Alchemist Startover Chapter 74

New Chapter!
I finished the Steins;Gate and Neural Cloud crossover event.
It was great.

The story was basically the plot of Steins;Gate but lightened up (in terms of duration, it still had the heavy themes) ported over to the setting of Neural Cloud. They really did not shy away from going in dark directions with everything. Sadly due to being a collab they couldn’t make it integral to the main story of Neural Cloud, but they really pushed it as close as they could.
It’s a bit of a shame they didn’t include some more Steins;Gate 0 content though… Kurisu’s field of research is actually memory scanning and AI development, which is exactly the sort of content Neural Cloud is fundamentally based around! But that’s my only complaint.

I think it nailed being a crossover with “Steins;Gate” specifically, but as a crossover with Steins;Gate as a franchise it left out some parts and it left out everything from the Science Adventure Series as a whole.

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