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Automata Maid Chapter 11

So a couple of hours ago we had a massive storm.
It wasn’t very long but there was quite a bit of lighting.
Some of the thunder was stronk too, really shook my windows.

I found it quite exciting.
My parents were out camping too, RIP them I guess?
Anyway, here is your chapter.

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Automata Maid Chapter 10 Part 2

Jurassic World Dominion is now only over a week away, I need to start plotting how and when I’m going to watch it.
I seriously need to make sure I can watch it the best way possible.
I mean it’s the climax to my childhood dream franchise.

It’s a huge deal to me, and I can’t wait.
Also the DLC for the game is soon. That is also exciting.

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Automata Maid Chapter 10 Part 1

I’m not sure if I will make it in time, but I have potentially commissioned some art based on Trapped in a Dating Sim.
I wonder if this will be the first commission I make to get onto a booru site.
So far there is no art of my OC on any of them, despite a couple of high profile artist commissioned.

I’ve now made it a little mission to get my OC onto one. In some way.

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Automata Maid Chapter 9

I randomly checked amazon orders today out of some weird premonition.
Found out I have a book being delivered tomorrow?!
Tomorrow is a Sunday! And the book hasn’t even been dispatched yet!
The only way this makes logical sense is if it’s being dispatched from like… a distribution hub in the next town over?!

Amazon is a mysterious beast.

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Automata Maid Chapter 8

I was meant to be sleeping earlier today to mentally prepare myself for work but I didn’t do that.
I’ll just be sleep deprived all next week too I guess.
Ah I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, it’ll be Sunday.
That’s the day I can’t relax because I have to prepare everything for the next week.

Working is a blessing and a curse.

And for those wondering about the scifi art commission if you are, check this link.

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Automata Maid Chapter 7

So let’s explain what my excitement was about earlier.
Basically I commissioned some artwork of my character from a relatively popular artist on twitter.
And today was the day they were going to send me the concept sketches and they arrived!

This was just the basic pose for the piece, but I think it’s great.
They’ve captured a good mix of beautiful and sexy. As she’s basically turning back to face the viewer while standing in front.
Though half of that is because the pose work doesn’t include any clothes so…
Next up in fact is the outfit, which will be entirely original but heavily themed on Xenoblade’s science-fantasy aesthetic.

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Automata Maid Chapter 6

At the time I am writing this I am expecting the first concept sketch from a famous artist that I commissioned.
I am very excited for this.
I can’t wait to see what they come up with for my character.

Like seriously.
So excited.
The only problem is that I don’t know if I will be able to sleep.
And then if I don’t sleep, I might end up oversleeping when they send me the sketches.
That’d be suffering!

In the time it took me to edit they sent me the sketch!
That is a squee of joy.
I’ll discuss it in the next pre-chapter ramble.

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Automata Maid Chapter 5

So hello everyone!
For those who are new here they won’t know, for regulars of my rambles who will know, hello again.
But I have a set of original characters based on a novel that I am definitely not writing despite how often I call it my novel.

Well anyway, today I got the final version of the character sheet for the main heroine.
So for those who don’t know, that’s Princess Eleanor Pendragon, although I call her the main heroine, she’s less a heroine in the damsel sense and more of the deuteragonist.

Anyway, for those curious you can look at her sheet HERE. Look I’ve linked it for you.

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