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Chapter 5 – Lost Memories

The nights of Kamakura City were always dark and chaotic so long as the morning sun had yet to rise.

Time and again, an inhuman sound could be heard from the inconspicuous area of this old city. Either that or an oppressive roar. Occasionally, visible lights could be seen flashing in one corner of the city.

Even if the night parade had already left, the demons and monsters that humans feared were still hiding in various dark corners of the city. They were still wandering even on this eerie night, attacking or harming any unsuspecting human.

And nocturnal warriors like the female samurai earlier were also proceeding with their night hunt day after day.

“Miss Kagami,” Hojo looked at the gradually dispersing fog as he faced Lily and said, “I doubt there is any matter more significant than running into a girl from the Kagami family like you tonight. How about I escort you back? May I ask where you live? Is it the lodging house in the city or a certain lord’s manor?”

“Eh…” It was truly a headache to think about this question with no correct answer. There’s no way Lily could tell him she came from a world with airplane, train, and skyscraper.

Looking at Lily holding her head with a worried frown, Hojo seemed to have understood something. He looked at Lily with a sympathetic face and took a step back, “I see… did Miss Kagami lose your memory?”

“In the Heian Empire that is now shrouded in darkness and chaos, there are all kinds of misfortune. There are many travelers unlucky enough to run into monsters attack on the road, which led to young girls losing their memories. This is not my first time meeting someone like that.”

“I apologize for making you recall those unpleasant things… that was due to my thoughtlessness.”

“Eh?” Lily was stupefied and looked at this tall samurai, whose eyes were filled with sorrow. She hadn’t said anything, and yet he already made up a good reason for her?

“No way, it is I who should apologize for making you think of me as a suspicious person. However, it is true I cannot recall many things…” Lily said as she held her face and turned her head slightly towards the side. Her long hair hanging on her shoulders.

“No way! Miss Kagami is definitely not someone suspicious!” Hojo hurriedly disproved, “Please don’t try to recall those sad memories again! After all, this era is already cruel enough! Maybe it might be a good thing if you can’t remember them.”

Lily was speechless, she was disgusted by her own feminine gesture. However, this was in order to survive in this mysterious world. What else could Lily do when she hadn’t gained enough strength to protect herself?

After Hojo finished organizing his thoughts promptly, he finally made a decision, “Miss Kagami, Kansai region is really really far away from here. We need to cover at least seven to eight thousand miles to reach there. This journey will be very perilous. All kinds of monsters occupied the dangerous zones, and the power struggle between samurais are happening all year round. Let’s not mention me, even our Hojo family wouldn’t be able to mobilize enough strength to safely send a girl back to the Kansai region in short order. Moreover, even if we arrived at the distant Kansai region, I fear that our Hojo family might not be able to move freely… Miss Kagami, although this one wishes to send you back, it is truly beyond my power.”

“Is that so…” Lily wanted to say something but hesitated. In fact, she was not really a girl from the Kagami family so she didn’t really have the thoughts of returning.

“Miss Kagami, I still have some official business so I cannot return to my hometown, then how about this,” Hojo seemed to emphasize my hometown deliberately. After that, he continued, “In the outskirts of Kamakura City, there is a vassal house of our Hojo family, Matsuda clan’s territory. Matsuda Nagahide is the kenjutsu instructor of our Hojo clan’s army. How about I send you to the Matsuda family for temporary residence? We’ll talk about this matter again after reporting to my father and uncle.

Matsuda family? Kenjutsu instructor? That did arouse Lily’s interest.

However, Lily still pretended to be reserved as she considered the option for a moment, then she inclined her head slightly and used the sleeve to cover up her face before she sighed helplessly, “Then I’ll be troubling you for that Mister Hojo.”

“No problem! On the contrary, I feel like I have wronged you, Miss Kagami. Just rest assured, I will definitely report this matter to my father and uncle as soon as possible.” Hojo seemed to feel very proud to be of assistance to this pitiful girl.

Lily followed Hojo along the main road and walked towards the outskirts. Ujizane1 even reduced his speed deliberately so that Lily could keep up, but even so, Lily was still falling a little bit behind. She felt annoyed in her heart. This Hojo Ujizane was so terrified when he ran into the demon, but it seemed like he was still a samurai with considerable strength. It was precisely because he had the strength that he could tell how powerful that demon was.

Senior sister’s physical constitution was really much much better than his male body. However, to keep pace with a trained samurai, even if the other side was deliberately slowing down, it was still a little strenuous!

Samurai, they were indeed very strong!

Hojo left the city along with Lily. This Kamakura City was different from Lily’s image of ancient Japan2, there were no walls or gate. As they walked on, the buildings around them were getting shabbier and less in number. They finally arrived at the outskirts.

The outskirts of Kamakura City was bountiful with nature. The trees were growing everywhere, and there was a barely audible cry either caused by the wind blowing past the trees or some creatures hiding in the dark. Even if there were no ghosts hiding in this kind of place, it still aroused one’s fear.

Hojo pulled a horse over from the roadside. Riding a horse to move swiftly during the night parade would attract the attention of powerful demons, so Hojo had to tie the horse under a tree here.

Lily, on the other hand, had a weird thought, “Tying up the horse here, was it not scared of being eaten alive?”

“Miss Kagami, please mount the horse. I’ll pull the horse in front.” Hojo didn’t know what Lily was thinking.


Lily was a little uneasy at first: Are we going to ride on that horse together? That would be too indecent!

It would seem that, in this world, there was still some man with polite behavior.

Lily also didn’t hold back, she didn’t wait for Hojo to come over to lend an arm. She pressed the horseback and did a graceful leap as she mounted the horse.

“Miss Kagami? You know how to ride a horse?!” Hojo was a little astonished at Lily’s smooth movement.

“Eh? N-no…”

Lily only relied on her senior sister’s physical fitness, and that she didn’t want a man to touch her, so she forced herself to jump onto the horse. To ride a horse, she really couldn’t do it.

“I heard that the Kagami family’s riding and shooting skills are quite famous in the Kansai region. If Miss Kagami is a man, I’m sure you will definitely be a skillful rider!” Hojo led along the horse as he happily praised.

“Why a man? Can’t girls also ride and fight on horseback?”Lily frowned as she asked.

“Oh… naturally, they can. In the Heian Empire now, the demons and ghosts are going on a rampage everywhere, and the warriors are not united. We wage wars against each other and killing non-stop! The future outlook of the world is bleak. Even at the outskirts of Kamakura City, monsters appear occasionally. For a man, if they don’t die at the hands of demons, they will be enlisted in the army and die in a power struggle! Even the women are forced to pick up the sword and walk the path of meaningless slaughter, sigh! This one is ashamed as fellow men.” Hojo kept sighing with sorrow as he pulled the horse along.

