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Automata Maid Chapter 14.5 Extra

The titling of this chapter makes it sound like it could be one of my custom chapters, but it’s actually wholesome.
For those that don’t know I wrote a couple of “Extra” chapters for another project I do editing for in response to the author being a huge tease.
I got some good comments on those saying that they could almost believe them as official chapters haha.

Well that’s why happens when you throw in a subtle plot hook into a spice chapter.

Anyway, here’s your last chapter for the day. Then I can go back to games.

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Automata Maid Chapter 14 Part 2

As I mentioned on the other posts.
I messed up slightly and decided to rely on the webs schedule app to remind me when to post.
Sadly, the app seems to like operating in a different timezone to me despite my setting choices.

These chapters allegedly are supposed to post tomorrow and not an hour ago. Who’d have imagined?!
Anyway, that’s why these are a tiiiiny bit late. I realised my mistake when I felt like something was off with my own schedule.

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Automata Maid Chapter 12

After making that Orimurium joke last chapter I now have the inexplicable urge to go back and watch Infinite Stratos again.
Got that makes me feel old now.
How long has it been since that started? Must be just over 10 years.
IS was one of the first anime I watched, probably in my first 5, at least my first 10.

Also reminded me of that meme where someone made it an isekai called The Hero is Over-Popular but Overly Dense.
Half tempted to write that.
Actually I might.

I rewatched all of Raildex once to start writing a fanfic for it (which I only compiled notes for) and I think it’d be easy to do Infinite Stratos but as an isekai.

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Automata Maid Chapter 11

So a couple of hours ago we had a massive storm.
It wasn’t very long but there was quite a bit of lighting.
Some of the thunder was stronk too, really shook my windows.

I found it quite exciting.
My parents were out camping too, RIP them I guess?
Anyway, here is your chapter.

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» Chapter 11 «

Automata Maid Chapter 10 Part 2

Jurassic World Dominion is now only over a week away, I need to start plotting how and when I’m going to watch it.
I seriously need to make sure I can watch it the best way possible.
I mean it’s the climax to my childhood dream franchise.

It’s a huge deal to me, and I can’t wait.
Also the DLC for the game is soon. That is also exciting.

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Automata Maid Chapter 10 Part 1

I’m not sure if I will make it in time, but I have potentially commissioned some art based on Trapped in a Dating Sim.
I wonder if this will be the first commission I make to get onto a booru site.
So far there is no art of my OC on any of them, despite a couple of high profile artist commissioned.

I’ve now made it a little mission to get my OC onto one. In some way.

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» Chapter 10 Part 1 «