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Female Knight & Dark Elf Chapter 29

Well, Silva’s letting me do an advert here, so…

Hi, I’m Dex and I run TL;DR a scanlation group. We are a volunteer group focused on bringing series we love to English. Currently, we do School Shock and Rhapsody of Mulan. In the past, we also did Miao Shou Xian Dan until it got sniped.

We (mostly me as we are of few people) are looking to recruit some more people, mostly translators (TLs), though other positions are open (especially if we do get a TL) for getting at least 1 chapter out per month. Now, as we are volunteers we don’t have money, though a patreon may be opened in the future, it’s primary purpose will be paying for raws so I can’t promise anything outside of that.

-A Japanese TL for Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, the webcomic with bad handwriting that the Hormiya manga is based on, has a different story in some places.
-A Chinese TL for School Shock to help the current TL who has gotten busy IRL.
-A Chinese TL for The Balls of The Elves, a gender bender series.

For joining TLs, we’re willing to PR/TS/CL a series of your choice as well if you translate it 😛

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Dragon Princess Chapter 32

Hello, is this thing on?
It is, great! Hi, I’m Dex and I guess I’m publishing this series now.

Right, so I just got back from my vacation. If you follow us on Discord, then you probably already know this, but due to my friend’s fickle mind, we had last-minute changes to our plan and extended our vacation for a few days. It was then I realized that it would be too rush of a job to edit this chapter and publish it on the same day that I got back, so I just pushed the publishing to Deximus.

With that said, Deximus will now be the official publisher for Dragon Princess and Female Knight & Dark Elf. Well damn, now that left me with nothing to publish… guess I’ll just work on increasing our already low volume of stockpile due to taking a week-long vacation…

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