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Chapter 156: Piagio (Part 2)

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2023 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 876 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Fuzzura’s viewpoint


I muttered, and Piagio, or Leble’s emperor, turned around.

“And who are you..? Ah, I see. You’re the demon Aprila told me about. So you chased after Lapis all the way here. Good job, though there was no need for that. I can deal with them alone, you aren’t necessary.”

We spotted my target, Lapis, a distance away from the city. While they fought, I felt an overwhelming amount of power coming from Piagio…Leble’s emperor. Not even demons could compare to that. I would struggle fighting him, and maybe even Aprila. The mana overflowing from his body seemed to be enough to destroy his surroundings, and I could not spot a single opening in his stance. He was clearly more powerful than Lapis was when I fought her.

Now I understood, Compounding made sense if this was the kind of power one obtained. And I guess this is as far as Lapis would ever get…

§ § §

–––Lapis’ viewpoint

This was bad. This was the worst situation I could be in. I had spent all my energy, so I could not even stand up properly, while everyone else was overpowered by the emperor’s aura, losing their will to fight. We could not even run away. On top of that, there were more demons arriving, who had probably followed us from the city, and it was only a matter of time before knights and soldiers arrived as well. It was truly a despairful situation. We would all be killed at this rate. So maybe…I could distract the emperor, and let everyone else escape. I gathered my resolve to say something, but Luvias’ weak voice was faster.

“…Ciel, take Master and run away. You might make it if you only carry one person. Karin, Diaria…I hate to ask this, but I want you here until the end. We have to buy time.”

I opened my eyes wide hearing that, something I never expected. Karin and Diaria were pale and shaking, but they nodded.

“I guess that’s all we can do. We’d be too heavy to carry, and a warrior without magic is best suited for this role.”
“…Humans will still have a chance as long as Lapis remains alive. It’s scary, but I’ll do it.”
“…I’m sorry everyone. Let’s go Lapis.”
“W-Wait, wait! Don’t just decide that on your own!”

I desperately stopped Ciel who embraced me and tried to fly into the sky. What were they talking about? There is little they could do against him, it will barely stop him. They were simply jumping to their death. But Ciel’s cold voice scolded me.

“Lapis, calm down. It’ll be worse if all of us die here. I hate to admit it, but you’re the only one of us who has a chance at defeating that monster. Keeping you alive is our main priority here. I’m sorry we never told you, but we decided this long ago. If we ever were too weak, we’d do everything to let you escape alone, for humanity’s sake. And that time has come now.”
“You can’t just..!”

This again. The time came for me to taste this feeling again. It was the same as three hundred years ago, many people giving their lives just so the rest of the Hero’s Party and I could live. Did I really have to feel this again after three hundred years?! I bit my lip full of frustration and guilt. The taste of blood spread in my mouth, but I could hardly feel it.

“What are you mumbling about? Don’t even think of escaping somehow. I won’t let any of you get away from here alive. Just give up.”

The emperor said that as he held his sword ready. That prompted everyone to move.

“Ciel, go! Master! Please save the world!!”
“Lapis! You have to survive!”
“Thank you for everything!”

Luvias, Karin, and Diaria held their weapons too, ready to give up their lives. At the same time, Ciel’s hold on me got tighter and she lifted into the sky. I stared at all that, feeling indescribable despair, when I heard a familiar voice from above.

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“Sorry to butt in at such a moment, but I’ll lend you a hand.”

I looked up to see who that was when powerful magic rained down from the sky. A deadly tornado of the four elements, fire, water, wind, and earth, began consuming the ground. Raging flames that burned through ashes leaving nothing behind. Water with the force to smash rocks to pieces. Blades of wind that sliced through anything. Sharp spikes of stone that rose tall piercing through any obstacle. All of that attacked the emperor and the demons with deadly accuracy.

“Woah?! What’s happening?!”

The emperor had only been looking at us, so he quickly vanished behind the flames, while the other demons quickly retreated to avoid the magic attacks. We looked at that absentmindedly, our minds too exhausted. Slowly she floated down from the sky, Sorciere.

“We can talk later. We need to run now, everyone hold tight.”

Her power was unmatched, and everyone seemed to forget their earlier resolve as they hurried to hold onto her. A moment later we were all gone from there.


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