The future outlook of the world huh…

What a safe and sound3 empire indeed!

Apart from the golden age of Heian Era, perhaps the hundred forms of humans were in full throttle here?

And she herself was in this kind of world, just what kind of path should she take from now on?

“Senior sister… I… Can I really protect your beautiful body and survive in this world? Can I really walk the path of a female samurai? Senior sister… by myself… I really… will become lost… and doubtful… Senior sister, if you are me, what will you do?”

For some reason, when she thought of senior sister, there was a faint prick in her heart.

The night was long, and where lies Lily’s path?

Maybe because she was too tired, or maybe because she received too much shock and were unable to bear these stress anymore, Lily’s fatigue spread quickly as she was rocked by the moving horse. She unconsciously started to doze off.

Gradually, Lily entered the land of dreams while riding the horse.

And not known to anyone, that mirror, right when she fell asleep, was emitting a faint gleam in her sash.


In the darkness, a continuous rumbling sound could be heard.

That sounded like… a rumbling sound from some kind of machine.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for riding with Osaka Airline. We are now eighteen thousand kilometers above the Sea of Japan. We will arrive at the capital of Japan in one and a half hour of flight…”

A delicate boy was sitting at the window seat of the plane. At this moment, he was very nervous. It was not only because this was his first time riding the plane, but the main reason was also that, right beside him seated a girl who wore the same uniform as him. She had long black hair and graceful features. The girl wore over-knee black socks over her long legs. It seemed like she didn’t pay any mind to the boy’s nervousness as she just read her book in a calm manner.

Senior sister…

Who could have thought, the one sitting beside the boy was none other than the senior sister he was always secretly in love with, yet were unable to get close.

The ray of the setting sun filtered through the gap in the clouds and shone upon the cabin. The dusk brought about some kind of dreamy atmosphere.


  1. In case you forgot, that’s Hojo’s given name 
  2. The author used China in raw, but this is set in Japan isn’t it? 
  3. A play of word. “Heian” Period/Empire can be directly translated as safety in Chinese. 

Volume 1 – Kagami Lily (Night Arc)

Chapter 4 – The Girl and the Sword

“It looks like that female samurai is intending to challenge the demon alone.”

“Th-That bull-headed idiot! Hmph, challenging the demon alone, and a woman no less, she’s done for!” Hojo spoke softly in a condemning tone.

On the other hand, for some unknown reason, Lily had a vague feeling that this silver-haired girl was emitting an unusual aura.

The Green Demon and female samurai stopped with several tens of meter between each other.

“Roar—!” The Green Demon let out a drawn-out roar! 1

A powerful wave spread all around, causing the sand and gravels to be blown away. Even the thick trees were rocked by the intensity of the roar.

Lily, who was hiding behind the willow, was scratched by the leaves that glided along the wave. It was extremely painful, and her long hair was blown by the strong wave. Even the Sanskrit Cloth was almost blown away!

All they saw was the soil scooped up by the foot of the five meters tall Green Demon as it made a straight dash towards the female samurai.

The tall female samurai looked so petite in front of the Green Demon. It appeared as if she would collapse at the first blow!

That female samurai drew the big sword from her back. The patterns engraved on the sword flickered under the curtain of night. It was a beautiful yet dangerous light.

For some reason, when Lily saw the patterns of the steel sword that caused one’s heart to tremble, she felt her body heating up and her heart beating faster. It was as if somewhere deep in her heart, she was being called out by this demonic pattern…

While facing the mountain-like demon which was rushing straight towards her, the female samurai lifted her big sword. She took one step forward with her slender leg and shifted her center of gravity. Then with a powerful kick towards the ground— she suddenly jumped higher than the roof!

That giant Green Demon also stomped on the ground and rose to the air. Even the ground was shaking due to the sheer force of the jump!

Under the full moon, the figures of the female samurai and giant Green Demon were about to clash!


The giant sword drew a beautiful arc!

The female samurai’s silhouette was pointing the giant sword towards the sky, and that fierce demon’s powerful figure was cut in half, only its lower half flew past the female samurai. As for its upper half, it was cleanly cut and hanged powerlessly in front of the female samurai. The blood spurted out from its mouth looked like ink that spilled on the moon!

That Green Demon, which was much stronger than the one Lily encountered at the night parade, was cut in half by the female samurai just like that!

Looking at the female samurai with extraordinary sword skill, Lily felt as though, at this very moment, she and her giant sword had become one entity. The girl and the sword, who blended together as one, radiated a murderous radiance under the curtain of night.

“So beautiful!”

Lily looked at the female samurai who just landed on top of the roof with a blank expression. She looked like a Valkyrie who was protecting the night city under the reflection of the full moon. Lily had carved that scene deep in her heart.

“So… a girl can also be that powerful in this world!”

“If I have that kind of power…”

These thoughts welled up in Lily’s heart. She had always admired girls who were strong since she was young. Wasn’t that senior sister the high achiever her feeble male self always longed for?

In a strange world with rough people all around, what could a lone girl rely on in order to protect herself?

Forming a good relationship with big shots? Hiding in the red-light district?

Hmph, the only way was to get stronger, just like this female samurai in front of her, graceful and valiant!

Lily’s gaze was fixed at the night sky as that female samurai jumped down towards a desolate area. Her heart was full of longing. To her, this was a scary and gloomy night, but to this female samurai, it was a stage for her to blossom. Seriously, she was so cool!

Now that Hojo was sure that the danger had passed, he put the Sanskrit Cloth away. After he got up, he said with a sigh, “Demon Sword Maiden, I never imagined that girl is actually a Demon Sword Maiden! Although I don’t know her origin, that bizarre pattern on the sword is precisely the trait of a Demon Sword Maiden. It’s no wonder that she can kill such a terrifying demon alone. Every time when the night parade is here, some powerful warriors from all over the world will also be gathering. The strongest among them can defeat a giant demon single-handedly, is capable of holding back an army by themselves, and can sweep the whole world alone! Demon Sword Maiden is the most gifted among these top warriors. They are extremely dangerous, but also very sparse in number.”

Hojo shook his head helplessly, “I am ashamed. As a man, I could only hide behind a tree and watch a girl kill the demon… This world, just how much more do you want to turn things upside down before you’re satisfied! Isn’t that right, Miss Kagami?”

