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Chapter 135: An impulse purchase (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2913 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1410 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

I ended up getting pretty dirty after helping Annabelle. It was a somewhat dangerous experiment, so I couldn’t allow myself to let Annabelle or Christina do it themselves. Luckily I have a sturdy magic automaton body to resist things like that.

And apparently it went the way they hoped it would, so it was worth it to put myself into a bit of danger. The whole project should be completed by the time Christina graduates.

The mid-year break ended two weeks ago and the new semester is in full swing. After this, our time at the Academy will also reach its end.

While I’m still only Olivia’s servant, I did help as a temporary instructor a few times, but it’s not like I have a strong attachment to this place like the actual students. Either way, I think it’s normal to feel that way.

What matters is that Olivia had a meaningful time at the Academy, and that she’ll graduate without issue.

Settling my thoughts, I twist the handle and turn down the shower. After pushing aside the wet hairs covering my face and drying my body with a towel, I leave the shower room.

The dorms’ bathhouse is open basically at all times, but as I’m a monster, a maid, and more importantly have the mind of a guy, I try to avoid using it at any time when the students might be in it, which usually is late at night. Today I came earlier though.

It’s almost the time when the students will come back from class, so no one else is here other than me. Sometimes the students go straight to take a bath when they’re back though, so I have to hurry and get out.

After drying my body with a towel and peering into the locker, my hand freezes. …They’re gone.

But that can’t be, surely they got caught up between my other clothes. Thinking so, I stretch out my clothes and apron, but I still don’t see them. I check inside the locker again, but there’s nothing else in there.

Could this be…
No, it’s too early to come to any conclusions.


I thought I felt something moving behind me, but there’s nothing there when I look. Anyway, I can’t afford to waste any more time here. I’ll just have to wear the rest of my clothes and return to my room.

I quickly put on my maid uniform and go out into the corridor while being watchful of my surroundings. It’s not apparent from my outward appearance, but I’d still like to avoid being seen by anyone in this state.

Okay, I’m almost at the room.

“Ah, Natalia.”

Someone calls to me and I feel my body freeze in place. I slowly turn around and see Olivia, Amy, and Ruri.

“Oh- W-Welcome back, Young Lady, Amy.”
“Mhm, we’re back. Did Claire return?”
“I just got back not too long ago, but I haven’t seen her yet.”
“I see. I guess she can take care of herself more than good enough so we shouldn’t worry, but let me know when she comes back.”

Clarissa went out a few days ago and hasn’t returned since. As Olivia said, she’s a high level monster and is registered as a Servant, so it’s unlikely anything can happen to her, but it’s still a bit worrying.

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Also, now that Olivia is back, I can’t really hide in the room anymore.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

Saying that I move past them, trying to get away from this place. But annoyingly enough, that damn rabbit noticed I was acting strange, and I couldn’t anticipate or even react in time to what she would do.

“Mheheh, let them breathe!”

She quickly flips my skirt and I feel a cold breeze on my rear, which isn’t covered by anything.


I turn around slowly and see Olivia looking down while pressing her nose, Amy is looking away, while Ruri is holding her criminal hands up with her eyes open wide.

“Wait…I’m sorry, honest!”

I grab the collar of Ruri’s clothes and push her against the wall, and she offers no resistance.

“It was just a prank, you were acting really strange so I thought it’d lighten things up. I had no idea you had a kink for exhibitionism.”
“That’s not it!”
“Oh right, going commando is more about the thrill of not knowing if others realize or not, sorry for ruining it.”
“That’s not what I meantttt!”

Olivia calls to me so I let go of Ruri and turn to face her. I guess she’s upset that I’m walking around in such a shameful getup, but then she suddenly raises her head and grabs my shoulders.

“There’s no way I can resist you if you try luring me like that.”

There’s a streak of blood going down from her nose, and her eyes are delirious. I immediately feel that my chastity is in danger.

“W-Wait, Young Lady?! S-Stooooooooooopppppppp!!”

Shortly after that Ryuka came back, after being delayed by something, as well as many other students. Once I get a change of underwear, I join everyone in the dining hall to explain what happened.

“So it happened to you too, Natalia?”
“I knew I wasn’t imagining things.”
“Mine are gone too!”

It turns out there’s a lot of students whose underwear also vanished like mine. I didn’t think it was possible, but it seems like there is a panty thief. Amy tilts her head doubtful hearing that though.

“Could that really be the case though? Security is pretty tight in the Academy, so I don’t think someone would be able to sneak in so easily.”
“Maybe it’s someone from the boys’ dorm?”
“But there’s a lot of people moving around the dorm when we take baths, so I doubt someone could leave the boys’ dorm and get in here without being seen.”

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Amy continues to argue, and there’s some who argue back, but it’s more likely she’s right. Then the most realistic explanation would be…

“That’d mean it was likely an inside job, wouldn’t it?”

As soon as Amy said that everyone looked around, clearly unsettled.

There’s no… Wait no, I don’t really care if there’s girls here who are into girls, but it becomes an issue if those desires push them to do immoral acts. And knowing that someone who went that far is living amongst them must feel scary and unsafe, so they all look conflicted.

But who would…Ah! There’s one person I can think about.

It seems like everyone else also arrived at the same conclusion as me, as we all look at Olivia and Ruri who are sitting on the floor tied up in Steel Silk. I had to do that to stop Olivia from pushing me down, and to Ruri as punishment for flipping my skirt.

“Huh, why are all of you looking at us?”
“That’s so mean! Why would you suspect us?!”
“Have either of you ever heard of patterns of behavior?”

Everyone nodded when I said that. In other words, they all wouldn’t be surprised if either of them were the perpetrator.

“I’m not interested in anyone who isn’t Natalia!”
“Actually, now that she says that…”
“Knowing Olivia, yeah…”
“She rejected me when I tried seducing her too after all.”

That’s true, I can’t remember seeing Olivia harassing anyone who isn’t me. So I guess it’s safe to assume she’s innocent here. …Hold on a second, who just said they tried seducing Olivia?

“It’s not like I see any of you like…well…I have had thoughts…”

So it’s her.

“Ruri…” Ryuka’s voice is a bit crackling with sadness, which makes Ruri’s shoulder twitch.

“I realize you’re still maturing, and you’ve always served me well, so I overlooked many of your actions in the past… But it’s time to put an end to this. I also bear the blame as your master, so I’ll slice my own gut open to apologize to everyone after you.”
“Please calm down Ryuka!”

Ryuka takes out a dagger so I have to quickly hold her from behind and restrain her arms. She really seems to be about to kill Ruri.

“Th-This is a misunderstanding, Lady Ryuka! It’s true that I’ve looked at you as an object of lust when we happened to take baths together, and I’ve always sniffed your clothes when I washed them, but I’ve never committed such a degenerate act as to steal underwear!”


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