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Automata Maid Chapter 45

The latest gigguk video reminded me of that time I almost wrote and created a visual novel.
I wrote the common route and the outline for two of the four girls.
I think it was four girls…

My memory is hazy.
The entire thing was about AI girls though, and it had two endings per girl.
Neither ending per girl was bad though, it was just that the same choice was presented at the end with different outcomes.

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Automata Maid Chapter 44

These next couple of chapters while editing actually caused me to read ahead.
It’s actually pretty rare for me to want to read ahead, usually because I like editing and giving my opinions on things at the same time.

If I read ahead it means I’ve already read it by the time I do my editing pass.
So yeah sorry guys, this was a big cliffhanger and I went ahead of you all. No shame.
Of course, you too could read ahead by joining the patreon master race.

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Automata Maid Chapter 43 Part 1

Welp time for me to hurry up and publish these chapters before it’s too late.
I ran over a bit because I got distracted watching some documentaries lately.
I’m not sure how I ended up on that side of youtube though… it was all about workplace safety.
I think I watched like one video on workplace safety hazards and then youtube jumped on me with suggestions.

The Algorithm(tm) is scary!

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Automata Maid Chapter 42

I have so many tabs open for Genshin. I really need to start closing some of these by getting them done.
But they’re all build guides for characters and I hate artifact farming so I always quit after a couple of days of grind.
It sucks.

Oh well.
I got Nilou and pretty much fully built her day one though, guess I had enough artifacts left over that fit my needs from when I was building Kokomi or something.
Worked out pretty well… currently I’m trying to get Collei done (and by proxy have some for Nahida when she releases too) but before that I was sort of doing Yanfei while I was meant to be building Ayaka.
See what I mean by stopping halfway?

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