Lily didn’t respond to Hojo. Her face was flushed, breathing rushed, and heart palpitated. She was still immersed in an absent-minded state from that female samurai’s gallant figure. In her heart, it appeared as though she could see hope of surviving in this dangerous world.

A Demon Sword Maiden huh? A phantom with demon sword! 2

Even among the numerous demon-slaying warriors of Heian, they were well-known and gifted! A female samurai who blossomed in the battlefield. 3

Could she do nothing but look up to those kinds of existences hopefully?

For some reason, this admiration also carried some kind of… thirst! The kind of thirst that made her body burn up and her brain to go blank.

At this very moment, for the first time ever, Lily was determined to become a samurai, a female samurai!


  1. meh… I’m so creative~ I’m so bad at translating onomatopoeia 
  2. TLC: 一柄妖刀,一瞥魅影! 
  3. TLC: 以杀戮之美来绽放自我的女武士! 

Chapter 3 – Lily’s Thought

Lily carefully stuffed the mirror back into the sash.

Her thoughts became disorderly again. I have become senior sister? My soul is in senior sister’s body?

The thoughts that this was another girl with the same face never occurred to Lily. That was because senior sister’s beautiful face was clearly reflected in the mirror! Lily had always been very sensitive. Even more so when this was the girl she always yearned for, how could she mistake her for someone else?

If that was the case, then where did her own body go? Did it also transfer to this world? Could it be that she somehow swapped body with senior sister?

No, the probability for this kind of illogical assumption to be true was too low. Now is not the time to let her imagination run wild.

Lily lowered her head again to look at her breasts. She didn’t expect this breasts that made her feel slightly dizzy was actually senior sister’s. No wonder it was so big……

Senior sister’s……

Her breasts, her scent, her everything, all of these actually belonged to her now?

Lily unconsciously quickened her breathing, and her face was dyed by a crimson shade…

To the ignorant first-year student that she was, her first love was also her secret love, or perhaps it could even be counted as unrequited love.

And now she could admire and touch the body of her adored senior however she wishes.

If they were still in their original world, she might even be loathed if she were to approach senior sister. However, this body belonged to her now, couldn’t this have been Lily’s lucky strike?

Eh? No!

Something’s not right?

What time was it now?

She just had an encounter with a night parade of a hundred ghosts. Almost became the monster hound’s food, and yet she was actually having dirty thoughts at this kind of place, without any sense of crisis!

“Maybe saying it was dirty thoughts was a little too much… but I should really be beaten up to have these kinds of terrible thoughts!” As a boy, she actually used her senior sister’s body to think about those terrible things. As the reserved boy that he was, he only dared to admire senior sister from afar. How could she not have any self-respect?

What’s more, this body belongs to her now. She can examine her body thoroughly once she’s in a safe place…

“Nonononono… this is just wrong… My soul is in senior sister’s body, then where is senior sister’s soul? If senior sister knew I thought of doing these and that to her body, well… even if she doesn’t know, it doesn’t mean I can do anything I want. How could such a vulgar soul possess this beautiful and pure body? Isn’t this body mine now? How could I let senior sister’s beauty be defiled because of me? How could I let my first love to be desecrated because of this?!”

However, just how did this happen in the first place?

For some reason, Lily felt a stinging pain coursing through her heart for a moment.

Why did she feel heartache… Apparently, once she tried to recall the last moment of her life before coming to this world, her mind became blank. What’s left over was a faint heartbreak.

Just why, for what reason?

“Young lady…”

“Eh?” Lily was immersed in her thoughts and didn’t realize a tall samurai walking over from the main road with a lantern in hand.

This samurai looked to be around twenty to thirty years old. He was wearing a common kimono with loose black trousers. There were two katanas of different length hanging on his waist. He appeared brave and mighty. Even under the dim light of night, he carried an atmosphere of righteousness.

He had a healthy skin color, thick eyebrows and big eyes, wide shoulders, and his handsome face carried hints of masculinity that proved he had been through a long period of tough training.

Lily jumped up in fright!1

Evidently, even though she’s still holding up the parasol, the samurai could see her. It seemed like the parasol was ineffective against human? The good news was that the other side was also human. At least humans wouldn’t bite her. Eh? Wait a moment? Will they really not bite?

Even in her original world, senior sister was the prettiest girl in town. Then wouldn’t she be a devastating beauty in the eyes of these ancient people? What if… she was bitten in a different sense?

Humans, as long as they were men, hmph! She also couldn’t loosen her guard!

“Young lady…” The samurai’s voice was honest and gentle, “are you… a human or a ghost?”


Lily stared at the samurai blankly. When she was worrying over whether or not he had any ulterior motives, the other side was already suspecting her as a ghost?

Lily looked into the samurai’s eyes to observe his facial expression. Combined with his questioning earlier, he didn’t seem like a bad guy.

But she must not be careless, two-faced beasts also existed in ancient times.

“I… I am lost…” Lily felt very shameful to be talking to other people with such a girly voice. However, this was senior sister’s voice, what could she do about it?

“Eh?” That two-faced man frowned. He grew more vigilant after hearing Lily’s words.

Lily felt awkward. She had her own reason, but this tone of voice sounded more like that of a female devil one came across in the middle of the night. Moreover, she was using a parasol even though it was a clear night. Even she would be suspicious of someone like that!

“Young lady, where did you come from?” The samurai tried asking.

“I… also have no idea where I come from.”

“Eh?” The big eyes below the samurai’s eyebrows were already as round as a ball. He already unconsciously placed his bulky hand on the katana handle.

Crap, the misunderstanding seemed to be getting worse!

The samurai vigilantly approached Lily and sized her up. Although this charming girl was dubious, she was very unlikely to be a monster.

“What’s your name?” The samurai extended his hand and grabbed Lily’s arm.

The position he grabbed was a little high. His powerful arm grabbed hold of Lily’s soft and tender inner arm.

Lily started trembling within seconds!


She reflexively slapped the samurai’s face.

In truth, Lily was a little scared after slapping the samurai. After all, she had a female body. Of course, even if she was a boy, there’s still no way he’d be able to beat a samurai from this uncivilized era. However, it was precisely because he had the mind of a boy that Lily didn’t want to be touched by a man!

The samurai’s face felt like it was heated up by fire. Naturally, he was angry, but on second thoughts, this also eliminated the doubts he had about the girl in front of him. If she was a monster, then she ought to try to seduce him in every possible way, and after he lost his vigilance, she would bare her fangs and attack him!

