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Side Story 06 – The Spreading Uproar

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1257 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After that, I let Maria and Fina on my back and ran around in the surroundings. Fina was pestering me to fly, but I still wasn’t quite sure how to use my wings.

I couldn’t levitate my giant body by flapping my wings alone, so there should be some kind of magical support, but I haven’t figured out how it worked. So I couldn’t fly just yet.

Maria explained all that to Fina and she reluctantly accepted it.

At her age, many kids would still not understand it even after an explanation, so she really was reasonable. As expected of my sister.

“Kyaa, we’re so high up!”
“This is quite a thrilling sight. Why not turn it into a business, Nicole?”
“As if I can?!”

My slightly hoarse voice leaked from the Dragon’s mouth.

I just noticed this recently, but it seemed that the Dragons had the ability to use human words. But well, most people would just flee even if I talked in this form.

Though it was on my back, the place Fina and Maria sat was still over ten meters from the ground. I was moving while doing my best to keep my body horizontal as much as possible.

After thirty minutes of running around, I returned to the starting location and let the two down.

“Did you enjoy it?”
“It was really fun!”
“It’s really on the level that you should take money off it, so it’s a shame.”
“Mom your thoughts are like a worn-out housewife.”
“I can’t help it. Lyell’s money-handling skills are all over the place.”
“Yeah, I’m aware.”

He’s always been too easy going for his own good, so I often had to run around to solve his mess.

Gadius was much the same so I was quite worried when I heard he was opening up his own inn.

Someone then started hitting my feet below.

“Switch out, switch out!”

She was hitting my leg with shining eyes, making me feel like asking how old she was.


I lowered my head to make it easier for her to get on. But then Fina also raised her hands to show that she was participating too.

“Fina too!”
“Didn’t you ride it already?”

Looks like I have underestimated a child’s stamina. In the end, I ended up carrying people around until sunset.

Finia, Michelle, and Cloud showed up in the middle of it and I ended up carrying them too. But Michelle, I wish you would stop mumbling “Dragon steak” while riding my back.

A few days after that, the rumor seemed to have somehow spread about the “Evil Dragon Colchis tour” in the surrounding villages. I was made to transform into the Evil Dragon every day and run around while carrying travelers that came from far away.

Even after being called heroes or becoming first-class Adventurers, there wasn’t much we could do for this peaceful village.

If carrying the travelers on my back could play a role in revitalizing it, I suppose it would count as a contribution to it.

“That said, I’ve been transforming for over a week straight already, you know?”
“True. I suppose you need to rest already.”
“You don’t sound so convincing when you were making money out of it with shining eyes, mom…”

Of course, even if they came all the way here for a request, I couldn’t just do it for free.

I was also burdened by it, so not receiving any money would be unfair.

Thus, Maria started collecting money from the travelers, but she had quite an indescribably wicked expression while doing it.

If I had to describe it further, it was something I couldn’t possibly let Fina see.

“Daddy feels sad about being the odd man out.”
“Don’t call yourself daddy.”
“Maria, Nicole is being mean to me.”

Even after learning that I was Reid, Maria and Lyell kept acting like my mother and father. That also showed up in how I referred to them, as they tended to sulk when I didn’t call them mom and dad.

“Plus I have to get naked when transforming so I can’t take guys with me.”
“For now we’re using the partitioning screen to handle the problem, but the boys always act excited.”
“Ugh, I should just transform before heading out there.”
“The mansion will get destroyed so don’t.”

Lyell asked me in seriousness so I gave up on transforming inside the village.

After a few more days… an army suddenly surrounded our village for some reason.

“The heck is this?!”

Lyell yelled in a rough tone while holding his head. I didn’t know why that happened either so I shared his sentiments. But the situation changed when Elliot was the one leading that army.

He came out of the army formation with his horse and spoke to us who were facing them to protect the village.

“There was a report that the Evil Dragon settled in this village so we came to subjugate it! Lord Lyell, could you testify to this?”
“Oh, so that’s what this is about…”

Now that I think about it, of course the kingdom would be on edge if they heard the Evil Dragon Colchis was running around here.

The Evil Dragon had enough power to ruin a kingdom on its own. It may seem unbelievable, but if Lyell managed to tame it, he could be suspected of rebellion.

“Oh that? That’s just Nicole transforming into it.”
“Miss Nicole… I mean, Lord Reid?”
“Yeah. I mean, we dissected the Evil Dragon, remember? So she apparently understood everything about its body.”
“And then she combined it with transformation magic?!”
“Looks like I’ve caused quite a trouble… Uh, I’m really sorry.”
“Oh no, considering all that you have done for us, this is nothing much…”

Elliot answered back with dead eyes. It was clear that it had burdened the kingdom quite a bit. The army expended a huge amount of money just by existing.

“No, this was really inconsiderate on our part. I’ll insist on not doing anything similar after this.”
“Yes, I would be very grateful if you do. I really will. From the bottom of my heart.”

Elliot repeated it several times, making it clear how much anxiety it caused him.

I could understand him, as the Evil Dragon’s revival could cause him to lose his kingdom once again.

“But I might transform when necessary.”
“I understand that it is unavoidable. Still, Lord Reid, I mean Miss Nicole… Now that you can become the Evil Dragon, your existence has been elevated even further.”
“Sorry about that. We got carried away a bit too.”
“Lady Maria, Lady Cortina, please don’t mind it. But well, I would be grateful if you could report it whenever you have to transform.”

Since they were the stronger war power, the United Three Kingdoms had to always remain vigilant.

There was no definite proof that another being like Kufar didn’t exist, so they were very sensitive about the Evil Dragon making another appearance.

And then I went and started transforming into it without a care, so he probably felt enough stress to lose hair.

“I guess this is as far as the Evil Dragon riding tour goes. Sorry.”
“I would be most grateful. By the way, Miss Nicole.”

As I bowed sincerely, Elliot gave me a meaningful smile.

“What is it?”
“Um, could you allow me to ride your back too?”
“You too?!”

His mischievous request made me drop all my manners and I yelled out.


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