so she naturally had to kneel and worship him properly.

Even so, this samurai was not at all gigantic in stature. Although Lily was sitting, she estimated by visual that his height was no more than 1.5 meters. However, just the pressure emitted by this statue was enough to make Lily’s back broke out in cold sweat.

When Lily was bowing in all sincerity, a slender young woman in a red kimono was also kneeling beside Lily as she prayed towards this Ieyoshi statue from who knew when.

After that young woman finished with her prayer, she got up and said with her mature voice, “Nowadays, it is so rare to see a youngster like you coming to pray so earnestly during such a cold summer night.”

“Eh?” Lily raised her head. It was only at that time she noticed the young woman standing next to her. She didn’t detect her presence at all until now.

This young woman had black hair, a beautiful face, a slender neck, and long eyelashes. There was a mole beside her red lips, slightly visible threads of black hair were randomly scattered across her cheeks, and there was a not so obvious bulge on her chest. What was even more prominent than this young woman’s appearance was the slightly imposing aura she carried with her.

Although this young woman approached without making a sound, Lily felt that she had a gentle nature under her imposing guise. She didn’t feel any danger from her, so she got up slowly and took a small step backward before making a gesture to greet the young woman.

When the young woman looked at Lily, a kindle was lit in her heart by Lily’s fairy-like complexion and nearly perfect female body. Moreover, she was so graceful and courteous. The young woman’s impression of Lily was also considerably good. She said with a charming mature smile, “Genji Ieyoshi is the martial god of the Genji Clan, what brings a delicate as flower young lady like you here tonight?”

Lily didn’t try to fool her, not only was this young woman mature, she felt at ease in her presence. Thereupon, she replied, “I came here to take part in the samurai’s examination test. I just arrived today and while I was passing by, I incidentally found the shrine of Lord Genji Ieyoshi, so I came to pay my respects.”

“Hehe, what a good young lady. I believe you will make a good samurai too,” said the young woman with a smile.

“Thank you, madam.” Although Lily had no idea who she was, it was lacking in manners to randomly ask for the name of such a respectable woman.

“It is already late, although Takeshita is said to be one of the safest towns in the surrounding areas, young lady still needs to find a place to stay.”

“That’s right…… I am still not that familiar with the surroundings around here.”

“Just walk along the river bank, once you walked past the dojo, you will find a lodging house called “Chrysanthemum” there. That place is clean, has good security, and cheap. Feel free to go take a look.”

“Thank you for the direction, madam.”

After making another gesture, Lily turned around to take her leave.

“Chrysanthemum”, just the name alone gives the impression of a clean and elegant place. Let’s just go and take a look. I will stay if I can afford it.2

After walking past the wide territory of Genji Dojo, there was indeed a secluded lodging house around a corner of the river. Under the lantern was black writing with the words: “Chrysanthemum Inn”.

‘This is the place,’ Lily thought to herself as she stepped forward and placed her hand on top of the wooden board in front of the door.

The door opened and an old lady with white hair came to receive her, “Young lady, looking for accommodation?”

“Erm… I’m not sure, is it expensive?”

“Hehe, the madam has instructed me to charge only 10 mon per day if a refined young lady like you comes to pay a visit, meals included,” replied the old lady with a benevolent smile.

If it was 10 mon, she should be able to afford it. Therefore, Lily bowed and said, “Then please take care of me.”

The old lady escorted Lily into the lodging house. After passing through a really long corridor, they arrived at a secluded room located at the far back. Once the sliding door on the other side of the room was pulled open, an open-air hot spring could be seen.

“You will be staying in this room, young lady.”

The environment around here was stylish and refined. Even the courtyard was built with good taste, comparing it to the backyard of Matsuda Clan that’s overgrown with weeds would be an insult.

It went without saying that the housing condition of Matsuda Clan very good, so she didn’t expect to live in such a nice place with only 10 mon, it was truly way beyond Lily’s expectation.

“Young lady, that hot spring is open all year round, so feel free to go in and take a bath at any time. Our Chrysanthemum Inn only accepts female guests, so please set your mind at rest. I will retire for now to prepare something for the young lady to eat,” the old lady bowed before leaving through the door.

Lily put the parasol and sack at one corner of the room. And finally, the pink goldfish on the railing of the window sill after she gave it some thought. When she looked through the window and saw the hot spring, Lily couldn’t help but feel delighted.

“Honestly, this is such a beautiful place.”

An hour later, the sliding door was pushed open, “Young lady, I will be placing your dinner here, please enjoy your meal.”

“Mmm… just put it there, thank you… Eh?” At the moment, Lily was leaning on the wooden railing as she enjoyed the beautiful scenery. However, she felt something was amiss from the voice of the one who delivered the meal. When she turned around, she found that the one sitting in seiza at the doorway3 and delivered her meal on a small wooden desk was the beautiful young woman she met at the shrine earlier.

“W-why are you here…”

“Hehehe, I forgot to explain to the young lady just now, I am actually the owner of this lodging house,” said the young woman while covering her smile with the back of her hand.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 34

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