And Lily’s reaction was more like that of an arrogant young lady. Looking at her fair skin again, as well as the quality of her clothes, she should be the daughter of a well-off family.

Facing a noble young lady like this, even if he was angry, at least seventy to eighty percent of it had dissipated.

The samurai didn’t get angry. Rather, he retreated half a step and said, “Sorry! That was rude of me just now! You must know that there is a night parade tonight. For a young lady to be out here alone at times like this, it is part of my responsibility to examine it clearly.”

“Responsibility?” Lily looked at the lofty samurai who was carrying katanas and a lantern with calligraphy writing. Could he be someone from the government office?

The samurai explained, “I am known as Hojo Ujizane, in charge of the night patrol of Kamakura City tonight. Of course, I made sure to confirm the night parade is already gone before I dare to come out and patrol. Can I please ask the young lady for your name?”

Lily thought to herself, since he had already given his full name, if she only introduced herself with a given name, that would be a little thoughtless. She honestly didn’t want to have anything to do with this man, but if he was really a night patrol dispatched by the government, then she did have something to request of him. It should be more fitting to introduce herself with a surname. However, she didn’t have one to begin with.

“Kagami Lily”

Lily suddenly blurted out that name.

This name suddenly popped up in Lily’s mind. This was to remind her of senior sister’s beautiful face that was reflected in the mirror, and also to remind herself to protect her beauty and purity in this other world! She had no idea why she was carrying this mirror. And this old-looking copper mirror might be a rare item that even demons yearned for!2

Thus, that was how she came to choose this as her surname.

Mirror, come with me and journey together. In this world with no science and technology, this was the only medium that allowed her to see her own beauty.

Hojo stared blankly for a moment. It seemed as though he was fascinated by this name, “Such a beautiful name…”

Lily was indifferent to his careless remark.

Hojo also felt that he was a little rude. Thereupon, he hurriedly took half a step back and bowed, “Could it be… young lady is from the renowned Kagami clan in the distant Kansai region?”

“Ah, that’s right…” Lily answered without thinking it through. Lily had a really bright mind. Since he said distant Kansai region, in this ancient world with slow communication and lack of information, he clearly didn’t know much about that place. Hence she easily admitted this family background. There shouldn’t be a big problem.

“Why is young lady out here all alone? Tonight is 15th July, the night of ghost festival!”

This Hojo unintentionally informed Lily of today’s date.

“Ah, that is…” Lily was stammering as she tried to weave a reason. Then all of a sudden, a vibration came from underfoot.

“Earthquake? Could this place be the same as Japan and has many earthquakes?” That was the first thoughts that crossed Lily’s mind.

It was that wind again! The same kind of wind that made her shudder during the night parade!

“This is bad! Follow me quickly!” That samurai didn’t explain and pulled Lily towards the roadside and hide at the back of a willow. He took out a cloth with ancient writings from his bag and used it to cover both Lily and himself without asking.

“What are you doing?” Lily asked with a slightly angry tone.

“Shhh… don’t make any noise no matter what. Just stay quiet and look… Under the cover of this cloth, as long as they don’t pay special attention to us, we won’t be discovered…”

Lily also guessed that something was about to happen, so she didn’t say anything else. They just looked towards the direction where the wind was blowing from.

What they saw walking out from the dense fog was a majestic demon with two golden horns sprouting from its head, green skin, and a dark brown fur was draped to its back.

The demon almost looked the same as the one Lily encountered in the night parade. However, it was even bigger. This one was almost five meters tall!

“Gosh! That’s a Green Demon! And such a big one at that…” Cold sweat was oozing from Hojo’s forehead, “We must not be discovered. Otherwise, both of us are dead.”

She felt that the cloth was not too reliable, but Lily didn’t want to reveal the sakura parasol unless it’s a crisis. Moreover, the parasol couldn’t conceal two people at all.

“Aren’t you a warrior dispatched by the government? Can you still be regarded as a samurai to hide at the sight of a demon?” Lily ridiculed him. If she could provoke this guy to fight with the Green Demon, she could unfurl the parasol and run away regardless of the result.

In order to protect senior sister’s body, Lily hardly felt any guilt! What’s more, wasn’t it a samurai’s job to protect the common people?

“Miss Kagami, you seem like a girl from a wealthy family, but how come your words are so ignorant.” Lily’s words had clearly hurt his pride, hence he retorted in a low voice, “Green Demon over the height of two meters is not a monster common soldier can handle! This one is at least four to five meter tall. Even if you assemble the entire army stationed in this city, there would only be disastrous casualties! It might be possible to suppress it if only Genji3 is dispatched! Though low ranking samurai like us can exterminate demons and protect common people, however, when facing such a powerful demon, all we can do is borrow you half of this Sanskrit Cloth. Challenging such a huge Green Demon with the power of one man? That’s an impossible task! A warrior’s courage and throwing one’s life away due to ignorance are two different things!”4

Hojo kept on speaking endlessly to defend his pride as a warrior. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wide street, a tall female samurai appeared.

That female samurai was facing the giant Green Demon and walked over here.

From visual estimation, she was even taller than Lily. She was wearing a black sleeveless blouse with a golden sash wrapped around her waist. Her short skirt was formed by two pieces of black clothes covering only the front and back.

Her silver hair was so long that it reached her heels. On her back, she was carrying a sword so big that it was out of common sense. Her slender legs were bare and she wore a pair of leather shoes. She was walking with elegant steps as she made her way here.

Evidently, the female samurai and the giant Green Demon had already discovered each other.

Sharp fangs were exposed on the Green Demon’s already terrifying face, and the female samurai was still just as fearless as she walked towards the Green Demon with confidence. Those breasts that seemed to be even bigger than Lily’s were bouncing, as though they were boasting her calmness and arrogance.


  1.  Figuratively speaking 
  2.  Yes, Kagami means mirror in Japanese in case you’re wondering. I opt for Japanese name even though this is a Chinese novel because this story seemed to be set in Japan. 
  3.  I’m not sure if this is referring to a person or a clan, so I’ll leave this as a tentative name. 
  4.  Wow, someone is VERY butthurt… 

Chapter 2 – Mirror

“Ugh…” The young girl groaned.

Under the dim light of the moon, a young lady with snow white skin lightly leaned against a thick wooden pillar. The breath she exhaled was white.

Her round butt was pressing against the foot of the pillar and her rather sensual body shape was outlined by her taut clothing.

“I can finally stretch my back and relax my shoulders…” Lily put away the parasol. After all, her slender arms were starting to get sore from holding it for so long.

