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Automata Maid Chapter 4

The hardest part of now publishing three different stories is that I have to try and keep three different mental tracks of topics I’ve spoken about.
Like if I was to start talking about my new job without context it’d make no sense to the new readers unless they were also reading my other projects.
So, if I start a pre-chapter ramble with someone that has no context, just assume that I forgot to manage my tracks right.

Anyway today I played FTL for the first time in just under a decade.
I was back in school last time I played, on my cheap laptop, on a friends couch.

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Automata Maid Chapter 3

So one of the artists I commissioned finally uploaded a piece I commissioned from them a while ago.
It’s probably my favourite piece I’ve had done so far.
You should definitely take a look.

Uh let me leave a link here.
Oh right some of you guys will be new here, hello again, I’m Robinxen again.
My hobby is commissioning art of the heroine of my unwritten novel.
Will it ever get written? Probably not.

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Automata Maid Chapter 2

Hello everyone.
Well I’ll save you most the greetings, this is chapter 2 after all.
I’m Robinxen, those familiar with this site may know me, I’ve been in charge of a few projects here and around here.
A couple have ended, a couple still ongoing.
This is my third currently active one for now.

I actually have no idea what this one is yet. So we’ll be experiencing it together.
I’ll be your pre-chapter rambler like this, and your in-chapter commenter as I give live commentary while working.

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[New Series] Greetings, Automata Maid

Today, we are happy to announce that a new project will soon be published on Re:Library. Greetings, Automata Maid is written by Shizuku on the popular Japanese web novel platform, Syosetu, and will be translated by Nomad. The summary goes like this:

The main protagonist is an automaton maid, the greatest masterpiece yet of the greatest witch, and she decided to hide her memories out of fear of being hard reset and has decided to be an obedient automata. She is then taught by the witch magic and general chores, registered as an adventurer to learn more about society and make her a better creation. After a while, the witch’s daughter comes home and gradually fell in love with her. She sees the daughter as a child (which she is) and see her admiration as a normal admiration of a child towards an elderly figure. So, she actually actively sees the daughters attempts to get close to her as the actions of a single child suddenly having an older model.

A few words from the site owner:

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