Her back was feeling moist and cold, that was because her kimono was drenched in sweat.

Fortunately, the area around her breasts had a wide gap, so the sweat evaporates faster.

Lily lowered her head and looked at the bulge that was obviously a part of her. Yet she was unable to accept their existence. The bulge was blocking her line of sight… and Lily suddenly solved a riddle while looking at her bulge.

So it’s actually true that in ancient times people don’t put on a bra when wearing kimono…

Naturally, Lily was of the firm opinion that this was the other world, and not the distant past. Otherwise, how could those demons and monsters be real?!

Want to go back? Go back to her original world? Is this a world where you can come and go as you wish? At the very least, she needs to recall how she got here in the first place. However, Lily just couldn’t think of anything.

Those two round bulges hidden under her kimono’s neckline caused Lily’s mind to wander. ⌈1

“Should I pull the collar to take a look?” Lily had a sudden rush of excitement!

She had never seen a girl’s body before, let alone a sexy beauty like this.

Nonono! Just what am I thinking!

Lily suddenly shook her head! It was not the time to think about these kind of things! She was still in a precarious situation!

Although the night parade of a hundred ghosts was already a thing of the past…

“Click— Click—”

As if to negate Lily’s line of thoughts, a weird noise came from overhead.

A shadow suddenly fell towards Lily’s head like a pouch.

Without any time to think, Lily’s body moved by itself and made a spinning somersault. While she was in the air, Lily could clearly see the ground getting closer. She had plenty of time to control her body that was still in midair, as if the time itself had slowed down.

This was some kind of dynamic vision ability. It varied from person to person. When Lily was still a guy, she couldn’t think of anything else once she made a jump. It was impossible to perform this kind of maneuver. Perhaps this was the differences between those who were gifted and those who were not.

Lily flipped her body back into upright position in self-defense. She didn’t sustain a single scratch and landed safely on the ground.

She got up in a hurry and turned around, only to see a wild dog with an ugly man’s face. It was standing at her previous location, staring at her with its fierce yellowish eyes. Those eyes seemed to be brimming with strong desire!

“Mirror… Mirror…”

That monster actually spoke in human tongue. It was obviously a language Lily had never heard before, yet she could totally understand it. Only that… this voice was cold and eerie!

Suddenly, two more similar looking monsters jumped down from the roof and completely surrounded Lily in this dark, narrow alley.

She was too careless! She originally thought that the night parade had already left. In this world, just a tiny careless mistake could cost her life.

“Mirror…” Those monsters on the other side also spoke in human tongue. These human-faced hounds were greedily licking their mouth. Inside their filthy mouth were terrifyingly sharp fangs! And disgusting saliva was dripping from the free space between their fangs.

Though Lily was extremely scared when facing the pincer attack of these monster hounds, she was carefully assessing the situation. After encountering a supernatural beings like Michizane, she was not as flustered when facing these monster hounds.

Even if her body was strong and quick, it was still not an easy feat to escape from this narrow alley.

They kept drawing closer and muttered only one word with their hoarse human voice, and that was “mirror”.

Lily recalled the copper mirror she held in her bosom. Would she be able to run away if she threw the mirror at them?

A split second of fear nearly induced Lily to do just that. However, have you ever heard of the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’s story? ⌈2

In the next instant, Lily made a move that might possibly change her life hereafter. Rather than throwing away the mirror, she calmly unfurled the parasol and lifted it over her head.

The monster hounds stared blankly at the wall. In their eyes, the girl and the mirror she held in her bosom were things that were irresistible to them in their monochromatic world. And yet, both of those irresistible things disappeared right in front of their very eyes all of a sudden. All they saw was a white empty wall in front of them.

“The scent of the woman is definitely still here! The sweet smell of an unpleasant woman! That accursed woman! The meat of men is still most delicious! Where did that wretched woman go? And how about the mirror? Where is the mirror?”

“So hungry, there are more and more warriors on night patrol these days. I haven’t eaten any meat for a long time now. After we get the mirror, let’s eat the woman’s meat…”

The monster hounds who were capable of simple thoughts kept pressing towards the wall. They sniffed around and used their tongue to probe the surroundings, however, that didn’t yield any result.

Lily was even capable of moving nimbly about, dodging and weaving through the crowds of a hundred ghosts, so it was an easy feat to avoid the detection of only a few monster hounds.

Unintentionally, Lily seemed to have grasped some kind of footwork. This footwork was agile, graceful, and hard to perceive. It was fine and detailed, yet precise. At this moment, Lily had a thought; if she has a sword in her hands, wouldn’t she be able to kill them if she stealthily get behind the monster hound?

However, Lily didn’t have any weapon nor did she have any reason to take this kind of risk. She slowly retreated from the alley and made her way back to the main road. As for those monster hounds in the shadow of the alley, they didn’t chase over here. It would appear that they didn’t dare to get close to the main road. They only wandered around for a while before they vanished in the darkness in their disappointment.

Lily moved back until she was under the roof of a courtyard. She didn’t dare to put away the parasol anymore. However, there was another thing bothering her at the moment.


Are they referring to the mirror she kept in her bosom?

She was thrown into another world without any explanation, completely penniless and defenseless. Aside from the clothes covering herself, she only possessed two items. One of them was a parasol capable of making herself “invisible” to the monsters. That was definitely an uncommon item. And the other one was the old copper mirror put away in the sash of her kimono.

Lily single-handedly took out the old rusty mirror from her bosom. The moonlight that was filtering through the cracks between the roof and the beam just happened to shine on the mirror.

Lily was shocked!

The surface of the originally rusty and uneven copper mirror suddenly became bright and clean after mixing with the moonlight.

And her face was clearly reflected in that mirror.


Looking at the beauty in the mirror, Lily let slip a scream. That red-colored lips, that small nose, and that clear eyes… Just when Lily exclaimed in shock, the lips reflected in the mirror also opened up. Her white breath brushed against the mirror and covered it with a thin layer of mist.

Lily hastily used her sleeve to rub the mirror and looked at herself again in disbelief.

“Senior?! I… I have become senior sister???”

“No, it’s more like my soul has entered senior sister’s body? My body now is senior sister’s body!”

The so-called senior sister was naturally the person Lily admired in her original world.

In Lily’s high school, there were naturally a lot of female students in higher grades. However, there was only one who Lily referred to as senior sister.

Senior sister Rin! ⌈3

When Lily was still a boy, regardless of whether she was in class or lying down on the small bed, she was a senior high grade two schoolgirl he always yearned for. In the whole school, even among the masses of S City, she was a beautiful female high school student with some reputation.

She was born into a well-off family, not too rich, but enough to let her live a worry free life. Furthermore, with her inherent scholarly appearance, the boys were unable to resist the attractive force emitted by this proud black-haired sister.

Not only did senior sister have good grades, she was also very good at sports. She was even well versed in the four arts; namely zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting. What made people even more jealous was that, though she was good at everything, she even had a pair of big breasts!

Naturally, there were many pursuers in the school, ranging from children of wealthy entrepreneurs, to children of officials, captain of the sport clubs, international champions, and talented individuals… However, senior sister had never so much as given them a glance, and yet she continued to handle them courteously. This was the part that made Lily most moved!

Senior sister, she’s just too adorable!

It doesn’t matter what other people says, senior sister was the most ideal and most perfect existence in her heart!

Naturally, with such an aloof senior sister, Lily only dared to steal a glance at her from the distance when she was still a boy. How would she be daring enough to speak with her, she was only secretly in love with her!

However, it was exactly this person who she yearned for, the senior sister who captivated her…

At this moment, Lily had become the person herself.


  1. Need a translation check: 那两道圆鼓的隐没入开阔和服领口的弧度,让凛音走了神,原来,对于自己的视角来说,走光是如此容易啊? 
  2.  Yeah… no, I have no idea how this is related 
  3.  It is the same Lin as Lily’s Lin in the raw, just think of this as a pet name of sort… 

[New Series] Demon Sword Maiden

Is there any gender bender fans out there? Cause a new series has just been added to the shelf of Re:Library. The title is tentative and will change accordingly when I translate more chapters and am 100% sure of it.

This is a Chinese transmigration novel written by Luo Jiang Shen. It is the story of a boy who found himself in a world that resembles ancient Japan, and that… he became a her. Truth be told, I don’t really know anything else other than that either, I read as I translate and I only picked this up because it’s gender bender, because… why not?

Without further ado, here’s the first Chapter of Demon Sword Maiden: Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts

Chapter 1 – Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts

The bright moon was hanging in the dark night sky.

The old and gloomy street, located at the eastern part of the peaceful Kamakura City, was covered in dense fog. There were already no shadows to be seen on the street.

However, there was a young girl who seemed to have come from a different era. She wore a purple-colored kimono patterned with blue flowers with a pair of wooden sandals adorning her feet and a paper parasol in her hands. She was walking alone on this shabby rock-paved road.

Lily, that was the name of this female body.

Why did we refer to it like that?

That’s because, the soul of this young lady, was a boy who could still be considered somewhat handsome.

Regardless of the boy’s soul, or the delicate body of the beautiful young lady, they were both not of this world.

Lily had a well-defined face, and one look at her pinkish skin, you could tell she was a sheltered young lady. Her big, glittering eyes carried a hint of panic and puzzlement as she looked at this old, gloomy world.

Her small and delicate nose was flushed due to the cold of the night wind. The air exhaled from her healthy-looking lips was faintly visible. The street was so eerily quiet that it seemed she could even hear her breathing sound.

Lily had no idea how she got here, nor could she even begin to imagine how she changed into a girl who wore clothing of this era. Moreover, although it was a little cold and she was holding a parasol, it was most definitely not raining.

Lily was very clear that she was once a boy living in the modern age, an average senior high school student in S City. However, she just couldn’t remember her original name, so she could only refer to herself as Lily.

The moment she woke up in this world —fifteen minutes ago— she knew that her name was Lily, though she couldn’t explain how she knew.

Other than her name, Lily recalled living her past as a boy. It was obviously something that just happened yesterday according to her memory, yet it felt so long ago. It felt as if her sense of time was distorted.

Perhaps it was these old buildings that gave Lily this sense of discomfort.

“This looks like some kind of ancient age. Don’t tell me I am really in ancient Japan? Is this the Heian period or the Warring States? Those are the only two eras I know of about Japanese history. There’s also the possibility that this is a different world that resembles ancient Japan.”

As Lily thought about such a thing, if not because of her authentic kimono and genuine female body, she might have thought that she somehow ended up in some kind of filming site after sleepwalking. While Lily might have been average in every aspect when she was still a boy, her sense of art was particularly sharp. She was even an expert in national painting, so she could tell that these buildings were authentic at a glance. Their craftsmanship and realism were not something a filming site could replicate! Moreover, the fresh atmosphere around here made her even more convinced that she had never been here before.

Having her keen sense of aesthetics as a boy was seen as being too delicate and sensitive, so it naturally wasn’t something she was too proud of growing up.

Although Lily wasn’t too masculine as a boy, it wasn’t as if she didn’t have her own opinions. At present, although she was amazed and found this hard to believe, she was thinking really hard.

“Regardless of whether I have returned to Japan from a thousand years ago or I have come to a different world, it doesn’t change my current situation. That is, I am in deep trouble!”

A beautiful girl all dressed up and alone in a desolate street in the middle of the night could only spell trouble. Even if she were in S City with its good public order, Lily would still feel a bit of danger, let alone this world and its unknown civilization.

Although movies made everything in the ancient era out to look very romantic and beautiful, Lily knew well that the true olden times were very cruel! Since that was the case, maybe it might’ve been better if this was a different world. After all, there might be a different culture that Lily had yet to understand.

Lily naturally couldn’t see her own appearance. She didn’t have a cell phone to take a selfie with and assuming this really was some ancient time, there may not have even been a proper mirror. However, from her own slender arm to her pinkish skin, and her small feet, as well as her body that could make a boy around her age to get a nosebleed, she was able to judge that she shouldn’t be ugly.

Yet, she felt that her line of sight was somehow a little higher compared to when she was still a boy? This made Lily a little frustrated.

And such a sexy and defenseless girl as her was walking alone in this uncivilized, dark, and mysterious world with naught but a parasol on her person. She was in deep trouble indeed!

Lily began to inspect her own clothing, hoping to find some sort of clues or maybe a hidden weapon. However, the only thing she found inside the sash of her kimono was an old copper mirror.

A copper mirror?

Lily took out this plate-sized copper mirror to look at her own appearance.

Only that… this copper mirror was very rusty and old. On top of that, the moonlight was very dim. She could only see a vague outline of her beautiful face.

People from ancient times were so pitiful. They couldn’t even see their own appearance clearly.

The copper mirror might have been worth something, so Lily put it back at her waist.

“Ancient times huh, this should be a poor era where ordinary people can’t even get rice to eat. I have this set of clothes and that copper mirror, so I guess I’m the daughter of some rich family with considerable social status? It’s unfortunate I don’t have any sort identification, I don’t know how to get home.”

“Whether this is ancient Japan or a different world, at least it’s better than the underworld. It is indeed dangerous to run into strangers on the road, but there should be a government office right? If I can find that kind of place and pretend that I have lost my memory, by looking at how I dressed, they should at least be able to secure my safety! As for what’s come after that, let’s put it off until that time.”

As Lily thought of that, she made her way towards the main road.

“Huh? What’s with this place? The pathway earlier was paved with rock, so how come this avenue is not paved?”

Lily arrived at what seemed to be a much wider street. There were white walls surrounding the courtyards found on both sides of the street. Lanterns were hanging at the gates of those courtyards. By looking into the courtyards, she could vaguely make out some trees and pavilions while the rest was shrouded in complete darkness.

Ancient times weren’t like the movies. Lily figured that the candles and oil lamps must have cost an extravagant amount. Who would light up those lamps at a time like this?

The wind blew over and caused Lily to tremble slightly.

“Should I go and knock their door? This seemed like the household of a wealthy family. It should be safer with rich people right?”

Lily shook her head to disperse this kind of silly thoughts. Rich people didn’t mean they were civilized people. There’s a saying that ancient people revere military skills and everything was spoken by strength. Seeing such a beautiful young lady delivering herself to their door, it was easy to imagine they would oppress her by force!

She shouldn’t take her chances!

She was in a completely unknown world, a little mistake could spell great danger!

Only that… she couldn’t continue to hide in the dark corner either. With this weather, without anything to eat or drink, maybe she would already starve to death or freeze to death on the street by tomorrow morning. That would be too miserable!

A government office or somewhere similar should be her best bet!

Lily looked at this long street shrouded in dense fog. Even under the illumination of the moonlight, she couldn’t see anything beyond a hundred meters. She had no idea where the road leads to.

Lily was regretting the fact she didn’t take a good look grandpa’s survival film. The boy now found himself in an unfamiliar world without any survival skill. She couldn’t even tell which direction she was facing at the moment.

All of a sudden, a bone-chilling wind blew straight into her face.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Those lanterns at the side of the street suddenly lit up by themselves. Those dark orange tint in the dense fog were as if they were a pair of eyes gazing at the lone girl on the dark expansive street.

Lily stiffened and felt cold sweat seeping out at her back.

“Boom! Boom!”

Gradually, drumming sound seemed to be transmitted from ahead.

“Boom! Boom! Dongdong! Boom…”

The drumbeat gradually gets closer. It carried an ancient, simple yet uncommon rhythm. One swaying lantern after the other appeared from within the dense fog.

The sound of the flute transmitted over, sometimes melodious, sometimes sorrowful. Accompanied by the beat of the drum and lively sound of the zither, they formed a strange yet harmonious sound as they approached Lily.

“W-what is this music? Why, in a cold night like this, would there be this kind of music performance? And who’s the performer?”

While in doubt, Lily instinctively felt danger. However, for some reason, her slender legs seemed to be nailed to the floor, unable to budge an inch.

A few figures appeared from within the light-smudged fog. Some of these figures looked humanoid, males and females alike. Some of these figures were so tall they didn’t seem like proper life form at all. And although some figures couldn’t be seen clearly, they were just as bizarre. These figures ignored common sense and were floating in midair.

Dangerous, extremely dangerous!

The tune sounded so mournful that it gave rise to a feeling of pity, but even so, Lily instinctively felt fear.

Run! She must run away from here!

But Lily’s small feet didn’t listen to her order. From childhood until now, she had never faced a genuine life or death crisis. The most painful experience she ever had was that she was secretly in love with a senior female schoolmate but never get to confess. Though her family financial situation was average, it was not to the point of not having food and clothing provided. When a boy like that was thrown into a completely unimaginable situation like this, only panic ensues!

In a moment, the sound was getting louder and louder. The beating drum and sad tune of the flute seemed to pound directly in her heart, pulling at her soul, which caused her hair to stand on end. She was almost entirely drenched in cold sweat from head to foot.

Run! I must run! Regardless of where is this, regardless of what those things are, I must get away from here! I must not let those things discover me!

Lily pinched her own thigh hard, but even her fingers felt powerless. She didn’t even feel any pain pinching her thigh through her clothing!

In spite of everything, her body was still unable to move. This was more frightening than a defenseless man facing a fierce tiger in the mountain woods! There’s no way a modern era denizen would be able to stand this kind of distress!

At this moment, Lily realized that she might possibly die here. Although this was an incomprehensible world, this feeling alone was genuine!

“Don’t tell me… I am really going to get killed by those things?”

Just at this time, a pleasant and tender voice of a girl transmitted from who knows here, “Don’t move. If you want to live, just stand right where you are. Don’t run at all cost!”


Who was speaking to her? Lily couldn’t see anyone at either side.

The girl’s voice continued, as though it was directly transmitted to Lily’s consciousness, “Open your parasol and let yourself hide under it. Just open it slowly… and they won’t be able to find you.”

Even if she wanted to run, Lily’s own feet didn’t listen to her order. At this time, she chose to believe the girl’s pleasant voice instead of those strange figures that were approaching from the front.

Opening up the parasol, it was such a natural action. And yet, at this very moment, it felt like such a tall order!

“No! I must survive! I don’t even know what kind of world is this, nor had I fully understood what happened to myself, I’m not willing to just die like this!”

All of a sudden, Lily seemed to have regained control of her own body. She was no longer trembling as she slowly lifted up her head. She took a deep breath as the night wind lightly brushed her elegant long hair.

Lily lifted the dark purple paper parasol that was painted with the falling petals of sakura.


The parasol was unfurled.

As it turns out, the inside of the parasol was spotlessly white. Only at the edge was there a shade of pink, and right in the middle was the drawing of sakura blossom. They were so vivid and lifelike that it felt as if they were really drifting in the sky. For a moment, it seemed as if Lily was enveloped by the light of the falling blossom.

“Just like this, remain here and don’t let any parts of your body leave the shade of the parasol by all means. Don’t move, just stay as still as a log.” That voice reminded Lily again.

From within the waning lights of the fog, a fox that was several times bigger than in reality walked out. This fox was silvery white and three tails were sticking up behind its body. Its golden eyes were seemingly staring at Lily.

Lily’s entire body shuddered.

“Don’t move! The Three-Tailed Demon Fox merely caught the scent of someone in front, but she is unable to find you. Once you move, it will be able to see you.”

Lily resisted the urge to drop the parasol and turn around to run quickly with great difficulty. The heavy breasts that she had yet to get accustomed to, rose up and down along with her gasp for breath. A bead of sweat was flowing down from her forehead.

That rhythmic tune was getting louder, yet erratic. It’s like being in a dangerous and unpredictable journey.

Behind the demon fox, a woman with a beautiful, yet a little old-fashioned kimono walked out from the fog. Her complexion was pale, only her lips were red. She didn’t have an eyebrow, and there were two black dots on her forehead. The woman held an ancient lute as she walked towards Lily with unsteady yet graceful steps.

Behind the woman was a three-meter tall bull demon with red fur and deathly pale tusks.

One after another, demons and ghosts that Lily had never seen before nor had she ever dared to dream about, emerged from the dense fog just like this. They walked towards Lily with fierce and absent-minded gait.

Lily didn’t even dare to breathe. She just stood there while holding her breath.

That demon fox and woman walked past Lily. Those enormous tail even stretched under the parasol and brushed Lily’s face. Fortunately, the fox didn’t feel anything.

However, that green-colored evil spirit with big build was walking straight towards Lily. If she doesn’t move, they will collide!

At this time, Lily felt as if her heart would jump out from her mouth.

“Remain calm and collected, lightly move to the side. You must not arouse their attention. Do not make any noise! And your body must remain under the shade of the parasol. Now—! Move!”

Lily didn’t have the time to practice moving silently. She could only rely on her intuition to carefully move to the side. The wooden sandal was almost sticking to the ground as she shifted one step to the side.

She successfully dodged the green devil.

It was fortunate that her leg was long, this one step was just enough. Moreover, Lily shouldn’t have adapted to this body yet, but her body moved unexpectedly well. This subtle sense of balance and physical understanding was not something she originally possessed, as she was just a boy who didn’t do much exercise to begin with.

The green devil suddenly stopped right beside Lily. Her ears could pick up its heavy breathing, and she was assaulted by the stink of the devil. It seemed to have found something and looked at Lily’s direction for a moment. After that, it just continued to move forward.

Before Lily could heave a sigh of relief, a cat-sized green lizard with a conical bamboo hat trotted past her leg while letting out clicking sound!

This time, Lily was completely terrified! She covered her mouth with lightning quick movement and swallowed the shriek that was about to escape from her mouth.

And over there was a lantern with one leg. It had an exaggeratedly big eye. There were even a few thick eyelashes sticking up above the eye. A red tongue was sticking out from its big mouth as it jumped left and right towards Lily’s direction. Lily thought that if her thigh was licked by that tongue, she would definitely feel sick to the point of fainting. Behind that lantern demon, there was a bear-sized raccoon dog with a bamboo hat hanging on its back. There was also a woman with unkempt hair slithering over with her lower half snake body.

As far as the eyes could see, there were no less than a hundred different kinds of demons and ghosts accompanying this drawn-out musical performance as they moved forward.

Night parade of a hundred ghosts!

On her first night here, the girl of another world encountered Kamakura City’s monster parade that only happened once a year!

This day was precisely the 15th July of the Heian Empire’s lunar calendar. ⌈1

It was clearly the midsummer season, but the wind of the underworld realm shrouded Kamakura City with the cold of late autumn.

Lily was unable to move, yet she couldn’t stay in the same spot. As contradictory as it was, she had no time for doubts. Relying on her senses, she moved one step at a time and avoided a collision with the hundred demons. She moved to the side, and finally arrived at the entrance of an alley.

“You are lucky to have left the pathway before Michizane arrives.” That voice continued, “With your body that’s completely lacking in training, if you come face to face with Michizane, you will be found even with this sakura parasol.”

Lily didn’t fully comprehend the meaning of her words, but even if she was in a relatively safe place now, she didn’t dare to move carelessly. She just continued to steal a glance from the corner of the alley.

She only saw a bearded man with Tang Dynasty official hat ⌈2⌋ among the hundred demons. He was at least a hundred feet tall, and though he was a little chubby, his blackish face had a pair of tyrannical eyes. Those eyes were so piercing, just looking at them caused her own eyes to prick endlessly. Lily hurriedly lowered her head and dare not look straight at him again.

“That’s the Demon King Michizane! The night parade of a hundred ghosts this time was led by him. They came all the way from the northeast demon gate. Every household will lock themselves in their house tonight and never come out. Even the warrior on night patrol didn’t dare to come out. If they dared to steal a glance at Michizane, even if they don’t die, they will be met with great misfortune!” That voice continued to explain.

After hearing these, Lily felt angry in her heart. You should’ve said that first!

That voice said teasingly, “Little sister, although you lack training and looked like a pampered girl, from your calmness and decisiveness just now, as well as the control over your body, it was a feat not many men can reach. Perhaps, it might not be your misfortune to come to this world…”

Just when Lily lowered her head in vexation, she didn’t notice that when Michizane walked past the alley, he stopped to look at Lily’s direction. And from that quick look, something unbelievable happened; a sorrowful expression appeared on his wild and ruthless face.

Behind Michizane, there was an excessively big ox chariot. It was unknown whether that ox was a beast or a monster. That chariot, on the other hand, was extremely gorgeous.

“The woman in the chariot is the saintess ⌈3⌋, the mother of Prince Kohei. Ever since…”

Lily didn’t hear clearly the latter part of the girl’s narrative. She was already unable to take in more new information due to the stimulation and crisis she just experienced.

Finally, the demons and monsters gradually got further away along with the waning lights and bone-chilling tone of the flute.

Even the surrounding temperature gradually returned to its original state.

Lily looked at the distant light with lingering fear. The light of the lanterns along the street also silently extinguished and returned to as they were before. If was as if nothing had ever happened in this Kamakura City.

“I’m not sure… how should I express my gratitude to you…” Lily finally dared to voice out her thoughts, “I still have no idea which deity are you. Is it possible to show yourself to let me pay homage to your esteemed self? And, the training you were referring to…”

That voice didn’t appear again. No matter how many times Lily called out in a low voice, she didn’t respond.

The only thing remaining on the empty street was the shivering girl under the moonlight.

Just what kind of dangerous and fateful encounter still awaiting her in this dark and mysterious other world?


  1. In case you didn’t know, the 15th of July on the Lunar Calendar is the Ghost Festival, and this needs a translation check: 这一天,正是这幅员万里的平安王朝,时历白河三年,七月十五日。 
  2. Image reference 
  3.  Tentative term for: 祐姬